Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last day of 2009...

This is it, girls......Happy New Year's Eve! LA - must thank you for the great time last night - and thanks to Gerry too! Such a nice party. The food was awesome and the company was exceptional. It was so nice to sit and chat and catch up with everyone. We all got such wonderful gifts - Lois - were you out in the garden trying your tools this morning? A lot of laughs......we are so lucky to have each other. I wish you all good health and good luck in the new year. Here's to a lot of laughs and good times and beautiful quilts with the Quiltmamas!! I will post some pictures when I get them. In the meantime - here's the dip recipe - or as I'm calling it - Crack on an apple.

1 pkg cream cheese
3/4 c. brown sugar
1 container apple caramel dip (from the produce section)
3 Skor bars

Beat cream cheese and sugar. Spread it thinly on a platter. Heat the caramel slightly (15-20 seconds in microwave)
Spread it on top of the cheese. Sprinkle the chopped Skor bars on top. ( I had refrigerated them - and then pounded on them still in the wrappers - a good stress reducer.)

Enjoy 'mamas! Piece......

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Countdown to the holiday extravaganza!

Hello, 'Mamas!!! Happy holidays to all. I hope Santa was good to everyone. Despite my behavior this year, Santa brought me lots of fabrics and patterns. Yay! Now - on to the main event! Wednesday evening is the night! Thank you to Leigh Anne for hosting our holiday bash again this year. We love you, LA ( and Gerry too!). If everyone would be so kind as to comment and let LA know what you are bringing - that would be spectacular. I have lots of soda - regular and diet - so I will bring that as well as a sweet, dessertish type of thing. LA - what time were you thinking? Mare - could you let Peggy know? Looking forward to seeing everyone - my holiday would not be complete if I didn't celebrate with the 'Mamas! Piece, y'all.....see you Wednesday!

Monday, December 21, 2009

Post blizzard!

Hello, Mamas! How is everyone? Wasn't that a grand storm? Wow - I know lots of things got disrupted over the weekend. Hoping everyone emerged safe and sound - aside from an aching back from all that shoveling. We baked a bunch of cookies and I got a good bit of sewing done too - in between lots of movies and snacks! Back to the healthy foods today.....everyone ready for Christmas? I still have two (and a half) projects to complete - no problem! Santa doesn't sleep at this time of year - why should I? Probably won't see anyone until next week's party - so a very Merry Christmas from the Burkes (and Sir Rantsalot) to you and yours!!!!

ho, ho ho......piece.

Thursday, December 17, 2009


Mike and Cathy....our thoughts and prayers are with you at this sad time. Mr. DiNardo's difficult journey ended yesterday - he is at peace now and we hope you can draw comfort from that during these difficult days. We love you and are here if you need us......the 'Mamas.

Friday, December 11, 2009

TGIF....two weeks till Christmas!

OY! It's been over a week since I wrote! Honestly, I can't tell you what has consumed all my time. I've been knocking out some Christmas gifts - while fighting with a sinus infection. I gave up and called the doc today - picking up a script on the way home so the tide should turn. What the heck is happening in Quiltmama land? Saw Lori in DD this morning - she's freezing her hacienda off in this cold weather with the back of her house being renovated. Hoping for a milder stretch of weather for you - but, it doesn't look hopeful! LA - what's new with you? Kevin feeling better? That happy glow you may see in the vicinity of Shelbourne and Upland is coming from Cathy's sewing room - she's ba-a-a-a-ack! Finished school and happily stitching again - a big QM congrats to you, Cath. Enjoy. Haven't seen the Central Ave girls in a while.....Mare - how is Joanna feeling? And are you adjusted to the whole Grandmom idea? What will the little one call you? Maureen - how the heck are you doing? All the Henderson men behaving themselves? Are your ready for Santa? The two quilts you finished - are they Christmas gifts? Or have they been delivered? are you and George doing? Everyone healthy? Have you sent Donovan his Christmas quilt? Did you finish George's wallhanging? Thanks again for sharing the pictures from your trip and Ainsley's birthday - she is so pretty! Dolores,'s things on your end of Upland? Did you finish up the quilt for the girl at work? If you haven't given it to her, can we see it? I'm happy to host next week on Tuesday - hope to see lots of show & tell - it's been a while. Pam - are you counting down the days/hours to Christmas break? I've been enjoying your blog. Sounds like you had a rather hectic night a while back. Did you finish your 'gingerbread man' quilt? I got sidetracked with my Bunny Hill blocks - after the gifts are finished, I hope to knock out those last two in January. I've been popping around to lots of blogs - some cool ideas out there. I keep changing my mind about some gifts - have to stop doing that! Someone here at work mentioned at lunch that itunes is giving away 20 free Christmas songs - anyone else heard that? Have to remember to check that out when I go home. Remember - the Quiltmama Christmas extravaganza is on December 30th. Yahoo! I had some other stuff I wanted to mention but it has gone out of my head.....hopeless.....anyhow, I hope everyone has a lovely weekend - keep warm! Not too crazy about these arctic winds.....piece.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Post-Thanksgiving and pre-Christmas...

Girls - a fun bee last night on a rainy, miserable night. Thanks for coming....Lois, Mare, Consuelo and Lori - you were missed. Mare - everyone's excited about your news. Hope Joanna feels better. Lois - what are you and George up to? Hope you had a nice turkey day. Consuelo - the lad has returned to West Virginia? You'll blink and he'll be home for Christmas! Lori - getting ready for the Santa shop? How's the construction/destruction coming? The big news of the evening was the decision about the Quiltmama Christmas extravaganza. It will be held....drumroll.......on Wednesday, December 30th at the McCabe estate!!!! Yay!!!! Gives us a chance to get through the stressful time right before the holiday - and we can truly relax and enjoy ourselves. A good decision! We had some show & tell last night:

These are baby quilts by Cathy for a set of twins - so cute. She had put the tops together in Brigantine.

This is Pam's Gingerbread quilt (that's what I call it). It's just adorable!!!!! So festive.....and the applique is outstanding.

I'd put this top together down in Brigantine - it's for the cross-country coaches. It's hard to tell but that print is a cool running fabric - sneakers, energy bars, times, etc.

This is a tablerunner I finished and donated to the Santa shop. I got the idea from a Moda Bake Shop runner I'd seen a few weeks back - fun to do.

This was a present for the little girl down the street - she was two. I loved the doll - almost didn't want to give it to her!

There were lots of laughs, some catching up and discussions of the recent happenings in the 'Triangle'.....

Say no more.....Cath - you are not crazy! Dolores is working on the quilt for a lady at work - with fabrics she's not crazy about. OY! I"ll post LA's extensive photos from the shore next time. We shared some stories from Brigantine with Pam. Lois - how is George's quilt coming? Can't wait to see it finished. Things are pretty slow at work so I spent a lot of time in Blogland - some cool ideas and stuff out there if you get a chance to look around. Take it easy, ladies. Have a nice weekend! Until next time.....piece.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Sharing Thanks

Good Morning Mamas!

