Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The day after.....

Girls....last night was hysterical. I don't know when I've had so many laughs. The food was wonderful - LA - your home is just lovely. There were just so many funny things.....we're up-to-date on the triangle goings-on. It's like a car wreck - you don't want to know but can't help yourself. Pam - thanks for sharing your touching moments. Sharing with the mamas doubles the happiness of the wonderful times and helps ease the burden of the not-so-happy things. Lois - hope your back is feeling better - I'm so glad you came. It wouldn't be the same without you. As a photographic chronicaler (word?) of the event - I failed miserably. Took the camera out of my bag and promptly forgot about it completely - to the point of leaving it at LA's. OY! So, without any visual aids.....(apologies if I leave anything out)

Cathy got a lovely address stamp with an angel - and some cards because she is so good about sending cards - what a nice gift.

Mare got an awesome fat quarter bundle of Sprinkle all the Way and a cute sign

Lori got a fat quarter collection also - in lovely browns, greens, tans - ecological colors - and a nice quilt book

Maureen got a seam ripper(?) and a gift card to use for Sweet Treats perhaps?

Lois got Aunt Millie's flower garden pattern and some cute polka dot fat quarters - lots of hand applique in your future!

I got an adorable snowman fleece blanket, an awesome calendar quilts pattern, some homemade goodies, a candle and a lovely star - that is destined to appear at many quiltmama Christmases to come!

Pam got a beach house wallhanging and some monogram Christmas ornaments

Dolores got a Fandango jelly roll and an awesome pattern

LA - got the gift of the evening - a one-of-a-kind (or 1 0f 500) Donnie and Marie doll set - truly an instant McCabe family heirloom - and some awesome panels - so cute!

And there were lots of little treats - lottery tickets, pumpkin bread, a hilarious magnet of our future selves....and so much more.

What we have here in our group is very special. We're all different but bound by our creativity and our friendship. Looking forward to another year of laughs, trips, fun, dinners and fabric......there's nothing we can't face because we have each other. Peace!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

The reason for the season.....

Wishing all the 'mamas and their families a blessed Christmas. Peace.....

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Check this out...

Here are 50 decorating ideas - none of which look like my house! Some of these are awesome....ho, ho, ho......


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Single digits now.....

Christmas is just 6 days away.......hope you had a productive and fun weekend. I sewed a few things, baked some cookies, did laundry and all the other normal weekend stuff. I did discover the wonder that is parchment paper....how is it that I lived to 52, have baked thousands of cookies and have only now just used parchment paper? It is merely awesome. Clean-up was a snap - just another bonus. I have kept a notebook since fall 2009 - just listing the quilts and crafts I have made - and for whom. I looked through the book today - and was amazed by this year. I kicked out a lot of stuff - it was fun to remember some of the things. I recommend it for those looking for some quilting resolutions for the new year. My resolution is to add some details to each entry - it's a start. My 'Butter My Butt and Call Me a Biscuit' calendar is coming to an end. Here are some of my favorite sayings from this year:

Stupidity: If brains were cotton, he wouldn't have enough to knit a pair of socks.

Hot: It's hotter than the hinges on the gates of hell

If you need to have a serious talk with your children: We're gonna have a come-to-Jesus meetin'. (Reminds me of Consuelo)

Intelligence: He won't hurt his back totin' his brains. (My personal favorite)

Anxiety: He's as nervous as a porcupine in a balloon factory.

Being broke: My piggybank is as useful as an ashtray on a motorcycle.

Accountability: Don't blame the cow when the milk goes sour.

Miser: He's so tight he can call every dollar by its first name.

Idleness: He'll never drown in his own sweat.

Cath - hope your final went well. You must be enjoying sewing now. And glad to have Kerry home. Lois - how's everything? Haven't seen you in ages. Pam was at Mama Barb's this weekend - she's probably in a Christmas gift/food coma. Dolores - how are things back at work? LA - what can we bring for the Quiltmama extravaganza? Do you want me to send an email and have everyone respond? Or comment here? If you gals would let LA know what you're bringing, that would be great! What's the start time? Can't wait......enjoy this week, girls......Santa is on his way. May he bring you lots of Moda and thread. Piece.....

Friday, December 10, 2010

a rowdy bunch...

