Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Hello All,

Hey, I'm sorry I missed last night's Bee! I WANT to SEE Richie's pictures, Peggy!!! And, I WANT to HEAR the stories too!!! : )

Cathy - the ham story sounds too's your tongue?! Try to stitch away some of that frustration!?! Have you finished the Jennifer Chiaverinni books? Has your Mom?

Leigh Anne - what colors ARE you using in YOUR!!! quilt?! How are you designing it - EQ, winging it, draft/graphing out the design...? How did you dress your BNL?!

Jean - you are SEW busy!!! How does the Photo quilt look? What colors did you use for the borders? AND, thanks for "blogging" a Bee Muse! I LOVE YOU! ; )

Okay, I had a work meeting last evening, & then @ my meeting, Jackie asked me to come in to work early last night... I HAD to come home to eat & shower!!! AND, I HAD to fmq for a few minutes so I would be sane...! ; )

Stay warm & sew when you have the chance! Enjoy your day!
Piecefully, Pam

P.S. Any discussion about a road trip to Patch of Country...?!

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Good Morning!

My thread arrived!!! HOORAY!!! It's the same color (hooray!), but on a bigger spool. I didn't know if/how this larger spool would work/ far sew good! : ) And, I did finish my English paper pieced star. It is going to be the label for this quilt. Geez, I have the label & the binding done & ready. Wow...!?

Steel Magnolias...?! Jean & Mo, is that the references you've been making? Pink, luggage, Ouiser? Hmmm...

I have not been to Patch of Country. Sorry to hear they are closing. We have fewer & fewer quilt shops available to us locally. Jean, your practicality makes me smile. If anyone is making a trip to Patch of Country, I'd go along. Does anyone have any "free" time this weekend? Cathy, is this where you bought your leather thimble? I REALLY need one!

Will someone post about tonight's Bee events, please? I hate to miss it! : /

Stay warm & have a good day!
Piecefully, Pam

P.S. Does anyone have any web wizardry & tech savvy to help me find/link a calendar to the blog...?!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Hello Ladies,

Well, my thread hasn't yet arrived, was able to clean this weekend.

I did make the binding for my Trip project though. : ) That's a first! I NEVER have the binding ready before the quilt is completed, but I kind of like it. This way, when the quilting is done, I can bind the quilt right away - NCE! What things have all of you been stitching & working on?!

I have a pot of gumbo ready for this week! YUM!!! It seems like it's going to be good weather for gumbo. ; ) Mo, did you try the sausage recipe...? Any questions...or comments...?!

Did you guys get a postcard in the mail from Burkholder's?! They're selling on the web now! I'm not entirely sure I LIKE the Lancaster shops being internet that wrong...?! Also, I got an email @ work from Z and S Fabrics (which I think is Zook's & Sauder's, am I correct in that assumption?) anyway, they are now stocking & selling Kaffe Fassett & Amy Butler fabrics!!! They have a limited choice, but I am WAY excited about IT!!! When you ladies were in Lancaster this past week, did you happen to notice any said fabrics?!?!?! Did you BUY any?!?!?!

Deborah, I did get your email. Thanks. I just went back to work on Monday night & didn't open my work email until Friday morning. Paris sounds marvelous!!! Have a wonderful time!!! We can try for the March Guild meeting. It's ALL good! : ) Just keep me posted, & meanwhile, enjoy the blog...AND Paris! ; )

Jean - how is that photo quilt class project coming along? Have you begun quilting the Garden Splendor piece yet? You're busy!!!

Alright, time for a bite to eat before our nap! Enjoy the snow flurries!
Piece, Pam

Friday, January 26, 2007

Peggy - HOW WAS GRADUATION?!?!?! Are you guys home yet?! How was the trip?! How is Richie?! I am, & I know the rest of us are, SO/SEW thinking of you & yours!!! Did you take pictures?! Take care & enjoy your family!!!