Pam here. ; ) I wanted to extend an invitation and share my thanks for the Quilt Mamas...if anyone is available or interested, I will have a BIG pot of soup on this evening and you all are welcome to drop by for a ladle-full and then some!!! Consider it a post-Thanksgiving and pre-Christmas bit of peace and piece. Bring show 'n tell, a tea bag or bottle of wine and share in a bit of Mt. Pleasant magic. I know it's short notice, sorry for that, but we hope to see you!

Piecefully, Pam

Monday, November 23, 2009

Giving Thanks....

Hello, girls. Was popping around some blogs today and came across this: - read the post titled: Homage to Girlfriends. Better than I ever could, it says thank you to you all for being Quiltmamas. Wishing you all a lovely Thanksgiving, safe travels and special moments. Take care....piece.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Only 7 days till turkey!

Hello, girls.....happy One Week till Thanksgiving! A relatively quiet, calm bee last night....Pam - hope your class went well. Those ladies must be moving right along. Dolores, LA and Consuelo - missed you. Hope all is well in your houses. LA - how was the Christening? Consuelo - Billy comes home tonight, right? They say the first homecoming of freshman year is a tough one. Dolores - what's new with you? Lori was sewing down a variegated binding on the star quilt she quilted down the shore. It looks terrific. Lois has put some beautiful green borders on her Sweet Treat. George said they match - and they do! And she put neat borders on the pretty table topper square she was working on in Brigantine....very pretty flowers! Cath is relieved to have her paper turned in - and plans to catch up on blogs, maybe sew a little and just generally exhale. Mare got her furniture moved upstairs - Joe came through - but overall, things are quiet in casa DeMarco. I put borders on the running quilt - and am determined to piece the back tonight and layer it. I can't host next week - so may not see you ladies until after Thanksgiving. Next Wednesday evening from 4 to 8, there is an Oakmont Village Harvest Festival in the Oakmont section of Havertown - I've heard neat things about it and want to check it out. It's where they have the Farmer's Market during the summer months. Also - I mentioned that I came across some neat recipes for cookies on Betty Crocker website - that use the cookie mix bags and add goodies. Here's the link. Let me know if you try any. Anyone know where to purchase felted wool? A few of the free patterns from the Cross Country Blog Hop were for wool projects and I'd like to give it a try - it's something I can do at lunch or while waiting at practice or something. I'm sure I'll think of other stuff after I publish this...but that's it for now. Wanted to say thanks to Pam for posting such great pictures from the Houston show. It's like a little treat every day. Take care, ladies.....piece.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

a few random things, ramblings, thoughts, etc...

Hello, girls. What a miserable Saturday! Rain, rain go away......saw a few of the mamas at the craft night last night...Consuelo brought her Mother-in-Law - such a cute woman! Lori and LA were working hard. Mare, Cathy and I just strolled around - Dolores and Lois - we missed you but there wasn't a vendor that was as good as the Quiltmamas last my un-biased opinion. The highlight of the evening - LA's Mom, sister and baby Olivia came! Yay! She is so adorable. LA - good luck with the Christening tomorrow - it's supposed to be a nice day - enjoy! Pam has a beautiful picture of the baby quilt she made for Hillary's shower on her blog. Hope you had a nice day today. Is anyone else following the Cross Country Christmas blog hop? Pam has all twelve ladies listed on the side of her blog - I've been enjoying them. Each person is giving a free pattern each day - some really cute projects. Although - I could use less ideas than more at this point. Does anyone else run into this as the holidays approach? I look at all these patterns and think of all these folks I could make gifts for....and then I can't decide what to make for whom. I keep changing my mind - and I always end up making less than I wanted because I keep changing my mind - OY! And I just got the winter Quilts and More magazine yesterday - more cute ideas....time to make a list and stick to it!!! Hoping things dry out tomorrow - enjoy the rest of the weekend. Burkie and the girls have basketball practice on Wednesday night - so I can host. Hope to see y'all....piece.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Friday night

Girls....I'm having some email issues so I'm putting this up here.....Friday night is the ladies shopping night at Sacred Heart. I already talked to a few folks who want to go....Lori and LA are working it. Everyone/anyone else want to meet up there at say, 7:00. How does that sound? Let me know if you want me to pick you up.....I'm happy to swing by and get you. Hope to see you there......piece.

Monday, November 9, 2009

A fun time....

Girls....a few shots of the weekend - still having trouble learning the workings of this - so they're kind of backwards in order.....

Lori - floral all-over quilting makes this quilt just spectacular!

The tumbler with the binding on - yay!

LA - part of the Schnibble Nation...she's been Schnibblized.....isn't it Schnibblicious.....maybe her first and last Schnibble?

Cath - this is just beautiful ~ the colors are amazing!

Lois - and her Sweet Treat....

Consuelo - all that trimming paid off!

Dolores - whipped this up from nothing - if she had a plan, she'd be dangerous!

Mare - relaxing with some handwork.

Lois hard at work on Friday afternoon

Pam - you would be proud - Cath was cleaning machines!

Everyone had lots more pictures....but, I need to get some sleep - I'll post more tomorrow.....thanks again, was tons of fun - and very inspirational...piece.


Good morning, ladies! Wow - that was fun! This will just be short - and I'll upload show & tell pictures tonight. Boy, did we accomplish a lot of stuff! And my laugh muscles are still exhausted. I barely remember hitting the pillow last night. Pam - I hope everything went well at Barb's - how is she doing? You were thought of many, many times and the soup was outstanding - to the point of scraping the bottom of the pot for the last bit. Thanks so much. Cath - hope you got a lot of work done on the paper - did Mike and Timmy enjoy the game? Mare and Maureen hit the outlets on the way back - did you get some bargains? LA and I enjoyed the stunning afternoon at cross-country. Lois - I bet George was so glad to see you (and tired of eating Wawa food!). Did he like what you finished so far on his wallhanging? Lori - did you put that binding on last night? Dolores - for someone who didn't bring anything to work on - you certainly accomplished a lot! I'm still laughing about some parts - thanks for the rejuvenation, ladies.....and watching Notting Hill was just great - Maureen - I owe you $5 - but I still think that doesn't look anything like him!!!! Have a lovely day...piece....

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Soup's on!

; D

Piecefully, Pam

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pre-shore post

Hello, girls.....a hectic bee tonight. Lots to talk about and I thought of like three things after y'all left that I wanted to mention. Pam - you will be missed over the weekend - but Scott and Barb will be so grateful for your love and support. And thanks for the Halloween stories and the 'church mouse'! May he change denominations and be gone soon! Shelby obviously missed the boat when they were handing out the mouse-catcher genes! And many thanks for the soup - your praises will be sung, trust me. Lois - welcome back - and on a red-eye no less. Hope you're caught up on your sleep. Mare - sorry you had to duck out early. Hope your friend is ok. Consuelo - you were missed and spoken of highly when we discussed those little snacks you made with the chips and salsa...hint, hint.....Lori signed a contract to have her house ripped to shreds and rebuilt over Christmas while John goes skiing in Switzerland (totally making up that last part!) Good luck with the addition. Cath - hope class was bearable - and you're one week closer - gotta love that. Here's the tentative list of who is bringing what - and chime right in if you notice something missing...