A rollicking bee on Wednesday night, ladies. Pam and Lois you were missed - you could probably hear us - it got a little loud a few times. Dolores returned! Yay! D - you look terrific! She started back to work yesterday....how did it go? Was Rocky mad that you weren't home? Mare is finished school for this semester and loving life with baby Kevin. Cathy has her final on Tuesday - good luck!!!! And Kerry will be home by the end of next week. Consuelo reports that Chris is feeling better - still a little swelling but it's better each day. LA brought quilts to be bound and we even completed a 'quilty' task together - layering a cute baby quilt that she started in Lancaster. Lori brought an adorable Christmas table runner - inspired by LA's strip quilt she made in Lancaster. Did I get a picture - no......sorry. Our big decision of the evening was the Quiltmama Christmas extravaganza. We picked Monday, December 27 - hoping you can come, Pam....you too, Lois. Thanks to LA for the lovely new ticker over on the right......very festive! Hope you all have a lovely weekend! Piece.....

Monday, December 6, 2010

What......December 6th?

Oy! Only 19 days till Christmas.....doesn't seem possible. How was everyone's weekend? Have you decorated the house? Put up a tree? I'm sewing like a wild woman. I put one of those pillow/armchair things in my sewing room so Burkie or the girls could come, sit and chat with me. Why does this happen every year? And I'm still thinking of things daily - 'Oh, she would love that - I could get that done in time'......seriously? Anyhow......hope Chris is feeling better. Pam - still loving the job? Lois - what's new in Broomall? Dolores is heading back to work on Wednesday....I'm sure there is smoke pouring from Gracie trying to finish up things. Enjoy these last days. Hope you're feeling terrific. I'd like to host on Wednesday - before things get really holiday crazy next week. Hope to see you ladies.......piece.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

good luck....

to Chris tomorrow......Consuelo - please keep us posted. Hope everyone else is happy and healthy. LA wants us to comment about when we'd like to have the Quiltmama Christmas extravaganza - Tuesday or Thursday after Christmas. Pam - you work evenings now - do you know which evenings you'd be off that week? I have lots of basketball during those days but free at night...I think....so any night is ok with me. Hope to see you girls soon - we'll have to have bee next week as things will get a little hectic after that. Cath and Mare - do you have finals? When are they? If you all have a night that's good or bad for you next week, let me know and I'll check our many schedules too. Take care girls.....24 days till......you know! Prayers coming your way, Consuelo........piece.

Made a bunch of these little treat bags (Quilts and More Fall 2010) for my students. So easy - really! And ribbon for the handles......

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Another song commemorating Consuelo's Thanksgiving...

With apologies to Daniel Schutte and God......and anyone else who may be offended....

Consuelo's Table of Plenty

Come to the feast that's heaven on earth.
Come to Consuelo's table!
She will provide for all that you need,
Here at Consuelo's table.

O, come and sit at her table
Where homemade and takeout are friends.
She waits to welcome the lost and hungry
To share a cup of her wine.


Thank God for Pioneer Woman.
Her pictures alone are the best.
Consuelo has conquered the Thanksgiving turkey.
She's earned her day of rest.


Her victory is now just a memory.
But her family is crying for more.
Pass the remote, turn on the Food Network.
She needs to plan her encore.

Couldn't help it. Congrats to Consuelo...hope you all had a lovely Thankgiving weekend.....let the shopping begin! Take care....piece.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Ladies.....wishing you and yours a wonderful week.....and continued blessings though the holiday season and beyond. I'm thankful for each of you and the time we share. Take care.....and.....

May your stuffing be tasty
May your turkey be plump,
May your potatoes and gravy
Have nary a lump.
May your yams be delicious
And your pies take the prize,
And may your Thanksgiving dinner
Stay off your thighs!


Friday, November 19, 2010


Hello, ladies....happy Friday! We had a nice bee last night....Pam loves, loves her new job. It's going very well - but we may be seeing less of her. Her regular shift is going to be 2:30 to 10:30
pm. Things are kind of topsy turvy until the regular schedule kicks in. Lois is back and a little jet-lagged. George missed her. She had a great time with the little ones - they fought over who would sleep with her. And she visited a nice quilt shop while she was out there. Lori is having the ever-expanding Fitzpatrick clan coming for Thanksgiving dinner(every day someone else calls to say they're coming). Thank goodness for that addition - at this rate, they may well be sitting upstairs too! Dolores texted me - and was too tired to come - plus it hurts to laugh so she was being cautious. Hope you're letting Joe Byrnes wait on you. Hope everyone else is well....and getting some holiday stitching done. There are a couple of blog 'cookie recipe/project' tours going on - and lots of free holiday patterns floating around. It's fun to look....have a terrific weekend - a short week next week - which should make Monday morning a little more bearable. Piece.....

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Last of the show & tell....

Here's the last of the show & tell photos from last weekend - was it only last weekend? It seems like so long ago.....oy!

Cathy - this is a cute baby quilt top - just waiting for a baby.

