Monday, March 30, 2009

Girls...the countdown has begun! We're into single digits and could be hours - if you have a calculator handy! Here's the info that the place sent me - so you know what they provide and what we have to bring. I figure maybe we can blog so that everyone knows what everyone else has volunteered to bring:

The registration office is located at the Best Western Intercourse Hotel (9 Queen Rd. Intercourse, PA 17534) All homes are located within 2 blocks of the Hotel in the Village of Intercourse.For more information or directions to the Hotel visit www.amishcountryinns.comWe provide towels and linens. Our kitchens are stocked with basic pots, pans, utensils, and dishes. If you have special cooking needs or are cooking for large groups we suggest you bring items you may need to prepare your meals.We do not provide toiletries, trash bags, laundry soap, dishwasher soap, charcoal, etc.

I believe we have no special cooking needs, right? I didn't think we were planning on cooking at all! We talked about having lunch out after we get up there. The sewers can get settled in after 1 - and we can order pizza for dinner, ok? I'll bring some paper products - paper towels, TP, tissues and trash bags. What else? I'm hoping this is not the longest week in history - but it may feel that way! Come on Tuesday.....take care, ladies. I was planning on driving - and I think Maureen is too. Is 8:00 too early? 8:15? Dolores is driving up on Friday evening.....Mare might be driving as well - she has stuff to do on the way back on Sunday - so plenty of seats. Let the planning begin...piece.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Hello, girls....Happy Wet Sunday! Anyone heard anything from Lori? How did John make out? Everyone home safely? Enjoy the day - a good one to get stuff done around the house - or take an awesome nap! Piece....

Friday, March 27, 2009

We bought paint...

Morning Mama's!

We decided on the Benjamin Moore Natura paint.  We chose Tranquil Blue for the wall where the bed is, Bird's Egg blue for the other 3 walls & Crystal blue for the ceiling.  If you're interested you can click on their virtual color fan to see the colors for yourself!  ; )  The color chips appear a bit darker than the virtual color fan.  So...we've committed to paint & colors!!!  We're going to finish prepping the room tonight & begin painting tomorrow, starting with primer first.

TGIF, girls!!!  ; D  Enjoy your weekend.  Hey, I saw Jack's Mom @ the paint store in Ardmore.  I can't remember her name???  You know - she's LoUd, feisty & works for the drug company...  We looked @ one another & nodded friendly like, but neither one of us was quite sure who the other was.  I may as well just wear my Mouse ears everywhere...?!  ; )

Glorious weather!  Get out & blow some stink off!!!
Piecefully, Pam 

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Good Evening Girls,

Well, after a good "night's" sleep I am feeling MUCH better today!  How are you doing?  Sipping a bit of tea & taking a few stitches this evening?!

Thanks for Bee last evening girls.  I was in such a funk I don't know if I'll remember everything, but I'll try.  Feel free to chime in with anything I've missed.

Jean - thanks for hosting us!  I can't believe how Erin & Kelly are growing up.  They are FUN!  : ) You (& Burkie) are doing a GOOD job!  Anyway...the "Jewish" quilts you've made are awesome!!! And the prayer shaw was something?!  I liked the idea of stitching the photos onto fabric & then sewing that to the prayer shaw...that's a smart idea!

LA - THANKS for bringing Kevin!!!  I LOVE him!!!  : )  Are you getting ready for Lancaster? What are you going to sew?!

Dolores - GREAT job with the Susan G. Koman quilt!!!  You're awesome, girl friend!!!  You just crank stuff out & it's ALWAYS yummy colorful FUN!  Besides batiks & flannel, what ELSE are you hoping to find in Lancaster?!  THANKS sew much for the offer of riding to Lancaster with you next Friday evening.  I truly appreciate it!  I'll keep you posted.  It's going to depend on how things are going around here...?!

Lois - the little outfit you made for Ainsley is precious!!! CUTE!!!

Cathy - how is your Diamond quilt coming along?  What are you looking for in Lancaster?

Mo - your kitchen sounds SUPER!!!  Can't wait to see the finished product!!!  Does it feel like home yet, or do you think you're walking into someone else's house?  Your Sweet Treats quilt is WAY awesome!!!  You're rocking our QM group, girl friend!  ; )

Lor - glad you called us with an update.  Hope things are even continuing to feel better today!!! Prayers, well wishes & + juju being sent your way from each of us!