Mare - ironing board, iron, pizza for Saturday dinner, ipod player, power strip

Jean - ironing board and iron, card table, TP, paper towels and paper plates

Consuelo - see above - and other snacky stuff, chips, pretzels, etc.

Lois - sweets, cookies, candy - anything that strikes your fancy and has copious amounts of sugar!

Lori - french toast cassarole

Dolores - breakfast pizza (JOE BYRNES), and an extra light/lamp

LA - wine and/or spirits, dinner rolls for the soup, tea bags, diet iced tea and the disappearing nine patch that wasn't

Cath - how about a case of water, some diet soda - and would you be able to drive? LA's car is leaking

And anything else you can think of - a nice dessert? Remember your sleeping bags if you want to bring em - and a towel. We're mostly all leaving on Friday morning. Want to pick a rendezvous point and time? Mare's house at 9:15 - is that ok? Too late, too early? Drivers are myself, Maureen and Cathy? I won't have the van - but Burkie's car holds a lot of stuff. Dolores is going to try to get out early and be down before dark. Only two more working! Must get some sleep......piece.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

November 1st

Hello, girls. Happy Sunday - All Saints Day. Did everyone have a nice Halloween? What was the best costume you saw? Only 5 days till the beginning of Brigantine weekend! Have you started gathering your projects yet? I'm happy to host bee on Tuesday...we can decide who's bringing what. Sounds like it's going to be a big crowd - that's so cool - we haven't all spent time together in a while! At the thrift shop last week, I happened upon something, thought about it all Wednesday night and went back and bought it when the shop opened the next morning...this picture is a hint. I'll show it to you on Tuesday....I'll tell you that from what I read online, it's from approximately 1928! OY! Even older than me......

Hugs and thoughts go to Pam, Scott, Barb and the rest of the family. Hope you are finding comfort at this difficult time. You are in the prayers of the Quiltmamas. Take care.....piece.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy rainy hump day!

Good morning, girls....tough to get started on this dark, rainy morning. Glad we weathered the rain last night to gather at Cathy's house - thanks for having us, Cath. Your house looks so festive with lots of Halloween hangings, table runnners and quilts. Consuelo and Mare - you were missed. We talked about lots of things - both happy and sad. Mama Barb was called yesterday to come because Grandpa was not doing was a long day for her and some sad days to come - Pam will keep us posted with any news. Please remember all of them on your prayers. Lots of sad things in the news lately makes me wonder about man's humanity and the capacity for love that exists or doesn't exist in some people. But then we talk about the beauty or bravery that perhaps we witnessed and those things seem to shore up our souls to be able to bear the ugliness. We keep on plugging, tending to others and taking care of the million little things in life because that's what women do. And that's why the world keeps moving and life continues. (Whump - that's me jumping off the soapbox) Only a week and a half till the shore! Pam is going to make chicken corn chowder - I'm hungry already! Dolores brought her finished Flyers t-shirt quilt last night (and probably wishes she didn't!!!) It is awesome - and she got enough business advice to last a lifetime! Mike was hilarious! All of Dolores' future work may be run past her new manager for approval. We thought of Lois having fun out in Seattle. Halloween is this weekend - enjoy all the tricks and treats. My girls are already talking about the trick they need to do for Mr. DeMarco. If you get arrested by a four year old policeman with a moustache - do not be afraid - it's just Sean McCabe and he can probably be bribed with some candy. Everyone have a great Halloween! Have a candy bar and savor the good in your life......piece.

Saturday, October 24, 2009


May you SEW ALL day!!!
Love, The Quiltmamas

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A sunny Wednesday

Hello, ladies! A beautiful day out there today - hope you get out to enjoy some of it. A very nice bee last night - it seems like forever since we've seen each other. Cathy and Dolores - you were missed! Please say you both are coming to Brigantine!!! Consuelo - thanks so much for bringing the cake - a delicious treat! Mare - fabulous to see you after your European jaunt! Enjoyed the wine stories - why don't we have places like that here. Can you imagine how much wine we would drink? I added a link to the Canterbury quilt blog on the left....her red Aunt Millie quilt is really something and looks great on her table. What a cool idea! Pam - Houston sounds like it was a fun and somewhat stressful time. And thanks for the insights into kaFFe - as he has been imortalized. Your diamond colors are beautiful! Keeping Mama Barb and Grandpa in our prayers. LA - glad you're having fun with Olivia. You are the oldest sister and the godmother(?) - so let's get that date squared away because Brigantine beckons - we all truly look like we can use it. Lois will be winging her way to Seattle in a few hours to see those cute grandkids! Hope you and George have a ball! I'm sorry I didn't snap a picture of your cute pillowcases. The Donovan quilt you had last time is for Christmas, is that right? Looking foward to your pictures and stories when you come back - and so glad you're planning on the shore weekend!! Lori picked up a kit at the Oaks show and brought the top last night - isn't it terrific? Lor - the blues really pop out of the picture - and you added those, right? Nicely done!

This is the tumbler top I hand-pieced while I was down the shore. Mare suggested I hand quilt it - and it's about half done. Erin wants to hang it in her room.

Here's the dodge ball quilt I finished as a wedding gift. I enjoyed making it - and below is a detail of the machine quilted flower I put in each block.

Did I forget anything? There was much flu discussion - Gerry is feeling better thankfully. Pam - enjoy your class tonight. Phils at 8:07 - one win away from the World Series - very exciting! More hand-quilting during that game - it helps my nerves! Safe trip, Lois. See y'all soon. Let the countdown begin - B minus 16 till shore weekend! Yahoo!!!! Piece....

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Ready to start a new week...

Hey, girls....hope you all had a nice weekend and are not still soggy! That was a lot of rain. I sure hope we see the sun tomorrow. I can host bee on Tuesday night for those who can come. Mare - still haven't seen you and you've been back for ages....have you adjusted back to life in Havertown? Did you take any hand sewing with you? Pam - can't wait to hear all about Houston. LA - how is Gerry feeling? I am going to get my flu shot first thing in the morning - everyone else here has gotten one - I don't have time to get sick! Consuelo - how's things? Billy feeling ok? Lori - did you recover from the volleyball tournament yesterday? We got home at 7:00 pm - OY! Cathy - everyone there ok? Lois and Dolores - hope you and yours are staying healthy as well. I sewed the binding to the snowball quilt right before dinner - so I can sit and hand stitch during the Phillies game. This is one night I'll be glad to be watching from my couch and not at the park! It is too chilly for me. Jammies, a cup of tea, a quilt to stitch and the Phillies - life is good! Piece....

rain, rain, go away....

Hey - a quick note on this rainy, dreary day. If you want to brighten your day, head over to the Undercover Quilters' show in Brookhaven. Some beautiful quilts - color your world! Will blog later about this week's bee.....heading to church! Take care...piece.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Book him, Danno...

We are set - the Evergreen House - checking in on 4/9/10! Put it on your calendars, girls! We're heading to Lancaster during bunny hop season - yahoo! Have a great day...piece!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Happy Monday!

Good morning, girls.....happy Monday to you. Stayed up and watched the Phils win last night - well, it actaually ended about 3 1/2 hours ago. Boy, somebody is going to be dozing at the desk this afternoon! A couple of things for you to check out.

Pam's blog will get you into the Halloween spirit.