Piece, Pam

TGIF!!! It's COLD!!! Is everyone tucked in & warm?!?!?! Snuggle in a quilt & have a nice hot cup of tea. : )

Did anyone else receive the flyer from Calico 'n Cotton? Did you see they are having their pajama sale the same Saturday (2/17) we'll be down the Shore?! 30% off @ 8:00, etc?! Any interest... ; ) They also stated in the flyer that they will be having sales on kits. They DIDN'T say WHEN the sale would be...hmmm...

Jean - did your batting come yet? I'm waiting for my thread!!! Meanwhile, I am prepping to make the Trip binding. How are your photos coming along?!

Okay, I think that's about it for now. Sweet dreams, & maybe we'll "chat" again tomorrow.
Piecefully, Pam
Good Evening Girls,

Uh, what d'ya think of the changes to the blog...
  • New colors, perhaps just for the Valentine's holiday...?
  • New format...I upgraded to the newer blog templates...?!

"Extra" info is listed on the left hand side of the page & the blog post is on the right. The Archives uses a drop down menu now. The links are updated & sort of organized by preference. This is a blog in evolution. I'd like to add some pictures, but we are having some computer software issues on this end, so that will have to wait. Is there anything you ladies would like added to the blog? Any links? I am looking for a way to post a calendar. I'd like to list our upcoming scheduled events - the Brigantine Sewing Retreat, the Lancaster Quilt Show, our Guild's upcoming Show, etc... Please, if anyone has any insight, thoughts, or helpful suggestions - share them!!!

Piecefully, Pam

Wednesday, January 24, 2007


Let's see if I can remember last evening's events & highlights from Quilt Mama's...?!

Peggy - travel safely & pee as often as needed! Be SO, SO, SO proud of YOUR son!!! It was nice to meet Ellen. : )

Mo - did you get the recipe addendum I emailed you this morning?! Add 1 large can of diced tomatoes or chop up 4 - 6 fresh tomatoes & just toss them in on top of the peppers & onions, then continue on with the recipe! Sorry about that. I am getting anxious to see your Naked Lady!!! She's going to be SEW glitzy!!!

Mare - look @ you doing hand applique on the down low, girl?! I am anxious to see it too!!! What are you looking for in Lancaster today? Anything specific, any special projects in mind...?! Enjoy your day & let us know what good buys you bring home! : )

Cathy - look @ you doing hand applique!!! That's WAY awesome - you're doing a GREAT job!!! It's nice to have a hand project when machine work isn't available, for whatever reason. And, look @ you taking your machine to Hayes for a new foot. You free motioned your foot down to a nub! You SEW, girl!!! : ) Your Sherbet quilt is soft & nice. I like the darker purple stipple quilting! Are you going to bind it in a darker purple batik? Thanks for hosting last night. And, tell Mike thanks for "Joe Byrnes." : ) Too funny, you guys!!! Cath, are you going to Lancaster today also? Give us the low down?!

Jean - your Garden Splendor quilt is AWESOME!!! It's BIG!!! I REALLY like the colors! How are you planning on quilting it, free motion stipple? Did you start the Photo Memory quilt yet? How is it coming along? Hey, thanks for sharing the bag of Naked Lady embellishments. That was nice & some of that stuff is GREAT! Speaking of GREAT, your Naked Lady is SEW cute!!! I especially LOVE her flip flops!!!

Leigh Anne - I love you. You are SEW cute. Your little hexagons are SEW pretty & nicely done. I love that you use whatever time you can eek out to do whatever stitching fits into your life & schedule!!! : ) I admire you.

Lor - I like the long vertical Flip Flop wall hanging. It's cute. I also REALLY like the flip flop batik border. Can't you find the neatest fabrics?! And, what are you looking for in Lancaster today? Anything special? Let us know what FUN stuff you find & buy!!!

Dolores - THANKS for coming!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your Wuthering Heights quilt!!! The colors are yummy!!! I REALLY like your design! And, tell that neighbor to p--- off. I know that's not nice, but REALLY?! Jingle can come over & make some yellow snow in his yard if you'd like... And, Jingle says "Thanks for the bags!" ; ) "Joe Byrnes!!!"