So, the contractor will be back tomorrow.  Meanwhile, Scott & I will work to finish sanding the ceiling & walls tomorrow with the hope of painting over the weekend.  HOORAY!!!  Wish us luck!!!
Piecefully, Pam

P.S.  there are 2 things I'm looking for in Lancaster...a deelybob II & some kind of 1/2 square triangle trimming kind of ruler thing...anyone have any good suggestions or thoughts about the ruler...?!

Just a quick post to spread the news...Lori called during Bee last evening to report John's procedure went well. He's feeling pretty good, & they are hopeful that this will be a success!!! Keep you fingers crossed.

And, Cathy said that Tim is doing well. His ear is "popping" & even with a dressing over the ear he reports that things sound louder. That's GOOD news! Again, let's keep our fingers crossed!

Thanks for Bee last evening, girls. I needed the comic relief! : )
Piecefully, Pam

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Good Morning Mama's!

Lori - safe travels! ALL of our best wishes are with John & you! Stitch & read to pass your time. Being the one waiting can be quite nerve wracking. Know we're sending + juju! ; ) When you get home you'll have to show us your "finished!" Bunny table runner!

Jean - thanks for offering to host tomorrow. I'll try to be-e there. We have some stuff going on...@ work & home...Wednesday AM work meeting, then contractor work to begin Wednesday or Thursday morning.

Cath - thanks for sharing phone numbers with me & Scott. We've spoken with the roofer, etc. Is Tim "back to normal"...?! ; ) And, how's your new computer?

Mare - is your computer working? Is Jimmy home? How is your sewing machine? What projects are you working on?

Mo - your renovations sound AWESOME!!! I'm SO excited for you!!! : )

Well, Scott & I might be a bit crazy... We are in the middle of our bedroom update, AND we're having exterior work that's about to begin too!? We're going to have the garage roof "pitched," a door changed to a window, & some siding work done.

We have no closet in our bedroom. We're soon going to be displaced to the guest bedroom to sleep. Plus, we're not sure if we'll be able to sleep during the day, or if we'll stay up while the work is going on & sleep in the evening. I am feeling just a bit disheveled, displaced & distressed.

We are looking to use a low VOC paint. I was leaning towards Freshaire, but have read some bad reviews. So, now I'm thinking about a Benjamin Moore product... I have in mind what colors I'd like to use. Now to just find the "right" paint...?! We will also be doing some exterior painting as the season progresses.

Meanwhile, I am sewing when I get the chance! I finished my laundry basket liner thing last evening! Best of all it FITS & it WORKS!!! ; )

Enjoy your day, girls! Stitch when you get the chance.
Piecefully, Pam

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Good Afternoon Ladies,

Isn't it lovely weather?!  I am LOVING Spring!!!  HoOrAy!!!

Congrats to Erin!!!  ; )  What was her winning word?  Scott was a Spelling Bee speller once upon a time...

It's GOOD to hear that Tim is feeling well!  Yay!!!  And, is there a working computer in that Dinardo household...?!

I am working on sewing a new laundry bag thing.  I sewed parts of it incorrectly & have to un-stitch. Blue words.  : /

I also got the "hand quilting" bug this weekend.  I have been quite happily sitting in my rocking chair putting in quilting stitches in my Square in a Square quilt.  It makes me feel happy.  : )

Scott & I are continuing to spackle & sand the bedroom walls & ceiling.  If ALL goes well we should be ready to do some painting next weekend!!!

Enjoy the rest of your day.  Take a few stitches in the sunshine!  ; )
Piecefully, Pam

Friday, March 20, 2009

Good Morning Girls,

One hour 'til SPRING & it's FRIDAY!!! What could be better...?! ; ) Enjoy some sewing this weekend!

Piecefully, Pam

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hello Mama's!

Let's see if I can give a summary of last evening's Bee...