At the Park City Girl blog on the left - scroll down to the Quilt Festival posting, check out the listing for #5 Mrs. Moen. It is a beautiful quilt, an inspirational story and it will make you say a prayer of thanks for your own healthy family.

Finally - Ami Simms is having a Quilt Smackdown this year in Houston. Four famous quilters have made a quilt for her Alzheimer's booth - and it's a competition to see which one wins viewer's choice. They are phenomenal. Pam - can't wait to hear what you think after seeing them in person. Each one is for sale outright for $10,000. If they don't sell - there is going to be an auction. Check here to see them.

Well - that's it. Must get more caffeine! Have a lovely day....piece.

Saturday, October 10, 2009



your fellow 'Mamas

Friday, October 9, 2009

Bee, birthdays and a much-needed boost!

Hello, ladies.....happy Friday! A fun bee on Wednesday - it seemed like a much-needed gathering all of us - life is going along at 78RPM (for us old heads) and I miss my 45's and my albums! Anyhow - we had cake to celebrate Lori's birthday which was yesterday - Happy B'day, Lor. Did the kids make you dinner? Lori was sewing the binding down on her nephew's quilt that she made on sewing day - very cool quilting with his name and USA. Nice job! Cathy is managing a tough school and work schedule while always maintaining her smile. Ryan Byrnes started his new job in the corporate world! Good luck to him. Pam is getting set to go to Houston on Tuesday - so exciting!!! And if that weren't enough, she's taking a class with Kaffe! Will she drool? Will she prostrate herself at his feet? Will Mama Barb need to drag her from the room at the end of the day - these questions and more will be answered in due time. Safe travels, Pam. Lois just got back from camping with George and her sister and hubby. She had a nice time - a cabin with an electric fireplace - all the comforts of home! See her show&tell below. And the trip to Seattle is booked! LA, we missed you - hope you had a nice dinner with your friends. Mare and Joe got back yesterday - can't wait to hear Italy stories. And Consuelo! OY! The big reveal - on sewing day, she made a quilt top while Cathy was there....but did she stop there??? Oh no! Look.....

Number 1 - layered with minkee no less.....and that's not all....

She made a second one! Also layered already with about Quiltmama pride!!! Way to go, Consuelo - seems like just yesterday, down in Brigantine, you told us we were all crazy for doing this.....and now, here you are.

And this is just precious! Lois made this for Donovan for Christmas - Lois - it is terrific! And look at his name appliqued in the middle block. He will just love it!

Thanks for coming, girls....hope you all have a nice weekend and I leave you with a big
HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LEIGH ANNE - tomorrow - enjoy your day!!! Olivia is coming for a visit on Monday - what an awesome present.
Take care everyone....piece.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Silent Knight...

Hello, was the weekend? Lovely weather! Pam - your decorations are terrific! Check out her blog if you haven't seen them. How is Billy feeling? Did the banjo make him feel better? A housekeeping note - I'll host this Wednesday. Consuelo - I know you have to pick up from CCD - but I hope you can come by afterwards. Missed you and the DeMarcos at Red & White day. Joe Byrnes was the star of the day - just ask Sean McCabe! I went to a high school open house yesterday - OY! How can that be? Where is my little girl that ran around the backyard for hours and how can she be contemplating high school? We had another momentous happening at our house yesterday - it started when Kelly and I were headed home from church at 10:00. We passed a house around the corner that had put out a big Yard Sale sign - and there it was - a suit of armor! I have wanted one of these since forever - no idea why. I loved the movie Excalibur and the armor room is my absolute favorite part of the Art Museum. Anyhow - I walked into the house and said to the fam - 'Birthday present alert! There is a suit of armor around the corner and I covet it!' Erin and Kelly walked around and asked how much it was. A cell phone call to Dad followed and they decided that I was worth the $50. He drove around in the van. When he got there, a camera crew was there and asked if they could film he and the girls making the purchase - apparently this guy and his house are going to be featured on some HGTV show about first time buyers or sellers or something. Burkie had just come back from jogging with Erin and was looking very spiffy(unshaven, sweaty and crazy hair)! So - they're going to be on some upcoming episode and look who has come to live with us:

Isn't he awesome - he's just about my height. I have to give him a name, of course. I considered Sir Rantsalot - a nod to the current menopausal period in my life. But, I think he deserves something really snazzy. I'm open to suggestions - and you can be sure 'O Holy Knight' will probably make an appearance on our Christmas card this year. They all groaned but I think it's hilarious! Anyhow....hope you're having a decent Monday - and see y'all on Wednesday....piece.

Friday, October 2, 2009

a Phillies break...

For those of us who are die-hard Phillies fans....some pictures (courtesy of LA) to celebrate them winning the division this week. Congrats and let's go Phils!


Wednesday, September 30, 2009

And then there were two...

Good morning, girls! Happy is everyone? A tiny but fun bee last night - just Dolores and myself. No pictures - sorry. We just talked about life, kids, quilting and caught up on stuff. A lot of laughs! Dolores is making a quilt for a woman at work - and she's becoming problematic! I'm sure it'll be beautiful - and you can always smother her in it! Dolores was kind enough to bring her contibution to the Quiltmama banner - it describes her completely! Thanks. LA - sorry you misunderstood the day. I read your comment about looking forward to Wednesday and it crossed my mind - 'I wonder what's going on Wednesday?' I'm a little slow on the uptake sometimes. Maureen called and talked to Kelly around 9 - sorry the back-to-school night was so long. I hope it went well...if folks can stand it....we'll have to wait till next week for the big reveal! Pam - hope your work situation isn't too unbearable. Hang in there...I looked at the calendar for spring - need some feedback about the Lancaster weekend. Easter is April 4th. I think we talked briefly about either one of the next two weekends after that - the 10/11 or 17/18 - anyone have a preference? I'm going to call and book it next Friday - payday. Let me know, ok? How many weeks till Brigantine? (about 6) OY! I'm so looking forward to it. I'm contemplating Christmas gifts already! September just flew by. The crisp air is nice - and the fall decorations look so nice. Check out Pam's blog - congrats on the widgets! There is going to be another Blogger's Quilt festival coming up October 9-16. The first one had some amazing quilts - looking forward to it. Think that's about it.....I'll remember other stuff after I post, I'm sure. Consuelo - have you heard from the Italian travelers? Hope they're having a blast. Enjoy this day, girls......piece

Sunday, September 27, 2009

A dreary but brightening Sunday...

Hello, ladies! How is everyone? And how was the sewing day yesterday? I was dying to call and see what was going on. Anyone take show&tell pix? I can host this Tuesday - Wednesday is Kelly's birthday - hope to see some goodies! Pam - hope the weather didn't put a damper on your weekend plans. Lois - you and George keep dry? Cross country was cancelled today because of the rain - and I'd gotten all my chores done anticipating being gone for a couple of hours - so it's like a little present - some unexpected time. I'm heading up to the sewing room. Yahoo!!! Wishing a nice, unexpected event to each of you. See you Tuesday......piece.