Lois - we missed you. Thanks for you email. I hope you can figure out how to post here. Meanwhile, I'm just glad if you come here & read stuff! ; )

Thanks for looking @ my free motion work on the Trip quilt ladies. I appreciate your kindness. I am going to include a link to a thread place I've just ordered from. It's gotten GOOD reviews from 2 different sewing boards I frequent. They had the best prices I could find, they have a nice assortment, & there's NO shipping to the US or any APO address. Nice! Of note, I can not make QM's next Tuesday, 1/30. I have a staff meeting. : /

Take care & stay warm! It's going to be COLD on Friday, so have your quilts ready, some flannel pj's & a mug of hot chocolate : ) !!!

Piecefully, Pam

Monday, January 22, 2007

Good Morning Girls,

I am doing that crazy "up all night @ home" gig. : ) Scott went back to work tonight, & I return tomorrow. : / We enjoyed the second half of our quiet week's vacation @ HOME! : )

Jingle is doing better. Thanks. He was SICK on Friday morning & we were pretty concerned about him. By Saturday he was back to his usual self. No call from the Vet, so that's good. He'll need a follow up appointment next week. He's taking his antibiotic & we're using a cream on him too. We have begun daily cat & dog meetings @ the gate. It's not going too badly. We also brought Jingle into the dining room while Scott & I worked on a puzzle @ the dining room table. We brought his bed in & I SO didn't think he'd lie down on it, but he did! : ) He LOVES the snow!!!

I am making sweet & spicy Italian sausages with peppers & tomatoes in the crock pot for dinner tonight. YUM! I also cooked down a crook neck pumpkin & need to run it through my canning funnel. Then I'll freeze it. I did laundry, which included some new fabrics! ; ) I did some more free motion quilting too. : ) All sorts of things going on here in the wee hours!!!

SEW...I did some FMQ this afternoon with my Trip project & BSR foot. Before I began, I thought, "Hmmm, I should maybe do a practice piece to warm up...nah! Maybe I should change my needle...nah!" An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!!! I free motioned quilted for a half hour & spent an hour un-sewing it!!! The tension was ALL loopy on the back. The needle needed to be changed!!! I was saying some BLUE words... So, I nicely cleaned & oiled my machine, gave it a new needle & stitched for just a little bit before it was time for us to nap.

Jean - GLAD to hear that your Garden top is DONE!!! Do you have the back ready too? Do you want us to help baste it on Tuesday...? Just a thought.

Mare - get your sewing machine OUT! The holidays are OVER, and you got some new fabrics!!! Let's SEW girl! ; )

Peggy - just 2 days!!! You're going to be WILD(er) @ Quilt Mama's this week!!! : )

Looking forward to QM's @ Cathy's on Tuesday!
Have a good week, girls!
Piece, Pam

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Okay, I CAN eat an elephant ONE bite @ a time...,right?! After reading, drawing & practicing free motion quilting, I decided to put my mouth where my money is!!! I began machine quilting my Trip project today using the BSR. This IS a challenge, BUT I am SEW glad that I am actually DOING it!!!

This past Summer, 2006, I just barely began to try my hand @ free motion quilting when alas, I purchased a machine with BSR capability. I've used the BSR on sample pieces, but not on anything "real." And, of course, I can't make a small project to practice with & learn from...?! Oh NOOO!

I wanted to quilt loops, circles & swirls on the Trip project, but began to understand that a sort of stipple is where I NEED/HAVE to begin, especially with a project of this size!!! It is VERY challenging to manage the bulk of a BIG quilt...under the throat of the sewing machine, on your sewing surface (regardless of it's size, it's NOT big enough!!!), & then there's the cat factor. Yeah, Shelby HAD to stretch out on MY quilt & act like a big, fat anchor!!! I have a whole new respect for machine quilters, their skill, talent & perseverance. : )

I have already emptied a spool of thread, & I don't know how many bobbins I've gone through, but I have perhaps a third of the Trip project quilted! I am making headway, & it's MUCH faster than my hand quilting!!! Wish me luck, Girls!

What are you guys stitching?! It's a good weekend to be in & sewing, isn't it?! : ) It's blustery & cold! I made a pot of soup & some brownies - perfect for this kind of weather.

