Monday, August 30, 2010

A day of rest? Hardly....

Hey, ladies.....boy, did we accomplish a lot yesterday! Consuelo - thanks so much for hosting us. The food was fabulous, as always, and the company was even better! Dolores - as usual, came in, quietly started sewing and next thing you know, she has these beautiful rows of blocks. I believe the line was called Spirit? Is that right? It is awesome. And lots of ++ juju coming your way for Joe Byrnes' surgery on Friday - give us a shout when you need to get out, ok? LA - great to see you. The Olivia quilt is shaping up to be adorable - just like the real Olivia. Sounds like you had a nice weekend with your sister and the little cutie. Speaking of little cuties, Kevin made a guest appearance. He got some major Quiltmama cuddles. Cath - a nice relaxing day before school gets kicking again - and Jack Raech will sleep better now! Lois - what a cute quilt for Ainsley! Hope you get to see her soon. Lori - nice to see you - it's been a while. The quilt you made for your friend is just beautiful - she will love the purples. Consuelo - did you ever decide on a pattern? I know you ironed those beautiful batik flannels - did we ever get beyond the fondling stage? And lots of Quiltmama thanks to Bill also for being a tremendous host. I got 36 blocks put together and may start sewing some rows tonight....and we even had a surprise visit from Delaware's newest resident - Pam! Congrats to you and Scott. Saw a picture of the house on your blog - it's adorable. And the bike is pretty snazzy too! Lots of stuff happening in the extended Quiltmama family - and school starting up again......everyone enjoy this last week of summer if you're off - have a nice Labor Day weekend! I remain thankful for each one of you....take care. Piece.....

Thursday, August 26, 2010

And now for some good news......

How cute is this? Lois made this for a niece - the rick rack, the flannel back, the adorable hearts - and her name - she is just going to love it!

Cathy went out of her color comfort zone and made this beauty - it's so soft and pretty.

A feel-good bee tonight, girls. Seems like we needed it. Cathy is feeling better - Kerry is all moved in at SJU and enjoying her volunteer experience immensely. Billy is safely back in WV - and in a whirlwind tour, during the Griswold adventure - Chris visited Pitt, Duquesne, Syracuse, Colgate and possibly NYU, Harvard and Yale.....they made it back in one piece and had a great time. Lois - it was so nice to see you. Mare popped in for a few minutes after her walk and had to go home because today is Joe's birthday - enough said about that. Pam called into the bee with a double shot of good news - she and Scott are making settlement in Delaware tomorrow - finally - and she has accepted a new position as the director of the wellness center at Rosemont College - congrats!!!! We're so happy for you and Scott. All the best tomorrow. LA - we missed you. Hope all the McCabes are well and gearing up for school. Dolores - how was boot camp? How are you feeling? Is Joe Byrnes making you do his shoulder exercises too? OY! Lori - hope you enjoy the nice weather down at the beach this weekend. Now - onto the important stuff - Sunday's swim (or not) and sew. We will commence at Henderson's at 11:00 am. These are the assigments:
Cathy - appetizer

Lois - cookies

LA - cajun chicken (someone drooled on the table as we talked about it)

Lori - appetizer

Marianne - appetizer

Dolores - fruit (we know you love it)

Jean - dessert

And don't forget to bring your projects. Peggy - if you are around, we'd love to see you. I think that's it - we talked about some sad things - but had lots of laughs too. That's the beauty of the Quiltmamas. See y'all Sunday.....piece.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Happy Sunday!

Hello, Mamas. How is everyone? The Griswolds have landed safely back in H-town. Thank goodness. Can't wait to hear the stories - don't think I can wait for the movie. I stopped by Mare's the other afternoon and baby Kevin was there....what a cutie patootie!!!! Glad he's feeling better. Speaking of Mare's baby - she's taking Jimmy back to school on Tuesday. Miss Kerry is also heading to Saint Joe's on Tuesday. Good luck to both families....I have a feeling Mike is going to be harder to handle than Kerry. Cath is feeling much better - whew, what a week! Pam is heading back to Bryn Mawr at nights this week.....good luck, Pam. I'm going to host on Thursday night - so we can catch up. Also - the swim (or not) and sew is next Sunday - one week from today - so we can talk about what we're doing. LA & Lori - what's going on in your part of Havertown? Lois - how are you and George doing? Is he feeling better? Dolores - I ran into Joe Byrnes this morning.....he said he has to have rotator cuff surgery in about two weeks and has to be IMMOBILIZED for 6 weeks - that means staying home, not able to do anything....OY!!! I think I speak for all the Quiltmamas in wishing you both luck - and offering you refuge at any time - day or night - during those ensuing 6 weeks. He doesn't seem like he's going to be a good patient. The prayers will commence immediately. I had to go to Lancaster yesterday - to get volleyball gear. No sense wasting the trip - so we stopped at the Country Quilt shop and Zook's. I bought my first layer cake - yay! I've been waiting for this fabric - it's called Happy - and it is. I cleaned up my sewing room last week - recycled some old books, threw out some junk and just generally tidied up. True story - I found a pair of jeans that I bought - has to be two years ago now - I think it was when I was getting ready for Houston. They needed to be hemmed.....I hate hemming. If you haven't noticed, I'm not very tall - so I have to hem a lot! So there they were - still waiting. I put them on the top of the pile. A few nights later, Erin came in while I was sewing and asked about them.......I told her to try them on. They fit her - and they don't need to be hemmed! So now their hers - that's how much I hate hemming. The end. Wishing you all a lovely week......Burkie is away sailing this week - that means pancakes for dinner and all the seats are down! Hope to see y'all on Thursday......piece.

** Dolores - over 11 million stitches on Gracie in less than three are headed for the Bernina Hall of Fame!!!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010


This has been some week.....many Quiltmamas dealing with lots of stuff - both happy and sad.....hope things are getting better. You never know what's in store week to week. It's good we can count on each other. Only two more weeks in summer....enjoy, have a popsicle, sit on your porch and just take time to appreciate things. Take care, ladies......piece.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Happy Birthday!!!!!!

Happy birthday to Dolores! I hope Joe Byrnes takes you out for a sure to bring your license. Have a wonderful day. Piece......

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lest you think....

there is no quilting going on in this heat - in my un-air-conditioned sewing room......the sweat shop is open for business..........

Enjoy your week....see you soon. Piece........

Friday, August 6, 2010

another week gone by?

It's Friday again - already!!!! Slow down, I want to get was a nice week. Hope the DiNardos had fun down the shore. And the Hendersons are ready to embark on a fabulous road trip......Wally World, here we come! Have fun. Hope everyone else has been enjoying their summer days also. D - are you off on your adventures next week, too? The girls and I went to Havre de Grace, MD for the day this past week - what a nice little boating town. What's everyone else up to? Lori - you guys spending lots of time down the shore? Lois and George are road tripping up in New Hampshire. How are the McCabe's doing? Mare - did you take classes this summer? Hope it's air conditioned! Pam - been keeping up with your blog - love the latest snowman block! Just wanted to pop in and say hello....have a wonderful weekend! Piece......