Jean - thanks for hosting us! Your little flamingo beachscape is CUTE! LOVE your Bunny Hill bunny too. ; ) Aren't the Bunny Hill BOM's a bit addicting? Glad you got to shop the sale! Did you eat any of the soup? It's a sort of seafood vegetable soup...with bok choy, asparagus, string beans, creamed corn, diced tomatoes, quinoa, & did I mention the barley grass powder...?! ; )

LA - good to see you! Honestly, feel free to bring Kevin - I will ALWAYS LOVE to hold him! He even has an open invitation to come to Mt. Pleasant ANY time. Really, if you need a break, I'd happily be a stand-by. We'll continue to send your Mom + juju. ; ) Thanks for making the Iron Horse reservation! And, I'm pretty certain I've said it, but so you know for sure, Karen's quilt Arabesque WILL be @ the Lancaster Show!!!

Dolores - GREAT job quilting Mare's wall hanging center block! I'm glad you love your Gracie so...SEW! : ) PLEASE, demo machine quilting with Cathy for the rest of us!!!

Lois - glad you're feeling better! Hey, your yellow TATW quilt is a sunshiny smile of HAPPY!!! Nice job. : ) Thanks for sharing stories about your Mom & family.

Cathy - we are SO glad to hear that Tim is feeling less dizzy & more restful. Let's hope he has just as much success with this ear (I'm sending + juju)!!! Your Diamonds quilt is gorgeous! Thanks for be-eing willing to do a machine quilting demo for us Mama's! Glad if you got to the online sale too! Oh, I forgot to mention just how lovely your Bunny Hill BOM's are too, Cathy! : )

Mo - glad the kitchen/home renovation is really shaping up! How'd it look girls?! And, don't be-e too frustrated with twisted binding. Truly, I am impressed with what you've been stitching - really!!! ; ) GREAT job, girl friend! Also, enjoy this NEW Orleans experience for Billy! ; )

Mare - you were missed, but I do have to admit we were talking (smack) about you! ; ) Were your ears burning...?! How are things @ your house? Is Jimmy back yet? How's your computer? Did you get to shop the online sale? The Memory wall hanging turned out SUPER, girl friend! GOOD job!!! Get 'er done & OUT of your house!!! ; )

Lor - what's the skinny in your household? Glad you made it to the sale also. What 'cha get?

Peggy - we're thinking of you! I understand you made a celebrity appearance @ the St. Pat's parade & it was caught on camera!!! Can I have your autograph...?! ; ) we talked about Schnibbles, a pishka, the possibility of monthly sewing demo's, the upcoming Lancaster Show & more!!! Girls, what did I miss?!

Pishka is "pin money." It's putting a little by... It's tucking away whatever $ is left @ the end of the week/month & having it available for a splurge. Set aside 1/2 of what you earn when you sell a T-shirt quilt or sewing project, keep it in a little nest for a little nice-ity when you need or WANT something! ; )

Piecefully, Pam

P.S. is the Sew-In @ Casa del Burkie a GO?! Should I add it to our Bee calendar...? Jean would you demo machine quilting too, please? You do an AWESOME job of free motion quilting designs - vines, stars, sunflowers, +++! ; )
Good Morning Girls,

Just a *quick* post 'cause it's been busy here. Bee last night was FUN! ; ) Thanks for the laughs & sharing. I appreciate each one of you Quilt Mama's!!! I did make a couple additions to our "clickables" on the left side, so check them out! Gotta GO!!!

Piecefully, Pam

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Good Morning Girls,

Are you sitting down? No? Then for heaven's sake, PLEASE, sit down!!! I read, I clicked, I shopped... Now, it's YOUR turn... Click @ your own risk... ; )

I know!!! You can thank Quilt Dad. Blame HIM not me!

ALL things 50% off...Kona cottons for $3/yard, Kaffe & Amy for $5, Anna Griffin, Asian, African & Aboriginil oh my!? Kits, books, jelly rolls, fat quarters... The inventory, variety & selection is VAST. Take your time & BrEaThE.

Meanwhile, back to the "real" world...Cath - we're glad to hear that Tim's surgery went well. Let's hope he gets his feet back under him today! ; ) And, is it your birthday today...?! Have a HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY one, girl friend!!!

Looking forward to seeing you girls this evening! Kelly won't throw any QM's to the floor with a "Hiiie-yaaah!" will she...?! ; )

Enjoy your day & happy shopping...I did MY part to boost this economy. ; )
Piecefully, Pam

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy Saint Patrick's Day

Top 'O The Mornin' Lassies...