PS - Pam - Kim of Kim's Big Quilting Adventure decorated her house for fall - her pictures remind me of your house! Only 34 days till Halloween!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Buon Viaggio

Mare - have a safe and wonderful trip!! Italy is beautiful and romantic - good luck! Consuelo and Cath - have a relaxing, enjoyable time on Saturday. Lois - enjoy the mountains. Dolores - looking forward to seeing the t-shirt quilt. Isn't Ryan's test coming up soon - best of luck to him! (His name is still Ryan, right?) Lor - have fun at all the soccer games, etc this weekend. Pam - hoping the job isn't too hectic and you're getting some down time. LA - take it's a little virtual show&tell. I needed to get the cupcakes done before this weekend - and it's hanging up! The other one is a little wall decoration for my office. Have a terrific weekend ladies!


Monday, September 21, 2009

Hate to take it back...

Girls.....sorry, I'm going to have to take back my offer to host on Wednesday. Kelly found out tonight that she can test for her next stripe at karate on Wednesday night - so I want to be there. I need to stay on her good side now - she could put a hurtin' on me! Totally kidding!!! It's so neat - she has to kneel down in the front and they all clap for her. They're really very nice. And I get to shed a tear or two. Mare - have a great time in Italy! Looking forward to the stories when you come back. Have you googled quilt shops over there? LA - how's that quilt coming? Have a great visit with your sister. Make sure you let her hold Olivia now and then! Pam - good luck in class. Lois - enjoy the mountains - I can't get over how many leaves are changing around here already. Isn't tomorrow the first day of fall? Have a splendid week, ladies. Be good to yourselves. Piece....

Good Monday morning...

Hello, 'mamas! Hope you all enjoyed this fabulous weekend! I'd be happy to host this Wednesday if you can stop by. Mare - I know you'll be packing but if you get a minute! Feel like I haven't seen folks in ages. Have a nice day.....see you soon! Piece....

Saturday, September 19, 2009

A gorgeous weekend

Good morning, girls and happy Saturday! It promises to be a lovely fall weekend - clear blue skies, nice temperatures - just beautiful. Hoping you get a chance to enjoy it - a nice walk, a soccer game or just sitting on the porch. I went to the quilt show on Thursday and really enjoyed it. The class was a lot of fun - the teacher was very nice - an older woman from Maine - she looked like she stepped out of an L.L. Bean catalogue. I still have a lot of work to do to my little project but it's a nice hand stitiching project. The show was very nice - lots of quilts and lots of vendors. Some of the beadwork was just amazing! The funniest quilt in the whole show was Sunbonnet Sue Goes to Hollywood. It had to be at least 35 panels featuring Sunbonnet Sue in various movies - The King & I, Saturday Night Fever, The Exorcist, Jaws, Gone With the Wind, Bonnie & Clyde - just hilarious! Hope you get up to see it. Mare - how's the packing coming? You're leaving Thursday? I'm so excited for you. LA - are you going to Virginia Beach on Friday? That is awesome! You'll be hugging that baby like crazy and wondering how Kevin got so big so fast. Pam - did you have class this week? How's it coming? The pictures are terrific. There was a flower pots quilt top done in one of the vendor booths. She used similar fabrics to yours but used a powder blue with white polka dot as the backgrounds and I thought it really took away from the whole thing. Also - there was a lollipop trees quilt in the show - very nicely done. But, still not as nice as yours! Cath - hope you're hanging in there with school. December will be here before you know it. Lois - have you booked your next trip to Seattle yet? Isn't Ainsley's birthday in November? Lori - a great weekend for soccer games - are you still working on that tablerunner with all the yo yo's? Dolores - how many things are you working on? I thought of you three or four times while I was walking around the quilt show. We had a lot of laughs in the vendor area, didn't we? Consuelo - are you going to cross country this weekend? Saw Matt in his uniform at Mass last week - he is so cute!! It's going to be a beautiful day! Are you the official caretaker on the DeMarco manse while they're jetting to Europe? Mare - forgot to mention congratulations to Nicole for her official white coat! She has worked so hard - you must be so proud. Think that's about it girls.....have to get ready to go to karate! Enjoy this weekend!! I have to check next week's schedule and I'll blog about Wednesday.......piece.

Monday, September 14, 2009

A gorgeous Monday!

Hello, ladies......what a lovely day! God or Mother Nature's way of easing us into a new week? Perhaps.....anyhow - Pam - hope you had a lovely birthday. How is Scott feeling? I hope you guys had a chance to do something fun! LA - how is aunthood? I'm sure you've seen are the new momma and poppa? When is she going home - or is she there already? What an exciting time! When are you going down to visit? Sadly, I cannot host this week. I have to attend a volleyball parents meeting - and I still haven't gathered all my supplies for class on Thursday - so there might be a trip to Joann's in there somewhere! Hope you guys get a chance to go up and see the quilt show. I'll blog on Thursday night and tell you my impressions. Consuelo had suggested a sewing day on the 26th for those who are interested - please comment or email her and let her know if you're in, ok? Consuelo - sorry I can't come that day - it is Erin's birthday (Kelly is 4 days later) and, miraculously we don't have any sports that day - so we're planning a family outing day - shopping, eating out, etc. Thanks for the invite! Hey -check out this quilt. Size doesn't matter!!! Soak up this Indian summer, won't last! Piece...

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bon anniversaire !

A very Happy Birthday to Pam!!! Hope this coming year is full of adventures, love, joy and wonder....we are so glad to be your friends. Thanks for being you!

The Quiltmamas

Friday, September 11, 2009

All about us...

Hey girls....please check out the blog to the right - Craft Nectar - 'the friends every maker needs'. It's almost like she wrote about us! It's amazing how a group of diverse women come together, drawn by a similar hobby - but with very different tastes and strengths in that hobby - to support and encourage each other to stretch, try new things and be confident in our work. Cheers to us! Don't you just love that dessert tray quilt......looks like it would be a fun challenge, maybe? What do you think - everyone do a different dessert and we can put them all together? Just a thought....enjoy the weekend....piece.....

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bee-e-e- wrap-up

Hello,'s a rainy Thursday's been feeling very much like fall this week. I guess it's time to get out the pumpkin decorations. Missed those who weren't at bee last night. There were many topics of discussion, including Matt's fervent prayers for Fruity Pebbles. You gotta admire the kid's faith! Sorry there are no pictures - my brain is still not making that connection - 'Hey, get out the camera to put stuff on the blog'....maybe next time. Cathy put together sections of a Nancy Halvorsen panel into a quilt top - so cute. It's called 'I Believe' and has a special meaning for Cathy's neighbor. Such a nice thought. Pam brought her Kim McLean's flower pots - the blocks she has put together so far - it is truly amazing. The workmanship alone gives pause - but as you look at it, you notice the little touches - the fussy cut circles, the scraps of sock monkey fabric. Just amazing...we will be seeing this hanging somewhere major at some point - no doubt. Lori brought her nephew's quilt top finished - it looks terrific! The borders are really cool. He's going to love it. I finished the wedding gift wallhanging and the summer tablerunner - complete with ladybugs! I also made a ladybug block into a pillow for a little girl's b'day gift. Cloth & Bobbin is having a super sale this weekend - in honor of their 2 year anniversary. Also - the former 'Fort Washington' quilt show is next weekend up in Oaks. It starts on Thursday. I'm taking a landscape class on Thursday with Jo Diggs - that reminds me, I should dig out that supply list and do something about it this weekend! Check out the Will Work For Fabric blog - she has her aunt Millie's blocks laid out - they are just amazing! Talked to LA tonight after cross-country practice - her sister is in false labor. She was actually at the hospital last night but they sent her home. OY! Let us help you get that quilt done!! After all, we are this child's Quiltmama aunts! I think that's it, ladies. Lois and George were installing a vanity today - after installing their new toilet earlier in the week. We should see if they will contract out to fix things at our houses.....I have a few projects.....hmmm.....Cath - good luck with the paper-writing this weekend. Pam - shields up! Good luck in York. Hope everyone has a manageable Friday and a great weekend!!! Piece...

Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day

A cloudy and cool last day of summer in these parts. Hope eveyone had a nice long weekend...check out Piecefully to see Pam's latest work. Dolores - you are most certainly not a loser! In fact, you are the Quiltmama trivia winner! The first quilt was yours and the second one was made by Lois. Those pix were from February 2006 - how about that? Coming up on four years! OY! Did you get to the movies today? A great day for it. We had our cookoff yesterday - and Burkie did not retain his title. Nick won with a cheesesteak stromboli. We had 7 cooks this year -the most we've ever had and everything was great!! Lois - how's the newest appliance working out? LA - how was the backyard campout? Back to school this week....I don't feel like I'm ready for that routine yet - but, it's coming anyhow. A good day for stitching - I was sitting on the porch for a while finishing a binding. I can host this Wednesday if everyone is back in town - you are most welcome to come by. I think I feel a nap coming on.....hmmmmm....take care, girls.....piece.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Freaky Friday?

Hey, girls....a little departure if I may. If you don't mind, I'd like to bore you with two work related stories/observations from this past week. Our department sponsors a career fair in the fall and spring. Interested employers click a link on our website to register and pay to come - a couple of screens - no big deal. I picked up the phone the other day and the man identified himself as so & so from the FBI. He said he was having trouble registering online. In the split second before I said, 'What screen are you on?', the following thoughts flashed through my mind - 'Seriously? You find missing persons, wiretap and nab mobsters, bust Enron folks and track down fugitives - and you can't fill in the screen? Have you never seen Without a Trace?' As I thought about it later, I was first of all amazed at the speed with which I thought of all of those things. And secondly, I was grateful for my age slowing me down enough that those same thoughts didn't come tumbling out of my mouth. I don't think FBI guys are known for their sense of humor. Another career fair-related story. Independence Blue Cross registered as a non-profit. (Non-profits get a reduced rate) As they are my health insurance carrier, I had trouble believing that they are in fact non-profit considering the thousands of dollars they get from us each year. I looked it up online and....sure enough - they are a non-profit company which, combined with Highmark Blue Cross, made 20.4 billion dollars last year. How is that possible? That is not my idea of 'non profit' My idea is more along the lines of my bank account running on fumes during the second week of my pay period - yet I'm still going to work everyday. Perhaps if I declared my self a non-profit, things would change....hmmmm.....anyhow, thanks for letting me vent after a long and fairly stressful week. Back to our regularly scheduled quilt programming. I thought of a little Quiltmama trivia contest. The following are two pictures of projects made by Quiltmamas. Who made each - and bonus points if you can guess the date (year will do). Good luck....contest is only open to Quiltmamas - no one else would know! Prize to be determined........Piece....

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Good morning, mamas! Happy last Thursday of the summer. For those down the shore and heading to the shore - enjoy these last days. The weather has just been lovely - maybe a touch chilly for those looking to bake on the beach but the rest of us are loving it. No bee this the mamas are far-flung. LA - how was the Phils game - they just didn't get any hits, unfortunately. I'm sure you and the 'girls' had fun. You watch a lot of games on TV - do the kids ever ask you about all the Cialis and Viagra commercials? Someone posted on her blog about the seeming epidemic of this type of problem based on the number of commercials on every night. One of her commenters posted about this video: - it is hilarious! Check it out. I have to figure out how to make that a link - the meantime. How is that baby quilt coming along? Cath - hope school started off well. Lor - sorry to hear about the funerals. Anyone have big Labor day plans? Burkie is getting ready for the Labor Day cookoff - which means he downloaded a recipe from the internet.....I have a feeling we'll be taste testing it for breakfast on the big day (Sunday). Enjoy the weekend, ladies. Hope to have bee next week and see lots of show & tell.....take care. Piece...

Sunday, August 30, 2009

A slow Sunday

Hey, 'mamas! How is everyone. Hope Dolores and Consuelo are enjoying themselves at the beach, a boat drink in hand. We went to the pool this afternoon - it was nice to see the sunshine. Anyone else jump out of bed with the big clap of thunder last night around 11 - my heart was pounding! That was a lot of rain! I finished up the kindergarten bags last night - yahoo!!! Now, I can go on to other projects. I got an email this afternoon from . They are going out of business on Tuesday. I'd ordered some stuff from them before. Anyhow - tremendous prices on fabric - if you're cruising online tonight or tomorrow, check it out. Hope you all had a nice weekend. I can host bee this week - if you're in town, come on by. Thanks.....piece.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Is it Friday yet???

Hello, 'mamas! How's it going? Everyone recover from all that swimming? OY! Such a fun day - someone suggested doing it once a month - wouldn't that be heavenly? Mare - Jimmy is off to Georgetown this weekend? Good luck - and congrats to you and Joe. LA - have you found some time to continue your baby quilts? Gerry was impressed with the banner and feels we are now ready to march in the Haverford Township Day parade...however he wants to put us right in front of his fire engine. Not sure my ears could take that!!! Consuelo - how is Billy making out in WV? Peggy - still MIA. Hope you enjoy these last few days before the students come back. Pam - did you survive you last couple of days work? How is it being back at night? Dolores - you're going down the shore this coming weekend? Have a great time!!! Please have a few sparkletinis for us. Lois - did George hang up your finished applique piece? Everyone have all their school supplies? I don't.....I took off yesterday and the girls and I drove down to Cape May for the day - got sweatshirts on sale, ate boardwalk pizza, bought kettle popcorn, fudge and had a great seafood dinner before coming home. The school supplies will wait for another day. If you get a chance, read Nancy's Blogging near Philadelphia - it's very poignant. And then for a laugh, read G'Owens on Around Here - the skunk story is hilarious. Two sides of life......take care, girlies....have a nice weekend. Piece....

Monday, August 24, 2009

Swim (or not) & Sew

Well, girls...the first annual Swim & Sew was outstanding!!! A special thank you to our gracious hostess - Consuelo.

The food was wonderous....where to begin...hmmmmm.... the baked brie, bruschetta, home made pizza, veggies and dip, fruit and dip.....the ziti was awesome and the vegetables were delish! Pam's special kahlua-a-ah milk shakes were a wonderful afternoon treat. After dinner we had some nice sweets too! Brownies, yogurt covered pretzels, chocolate chip dip with cookies....boy, just typing all that made me drool all over again. Good friends and good food - and sewing - does it get any better? I don't think, on to the projects.