Jean, how is your quilt top coming along?! Do you have it together?! I can't hardly wait to see it!!!

Cathy, thanks for volunteering to host QM's this upcoming Tuesday! I expect to be there too. I return to work on Monday night, so go easy on me. ; )

I have one side of one triangle to hand sew for my Guild English paper pieced star. I think I may actually use it as the label for the Trip piece, since I used all the same fabrics. Lois, how is yours coming along?

Is anyone making blocks for the Guild BOM exchange this month? I think this month it's a Rail Fence block using red, pink, black & maybe white...?! Who is planning on going to the February Guild meeting besides me & Jean? Mare? Lois? Cathy &/or Lori...?!

Has anyone else worked on their Naked Lady? I have not. But, I've been thinking about her. She's on my design wall, right in my line of sight...!

We have been having some internet flux here this weekend, apparently due to the weather, so my blogging has been & may continue to be spotty... Sorry!

Enjoy your weekend & stay warm!
Piecefully, Pam

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Good Evening Gals,

It was SEW good to see everyone @ Maureen's on Tuesday evening. : ) I LOVE you guys!!! Thanks for listening to my story of our "Christmas" trip to SC - No Mom, flat tire, & ALL!!! Do you think we get bonus points with Santa Claus...?! I may need them...

Maureen - thanks for hosting us QM's! I REALLY like the needlepoint picture hanging in your dining room!!! It's just the perfect spot for it! ; ) Thanks for the glass of wine too. It helped to smooth out some of my rough edges...believe it or not...?! Did you find your Naked Lady yet?

Mare - I LOVE your "new" hair! The "do" is VERY becoming! How is it to style by yourself? Manageable? We are ALL looking forward to Brigantine in February & Lancaster in April!!! THANKS for making the arrangements. Let us know when to pay you! You didn't mention JoeD's are things going...?!

Jean - we WANT to SEE your class project!!! You didn't bring it...?!?!?! Glad to hear it's going together SEW quickly & easily. Nice! Are you hosting QM's next week? Can we see it then?! ; )

Peggy - How many days 'til Richie?! I am WAY excited for you!!! : ) Hurry up!!! Do you have his quilt done yet?! Do you need any help?!

Lois - your Naked Lady is awesome! You did a REALLY good job! Too cute! ; ) The 3 bags you made are terrific!!! Contrary to George, the zebra print bag is MY personal favorite!!! Now, you NEED to make one for yourself! How is your English paper piecing coming along? What did your boys think of their Christmas presents - the quilts you made for them?! AND, where did you put the raffle quilt that you WON?!?!?!

Cathy - it was GOOD to see you. What are you working on currently? Did you finish the Jennifer Chiaverinni books? Is your Mom reading them now? Does she like them?

Thanks again for listening to my travel story. I don't know what I'd do without you guys?! Or, what I'd do without your prayers & good thoughts?! Thanks also for looking @ the BOM blocks that I have done. I'd like to get my English paper pieced star done next. I think I may actually use it as the label on my Trip Around the World project. Speaking of which, I've been practicing drawing some designs for the quilting motif on the Trip piece. Jean & Cathy, Lori too - how do you guys NOT get a brain fart or hiccup when you're machine quilting?! I'm going along fine & then ALL of a sudden I don't know where to go next...I pause, hesitate, stutter & then move to the next place to quilt, but somehow the design becomes warped during that momentary lapse of focus!? Also, a side note, we were to go to the Rehoboth Beach today. We were going to try Jingle on the Beach, eat crabs & then overnight @ Clark & Hil's. We called for a Vet appointment for Jingle on Tuesday after picking him up Monday evening from the "Spa." he's had some skin lesions that aren't healing. The soonest we could get him seen was this morning. Then, his Vet was out sick & he had to be squeezed in...his lesions were scraped & we are awaiting culture reports. Nothing looks too serious, but he may be contagious. We didn't want to expose Cosmo (Clark & Hil's older dog) to Jingle's problems. Meanwhile, Jingle got a shot, is on an antibiotic & has an ointment too! And you guys thought kids were bad...?! So, NO Beach, we're @ home - that's not SEW...bad though. ; )

Lori, Leigh Anne & Dolores - hope you all are doing well. Leigh Anne - how are your kids doing? Better? Want to mix them with Jingle...?! : P Lori - did your fabrics from Hancock's come yet? Mine arrived yesterday - they are yummy!!! Dolores - English paper piecing isn't ALL that easy! You made ALL of those little flannel hexagons!!! NO small feat! How are your quilts & quilting projects coming along?!

