Friday, September 28, 2007


One week until the Mystery Quilt Weekend!!!

Three weeks until the Undercover Quilters Guild Quilt Show!!!

Enjoy the LOVELY weekend!!! I will be selling books in the HTFL Community Room & Dungeon. Please, stop by & pick up a good read @ a good price & support your local Library!

Piecefully, Pam

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Good Evening Girls,

How is everyone doing? Staying cool?! It was a bit hot & sticky walking Jingle this evening. He was not his cool weather frisky self...not a bad thing, mind you. ; )

Jean, Mare, Peggy & Dolores - how was class?! I think the project Jean chose is SEW happy & fun!!! : )

This evening I have been working on my own class, mock-ups, & directions. Geez, it is NOT easy to write directions!!!

Last night after Bee I came home & machine quilted 7 more rows on my Pleasant Plates quilt. I think I counted 67 more to go. I didn't count how many I've actually stitched already?!

Tomorrow evening I must go into the Library to prep for our Book Sale. It's this weekend if anyone is interested in shopping. I also have to bake for our Bake Sale too. There don't seem to be enough hours in the day.

Enjoy your evening & let's hope for cooler temperatures soon!
Piecefully, Pam
Good Morning Girls,

Get ready for a steamy September day. Leaves
are falling from the trees & acorns are on the ground too, but it's
gonna be a h-o-t one today. Sip some iced tea & be-e cool.

First, thanks for blogging Dolores! We've all been wondering about the Byrnes
family & Veronica. We're certainly glad to hear she's recovering, @
home, & the family is well! Scary, huh?! She may need aquilt to comfort her... ; )

We missed those who couldn't make it to Bee last evening @ Cathy's.

Jean - are you ready for class?
Peggy - are you ready for Jean's class? Mare thought you were maybe out buying fabric for it last evening...?!
Dolores - are you ready for Jean's class? Flannel anyone? Maybe not today... Were you out with Peggy last evening?!
Leigh Anne - we missed you! How's Santa Shop coming along?
Lois - are you & George on vacation yet...?!

Mare - shared Hinkletown
insights & seams pretty excited about her new sewing machine!!!
She's getting fabrics ready for the Mystery Quilt weekend! Still making
pillow cases too!

Mo - it was REALLY good to see you!!! Thanks
for coming. : ) And, we are planning a trip to the Hayloft, Mo may be
our driver. Stay tuned!!! By the way Mo, you have a standing invite to
our home & studio ANY time!!!

Cathy - bought BRIGHTS & FUN fabrics for the TATW class @ Cloth & Bobbin!!! I LOVE them!!! They are FUN & cheery!!! Best of luck with your terminally ill co-worker, Cath. I'm glad if she can talk sewing...& sex with you!!! ; )

Lori - the Hallowe'en jack-o-lantern wall hanging is almost finished!!! She was stitching on the hanging sleeve! Way to SEW Lor!!!
And, just in time for Fall. Now, get busy with that St. Nick, would
ya...?! ; ) Ho, Ho, Ho! Your fabrics were FUN too, & I liked your
patterns!!! Let me know about the skirt if you make it, okay?Lor, the baby TATW project size is 56 x 59", but it could easily be made bigger or smaller if you'd like.

- I had quilt ladder info for Lori from Mama Barb. I brought the
fabrics I'm going to use for the Mystery Quilt project. And, I made the
girls look @ my Pleasant Plate project too. It's getting there... I
won't be @ Bee next week. I have to see a man about a mouse... Will
someone catch me up on plans for the Mystery Quilt weekend, please?
Mare & I were asking about what time we're to arrive @ the B &
B on Friday, what time will we leave on Sunday & just when will we
have enough time to sew & shop...?!

I think that does it for now! Chime in with anything I've missed or any new news!
Piecefully, Pam

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Hello Girls,

Isn't this a BEAUTIFUL day?!?!?! I am LOVING it!!! : ) I hung 2 loads of wash out on the line & they dried quicker than I expected. They smell SO good!!! What is that?! And, how does that happen?!

