Monday, June 30, 2008

Good Evening Girls,

Hey Jean! Look @ you blogging from the Beach!!! That's FUN! ; ) Glad to hear your weather has been so nice! Do you know if your Landscape class is with Wendy Butler Berns by chance? She's EXCELLENT & sweet!!! I am WAY excited!!!

Mare - what classes did you sign up for?

I'm going to ask Momma Barb if it's possible to pay for the Winner's Circle event @ the door? I don't know. I also don't know when we will hear if we got the classes we selected. I DO know that we were ahead of the curve. Karen gets her book about a week before they're sent out to IQA members. She called us the very day she received it, & Barb & I mailed the catalogs to Havertown the following day., odds are good that we will get what we signed up for!!!

Can someone help out Mo, please? Does anyone have my enrollment form? I sent it along with the photocopied catalogs. You can use it as a reference. Our fax machine is downstairs & presently the guys are down there for Game Night. Directly afterwards, the car is already packed, Scott, Jingle & I are leaving for the Beach!

OK, it's been a little crazy around here!!! I did 3 loads of wash today & made 28 jars of cherry jam! Again, don't ask! ; ) It's ALL good!!! Just B-U-S-Y!!!

Bee next week? Where? Any new news from Peggy? What about Lori & Dolores regarding Houston & classes, etc? Gotta go - it's time to make popcorn! ; )
Piecefully, Pam

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hello Girls!

We're home!!! : ) I'm feeling a bit pooped. There was LOTS of FUN @ Sewing Camp, & @ Momma Barb's over the weekend. It does feel good to be home though.

At Sewing Camp I made 2 Funky Monkey pillow cases using a new technique...!?!?!? I made an Amy Butler "Barcelona" skirt, & an Amy Butler "Cafe Wrap" skirt. I also made a little jewelry pouch. And, I did make the origami purse too. It's not completed...I have to decide on a clasp & a strap. We sewed our a**es OFF!!! Hilary made a pillow case, a jewelry pouch & was working on the 3rd of three pillow covers. Momma Barb worked on her binding & answered LOTS of sewing questions & the phone!!! ; )

LA - thanks for your post! It was GOOD to hear from you! : ) How are you feeling? How was NYC? What did you do there? Did you see a show, shop, eat, what?! Are you @ the Beach now?!

Jean - you're on vacation @ Cape May, right? How is it? Are you having FUN?! Did you call Peggy from Frank F. Farley...?! ; ) Did you get your binding sewn on? What Houston things did you sign up for?!?!?! Did you fax your form?

Mo - even if you're not taking any Houston classes, you may wish to sign up for the Winner's Circle event. What's going on in your world? How's Summer & the kids? Are you enjoying the pool?!

Mare - did you sign up for anything Houston?! What?! Are you doing any sewing? When is your Wine Tour?!

Dolores & Lori - how 'bout you guys? Any Houston happenings?! If sew,...what?!

What's the news on Peggy's Dad?! How is he doing?! Is he @ Bryn Mawr Rehab? How's Peggy?!

Lois - what about you?! How's your garden? And, what about your tadpoles?!

Cathy - your turn! What's going on in your corner of Havertown?! How's Mike's gardening & lawn care doing?! Giving you any extra sewing time...?! How's work?

Momma Barb & I had the opportunity to SEE Karen's finished quilt! She submitted photos to Houston & will wait to hear if she's been juried in...?! The quilt is jaw dropping GORGEOUS!!! We also had a peek @ her newest design wall creation & heard her talk about the next one after that! It's pretty darn amazing & inspiring!!! : )

My Houston book was in the mail when we got home! Did you guys get yours too? Does anyone have any questions?!

Our garden is HUGE!!! I have to get out there & manage the Jumanji-ness of it!!! We picked our 2nd yellow squash & there are LOADS of sugar snap peas to be picked too. The lettuce is doing surprisingly well! I have a TON of cherries in the fridge!!! Don't ask! I MUST make cherry jam tomorrow!