Deborah - if you're reading along too...Jean & I are both planning to attend the upcoming February Undercover Quilters Guild meeting. The speaker will be BJ Titus. She is a local gal & belongs to Brandywine Valley guilters guild. Let us know if you're interested, & you can hitch a ride with us! We usually try to travel together - it's more FUN! ; )

Whew! Is that everything?! Please chime in if I've missed anything! Also you guys, I don't SEE or come to the same website that you do when you "log in" here, I don't know how to help you all post or navigate the site. Any tips would be appreciated.

Enjoy your evening & do a little stitching if you get the chance!
Piecefully, Pam

P.S. We just picked up John Mayer's new CD, Continuum. It's good!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


Here is a copy of Marianne's email. I've included links to the Show & to the place we've rented for the weekend. I think it is FAB & I am already getting excited!!! : ) Cathy said she's "in" & so am I!!! : ) Who else...?!

Piecefully, Pam

Hey Ladies,

You maybe receiving this twice....... If everyone goes to Lancaster .... Jean, Pam, Me, Peggy,
Maureen, Lori, Cathy, Lois, Dolores and Leigh Anne.. That would make 10.

The place cost 525.00 by 10 would be 52.50 per person for the weekend.
Let me know if someone is NOT going --- that would change our price.

Thanks, Mare

Here's a link to the Show!!!

The dates we're going are: Friday 4/13 - Sunday 4/15

And, here's a link to the place Marianne has rented!!!

Monday, January 15, 2007


We are HOME!!! : ) There's NO place like home, there's NO place like home. Dorothy was SO/SEW right!!!

Piece, Pam

P.S. Looking forward to QM @ Mrs. Henderson's! : )

Friday, January 12, 2007

Good Morning Girls,

Mull this over & confirm the dates with Mare while I'm away...Bee Beach Retreat weekend Friday/Saturday/Sunday Feb. 16th, 17th, & 18th...?! That is President's weekend, with Monday the 19th being President's Day. Will ALL the Quilt Mama's be able to make it?! : )

Here @ Mt. Pleasant...the furnace has been repaired. Hooray! No more static!!! And, does Jingle know he's going to the "Spa?"... He barfed this morning. He was embarrassed. He hung his head & drooped his ears & looked SO apologetic! I LOVE him! Next, I'm off to pack the car for our trip. Thanks for the thoughts & prayers!

Please blog while I'm away!!! And, welcome to our blog Deborah! Glad to have you. : )
Piece. Out. For a few days...

Thursday, January 11, 2007

Okay, I'm back from the Library & waiting for the furnace men to show up. I feel a bit like Cosmo Kramer waiting for the Cable Guy..."Uh, we'll be there between 1:30 & 3:00..." Jingle is in the clear. He didn't "puddle." The humidifier on our furnace is what leaked. It's been turned off, so just imagine the static electricity going on here?!

The Library trip was a BIG success!!! : ) I got the Dresden Plate un-basted & un-sandwiched. Then I got the whole Trip Around the World project pin basted using the Dresden batting. I did all that in 3 hours! I didn't think that was too bad. I may try to go back again next week to re(thread)baste the Dresden Plate quilt using the wool batt. My fingers are a little tender knees too. : /, it was FUN @ the Library. The Library ladies were coming to see what I was doing. : ) It helped to break up my time & made things go quicker. I felt a little bit like a celebrity. Fun & too cute! ; )