May Irish eyes smile on you today! ; )

Cath - how is Tim doing? How did yesterday go? We've been thinking of him! Did you get any sewing done? What do you have lined up for today?

Mare - Did your gang survive the Havertown Pub Crawl over the weekend? Did they drink green beer...?! Does it make you pee green...?

Jean - your scones & Irish potatoes sound fun & festive! Thanks for offering to host Bee tomorrow evening. : )

Not much new here other than we're back to work. Take care. I'm looking forward to Bee!
Piecefully, Pam

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Good Saturday Evening Girls,

OK, it's 7:40 PM & this is the FIRST time I've actually sat down ALL day!!!  I think I need to go back to work...  Isn't THAT an oxymoron...?!  How has your day been?

I hung 2 loads of wash out on the line today.  That's just EXCELLENT!!!  : )  I can't get over how GOOD it smells when I bring it inside to fold it.  It's like magic!

I made a pot of soup to have for next week when we return to work.  I have bananas out of the freezer & a banana bread recipe ready to make/bake tomorrow.  I have a crock pot of steel cut oatmeal ready to turn on before going to bed tonight.

I like being "ready" to return to work.  We were @ market & have food stuffs & groceries.  The house is just about as clean as it's gonna get & the laundry is caught up.  Makes my soul feel more rested & puts my mind @ ease.

I made an emergency sewing machine house call to the DeMarco's this afternoon.  All is well, the bobbin winder was turned "on" accidently.  While there, I walked across the street to see how Consuelo's kitchen is's AWESOME!!!  I LOVE it Mo!!!  : )

Lois - look @ you with a sunny bright TATW quilt top!!!  How fun is that?!  Can't wait to see it!

Jean - was today the Spelling Bee? Williamsport...?!  How'd that go?...with the nun...?! What are you busy stitching?

Cathy - best wishes for Tim on Monday!  We'll be thinking of you guys!  ; )  What do you have lined up to sew?

Dolores - what have you been working on lately?!  You're quiet...& then ALL of a SUDDEN you have a bunch of quilt tops made & quilts quilted, bound & finished...?!  ; )  Fess up, girl friend?!
Lor - have you tried the Elmer's School Glue yet?  Let me know if you have any problems or questions...

Peggy - how's your Dad doing?!  GLAD to be home, right!?!?!?  ; )  How's that grand baby?! Enjoy your family - sewing will be-e there when you're ready!

LA - what's going on in your world?  Did you make any quinoa yet?  I am thinking about making some for my soup, but I have to look it up on the web.  If you have any suggestions, don't hesitate to jump in!  ; )  How's your Mom doing?  How's that sweet baby Kevin?  THANKS for letting me "hog" him on Wednesday.  : )

We are continuing to spackle here @ Mt. Pleasant.  Next, we will "tape" & spackle.  Not yet ready to sand & wash.  It's gonna be a while...  The spackle has to have @ least 24 hours to dry.

I stopped over @ Cloth & Bobbin yesterday afternoon.  I bought some Lakehouse fabric, some Kaffe Fassett fabric & a few other pieces too.  Lor, Johanna has a nice selection of Kaffe Fassett fabrics if you're interested.  She also has Brown Bear fabric too!

Well, enjoy your evening.  Have a cup of tea & take a few stitches.
Piecefully, Pam

P.S.  Is there Bee this week?  Where?   

Friday, March 13, 2009


Happy Friday Girls,

Lois - I'm glad to hear you're feeling better.  That's good!  What's your show 'n tell?!

Jean - no, we didn't go to the Beach.  That's ok.  We did take some time off for a little fun around here today.  ; )

Mare - I've been thinking of you & yours today.  Regardless of the time...

Lor - glad you didn't mind coming over to our construction zone to discuss thread.  For those who want an answer to the hand applique thread question...I use Mettler 60/2 thread.  It's 100% cotton, 60 weight, 2 ply & has green writing on the spool.  It can be-e a challenge to find. I used to take snippets of fabric to quilt shows (insert LANCASTER!!!) & buy the thread colors I needed.  There is a shop in Hershey, Quiltmaker's Cottage, that carries this thread.  I bought their whole Karen Kay Buckley assortment some years ago & have been using it ever since - such a wise investment!!! They should be @ Lancaster.  ; )  Feel free to mention Karen, Barb or Barb's DIL to them...