Cathy - an inspirational quilt for a friend.

Cathy - a sweet treat - love the red & white!

Jean - an advent calendar.

Jean - blocks started at the swim & sew....

Jean - a t-shirt quilt - done! Yay!

Jean - Mr. Thanksgiving! He didn't have his eyes on till I came home.....so here he is done.

Good news - Dolores/Candy is doing well - and feeling better every day. Have you tried to use Gracie yet? Lois is out west.......having a great time with the grandkids, I'm sure. Hope everyone else had a great weekend. Wasn't the weather just gorgeous? I can host this Thursday - hope you guys can come. Dolores - if you're feeling up to it, we'd love to see you. One of the mamas can pick you up....just let us know. Have a great start to the week, ladies......piece.
**Programming note - Wednesday night at 9:00 on the Food Network - the Pioneer Woman is on Throwdown with Bobby Flay! They're doing a Thanksgiving dinner...check it out!!!!!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

More Show & Tell

Consuelo, oh, Consuelo...how pretty is this? Lovely purple...

Consuelo - this is so cute - the little monsters are awesome!

Consuelo - a Christmas wallhanging....very nice!

Lori - this is so cool - her first jelly roll quilt. These look like Christmas ornaments....

Lori - two Phillies pillows for the Santa Shop at Sacred Heart

Mare - a cute little tag blankie for Kevin....

What a talented bunch of folks! Piece....

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Today's featured quilter....

Leigh Anne.....

Cute animals

For a baby boy

A cool Christmas quilt - using leftover strips from pillowcases, etc. Long enough to cover Gerry!

A hunka hunka burnin' quilt - awesome!!

This has the cutest little fairy girls on it...

A very cute snowman panel....

An impressive body of work! Way to go, LA!!!!

Monday, November 8, 2010


Girls....what a fun time! Lots of laughs, lots of projects, lots of fabrics and lots of snacking.....what's not to love? Let's see.....Hayloft, Sauders, Country Quilt Store, Zook's, the Shack, Bitty Kinna's, Candle Barn, LA got a quilt hanger, the Iron Horse......what am I forgetting? Oh - the trip to the winery, delicious beef stew, meatballs and brie, discovering Dolores' ipod, watching the Princess Bride and gaining an hour of sewing. Lots of show & tell pictures - I'll post them throughout the week. I don't know about everyone else but I was in bed at 9:30 last night - and it was a struggle to make it that late. Dolores - good luck this week. Looking forward to the emergence of Victoria or Shangri'la. You may have to introduce yourself to us. Lois - have fun on your trip out west. Pam - hope your first day at the new job is going well. We picked pollyanna names while we were there. Pam - Mare picked for you and Lois - Maureen picked for you. They'll let you know who you got. We'll probably have the Quiltmama Christmas extravaganza between Christmas and New Year's - like last year. We also decided to go back the Evergreen House in the spring. I'll put some dates out there soon....I updated the list of things we need to bring.....and 'Depends' are on the list!!! Thanks again, girls.....you make life more fun. Piece.....

PS - is it my imagination or does the horse look sadder?

Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I had to get this finished before we left on Friday - and it came out of the dryer last evening! So happy it's done. Thanks to Dolores for the Irish Chain inspiration and Cathy for the border cutting advice. I held my breath, cut it and it worked! And you can't see them real well (maybe that's good) - my first mitered borders. On to the weekend projects!!!! Less than 48 hrs......and counting......piece.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Happy Halloween!!!!

Hello, ladies......Happy Halloween weekend. Hope you get lots of treats and are not tricked! Any fun costumes this year? Just think....7 days from right now, hopefully, we'll be sitting down to an awesome lunch with hours and hours of sewing and laughing ahead of us......so nice to think about. I hope you all have a terrific weekend.....have you started to gather up projects for next weekend? Lois - have a nice trip out west......give those cuties some hugs from the Quiltmamas. Pam - enjoy your days down at the beach. I'm sure Karen and Barb will have fun in Houston. LA - have you made our reservations? The Blogger's Quilt Festival has begun online - if you have some time and want to go to a 'virtual' quilt show. Take care, ladies......must fly.....


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Today is special.


Did Duff make a cake for you?!?!?!

How was the HiIIIEeeeeE YyyYAaaaa?!

I hope you get to sew ALL day today!!!  : )

Happy birthday, friend!!!

Piecefully, Pam

Friday, October 22, 2010

A colorful and color-filled bee....

Hello, ladies...a nice bee last night. Thanks for hosting, Lori. Lots and lots of show&tell. Cathy and Lori were at Sauders and the Hayloft yesterday. They got tons of cute fabric - and lots on sale. Well done! And here are the projects shown last night:

Lori - a cute pumpkin table runner...