Also, I discovered a fellow quilter...Deborah Purdy. She is a Librarian (I'm pretty sure she's in the children's section), & she won Librarian of the Year not that long ago. Anyway, she does mostly miniatures. She comes from a long line of guilters & has quite a quilting legacy. She does ALL hand work - piecing, quilting, etc. She may be interested in our Guild. I am going to send her the Guild web link & a link to this blog. She isn't involved in a Guild, nor a Bee & hasn't been to the Lancaster Quilt Show, but she is involved with other quilters on-line & has done challenges & such. She also likes Amy Butler fabrics! : )

Mo, I think the needlepoint picture would look beautiful in your dining room. Funny, that's just where I pictured it hanging, but I didn't want to say, "Did you hang it in your dining room?" incase you hadn't! Thanks for volunteering to host next week! We'll get to see the picture on your wall. : )

Lori, I am ALL about Hancock's of Paducah. Since we don't have much in the way of Quilt Shops in our general location, I have had trouble finding the fabrics that I REALLY like. LadyFingers is the only shop that I know carrying Kaffe Fassett fabrics, & she doesn't have a large selection. That's why I bought a bunch of fabric in Houston! Now, using the Paducah site, there's a LOT more available to me & @ GREAT prices!!! Hooray!!! I've had very good experiences with them. Buy with confidence.

Just a FYI. Tomorrow afternoon Scott & I are boarding Jingle & heading to York. We will then leave for Myrtle Beach with my Mom & Ken, to have "Christmas" with my brother & Deb, his girlfriend. We will drive home to PA on Monday, Martin Luther King day. So, Scott & I don't know if we'll be back home here in Havertown by Monday night or Tues-day. Regardless, we will be without computer access & I won't be blogging. Please say some prayers for Scott & I during this trip, this is NOT, NOT, did I say NOT?! our idea of FUN!

I will be SEW ready for Tuesday evening's BEE!!! Scott has off next week with me during my last week of Winter Break. Thankfully, we will have time to recuperate!!!

Piecefully, Pam
Good Morning Ladies!

I am packed up & ready to head into the Library this morning. I am just waiting for a load of laundry to finish in the dryer. : ) I am thinking +!

Thanks for all your comments to my most recent post! It helps to "hear" feedback from you guys! ; )

Peggy - I am SEW excited that you have internet access again, & that you got the blog link. You even posted!!! That's WAY awesome!!! : )

Okay. My dryer buzzed & I gotta go. I'll try & write more later!
Piece. Out. Pam

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Good Morning Girls,

How is everyone this morning? It's a bit blustery outside today. It is feeling more like Winter though. : )

It was good to see you guys last evening! Thanks for hosting Cathy, but, uh, I think the Bee meetings may need to be relocated... Yes, we had a special guest visitor last night...Theresa Rache (spelling?!). WOW! She is a TRIP & a HALF!!! Poor Mike... Needless to say, our volume was increased 10 fold... You know how I sometimes call Barb a gatlin gun?! It's that rapid fire, never take a breath, kind of "talking @ you" - LOUDLY exchange. Well, I think Barb & Theresa Rache if left in a room together may kill one another...?! Whew!?

Sew -
Again Cathy, thanks for hosting! And, for sewing on that button for Theresa's daughter...thankfully there was NO stapler involved!!! ; ) I LOVE your sewing machine tote. It's AWESOME!!! All the neat-o little cases & compartments are way cool. Plus, I think it's such a warm, fuzzy that your daughter "helped" Mike pick it out for you. You're a good Mom with a nice family!!! Thanks for making the trip up to your sewing room & bringing the tote down to show us! : ) We appreciated it! Keep an eye on Maureen though, she's ALL about those little compartments & such...

Speaking of Mo - thanks for bringing your framed needlepoint picture to Show 'n Tell!!! It is truly lovely!!! Your SIL did an amazing job! The colors are just gorgeous, & the mat & frame she chose are perfect. She has good taste & an artistic eye. Where did you hang it?

Jean - your Irish Cottage blocks are SO pretty. The added embroidery really gives depth & definition to the pieces. Your friend is truly blessed to have you as a friend. : ) Glad also to hear your sewing machine is back from the Spa & is sewing like a dream! Nice! When are you going to start your class projects?