Enjoy your evening & have a FABULOUS tomorrow!
Piecefully, Pam

Friday, June 27, 2008

Sewing Camp! : ) Yesterday our "Guest Speaker" was Karen! We made little jewelry bags. It's been FUN, B-U-S-Y, & productive!!! Hope you all have had a good week & got some sewing time too!

Has anyone else filled out & faxed their Houston forms?! ; ) We're excited on this end!!!
Piecefully, Pam

Wednesday, June 25, 2008


SEW glad to hear you received the class catalogs for Houston. : ) Aren't they amazing?! Just a FYI - yesterday afternoon when Barb & I faxed, the line was busy - ALREADY!

For your viewing...Summer Sewing Camp in my (not yet hemmed) Amy Butler Barcelona skirt.
And, Momma Barb pinning on her binding!!! ; )
Piecefully, Pam
Hey, girls......the show class booklet came!!! I'll be home tonight and tomorrow night if you want to look at it. I'm going to pick something tonight - and then I can drop it at your house, Mare, if you like. However you guys want to do it, just let me know. Looks like some neat things being offered - and some pretty famous folks teaching. Hope you're getting some stitching done! Piece...

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Hello Girls!!!

Momma Barb & I have been B-U-S-Y today, & it's our first day of Sewing Camp!!! Here is a picture of her (Kim Diehl) Coxcomb quilt that arrived via UPS earlier today. Momma sent it out to be hand quilted, & it is spectacular! She will work on the binding during Camp. : )
We had a call from Karen today. She received her (EARLY) Houston class catalog. She made 2 photocopies, which Barb & I picked up this evening! We have made our class selections & will fax them in the morning. We will (fast) mail the 2 photocopied catalogs to Jean. PLEASE, look @ them, make your selections & fax your enrollment form ASAP - especially if you're interested in a class with a well known teacher!!! I will enclose a copy of my form so you can see how to fill it out. It's a little bit confusing. Email if you have ANY questions! Take advantage of this opportunity, girls!!! Also, please be sure to mark the Winner's Circle event, for a cost of $5.

Lor - the Vendor table thing sounds OK to me. But, isn't it fairly close to our return from Houston?

Enjoy your tomorrow!
Piecefully, Pam

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Good Morning Girls,

OK, I put on some nail polish to force myself to be still for a bit! I am typing carefully...

Jean - glad to hear the bias binding worked!!! Nice. : ) A week @ Cape May sounds lovely! : ) I've never been there, but everyone remarks about how quaint it is. I hope you have gorgeous weather! Like today!?

Yes, I will be @ Sewing Camp for a week! : ) I have 2 Amy Butler skirt patterns & fabrics set to go, & the Asian purse pattern & fabrics for it as well! I want to make a Funky Monkey pillow case too. : ) Barb showed me an unusual pillow case technique last Summer that I want to actually DO this Summer. Then I can show you guys how to do it too!

I have a load of wash out on the line. Some hand washable sweaters out on a rack drying & a second load of hand washables in the gentle cycle now. This weather is simply TERRIFIC!!!

Yesterday I CLEANED out the potting shed!!! Twice since I've gone in there, & looked around, blinking, like..."I don't recognize this place...?!"

I made my cream of asparagus soup yesterday afternoon, & it's YUM-O!!! This is good weather for it! Tomorrow I'm taking all the fixins' for chili making & taco salad out to my Mom's. I'll make that while Scott is sleeping.

Time to get the stuff out of the washing machine. Hope my nails are dry...?! I want to get into the studio SOON!!!
Piecefully, Pam

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Good Evening Ladies,

We have a winner - On Point!!! Thanks everyone for your comments. Isn't the www. an amazing thing...?! ; )

Lois - thanks for coming over this evening. : ) The Garden Quilt book Cara sent you is neat-o!!! I LOVE it! Come Fall or Winter when your garden is quiet, you can "garden" with needle & thread indoors! ; ) And, your pink-green-yellow fabrics for the TATW are nice choices for Ainsley's quilt. She's gonna LOVE it!!!