We are home from the Beach! We had a marvelous time! : ) The weather really couldn't have been any nicer. We went to the Kite Loft, The Pelican Loft, the SunFest & Waterman's! Saturday we took some time & drove through Lewes. Lewes was nice & we think we're maybe going to try & rent a Beach house there next year. Lewes may be the kind of Beach town we'd eventually like to live in... Who knows?! It never hurts to look, or to be prepared, right?

I did a little machine quilting this afternoon. It was a bit of a fight, so I stopped for now. I'm going to go pick flowers. : )

Lois - sorry to hear of another relative that died. But, I am glad to hear that your wall hanging is coming along SEW well! : ) That's exciting!!!

Cath - how was the concert? Thanks for volunteering to host on Tuesday! I think I'll try & come.

Dolores - was it an emergency...appendicitis?! How is Veronica? More importantly, how are YOU & Joe?! Let's hope she has a speedy recovery!!! ; )

Jean - how are those Irish Cottages?! Are you ready for class to start on Wednesday?! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THOSE BURKIE GIRLS!!! : )

Lori - the class dates have been decided...Thursday October 4, 11, 18 from 7 - 9 PM. I am teaching the baby quilt. However, once you learn/understand the process, you can make any size quilt you'd like!!! Neat-o!!!

Okay, I think that does it for now. Enjoy the afternoon! Are the Eagles playing?
Piecefully, Pam
Good morning, ladies! Happy Sunday...looks like a beautiful day. Good luck to everyone who has sporting events today.....Wanted to let you know I'm unable to host this week - volleyball, class starts and both girls are having a birthday. Lots going on....Lois - thanks for the email. Can't wait to see your wallhanging. Mare and Peggy - see you on Wednesday. I sent in all the money for the mystery weekend - so we're all set! Everyone else....have a wonderful week...hope to hear from everyone on the blog.....keep in touch. Piece....

Friday, September 21, 2007

Good Morning Girls,

HAPPY FRIDAY, & TGIF!!! : ) It means
we're how many weeks out from our Brigantine Bee weekend now?! Is it
SEVEN?!? Another week closer!!! Are you starting to plan projects,
gifts & sewing you want to get done?! Like what?

Jean - I forgot to mention you are nearing completion of your Irish Cottage blocks!!! HOORAY!!! You've had quite a commitment to this project! I know how special it is. Just imagine how much it will mean to your friend. : ) Keep us posted, please.

Mare - look @ you digging Hinkletown?!
See, I told you!!! How long was your class? What did you learn? Where
was the class held? What upcoming class in October are you interested
in? Aren't they something -knowledgeable , kind, helpful!!! I'm glad
you had a good experience. It was a beautiful day!!! Did you stop @ any
Country stands along the way? What did you get @ The Hayloft? And, what
FAB finds did you get @ the Thrift Shop?! What's next on your sewing
agenda? Did everyone receive the pillow cases you mailed out? Did they
like them?!

Consuelo - how are you doing, girlfriend?! Have you been able to enjoy the nice weather? I'm sending you HUGS & + juju!!! Will you be @ our next Bee?!

Cathy - enjoy the Geneses concert! Where is it? Rock on!!! ; )

- Barb sent me ladder information for you. I got it in yesterday's
mail. Can I wait & bring it to our next Bee? What's going on in
your sewing room?! Are you keeping everyone in your family well &

Peggy - c'mon you blogger! What's going on in your sewing studio? Got any Wawa coffee?! What are you working on?

- did your Hancock's package arrive yet? I ALWAYS LOVE when a box from
them is on our door stoop!!! How is that Jojo doing? What about Rocky?

- you've been quiet. How are things on your end? Are you & George
vacationing yet?! Where are you going?! Can you take along a sewing
machine...?! ; )

Leigh Anne - I hope you got your blog fix. I don't want to contribute to any bad habits... We'll be away this weekend. Sorry!