And, speaking of class, look @ Miss Peggy!!! Going on-line to look for (more) fabric, reading the selvege edge info, finding the designer & manufacturer, & then ordering the fabric! I like the pansy fabrics & the green you chose. You GO & SEW girl!!! Hey, by the way, Richey will be HOME in 2 weeks!!! : )

Mare - glad you're feeling some better. : ) Do you have fabrics selected for Jean's next class too? What? I saw that Moda has some cute snowman fabric out. I forget what the line is called, but it's cute, & it made me think of YOU!

Lor - hey, we're ALL glad to know that your kids are HOME & healthy! No more hospital trips for a while, okay?! Your fabric calculator is nifty!!! It does a lot of cool calculations. And, the storage for it's booklet is certainly handy! The quilt rack John got for you sounds nice too. Where did/are you going to put it & what are you going to hang on it?!

Theresa - she can get you Motrin, but NOT Advil!!! She does NOT have a tattoo, but will fake show you her butt anyway! ; ) And, she does NOT sew (nor read, evidently)!!!

Lois, Leigh-Anne & Dolores - we missed you guys! What's sewing on your end?!

Me - thanks for looking @ my Trip backing. I thought I was going to the Library this morning to work on basting, but don't feel like it now. We had a leak in the basement, from the furnace. And, Jingle chewed the kitchen door mat this morning. Maybe I'll go to the Library a little later...?

Piece, Pam

Tuesday, January 9, 2007


Here is a new site that I've discovered. They have many FREE patterns!

Enjoy! See you @ Cathy's this evening for our QM Bee. : )

I mentioned to Jean last evening that I bought fabric from Hancock's of Paducah, again! Their prices are UNBELIEVABLE!!! I bought Kaffe Fassett fabrics the last time for $2.50 - $5.00 per yard. Recently I was buying Amy Butler & Girlfriend fabrics for $3.00 per yard!!! Check out their site if you're interested. Go to their sales fabrics & you can shop by manufacturer or designer too. The sales prices are NOT reflected until you're all the way ready to check out.
I'll try & include their link too...

let's see if I can get you right to their sales pages...

Time to walk the puppy!
Piece, Pam

Monday, January 8, 2007

I finished piecing the backing for my Trip Around the World project. : ) It's a bit crazy. I wanted to use up strips, blocks & bits that I had leftover from the project. I decided to think primitive & folk art, & then just sew. There was NO pattern, design or measurements involved. I're suprised... It was FUN!!! This WHOLE project has been FUN!!! Jean asked how I'm going to quilt it, uh, I don't know yet. I've been reading Diane Gaudynski's book about machine quilting, & dreaming...

I'm going to the Guild meeting tonight. Jean & Lois are also. Mare is a maybe.

Life is calling & I must log off for now!
Piece. Out.

Saturday, January 6, 2007

sewing, sewing, I stitched together rows of remnants to back my Trip Around the World project. Tomorrow I'll sew those rows together & have the backing made!!! Hooray! : )

Seventy degrees in January is TOO HOT!!! What are the polar bears doing?! I feel worried...

Piece, Pam

Friday, January 5, 2007

Good Evening Girls,

I am expecting to go to the Guild on Monday evening. Jean & Lois are going too, right? Anyone else? Jean, I may catch a ride with you if you don't mind. Or, would you like me to drive? Either way, I can be @ your place by 6:30.

I bet you're anxious to get your sewing machine back, Jean?! Let me know how she is? And, if the light switch is better! What do you have lined up to sew?!?!?! How has the hand applique been going?

I have been sewing. : ) I started & have been working on my BOM #8. Today I made a set of "wine" pillow cases for my brother & Deb. I also began piecing a backing for my Trip Around the World top. I am using scraps & bits of fabrics used to make the top, to make a backing. And - long story short, I need to un-baste the Dresden Plate quilt. I will use it's batt for the Trip Around the World project, & I am pretty certain I am going to use a wool batt that Barb gave me for the Dresden Plate quilt. This is un-work that I am not necessarily looking forward to. : /

Hasn't this weather been unusual?! Our back yard is like a giant muddy slip 'n slide. Jingle has been RUNNING on soggy, unfrozen grass, err, ground!