Dolores made this beautiful top from 'just some scraps I had left over' OY! Just gorgeous!

Mare started this a while back just making some squares from scraps - a few of us have fabrics in this baby. And then she started doing leaders & enders - and look at the results. So cool!

Lori is making this quilt for her nephew who is in the army. It's turning out great. One more border (or two) to go!

Lois won the hand applique award. Congrats, Lois. This turned out beautifully! and it's going to hang in the bedroom. Nice! Kara - what do you think?

LA made a lovely baby quilt for her sister's baby who is due in a couple of weeks....this has the softest, yellow minkee-type fabric on the back. It is just yummy. Come on, baby!

Pam was working on her gorgeous hand applique block - this quilt is going to be truly dazzling! She ducked out before I could get a picture of it. Consuelo cut fabrics for two, count 'em, two upcoming quilts. We've created a monster! I did a cupcake wallhanging - it was fitting considering the amount of food I ate!!! A truly wonderful day girls....we decided on a Brigantine weekend - November 7th - put it on your calendars!!!! That's only just weeks away. The Lancaster show is apparently back on (in March?) - but the majority of folks seemed to want to have our Lancaster weekend in April anyhow - we can put on our own show! April 10th or 17th? We can decide at next bee. Thanks again to Maureen and Bill for 'housing' us for the day. Piece, y'all.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Our team pictures?

Golly....we are a good-looking bunch, aren't we? Piece...

Are you sticking to everything?

Hello, ladies.....happy muggy Friday!!! How is everyone? Although I am not looking forward to everything ramping up again in the fall...I am sorta longing for the coming cooler weather. Your responses for what you're bringing on Sunday have been completely under-whelming. I'm going to bring strawberries/fruit & dip to go along with the chocolate chip stuff. I'd posted on Anne Sutton's blog the other day and she was offering to see if 'commenters' were set up correctly for receiving an email back - of course, I was not but I am now thanks to her response. That's the meaning of her comment on the last post - in case you were wondering. Pam - I have to practice posting pictures - may try to do that tonight.....let's see....hmmm...scrub the bathrooms or play on the computer......tough choice. I've added a blog to the right side - G'Owens on around here - let me know what you think. This lady absolutely makes me laugh out loud. But, I have a strange sense of humor! Counting the hours till Sunday......lots of cutting to do tomorrow. Pam - hope you and Scott had a lovely anniversary - 5 years! Congrats! Also - way to go on making it though your week of day work (he%$). Stay cool, chicks......see you soon. Piece...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Good morning ladies!!! Happy Wednesday. The forecast is calling for storms today - but so far it's just hot and sunny. A lot of laughs at bee last night. Thanks for having us, Cathy. It was fun recapping the wedding and reception. Mare - give you a lot of credit for your somewhat painful prep. The thought is still making me wince - will provide details on Sunday for those who weren't there last night. LA - we missed you. How was the game? Did you guys get wet? Did you stay for the whole thing? It turned out great! Lois - how are you? Saw that you quilted your applique block - can't wait to see it. Hope you're able to come on Sunday - please bring it! We talked a bit about Sunday - it's pretty laid back - about noonish - and Consuelo says plan on staying through dinner (if you can). We're going to bring appetizers/munchies and sweets. Please blog about what you're bringing so we don't duplicate. You can bring one or the other or both. Mentioned it again to Burkie this morning as I'm sure he didn't retain it from the last time I told him. Anyhow - he is disappointed to be missing all the good food at the Quiltmama BBQ - MO - he told me to tell you that you are no longer his favorite Quiltmama. Later on I'm thinking...'Wait a second...I thought I was.....' Speaking of treats - we saw Pam's cupcake block in person - it's even cuter! Way to go, Pam. And the fourth applique block is just as stunning as the others. Have fun in class tonight. Sending you some + juju to get you through these days of work. Hang in there. Lori brought some wonderful sale flannel and she had the blocks from an army quilt she's putting together for a nephew(?). It was fun brainstorming about the layout. Thanks for the opportunity, Lor. Cath had some beautiful fabrics - starting to plan Kerry's graduation quilt. So nice.....I think that's the rundown. On Sunday, we'll look at the calendar and try to pick a Brigantine weekend in November and a Lancaster weekend some time in April. Peggy - hope you can come on Sunday - Mare is going to hound you about it! Make the most of the day, won't come again. Piece...

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Girls...check out Pam's cupcake block in her Flickr photos - it looks absolutely good enough to eat - well done, Pam. It is adorable!!! How are the Sunday Stitchers? Also check out the Mt. Bachelor Quilters Guild Show under the Knit One, Quilt Too blog - some of them are great! Hope you found a way to stay cool today...I can't make it to bee on Wednesday - it's my Mom's birthday. I'm sad I'll miss all the scoop - somebody please fill me in!!!!!! Take looking forward to the Swim & Sew (noonish?) on Sunday - if you figure out at bee what everyone is bringing, please assign me something. Thanks......piece.

PS - a very Happy Birthday to Mrs. Stickney - Cathy's Mom!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

A big, giant Happy Birthday to our own Dolores!!!! Wishing you a day back in your Rocket Dogs, on the couch, watching movies and people bringing you take-out - and maybe a little sewing if you feel like it. Enjoy, enjoy!!! Girls - how is everyone feeling this morning? Wasn't that a great wedding? Joe and Marianne - thank you for a lovely time. There were so many nice touches. It was a beautiful Mass. Seeing the bride and her father always makes me tear up - but, Mare, when you walked up with Jody and Jimmy - that was awesome. You looked just radiant. And Joanna was a lovely bride. The reception was so much fun!! So many stories to tell - can't wait till next bee. Have a nice day ladies - drink lots of water - it helps! Piece...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Good morning, ladies! A dreary Thursday to be sure! How did the rehearsal go last night....your ears must have been burning as it was a topic of conversation. If you are up and around (Consuelo - have a frappachino) post us some details! Cath, Lori, Lois and I had a nice chat. Cath had a wonderful, relaxing vacation. Recounting the recent shopping posts gave us a lot of laughs. Cathy heard from a friend of LA's that Leigh Anne was staying overnight with Kevin at Dupont. He had some pain and was still on IV. I'll post as soon as I know/hear anything else. Dolores - we were also with you in spirit. How did the outing go? Do we have shoes? Are they stunning? Comfortable? Those last two seem to be mutually exclusive. My first day back to work - OY! Where did those 8 weeks go? Pam - how are things in your part of H-town? A shout out to Kara who is a faithful(?) blog reader from the other are those cute kiddos? Well....back to the salt mines. Thanks to Joanna and Bill, I get to leave early on my second day! Life is good! Piece...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Girls....check out Blogging, Near Philadelphia - over there on the right.....the blog post is Getting Old? It's about shopping - judging from yesterday, we can all relate! Stay cool...piece.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hello, girls! It's Sunday evening - an up and down day of storms and rain. We went to the Phillies game and were lucky to be between storms. Our seats were the tiniest bit under cover - so the one time that it did drizzle, the row in front of us got wet but we didn' about lucky! Alas, the Phils were not so lucky and got squashed! I made a table runner last night - the next one in the 'year of tablerunners'. Just need to quilt it. What's everyone else been up to? Will we have bee this week - is anyone around on Wednesday? I think I can host - I'll know for sure tomorrow and will post. I have a request - for 'Jingle' bags. I have to bag up about 130 gym uniform orders in the next week or so and I use cloth bags so I don't have a supply of plastic grocery bags - if you could save some for me, that would be great! Enjoy the upcoming week! Happy Monday! Piece....