Cath - how did Kerry's game go? Softball, or something else? How's your Mom been? Did you finish her Christmas present?! ; ) What's next on your sewing agenda?

Dolores - how's your mouth/teeth?! Did you go back up to Sauder's on Saturday?! Make any other stops...?! What did you get?!

Jean - how did the Ireland planning go? Sounds like FUN!!! Did you get a chance to work on your round table quilt? What fabric did you use? How's Summer Vacation?! ; )

Mo - good to have you chime in. : ) I miss you, Miss! How's your Summer?

Mare - how was Duke? Isn't the campus beautiful? What are you sewing on - the ties?

Lor - are you @ the Beach? Glad the pillow cases are working! They can be personalized by your fabric choices & make a nice, "special", homemade gift! : )

LA - how are you? Did you survive the Friday trip? Are you still on the sofa...?! ; )

Peggy - we are thinking of you & your family! Do you need anything?! Food, meals, errands to be run? Just give a holler!

Tuck under a quilt tonight & snuggle up good! Sweet dreams. : ) Enjoy your tomorrow!!!
Piecefully, Pam
Absolutely, Lois!!! I'd LOVE to see your TATW fabrics. ; ) I will be home...& sewing. Anyone is certainly welcome to come over for Bee this evening!

Meanwhile, I need your opinion/vote, please. Scott is sleeping & I'm soon @ a point where I must make a decision...traditional or on point?! Take a look & let me know what YOU think???

These 2 are ON POINT
OK, traditional or on point?!?!?! Please leave your comment?! I'm headed out to the Potting Shed now, but will check back later. Thanks for your help!!! Hope to SEE you tonight! ; )
Piecefully, Pam
P.S. You should be able to click on the picture to get a bigger view.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Good Evening Ladies,

It's a GORGEOUS evening!!! I could take this weather ALL the time!!! : ) I'm going to make a cup of tea & go into the studio shortly.

How was your day? Any news from Peggy? Has her Dad been moved to Rehab? Does anyone know which one? I'm wishing them the BEST!!!

I hung 3 loads of wash on the line today. I cleaned 3 bathrooms too. I got some stitching in also. ; )

Last night was Game Night here. We lost power with 5 guys in the basement, 2 dogs & 3 boys in the backyard + Tammy & me. It was a little bit crazy... Thank goodness for candles & cool air! One of the backyard boys got a bird bath - literally! He was chasing Jake & Jingle, spun around & smacked right into the bird bath! It flipped over right onto him! He was fUnNy & wet...!

Hope your Summer is FUN & making a big splash! ; )
Piecefully, Pam

Monday, June 16, 2008

Hello, is everyone? Don't you love the new colors and format? I think it looks awesome!. Nice job, Pam. I have run into a problem on Wednesday night. I need a substitute hostess. My brother and his wife are leaving for Ireland on Saturday and we've been trying to get together to look at maps, etc. The only night they have is Wednesday. Sorry....I'll miss y'all. Have fun and hope to see everyone soon. Piece......
Good Afternoon Girls,

How are you today? Did the QuiltPapa's have a nice yesterday? Do anything fun?

It's a beautiful day. : ) I have wash out on the line. And, I'm about to go weed the driveway beds. We've been eating sugar snap peas & lettuce from the garden - YUM! I'm anxious for a warm garden tomato!!!

I had an Oprah "ah ha!!!" moment yesterday while working on my Pennsylvania Pickle Dish project. Praise be!!! I have discovered how the "football" seams are to meet, be pinned & then sewn. It has been a small help! Hooray!!! It's coming along.

I must get my Sewing Camp items ready!!! There's an Amy Butler skirt that I'd really like to make, & I bought the Asian magazine with the origami purse pattern too. I need to select fabrics.