I haven't machine quilted my Pleasant Plates quilt since Monday evening. Ergh!!!
Not enough hours in the day!!! We are quickly approaching the Annual
Library Book Sale & time has been dedicated to that. Next week too.
It's for a good cause! I have gotten my fabrics cut for the Mystery
Quilt weekend. I am feeling good about that! I need to make hanging
sleeves & labels for quilts I'd like to put in our Guild Show,
& I must write directions for theTATW class for Cloth & Bobbin - working on it!!! We are looking forward to a bit of sun & fun this weekend @ OCMD. It's their annual SunFest & KiteFest. I LOVE the Beach @ this time of year!!!

Have a nice day. Enjoy this absolutely glorious weather! And, have a wonderful weekend!
Piecefully, Pam

P.S. Jean - I just peeked @ the link that Lori had sent to you. Looks good! Has anyone purchased from there before? How is their service?

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Okay, there's NO pressure here...!?!?!? ; ) Can you say B-U-S-Y...?!?!?!

Seriously, good evening all you Quilt Mama's out there in QuiltMamaLand!!! Leigh Anne, you are just too cute, & I LOVE you!!! : )

Bee on Tuesday was few, but full. And, abbreviated, but plentiful! There was Jean, our Host!, Dolores & me. Of note...Dolores & I gave $$$ to Jean for the upcoming Mystery Quilt weekend. And, we discussed the B & B, what a Mystery Quilt weekend is, what to expect, etc. FUN! : ) Dolores brought show & tell - a GORGEOUS strippy with jelly roll quilt top that she made using Moda's Shangralia-ahhh fabric!!! Plus, a cardigan sweatshirt she embroidered for a Nun. Don't ask about the daisies...Vegas, baby! Dolores - you truly have a really GOOD color sense & savvy!!! Jean hasn't had enough time in her sewing room lately, but she did make a pillowcase, & we finished early so she could go sew!!! ; ) I brought a Barbara Lavallee calendar that I got in Alaska. I'll try to add her link some other time, or you could simply google her. Jean got a peek @ my Pleasant Plates project as it's evolving. Since we ended early, I stopped @ Hallmark on the way home to pick up a few cards...uh, AND a Vera Bradly Metro bag!!! Danger, danger Will Robinson...! ; )

Following Bee, now I knew I had the correct Mystery Quilt directions, but I had trouble understanding them. Yeah, I re-wrote mine. I chose my fabrics & have begun cutting them. I LOVE them!!! I had planned on using Christmas fabrics, & with a few additions from my stash I am using Moda's Maison deNoel fabrics that I've been coveting for 2 years now. : ) They are more of a low contrast than high, but I figure I may achieve that Kaffe Fassett look I find so appealing. Dolores is waiting for some of her fabrics to be delivered from Hancock's...!!! ; )

I gotta go get ready for work! Will try to blog more later. Enjoy for now!
Piecefully, Pam

Monday, September 17, 2007

Morning 'Mama's!

How was your weekend? Relaxing, I hope...?! I am digging the Autumnal weather. It's hard to imagine that last Monday it was 90 degrees, & too HOT to go to the Guild Meeting!!! Mother Nature is fickle?!

I am continuing to work on machine quilting the Dresden Plate quilt & tuck in tail ends. It's coming along. It feels good to SEE progress! I will do the dance of joy when it's DONE! : )

Did anyone find time to sew over the weekend? Jean - have you gotten into your sewing room yet?!?!?! Cathy - are you still getting the Blocks of the Month? I haven't seen them lately. Lori - are you working on that Santa wall hanging...?! ; ) Lois - is the baby duck quilt finished? How 'bout the stuffed bunny? : ) Dolores - have you C-U-T any flannel for the Mystery Quilt weekend...?! Peggy - what do you have going on? What fabrics are you using for Jean's class? Leigh Anne - how are your little hexagons? What else are you working on in your spare time...? How's the stripping...?! Mare - what things do you have lined up to do? Are you taking Jean's class also?

Are we having Bee this week, girls? On Tuesday? Where?

We had a bit of a discussion last Bee about our blog. Please, feel free to write & blog away, just remember it IS the WORLDWIDE web! ; )

LA - my little mum is SEW cute! It's in the kitchen & makes me smile. Thank you. I bought a couple bigger mums for outside @ Market on Sunday. I got purple ones, & I like how they look. I may add a yellow one to help make them "pop!" Scott's soon ready to buy some pumpkins too!!! Uh oh...!!! : )

Enjoy your day!
Piecefully, Pam

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Hi Girls,

How was yesterday's Autism Walk?! The weather was iffy in the morning, but it turned out to be a lovely day, no?! I was thinking of you guys!