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hello, 'mamas! How is everyone? A nice bee last night - a good chance to catch up and chat - feels like we haven't done that in ages. LA - missed you - hope everything goes well for Kevin next week. It's hard to believe he's a year already - seems like we just had your shower at Cathy's! Peggy, Mare and Mo - missed you guys as well. Cath - hope you're having a lovely week down the shore - the weather has been nice. Lois is recently back from the Ohio family reunion - Mom is doing great - and a nice time was had by all. Dolores made a great lacrosse t-shirt quilt for her nephew who is headed off to play college lacrosse - very cool. And the beautiful square-in-a-square blocks she was working on the last sewing day - it's bound and headed to a niece - just awesome colors. Pam had her whirlygigs block - such neat fabrics and a great pattern. We heard all about Becky and Pam's hands' starring role on Becky's blog - unexpected fame! She got some neat fabrcis at the show and was impressed by the workmanship of the quilts. And her latest block for the applique class is just stunning! All those little circles - OY! The picture does not do it justice. I got to show off Kelly's room -I finished putting up the flip-flops and surfboards yesterday - that was fun and easy. Kelly is very pleased. I'm finishing up the binding for a blue baby quilt - shower on Monday! And the latest bunny hill block is cupcakes - very cute!!!! Today's tip: I actually read this in one of the magazines in an article about color - these two ladies suggested using black batting for your design wall - it helps to see the colors better and will also give you a better idea how it will look hanging in a show - as those are usually dark curtains - interesting. A few things coming up.....first of all the wedding - next week! The Swim and Sew is on Sunday, August 23rd; the (used-to-be) Fort Washington show is in Oaks in September - 17th-20th; Mare mentioned a November weekend in Brigantine - maybe we can look at the calendar while eating peeled grapes at Casa de Consuelo; Pam is going to Houston in October - YAY!; Mare and Joe are going to Italy in October - Molto bene!! Wow - a lot of stuff. Enjoy these last weeks of August - try not to look ahead too much and miss these days. Have a nice weekend, girls....piece.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hey, everyone! Glad we're all still here. Those storms this morning had an end-of-the-world look to them, didn't they? Hope you all had a nice weekend. Pam - looking forward to hearing about the Hershey show - and seeing what you made in class. I can host on Wednesday night - everyone is most welcome. Perhaps we can look at the calendar and come up with some dates for the 'Spring getaway'. Passed Cathy's house bright and early yesterday morning and she was packing the car. In case you hadn't heard - Sean McCabe lost a tooth! It's all over Havertown but in the event that you we holed up all weekend. Father McKee just about announced it from the altar this morning. He is quite proud and rightfully so - congrats to you, Sean!! Enjoy these last few hours of the's August 2nd......OY! Only 12 days till D-day. Did the jewels come in the mail? By armored car? Looking forward to some details....see you Wednesday! Piece...

Friday, July 31, 2009

Hello, girls! How is everyone. Never made it to the Hershey show...more about that later. Read this today and had to share:

My neighbour is washing her windows, and scrubbing and washing her floors ...
But my home is all topsy turvy and dust is behind all the doors.
My neighbour she keeps her house spotless and she goes round all day at a trot,
But no one would know in a fortnight if she swept it today or did not.
The task I am at is enticing,
My neighbour is worn to a rag,
I am making a quilt out of pieces
I have stowed in a pretty chintz bag.
And the quilt I know my descendants will display with great pride in their heart ...
"So lovely O my grandmother made it. An example of patience and art."
But will her grandchildren remember her struggle with dirt and decay?
They will not ... they will wish that she had made them A quilt like I'm making today!

So cool....think about it this weekend!


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Post #622

Good (Steamy!) Afternoon Girls,

Now that the baby quilt is done & in the dryer, as I blog, there's something I want to talk about with you 'Mama's. I have been blogging here since 10/11/06 and this is indeed the 622 post! Lord have mercy! Who'da thunk...?! While I'm on blog hiatus for the next few days I'd like you to give some consideration to me stepping aside here. Presently, Jean co-authors the blog with me, but I'd like to know if anyone is interested or willing to take over these blog reins in my stead?

I seem to have an interest in developing a personal blog. And, I'd like to try a different blogging site. Neither of these things do I want to do with/to our current blog. This blog isn't mine, but ours! That being said, I would also like you to consider changing our blog name to Quilt Mama's. Piecefully is sort of a moniker that I use, Quilt Mama's is "our" name.

Perhaps I should have offered these changes long ago. Maybe you're surprised by them now. I don't know. Let's "talk" about it, or talk amongst yourselves... Let's see where this may take us?!

Stay cool and stitch!
Piecefully, Pam

Monday, July 27, 2009

Morning Girls!

I have the baby quilt quilted and the binding to whip stitch yet. If I were to machine stitch the binding to the back, what stitch would you suggest? Thread to match the binding? Any help or tips are appreciated!

Here a a couple pix of the fabric I think I'm taking to my Whirlygigs class... And, I took a snapshot of the quilt in the book Quilts With A Spin...

Have a good day! Drink some iced tea and think COOL thoughts! : )
Piecefully, Pam

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Good Afternoon Girls,

Going to a movie sounds like the perfect activity for today's weather! And, Harry Potter no less?! How was it, Jean?! What did Erin and Kelly think?! Did Burkie go too? Is he back from Martha's Vineyard? How was his trip?

Don't know about the Cheesesteak Challenge, but it sounds delicious...?! : D And, don't know about the baby shower either, but I am working on a baby quilt. Does that count...? How is the Wedding Quilt coming? Remember, sew it with love NOT frustration (Mo!). What's up with Peggy? I said she "fell" but I didn't mean for real tripping over something and causing an injury!? Dang!

I am sleeping. Some... Things have been ridiculously BUSY around here!!! When this ride stops, DON'T put in another quarter, 'kay?!

I had prepped the 4th block & took it to Lewes on vacation. I was really stumped on how to stitch the butterflies on block #3. Can I tell you just how happy I am now that that block is FINISHED?! Yippee!!! : ) Onto #4!

I machine stitched a label today. Never did that before! I also glue basted it where I wanted it & then machine stitched it in place. I NEED to get 'er DONE!!! Got the back pieced & have the quilt sandwich on the table in the basement awaiting pin basting. I will do that when I get back from walking Jingle later this afternoon. It's cool down there & pinning will be a welcome reprieve!

What's next you ask...?! Why, getting ready for my class (Whirlygigs) with Becky Goldsmith & the Hershey Quilt Odyssey!!! Nope, not standing around slack jawed & flat footed wondering what to do!

Enjoy your afternoon & evening. Keep cool & take a few stitches when you can!
Piecefully, Pam

P.S. Can you see the strip of Sock Monkey fabric?! Isn't it FUN?! ; )

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Friday, July 24, 2009