I've been stitching when I get the chance...or when the boss isn't looking...  I tucked in ALL the thread tails on my Churn Dash studio quilt.  I am just about finished whip stitching the binding to the back of the Alaska quilt. I finished my 3rd Bunny Hill block!  Next, I'd like to finish my Pastel Bubbles quilt top.  And, I still haven't quilted my Whig Rose mini quilt.  Upcoming, I'll be working on the Vibrant Diamonds quilt top that I started down the shore.  What projects have you been working on?!

I will soon be ordering from J. Hittle.  Is there anything that you need?  Check out their website...remember, it's a challenge to navigate!

Enjoy your weekend.  : )  This is the end of our Spring Break.  It was wonderful while it lasted!!!
Pieceflly, Pam  

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Work vs. Spring "Break"...?!

Good Evening Girls,

Here's some pix of today's progress...
All the "spots" on the wall, yeh, that's spackle.  I did that!  : )  It needs to set for 24 hours & then will be repeated.  Eventually, it will be sanded, washed & painted.  Remember, I said eventually.
These are photos of Scott's handy work!  Where the closet framing was removed it left gaps in the drywall.  Scott cut new pieces & screwed them into place.  ALL of the screw holes, plus all of the old netting & plaster will be spackled to create an even (seamless) alcove for the new closetry to fit into...that comes after the spackle-spackle-sand-wash-paint-ING!  Remember,I did say eventually...all good things take time, right?!  
It's unclear as to whether or not we'll take the time to go to Rehoboth for a bit f R & R.  It sounds tempting, & my kites are calling my name, but we'll see what the "Boss Man" says tomorrow...?!  ; )

Meanwhile, I did manage to finish (& post on Flick'r) my completed Bunny Hill BOM #3.  I had a difficult time with those little machine stitched flowers!!!  It would have been SO/SEW much easier to simply hand embroider them, but my goal is to make each block using the sewing machine ONLY - NO hand work @ all!!!

Lor - I use Mettler 60/2 thread.  It has green writing on the spool.  It can be a challenge to find. If you need a source, let me know.

Good to see you gals last evening.  Peggy, Mo & Lois - you were missed.  There wasn't much in the way of show 'n tell, so you didn't miss much.  We did hear Mare's birthday dinner story, which was quite entertaining!  And, I got to HOLD baby Kevin & it was WONDERFUL!!! Thanks LA - you're the BEST!  ; )

Enjoy your evening & these milder temps!  Stitch a little something when you get the chance!
Piecefully, Pam

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Yesterday.  No plaster or walls forming a closet, just the wooden frame remains...
So far today...NO walls, NO frame!  Time for a break & a meeting with the Architect.
Piecefully, Pam  

Monday, March 9, 2009

Good Afternoon Girls,

Here's what we've been up to...
This is our bedroom.  We are working on renovating our closets!?  Afterwards there will be painting. Perhaps some new home furnishings too - curtains, night stands, etc...  We do NOT expect to complete this project over Spring Break, but it's a (committed) start!  Stay tuned...

Following this, the next (indoor) project will be updating the guest bedroom.  It too will be painted & some of the furnishings replaced.

The weather is GLORIOUS!!!  I hung 2 loads of wash out on my line today!  : )  It makes my soul smile!

We are hoping that perhaps by the end of the week we will make a trip down to Rehobath! We're looking forward to a little R & R &  eating some Maryland blues!!!

I will be @ Bee on Wednesday!  Thanks for offering to host, Cathy!  : )  See you then.
Piecefully, Pam     

There's NO place like H-O-M-E!