Today we did HOMEwork! Scott has been diligently working on the windows. He is doing a SUPER job!!! There is one window left to do!!! He has to paint 3, including the one that has to be re-glazed. That's 17 windows, ladies!!! Meanwhile, I was a garden demon today! I cut back, tore out, trimmed/pruned the front & side beds of the house. I have our backyard yet to do though. Scott inserviced me on the use of the electric trimmer. Jingle has a whole new respect for me...! ; )

I was @ Cloth & Bobbin yesterday afternoon. : ) I bought the remaining bolt of Amy Butler's Nigella fabric! Sweet!!! New Studio curtains will be in the works...eventually. Some living room throw pillows too. Cloth & Bobbin will be closed this coming Saturday for Holiday. I told Johanna that Peggy & Marianne were disappointed the Shop wasn't opened when they stopped in on Thursday. Phyllis & Stacy made an appearance this week though!

I did some machine quilting on the Dresden Plate project yesterday. I think I am more than half way there...?! Hooray!!!

What stuff is everyone else working on? How are things going?

Take care & enjoy this AWESOME weather!!!
Piecefully, Pam

Friday, September 14, 2007

Hello Girls,

This is my second attempt. The first one flew into Internet oblivion. I hate when that happens!

Thanks for last evening's Bee. It was nice. Good to see most of the 'Mama's. : )

Lois - sorry to hear of your loss.

Mo - thinking of you & hoping each day gets a bit brighter. Hey, did you send canoli?! WOW!!! Thanks!!! : )

Jean - thanks for hosting! I LOVE your Mystery Quilt fabrics! I think scrappy sounds perfect!

Mare - I LIKE your Mystery Weekend fabrics too! They're FAB!!! Pay attention & take notes @ your upcoming sewing machine class! Please!

- give Cloth & Bobbin another try sometime. I'm going over on
Saturday or Sunday, if you or anyone else is interested...? What
fabrics did you get @ Jo-Ann's?!

Lor - your handkerchief wall
hanging is neat. What a clever idea! Glad to hear your parents are
okay. You gotta watch out for those aggressive drivers...

Cath -
we'll miss you during the Mystery Weekend! I like your baby quilt! And,
the quilting on the Autism project is SUPER! Glad you found your Witch

Dolores - hey, thanks for filling in for Cathy! Will yours be flannel?! Doesn't that sound dreamy...?!

LA - your Autism quilt label ROCKS! : ) Good job! Thanks for the 'Mama mum!

Thanks to all you Quilt Mama's for the birthday wishes & such! You ALL are truly appreciated.

Piecefully, Pam

P.S. Someone asked for a Brigantine Bee weekend countdown...8 weeks! ; )

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Everybody now......

Happy birthday to you....
Happy birthday to you....
Happy birthday, dear Pam...
Happy birthday to you!!!!

Enjoy the day...piece(of cake)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Hi Girls,

How is everyone doing? Ready for some cooler temps...uh, YEH!!! It was more pleasant walking the dog this evening. With the exception of tumbling over a curb & skinning up my knee & ankle - ouch!

I have scaled back my original & evidently too complex teaching model for the TATW project. I need to make mock-ups of my process using just a few colors/strips/rows so I can effectively teach/explain my process. One never likes to hear, "No one will be able to understand this, I can't." Coming from Scott it's less tough though. I'm working on it. Teaching & writing understandable directions is hard work!!!

Johannah (of Cloth & Bobbin fame), & the Canadian gals from the Alaska Cruise have asked for our blog link. I have shared it with them. Beware...! ; ) And, WELCOME!!! We're glad to have you!

Hey, the Autism quilt is coming right along, by the sounds of it! You girls rock! Way to SEW! Yes, definitely a picture for the Quilt Mama chronicles!