Lori - this panel is so adorable!!! And look at the purple rickrack. So cute....

This ruffled flower pillow made by Lori - using scraps from that pretty purple quilt she made for her friend....

I remember Cathy buying this cute fabric, saying that a friend of Timmy's will probably have a baby - and sure enough! Love that pattern....

Pam - a Kim McLean pattern - she didn't enlarge it and it is terrific. The blanket stitching is superb....

Look at this hand applique - Pam - one word - stunning.....

These are the two baby quilts I did from a Monica Solario-Snow moda bake shop pattern - Lawn chair quilts - it was fun and easy - my favorites!

Dolores, Mare, Maureen and LA - you were missed. LA - hope you had fun! Such a pretty day out there.....wishing you all a lovely weekend.....I'm heading to Baltimore with Kelly for karate and hopefully to spot the Ace of Cakes! And a big shout out to the Phillies!!!!! Stay the course, fellas. Piece.......

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Picture this....

Here's a picture of Lori's finished quilt. The houses look great!!! Nice job, ladies.....and an awesome label from LA. Go Phillies......piece......

Friday, October 15, 2010

Post celebration....

Ladies - a fun evening last night. Lots of laughs and good food - even a funeral cake! You truly can't get stuff like that at Applebee's. And if you are interested, Rich has a very nice Buick that's a 'steal'. Just call 1-800-thelamb. (totally kidding....). Only three weeks till the Lancaster weekend. Time to start thinking about Christmas projects to bring along - and also make reservations at the Iron Horse. LA is on that! Have a lovely weekend.....good luck to all with homework. Piece....

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

T - 1....

Ladies....tomorrow night is our night at the Lamb! Yahoo......our reservations are for 6:45. Anyone need a ride? Cathy is going to meet us there. Lois can't come and I haven't heard from Peggy. I'm driving so if you want me to swing by for you, just let me know. Central girls? Pam? Lori...LA....Annie Oakley? The countdown is on......and has everyone noticed the countdown to the right ------- it's getting there! See you.....as the Australians would say - only one more sleep. Take care......piece.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy Birthday, Leigh Anne!!!!!

Happy Birthday, LA! Hope Gerry and the kids made you breakfast in bed. Today is 10/10/10 - very cool. Enjoy your day......you're only this young once (take it from an old head). And Happy Thanksgiving to any Canadian friends. Go Phillies - LA - they're going to wrap it up tonight for your b-day. Piece.....

Friday, October 8, 2010

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy 50th Birthday, Lori!!!!! Enjoy your special day!

Thank goodness it's finally freaking Friday!!!! I woke up on Tuesday morning, thinking it was Saturday - and the rest of the week was pretty ugly! But it was nice to see the 'mamas last night. This is Lois' quilt for Ainslie - she's going to be 3!!! Boy, doesn't seem that long ago that Donovan was born....the years are just flying by. Lois - this is adorable. Lots of neat quilting - both hand and machine.

Consuelo came after flag football. LA and Lori - missed you both - at an SH soccer game. Hope we won! Cath is hanging in with work and school. Pam had an amazing story - the big ending of which is that she's going to start working for EHF (are they the right letters?) in November! What whirlwind couple of weeks! Scott was not feeling well - hope he's better today - heading down the shore for a fall break. Have a nice, relaxing time. Saw Mare briefly when I stopped with Pam to pick up a table that's headed to the shore too. Dolores - we missed you. Is the wedding quilt finished? Please take a picture or bring it to the Lamb next week....speaking of which.......the reservations have been made - 6:45 next Thursday, October 14th. Boy, I'm looking forward to a night out and not cooking or cleaning up! Hope everyone has a terrific weekend.....go Phillies!!!! Piece......

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Girls.....I can host on Thursday....same bee time, same bee channel. Hope to see you there......how I wish this was my desk!!!!! Piece....

Sunday, October 3, 2010

A beautiful fall Sunday....