Any thoughts or opinions about the "new" blog? There are some more new links added also. I hope you enjoy...!? ; )
Piecefully, Pam

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Good Evening Girls,

Thanks for yesterday's outing! It was FUN!!! : ) Plus, SO glad to hear some good news regarding Peggy's Dad! Thanks Maureen!

Peggy - how are you doing? Do you or yours need anything other than our prayers, + juju & support?! We've been thinking about you & your family!

Mo - thanks for posting a Peggy Update! ALL us QM's appreciate it!!! You were missed yesterday! How was your graduation party?

LA - how are you? Yesterday was a BIG day for you! Wasn't the WindMill Chicken better than usual?! Sorry you didn't make it to Show 'n Tell. Will you bring your goodies to Bee this week?

Cath - will you bring your Show 'n Tell too?

Jean is checking her calendar & thinking she can maybe host Bee on Wednesday. We'll see what she has to say...?!

Mare - could you PLEASE!!! share your pizza dough recipe, & tell us which channels, which days & times have quilting/sewing programs on TV?! How was the wedding today?

Lor - thanks for emailing ribbon websites. I'll try to put those links on the blog tomorrow. How's John?

Jean - How was "Kids Day?!" : ) What a FUN idea!!! How was the pizza last night?

Lois - how was George when you got home? Thanks for going along with us yesterday! I like your PINK fabrics!!!

Dolores - OK girlfriend...give us the skinny...did you (& Veronica) go back up to Lancaster TODAY?! Did you get the Moda fabric & the Civil War prints?! Did Veronica shop the outlets?! Does Gracie have smoke coming from her?! Remember...Joe Byrnes will be home tomorrow...!?!?!?

Piecefully, Pam

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Good Morning Girls,

Wow! How 'bout that storm last night?! Did everyone survive? Jingle & I literally ran between the raindrops during his last walk of the day!!! Let's enjoy the improved weather today!!! ; )

Cathy - thanks for stopping over last evening. I was looking through the Mark Lipinski magazine & liking it. Thanks for sharing! : ) The quilt for your Mom is BEAUTIFUL!!! Great job!

Jean - work is winding down for you, no?! How GREAT is that?!?!?! Get READY for Summer!!!

Lor - did you get the Sea Gull pattern?

Is everyone READY for our Friday trip?! The weather looks like it's going to be LOVELY!!! Hey, the Sauder's Sale doesn't start 'til the 19th, but we can still go there, right? (Mare - do you need raisins?!) Who all is going? Where are we to meet? Who is driving? More importantly, what are you looking to buy?! Backing, thread, fabrics for a certain project, what...?! LA - can you taste the WindMill Chicken...?! ; ) See you soon!

Piecefully, Pam

P.S. This is the hand applique project I am currently working on...when I NEED an "easy" break from the !#%* Pennsylvania Pickle Dish!!!

Monday, June 9, 2008


Hey there. Is everyone keeping cool?! It's a real scorcher!!! Stay in the shade, or better yet, stay in the air conditioning & drink LOTS of fluids!!!

Mare - thanks for the Peggy update. We're ALL sending prayers, good thoughts & + juju, Peggy!

Today has been an exercise in sanity. I SEW need to be slapped!!! What was I thinking...?! This Pickle Dish design is the MOST DIFFICULT thing I've EVER, EVER sewed - in my whole life!!! John Flynn is NOT a favorite of mine today! His directions leave A LOT to be desired. I am determined though! Here are some photos from my sewing table to you...

Voila! ONE block done!!! It's taken extraordinary patience & MILES of thread. My seam ripper is my FRIEND... : /
Piecefully, Pam

Saturday, June 7, 2008


We came, we sewed. Cathy - thanks for having us over this morning. The quilt you're working on for your Mom is terrific! Nice job, & the RED thread REALLY works!!!

Mare - I just don't know what you're going to do with all those little squares & 1/2 square triangles, but I know I will be SEW jealous when you sew them up into a neat-o project!

Jean - I can't think of what to quilt in the "coin" area of your Chinese Coins quilt. It's AWESOME though! And, the bags are cute too!