Stay dry & have a good weekend!
Piece, Pam

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Lois - I didn't forget about you! I just didn't get back 'til now. : ) Thanks for bringing your Guild BOM to the Bee. It inspired & reminds the rest of us to get busy!!! I like your color selections. Hasn't it been kind of fun to do the BOM?! Do you have any Donovan Christmas pictures to share? How was it going back to work today? I was thinking about you.

Me - I started stitching my next BOM. It's #8. I was disappointed to learn that I actually have 5 more blocks to sew...yes, I CAN count!? Since the weather was nice enough today, I laundered Christmas gift fabric & hung it on the line to dry. It always smells so good when you bring wash in off the line. Why is that...?!

Jean & Mare, glad to hear you got Scott's pictures of the quilts from the Shop in OCNJ. Do you need the actual picutres printed too? Just let me know.

Lor - SO glad that Ryan is home & doing well enough to be HOME! Blessings to you & yours!

Good night girls. Sweet dreams & have a great tomorrow!
Piece, Pam

It was good to see you guys @ the Bee last evening. : ) Missed those of you who couldn't make it. : /

Cathy - thanks SEW much for hosting! And, I didn't ask, but was thinking about your family - Mike, Dad, FIL, etc. How is everyone doing?! And, how are YOU! I was glad to see you're reading Jennifer Chaiverini. Aren't her books nice? They're an easy read & a fun "quilty" story. Also, I know your life is full & you've been keeping busy, but perhaps pulling out some hand applique might be a break from reading...?! Cath, don't make it too difficult, just put in a couple stitches @ a time, it doesn't have to be a big deal. It doesn't matter how they look! Just do them. There won't be any learning or improvement if you don't pick it up. Just think about it...

Jean - uh oh, you're sick...?! How are you feeling today? Any better?! I hope SEW!!! You do know that Mom's are not allowed to get sick, don't you? ; ) I made a giant pot of turkey rice soup yesterday & if you could use any, just say the word! Glad to hear your machine is in for a spa treatment. That's nice. : ) Will Mr. Hayes be able to fix the light switch too? Also, glad to hear you've been doing a little hand applique while your machine is away. Take it easy.

Mare - how was JoeD & his "new" girl when you got home? What d'ya think? Is she nice? She seems like a GOOD influence!!! How was Joe's trip to Pitt & back? How is Nicole? Hey, Joanna did an awesome job buying you fabric for Christmas!!! She gets bonus points for that!

Peggy - glad your internet access is back! It was good to see you. What a nice surprise from your kids, the photo key chain. : ) You have 2 good kids there Miss Peggy! Glad to hear that Richie is pleased with his choice. I can't imagine the relief you must feel! Just a few weeks yet 'til his graduation - HOORAY!!!

Leigh Anne - good to see you! : ) Thanks for bringing my dish along. How was your Christmas & New Year's?! Did EVERYONE like their pillowcase?! You SEW girl!!! What are you next projects? How did the jeans turn out?!

Dolores - glad to hear from you via the phone. PJ's & the sofa did sound nice! Look @ you sewing up a STORM before Christmas & getting ALL those quilts done!!! You are a SEWING MACHINE!!! Now, Joe owes you something, right...?!

Mo - we missed you last evening! How are you? How were your Holidays?! Hey, I heard something about you having a book...Quilting for Dummies...?! You have stash...what's next...?!?!?!

Lori - how are things going on your end?! How is Ryan doing today? Are the antibiotics helping? Know we are all thinking of you guys!

Okay, my laundry is done & I must GO!
Piece. Out.

Monday, January 1, 2007

Hello everyone! And, Happy New Year!!! : )

Yesterday I spent some time stitching in my sewing room while listening to Joss Stone & Nickelback. It doesn't get much better than that!!! I hope each of you has had a few moments to sit & sew a little during the hectic holidays, & if not, isn't it time right NOW?!?

Looking forward to seeing you guys tomorrow evening @ Cathy's.
Piecefully, Pam