Hello, ladies...what a lovely day. Makes me want to make a fall table runner - on my front porch! Is anyone working on any fall projects? Pam - how is fall at the beach? Were you down this weekend? Hope the new job is going well. Mare is enjoying her days with Kevin. Maureen and Bill were down in Rock Hall Maryland for an outdoor wedding yesterday - awesome! George and Lois were being lumberjacks this weekend - a tree came down in the field up the street. You probably have enough wood for the winter. She finished hand quilting Ainsley's quilt - can't wait to see it. LA - how was Haverford Township day? The weather was perfect. It's the first year we missed - we spent the day in Ridley at a volleyball tournament (shuttling back and forth to Springfield for karate). Let's just say I napped in the car......haven't done that in years when alcohol was involved! Cath - how are all the papers coming? Dolores and Joe are working a gig, possibly opening nightly at a comedy club downtown.....stay tuned for details (totally making that up - but can't you picture it?). Lori - the big birthday is Friday - enjoy your last week in your forties.....speaking of that - dinner at the Lamb - next Thursday - did we say 7:00 or 6:30? what works best? Please let me know if you're attending so I can make the reservations. I'll use an alias in case they remember us! Enjoy today, ladies. I'm going to try to host Thursday - I'll keep you posted but so far so good.......piece.

Friday, September 24, 2010

TGIF!!! Finally....

Hello, ladies.....so nice to see everyone last night. Lois - we missed you. Hope you and George are well. A raucous group, I must say.....see what happens when we don't meet for a while! Lori - thanks for hosting - the addition is just beautiful!!! All of the rooms are terrific - but I think we all liked the sewing room the best(well, I did at least).....really nice. We'll be expecting lots and lots of show & tell at future bees. Your purple quilt for your friend really turned out nice - the striped binding is just perfect. Cath - such a cute Halloween tablerunner. And I'm sure the girls were drooling over the Bliss. Sorry you're a little banged up these days. Dolores - the wedding quilt is just spectacular! Those colors are stunning - she will love it. Pam - I think you might have had your applique block with you - I'm sorry I had to duck out and miss it. It looks beautiful on the blog. And, may I say, I just love the haircut - it really suits you. I'm sorry if I missed you talking about your new job - I hope it's everything you expected and more. LA - thanks for the insights on the McCabe dinner table conversations - awesome!! Mare - sounds like you're enjoying hanging with Kevin - that's so cool. Consuelo - nice to see you - and looking forward to the upcoming Disney movie about Matt's football career. Hopefully the Quiltmamas will get a shoutout! So many things to talk about and such a short time......but it was a nice 'shot of estrogen' to see you girls. Have a nice weekend.....we need the clock to slow down a bit when we meet. Take care....piece.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

OY! Over a week....

Hello, mamas! How is everyone? Can't believe a whole week slipped by. What's going on? Did I hear correctly - did Matt score a touchdown in flag football on Friday - against St. Denis? Congrats, buddy!!! And I saw Sean McCabe in the schoolyard at lunchtime today - that still doesn't seem possible. He is the same age as your quilting career, LA! Hey - how did your sister like the Olivia quilt? I'm sure Olivia enjoyed her first birthday party. Is Kevin enjoying being the king while the other kids are at school? Lois - hope you're feeling better - she and George both had a nasty cough. How are the schoolgirls doing? Cath - I guess you have the computer all to yourself now for your homework. Mare - how is Kevin - and how do you like hanging with him during the day? You must be having a ball. Consuelo - how are things? How many days/hours are you working? Dolores - how is Joe Byrnes? And how are you doing during his recovery? Can't wait to see the wedding quilt you made. How many others have you cranked out? Lori - the big day is approaching....Did you give Fitz your gift list? You're only 50 once so don't skimp - ask for the big stuff!!! Pam - you've had some super weekend weather for the beach. Are you getting used to the idea that it really is your house?! Hope you're enjoying the new job. Can't wait to hear about it. I went up to the Oaks quilt show on Friday - ran into Cathy and Lori. It was very nice. Lots of amazing quilts. Cathy got some Bliss fabric - it's really beautiful! We were talking to Liza Prior Lucy. Pam - she was saying good things about you! Lori has kindly offered to host on Thursday night - tours of the addition will be on a first come, first served basis! Enjoy the rest of the week, ladies. Hope to see you Thursday - between volleyball matches. Piece....

Monday, September 13, 2010

Happy Birthday and Good Luck!!!!

Happy Birthday, Pam!!!! Wishing you lots of happiness today - and also good luck wishes for your first day at Rosemont. They're lucky to have you! Enjoy every moment. Piece.....

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Happy Fall!

Hello, girls.....it may be near 90 but fall is here - school is back in session. Anyone else put out their fall quilts?

Hope you all had a nice labor day weekend. Stopped to see Joe Byrnes - Dolores is taking good care of him. How was everyone's first day? Mare & Cathy - you're back, right? The college students must be all settled in nicely? Everyone else? Talked to a very cute girl in my office yesterday - who looks amazingly like Cathy and Mike - she's loving it....seems very happy! Does Sean start kindergarten next Monday? Good luck, little man. Pam is finishing up her Bryn Mawr College career this week. Good luck! Saw the beachhouse pictures - just adorable!!! Sorry I wasn't able to host this week....next week is not looking too good either - I've entered a volleyball universe and I can't see my way out... and I don't even have the Sacred Heart schedule yet. I'll keep you posted about next week...unless someone else wants to have it....enjoy this lovely day. Hope to see you all soon.....piece.