Good Morning Girls,

We're home!  We had a FUN time celebrating with Momma Barb!!!  : )  There was TOO much GOOD food! We all played a bunch of games around the table - A to Z, Bananagram, Last Word, & In a Pickle!  There was LOTS of family time with Barb of course!, & Clark & Hil, plus Grandpa too.  Below is Scott's gift to Barb...she requested computer training time with him & had a list of questions prepped.  Then, Clark spent tech time teaching Barb about her cell phone - texting, taking photo's, etc...  I helped by cleaning Barb's sewing machine.  Later, I reviewed with Barb & Hilary, a sewing machine that Hilary had brought along (per Barb's request) was Hilary's Great Grandmother's! We ALL had a good time being together & celebrating Barb!
Below is a snap shot of my Bunny Hill BOM #3.  It's not done, but you can peek @ where I am far!  ; )  How's your block coming along?
Scott & I are meeting with the Architect on Wednesday afternoon.  Meanwhile, we have begun some of our own renovations...  Wish us luck!?  ; )
Piecefully, Pam

Friday, March 6, 2009

Spring Break in T-minus 23 minutes...AND counting!!! Yippee!!! Happy TGIF, girls. : )

We leave this afternoon for a whirlwind weekend birthday celebration @ Momma Barb's! : ) Fun, fun!!!

I started stitching my Bunny Hill block last a maniac sewing demon! I LOVE this whole Bunny Hill BOM on the internet thing. It's crazy stitching fun! How 'bout you guys?

Enjoy your weekend! I'm taking my laptop to Barb's, my camera too... ; )
Piecefully, Pam

Thursday, March 5, 2009

it's a Bunny Hill day...!!!

Morning Girls,

How is everyone this morning? I'm excited about the new Bunny Hill block! Did you click to see it yet?! It's CUTE!!! ; ) That Anne Sutton is talented AND generous!

Thanks for Bee last evening. You guys make me smile! Lori, Dolores, Peggy & Mo - you each were missed!

Jean - thanks for hosting us! You did a GREAT job with the Donor Quilt!!! It looks (way) better than I thought it would. Magic! And, look how cute the Irish table runner turned out for your Mom. She's gonna love her gifts! You're clever! ; ) Glad if you can use the Pat Sloan booklet & make a Summer table runner with the daisy & lady bug pattern! Your Celtic wall hanging is awesome too! I don't know how you find the time...?! Super(woman)...!?!

Mare - look @ you, girl friend!?!?!? You are stitching up a storm!!! Isn't it wonderful?! The Shell quilt turned out nice! I LOVE your calendar blocks! That's such a FuN idea & what a good use of scraps! Your little stitcheries are cute too! Nice work. ; ) Hey, enjoy your upcoming dinner celebration with your family!

LA - SEW glad to see you!!! Glad to know your Mom is doing alright too! : ) Did you get Ger a new coat yet?! Squeeze that baby Kevin for me! ; )

Cath - thanks for bringing your bobbin case & bobbin. Sorry I didn't think to show you while we were down the shore! If you have any questions or problems, don't hesitate to give me a yell! Enjoy YOUR day of sewing!!! : )

Lois - glad you're back from Ohio. The photo book is lovely! Thank you for sharing it with us. The quilt you gave Jean is beautiful! : ) Such nice work!!! Love your use of decorative machine stitches!!! Are you going to work on this next Bunny Hill block?!

Lori - how are things? What's new in your home? Doing any sewing?

Peggy - how's your Dad? Is he coming home soon? We wish you & yours the BEST! ; )

Dolores - sorry to hear your coming down with a cold! Have a nice warm cup of tea! Sew when you feel up to it!

Mo - what's the skinny on your kitchen?! How's THE floor?! Did you get your binding stitched? Have you started sewing your NEXT quilt...already...?!

Take care girls & have a nice day!
Piecefully, Pam

P.S. I think someone said they'd host Bee next week, but I'm not sure...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Check it out...I had SUCCESS proofing the yeast & making pizza dough!!!  THANKS, Marianne!  ; )

I'm looking forward to Bee tomorrow evening @ Jean's.  Thanks for offering to host us QM's Jean!

How 'bout this weather...?!  I am ready for Spring!!!  Hey, Spring Break begins on Friday @ 0800!!! Hip hip hooray!

Enjoy your evening. Take a few stitches & keep warm!
Piecefully, Pam

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Good Afternoon Girls,

OK...  I haven't gotten an email or a phone call from anyone..., I'm imagining we DIDN'T win the lottery last evening...  That being the case, it looks like Scott & I will have to brave the forecasted Winter storm & slog our a$$*$ into work tonight...  Drats!

Piecefully, Pam