Lois - thanks for showing & sharing your photos & mail. CUTE, CUTE, CUTE!!! : ) The pillowcases you're making will be LOVED by those grand children!

Dolores - you ARE a sewing machine!!! The jelly roll quilt you brought is REALLY two quilts in one! It's just beautiful! And, about your flannel & hexagon addiction...I just don't know... ; ) Have FUN!!!

Lor - thanks for stopping by. Your house sounds fun...?! Hope you can get a little time to sew something!

Peggy - it was GOOD to see you. Sorry you had to leave for an emergency. Our thoughts & prayers are with you, your Dad & your family. Mare said she'd blog later to keep us informed. If there's anything you need, just say the word!

Mo & LA - you were both missed. Hope you are well. Will we see both of you on Friday for our Windmill/Hayloft trip?

Stay COOL everyone!
Piecefully, Pam

P.S. Before leaving this afternoon, I mentioned to Cathy & Marianne that even though next week's Bee will be our Windmill/Hayloft trip any 'Mama is welcome to stop by Mt. Pleasant Tuesday evening to stitch a bit.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Hello Girls,

The weather is a bit dreary. The rain has made my weeds grow! : / I had to put laundry in the dryer today. I hate doing that! Momma Barb always says this is good sewing weather though!!!

Here is a photo of my completed TATW class sample! : ) I gave it to Johanna this morning @ Cloth & Bobbin.

I decided to "roll" my pinned rows rather than hold them on my lap or leave them drape across my work surface. This seemed to work really well for me. I didn't get stuck by any pins! I rolled it behind the sewing machine as it was being stitched too. Then, I had this neat rolled row & plucked my pins out of the roll instead of splaying the row across my sewing table to de-pin.

To manage ALL those strips of fabrics (think jelly rolls, Dolores...) I hung them on my old clothes drying rack & positioned it next to my sewing machine. Magic! ; )

Enjoy your day!
Piecefully, Pam

Hooray!!! I FINISHED the class sample of the TATW quilt. That's "power sewing" for ya! ; ) It only took three days...& a "power lunch" of 2 peanut butter cookies & a (big) fistful of hot tamales!?

What have you guys been working on?!

Looking forward to Saturday morning Sewing Bee @ Cathy's. : ) What is everyone bringing to stitch? Any quilts to baste...nudge, nudge Mare...?!

Jean - thanks for stopping by on Tuesday evening for "Bee." It was pleasant having you join us in the studio for some quality sewing time. Did you get the binding done?

Lori - did you hear me say, "APPLIQUE!!!"?! It's a TERRIFIC take-a-long.

Cath - how's work going? I've been thinking of you! Getting to do any sewing?! How's that new machine?!

Alright girls, I'm pooped! Time for bed. Have sweet dreams & enjoy your tomorrow!
Piecefully, Pam

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Good Morning Friends,

I'm just going to put it out there...we will be home this evening, if anyone would like to come over & stitch, you're more than welcome! It's a lovely day & if the evening is nice, we can sit on the back patio & sew. Enjoy today's weather 'cause it looks like we're not going to have this too much longer.

Piecefully, Pam

Monday, June 2, 2008

Hi Girls,

Here, here!!! Peggy - SEW good to hear from you!!! : ) You will continue to be in our thoughts & prayers. Our group gives WAY more than just sewing support. Thanks, girls...for EVERYTHING!!!

I am glad to report that my Mom seems to be doing a little bit better than I had hoped or expected. She drove pretty well. She lost 12 pounds, but her appetite is picking up a bit, & she's able to sleep some better too. Thanks for your prayers, girls.

I am BUSY working on a TATW sample. I'd like to have it to Johanna by Friday for the Narberth shops "First Friday" evening shopping hours. We'll see...

Take care & enjoy the nice weather!
Piecefully, Pam

P.S. Boonie Barb is SERIOUSLY considering joining us in Houston...?!