Monday, August 30, 2010

A day of rest? Hardly....

Hey, ladies.....boy, did we accomplish a lot yesterday! Consuelo - thanks so much for hosting us. The food was fabulous, as always, and the company was even better! Dolores - as usual, came in, quietly started sewing and next thing you know, she has these beautiful rows of blocks. I believe the line was called Spirit? Is that right? It is awesome. And lots of ++ juju coming your way for Joe Byrnes' surgery on Friday - give us a shout when you need to get out, ok? LA - great to see you. The Olivia quilt is shaping up to be adorable - just like the real Olivia. Sounds like you had a nice weekend with your sister and the little cutie. Speaking of little cuties, Kevin made a guest appearance. He got some major Quiltmama cuddles. Cath - a nice relaxing day before school gets kicking again - and Jack Raech will sleep better now! Lois - what a cute quilt for Ainsley! Hope you get to see her soon. Lori - nice to see you - it's been a while. The quilt you made for your friend is just beautiful - she will love the purples. Consuelo - did you ever decide on a pattern? I know you ironed those beautiful batik flannels - did we ever get beyond the fondling stage? And lots of Quiltmama thanks to Bill also for being a tremendous host. I got 36 blocks put together and may start sewing some rows tonight....and we even had a surprise visit from Delaware's newest resident - Pam! Congrats to you and Scott. Saw a picture of the house on your blog - it's adorable. And the bike is pretty snazzy too! Lots of stuff happening in the extended Quiltmama family - and school starting up again......everyone enjoy this last week of summer if you're off - have a nice Labor Day weekend! I remain thankful for each one of you....take care. Piece.....

Thursday, August 26, 2010

And now for some good news......

How cute is this? Lois made this for a niece - the rick rack, the flannel back, the adorable hearts - and her name - she is just going to love it!

Cathy went out of her color comfort zone and made this beauty - it's so soft and pretty.

A feel-good bee tonight, girls. Seems like we needed it. Cathy is feeling better - Kerry is all moved in at SJU and enjoying her volunteer experience immensely. Billy is safely back in WV - and in a whirlwind tour, during the Griswold adventure - Chris visited Pitt, Duquesne, Syracuse, Colgate and possibly NYU, Harvard and Yale.....they made it back in one piece and had a great time. Lois - it was so nice to see you. Mare popped in for a few minutes after her walk and had to go home because today is Joe's birthday - enough said about that. Pam called into the bee with a double shot of good news - she and Scott are making settlement in Delaware tomorrow - finally - and she has accepted a new position as the director of the wellness center at Rosemont College - congrats!!!! We're so happy for you and Scott. All the best tomorrow. LA - we missed you. Hope all the McCabes are well and gearing up for school. Dolores - how was boot camp? How are you feeling? Is Joe Byrnes making you do his shoulder exercises too? OY! Lori - hope you enjoy the nice weather down at the beach this weekend. Now - onto the important stuff - Sunday's swim (or not) and sew. We will commence at Henderson's at 11:00 am. These are the assigments:
Cathy - appetizer

Lois - cookies

LA - cajun chicken (someone drooled on the table as we talked about it)

Lori - appetizer

Marianne - appetizer

Dolores - fruit (we know you love it)

Jean - dessert

And don't forget to bring your projects. Peggy - if you are around, we'd love to see you. I think that's it - we talked about some sad things - but had lots of laughs too. That's the beauty of the Quiltmamas. See y'all Sunday.....piece.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Happy Sunday!