I saw a mouse @ work this morning. EEK!!! I am NOT good with bugs OR mice! HELP!!! There are in-patients currently too, so I can NOT scream!!!

Alright, enjoy the FALL weather! Have a nice evening. Stitch when you get the chance.
Piecefully, Pam

Monday, September 10, 2007

Good Evening Ladies,

I didn't go to our Guild meeting. Shame on me! It's TOO hot, & there's NO air conditioning there! I just couldn't do it.

Instead, I've been tidying up paperwork, & working with EQ5 in hopes of attaching a file for Johannah with a Trip Around the World pattern included. Next, I have to actually WRITE directions...

Also, I will try to add a link here for Alaska photos. This is SEW technical! We got a link to Alaska Cruise pictures from the Quilting @ Sea people today, & they're not bad. ; ) Here goes..."If you’d like to see photos from our Alaska cruise adventure, check our website, Alaska Pics. Scroll to the “Past Cruises – Photo Galleries” at the bottom of the home page and click into Alaska 2007."

Regarding Bee on Thursday...I have to go get my photo license that evening & I am to sort books @ the Dungeon too. We'll see if I can maybe just stop in for a bit.

Enjoy your evening. I hope everyone is keeping cool. Do a little stitching if you can!
Piecefully, Pam

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Good Evening Girls,

How is everyone doing? It's been kind of a full weekend, hasn't it? I've seen several of you here & there throughout the weekend.

First, thanks to ALL for supporting Maureen during this difficult time. It is important for us to hold each other up, to lend a hand & make our presence felt. I feel SO blessed & thankful for each one of you. I am SO impressed & inspired with how strong & united our little group is. Mo, we will continue to be here for you. There will be good & bad days. Know you are loved & cared for.

Next, for those who went to Cloth & Bobbin, I thank you too. I think it is SEW important to support a LOCAL fabric shop. The prices aren't like Lancaster or Jo-Ann's, but neither is the inventory! She is an independent proprietor providing what we NEED & WANT...quality fabric & notions!!! Hooray for Johanna! Sew...what did you think about the shop?

Since I did mention Jo-Ann's...Scott & I dropped off 5 pieces of art work there the other week, & using their 60% off coupon, we had everything framed. (I used their service for a piece I bought in Houston & was quite impressed with the quality of their work.) We picked up all 5 pieces on Thursday evening. They turned out nice!!! We now have Maryland blue crabs hanging in our bathroom, Ocean Music in the living room, River Rays in the kitchen & there are 2 pieces we've not yet hung. Yep, we're staying. It's been kind of FUN to actually buy things instead of just "find" them @ a thrift shop or yard sale.

I am perhaps halfway done grid quilting the Dresden Plate project. It's B-I-G!!! I think I want to quilt swirls or hearts in the centers of the Plates too. I'm getting there...?! What is everyone else working on?

I think I'm the only person who is planning to go to Guild on Monday. Will there be a Bee this week? Let's "talk" about it & see what's up!

Enjoy your evening & stay cool.
Piecefully, Pam

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Good Morning Girls,

Jean had sent an email talking about the Undercover Guild & their upcoming Quilt Show in October. I was thinking...ya know ALL those sea gull kits we bought "down the shore?" Well, what if we got together & put the wall hangings in the Show?! We could have our very own, Flock of Sea Gulls!!! : ) Wouldn't that be-e FUN...?! Jean, I think it's GREAT that you have 2 quilts you're going to put in the Show!!! I am working on my Dresden Plate project, fast & furiously!!!, in hopes of having it ready for the Show... And, I suddenly realized that I need a name for it, I can't just call it the Dresden Plate project. Any thoughts or suggestions? Is anyone else going to put something in the Show?!

Speaking of our anyone going to our first meeting of the season on Monday 9/10? I am thinking about it. I like Asian inspired quilts & needle work, plus, I am interested in sashiko. So, I am trying to talk myself into getting up, getting ready & going.

I received "new" directions for the Mystery Quilt Weekend in yesterday's mail. What's different? I haven't looked that closely.

Is anyone planning on attending the Grand Opening of Cloth & Bobbin this weekend? If sew, when? Does anyone want to try to coordinate & go together?