Hello, Mamas. How is everyone? The Griswolds have landed safely back in H-town. Thank goodness. Can't wait to hear the stories - don't think I can wait for the movie. I stopped by Mare's the other afternoon and baby Kevin was there....what a cutie patootie!!!! Glad he's feeling better. Speaking of Mare's baby - she's taking Jimmy back to school on Tuesday. Miss Kerry is also heading to Saint Joe's on Tuesday. Good luck to both families....I have a feeling Mike is going to be harder to handle than Kerry. Cath is feeling much better - whew, what a week! Pam is heading back to Bryn Mawr at nights this week.....good luck, Pam. I'm going to host on Thursday night - so we can catch up. Also - the swim (or not) and sew is next Sunday - one week from today - so we can talk about what we're doing. LA & Lori - what's going on in your part of Havertown? Lois - how are you and George doing? Is he feeling better? Dolores - I ran into Joe Byrnes this morning.....he said he has to have rotator cuff surgery in about two weeks and has to be IMMOBILIZED for 6 weeks - that means staying home, not able to do anything....OY!!! I think I speak for all the Quiltmamas in wishing you both luck - and offering you refuge at any time - day or night - during those ensuing 6 weeks. He doesn't seem like he's going to be a good patient. The prayers will commence immediately. I had to go to Lancaster yesterday - to get volleyball gear. No sense wasting the trip - so we stopped at the Country Quilt shop and Zook's. I bought my first layer cake - yay! I've been waiting for this fabric - it's called Happy - and it is. I cleaned up my sewing room last week - recycled some old books, threw out some junk and just generally tidied up. True story - I found a pair of jeans that I bought - has to be two years ago now - I think it was when I was getting ready for Houston. They needed to be hemmed.....I hate hemming. If you haven't noticed, I'm not very tall - so I have to hem a lot! So there they were - still waiting. I put them on the top of the pile. A few nights later, Erin came in while I was sewing and asked about them.......I told her to try them on. They fit her - and they don't need to be hemmed! So now their hers - that's how much I hate hemming. The end. Wishing you all a lovely week......Burkie is away sailing this week - that means pancakes for dinner and all the seats are down! Hope to see y'all on Thursday......piece.

** Dolores - over 11 million stitches on Gracie in less than three years.....you are headed for the Bernina Hall of Fame!!!!

Thursday, August 19, 2010


This has been some week.....many Quiltmamas dealing with lots of stuff - both happy and sad.....hope things are getting better. You never know what's in store week to week. It's good we can count on each other. Only two more weeks in summer....enjoy, have a popsicle, sit on your porch and just take time to appreciate things. Take care, ladies......piece.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Happy Birthday!!!!!!

Happy birthday to Dolores! I hope Joe Byrnes takes you out for a Sparkletini....be sure to bring your license. Have a wonderful day. Piece......

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lest you think....

there is no quilting going on in this heat - in my un-air-conditioned sewing room......the sweat shop is open for business..........

Enjoy your week....see you soon. Piece........

Friday, August 6, 2010

another week gone by?

It's Friday again - already!!!! Slow down, I want to get off......it was a nice week. Hope the DiNardos had fun down the shore. And the Hendersons are ready to embark on a fabulous road trip......Wally World, here we come! Have fun. Hope everyone else has been enjoying their summer days also. D - are you off on your adventures next week, too? The girls and I went to Havre de Grace, MD for the day this past week - what a nice little boating town. What's everyone else up to? Lori - you guys spending lots of time down the shore? Lois and George are road tripping up in New Hampshire. How are the McCabe's doing? Mare - did you take classes this summer? Hope it's air conditioned! Pam - been keeping up with your blog - love the latest snowman block! Just wanted to pop in and say hello....have a wonderful weekend! Piece......

Friday, July 30, 2010


What a gorgeous day, ladies.....a nice breeze, low humidity - just wonderful. We missed those of you who didn't make the road trip yesterday - it was a LOT of laughs! I think the lady at Sauder's thought we were crazy. We all got stuff there - LA got a hunk a hunk o burnin' fabric......so funny. Consuelo was kind enough to get Mare some food and lots of fabrics seemed to speak to her. The fabric whisperer....? Cathy is so efficient - walks in, picks out her stuff and that's that. Dolores got some beautiful blues for a wedding present quilt. Can't wait to see that. But, alas, Gracie's maintenance light is on and she will be headed to Hayes for treatment on Saturday - so, the fabric will only be fondled for now - no sewing until her return. Then it was on to the Hayloft - again, lots of laughs in the store and more fabrics spoke to Consuelo. Everything in the place was %15 off - a nice incentive. And the culmination of the trip - the Windmill!!! And the windmill was operating. Happy to report that the Windmill chicken sandwich is as good as ever, as was the chicken corn chowder. Ricardo Montalban waited on us - just another in a long line of funny things. Luckily, with all that laughing, no one drooled or snorted iced tea....BIB anyone? We even perused the gift shop on our way out! Cathy is headed to the shore tomorrow for a week's vacation - have a great time! Well deserved.....lots of show & tell for the next bee. Hope y'all have a lovely weekend, safe travels......piece.

*** Important note*** This year's Quiltmamas' Sew & Swim (or just Sew) will be on Sunday, August 29th at Casa Henderson.....details to follow soon. Thanks.

Monday, July 26, 2010

a glorious Monday!

Good morning, girls......so beautiful this morning! What a nice break. Hope you all had a nice weekend. The girls and I drove up to the Hershey quilt show yesterday. It was really nice. I met Pat Sloan and Pam's personal artist, Bonnie. The quilts were beautiful - and we went to Chocolate World afterwards - can there be a better combo? I don't think so. Hoping to work in the sweat shop (sewing room) today without so much actual sweat. If you haven't done so already....please let me know if you're in for Thursday's road trip. Looking forward to it....piece.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

a breather....

It's still hot as blazes but today is a much easier breathing day - not as humid. Giving thanks for even the littlest things.....how is everyone? Unfortunately - the sewing day at Consuelo's tomorrow has been postponed. Life caught up with most folks. Please comment and let her know what days work for you - after August 22nd - so we can reschedule. I'm back to work then - so I'm only open on the weekends. In the meantime, we have a little road trip planned for next Thursday - 7/28. We'll be pulling out of H-town around 3:30 pm. Cathy and I can both drive - after we get a head count, we'll work out the driving arrangements. We're going to head to Sauder's and then come back down the turnpike to the Hayloft - and dine at the Windmill - yay!!!!! Get those patterns out, cruise the internet and get your lists ready!!! Looking forward to it. Hope y'all have a nice weekend.....today's bit of country wisdom:
If brains were cotton, he wouldn't have enough to knit a pair of socks.

Hmmm......I can think of a few folks with a cotton shortage....anyhow......take care......piece.

Monday, July 19, 2010


Here's the new blog design and URL - what do you think? I'm not finished adding blogs and stuff....bear with me. But, we can use this going forward. Let me know what you want, ok? Thanks......so far, Thursday, 7/29 is winning for the road trip.....how does that sound? Have a nice day.....piece.

A repeat....

This is a re-post of the last one - because it was copied to the new URL before this was posted...

Finally got together last night.....Lois - it was great to see you. It's been so long. You went to your high school reunion and marched in the parade, among other things. Good for you! And you and George are getting relief from the heat in the backyard pool. Your placemats are adorable - and how about the antique quilt that you found in the attic and are quilting. Did I remember to take pictures - yes, but unfortunately I remembered this morning!! OY! Pam - your hair looks so cute. The hand applique block is even more beautiful in person than on the blog. And quilt camp next week - ending the week at the Hershey show? How cool.....Mare - nice to see you. Things must be quiet on the home front - you looked relaxed. Consuelo - what a road trip you have planned. Enjoy the falls - and all the guy things too!!! Don't forget everyone - sewing day at Consuelo's next Friday - 7/23. Please let her know if you are coming - what time does it start? I'm so sorry I can't come - but on the bright side, no one will be knocking at 9:00 am! D - your hair looks cute too!!! Glad to hear that Gracie is chugging along nicely in this heat. Can't wait to see the blue & white wedding quilt. Cath - I'm glad you enjoyed orientation - and good to know that Joe Byrnes can go to parents' weekend with Mike at SJU - while we sew and dine in Lancaster. It wouldn't be the same without you! LA and Lori - hope you are are enjoying vacation. I washed the 'easy' baby quilt today - it came out nice and soft. Consuelo - seriously easy - get a charm pack and a yard or so of a solid - cake! I'd like some opinions from you ladies - the blog is going to switch over to a new URL - the old posts and comments are transferred over but the links, etc. need to be added. What blogs do you enjoy - what would you like included? I'm going to attempt a calendar again - what else would you like to see? Pioneer Woman most definitely - any other cooking/recipes blogs you like? That's my project for next week. I'll keep you 'posted' - OY - stupid blog humor. Another decision to be made - shopping trip either Thursday, 7/22 or Thursday, 7/29 - are you interested in/able to make one or both? We'd be leaving at 3:30 pm - to go to Sauders and the Hayloft, finishing with dinner at the Windmill (I think). Please comment if you're in - and which day works best for you. Anyhow - saw Despicable Me this afternoon - very cute! Have a lovely weekend......stay cool......piece.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

something quilty.....

Hello, girls.......tired of talking about the heat. OY! On my list of things to be thankful for: AC!!! Hope you're all having a nice week. Pam is seaside. LA is headed to NC on Friday - have a safe and fun trip. Lori - enjoy the wedding and the shore. I have a baby shower next weekend - so I made this top - it was really easy....now to quilt it. Did you notice Burkie's new 'Old Blue Chair'? Bless his heart - didn't he do a nice job? I'll host next week - Thursday? I'll know for sure about basketball playoffs on Monday - and I'll let you know definitely. Have a lovely weekend....piece.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy Birthday....

to our own Consuelo!!!! Hope you're having a lovely day - the men waiting on you hand and foot. Have a great weekend........