Girls, that's about it for now. Enjoy another day of NICE weather!
Piecefully, Pam

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Hello Girls,

I don't know if Mo will mind, but most of us are aware by now, her Dad passed away. May you find peace & comfort in the support of family & friends, Mo. Collectively, ALL the Quilt Mama's are sending you & your family prayers, hugs, & are @ the ready if you need ANYTHING.

And, perhaps not @ this exact minute, but making a quilt may be a comforting thing, to do & to have. Mare, do you have a pattern for the tie wall hanging you made from your Dad's ties? Maybe T-shirts or a 4 patch using shirts or suits or jeans or whatever. It's sort of like comfort food, but for the heart & soul...

I'm glad to hear the Autism quilt is turning out nicely! Cathy - you are sew NOT going to need a Bernina stitch regulator, & that's AWESOME!!!

I have begun quilting my Dresden Plate project. It's BIG!

Alright, time for a little shut eye. This weather is lovely...enjoy the sunshine.
Peace & Piece, Pam

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Hi There Girls,

Hasn't this been an absolutely BEAUTIFUL weekend?!?!?! : ) This morning I picked some sunflowers & zinnias. They look just like Summer sitting on our coffee table! Enjoy this lovely Labor Day weekend!

Friday, Saturday & today I've been working on a Mama Barb project. I can't say what, as she's been known to read this blog. But, I can say that things have gone well, & I am pleased. ; )

I have been in dialog with the owner of the newly opened Cloth & Bobbin shop in Narberth. This afternoon I took over some of my pieces for her (Johanna) to hang/display in her shop. If she gets enough interest, I will teach my Trip Around the World project. I feel nervous, but excited too! The shop is CUTE! Who is going to the Grand Opening next week? I am!!! Check out the link to Cloth & Bobbin on the blog.

Jean - I have been forgetting to mention your Daisy class project! It is SEW cheerful & bright! : ) It makes you have to smile just looking @ it! Way to GO!!! Are you ready to quilt it? What will you use for the binding? And, I REALLY like your The Witch Is In wall hanging!!! What's next?!

Cathy - you're quilting the Autism quilt? How is it going? What color thread are you using? Are you working on any other sewing projects? Sorry you can't do the Mystery Quilt gig. : /

Peggy - what is your next project? You're OUT of your slump!!! How 'bout a coffee...?!

Lois - you can sew whenever YOU want!!! Is THAT a wonderful feeling?! Sounds like you've been enjoying your garden & backyard too! Do you have a "Honey Do" list ready for George...?! Where will you go on vacation? And, for how long...since time doesn't matter any more!!! CONGRATS!!! : )

Lori - whats been going on with your Civil War project or your Santa Claus wall hanging? Are you going to be ready to put them in the Guild Show in October?! What about your Pumpkins?

LA - what blue blocks did you lay out? It's a quilt for your Mom? You're SEW nice.

Dolores - how's that flannel? Still putting away pin money to save up for a new machine?! That's exciting!!!

Mare - when is your sewing machine class? Take notes, & share with me please? Mine didn't come with a class 'cause it wasn't "new."

Mo - how's that stash? Hey, if you forgot about the shrimp in your's a reminder. And, if this is the first time you've thought about them, THROW THEM AWAY!!!

I'm glad if the Bee trip to the Hayloft was a success! Will we see purchases during an upcoming show & tell? Is there a Bee this week?

Well, I am going to tuck in for a nap before work. Scott & I had a picnic this afternoon - burgers on the grill! Mmmm, good!!!

Piecefully, Pam

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Hello, Quiltmamas! How was your Saturday - a beautiful day, wasn't it? Pam - how was the exhibit? And how is Mama Barb? Mare, Cathy and I left bright and early - got to the Hayloft at 8:58 - and we were back home by 11:10 - such efficient shoppers we are! Mare got a beautiful selection of fabrics for the mystery quilt - and Cathy got some really nice buys - I'm sure Mike was proud! I got some neat things too - a success all the way around. Hope you all get to sew sometime during the weekend. Piece....