Friday, July 31, 2009

Hello, girls! How is everyone. Never made it to the Hershey show...more about that later. Read this today and had to share:

My neighbour is washing her windows, and scrubbing and washing her floors ...
But my home is all topsy turvy and dust is behind all the doors.
My neighbour she keeps her house spotless and she goes round all day at a trot,
But no one would know in a fortnight if she swept it today or did not.
The task I am at is enticing,
My neighbour is worn to a rag,
I am making a quilt out of pieces
I have stowed in a pretty chintz bag.
And the quilt I know my descendants will display with great pride in their heart ...
"So lovely O my grandmother made it. An example of patience and art."
But will her grandchildren remember her struggle with dirt and decay?
They will not ... they will wish that she had made them A quilt like I'm making today!

So cool....think about it this weekend!


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Post #622

Good (Steamy!) Afternoon Girls,

Now that the baby quilt is done & in the dryer, as I blog, there's something I want to talk about with you 'Mama's. I have been blogging here since 10/11/06 and this is indeed the 622 post! Lord have mercy! Who'da thunk...?! While I'm on blog hiatus for the next few days I'd like you to give some consideration to me stepping aside here. Presently, Jean co-authors the blog with me, but I'd like to know if anyone is interested or willing to take over these blog reins in my stead?

I seem to have an interest in developing a personal blog. And, I'd like to try a different blogging site. Neither of these things do I want to do with/to our current blog. This blog isn't mine, but ours! That being said, I would also like you to consider changing our blog name to Quilt Mama's. Piecefully is sort of a moniker that I use, Quilt Mama's is "our" name.

Perhaps I should have offered these changes long ago. Maybe you're surprised by them now. I don't know. Let's "talk" about it, or talk amongst yourselves... Let's see where this may take us?!

Stay cool and stitch!
Piecefully, Pam

Monday, July 27, 2009

Morning Girls!

I have the baby quilt quilted and the binding to whip stitch yet. If I were to machine stitch the binding to the back, what stitch would you suggest? Thread to match the binding? Any help or tips are appreciated!

Here a a couple pix of the fabric I think I'm taking to my Whirlygigs class... And, I took a snapshot of the quilt in the book Quilts With A Spin...

Have a good day! Drink some iced tea and think COOL thoughts! : )
Piecefully, Pam

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Good Afternoon Girls,

Going to a movie sounds like the perfect activity for today's weather! And, Harry Potter no less?! How was it, Jean?! What did Erin and Kelly think?! Did Burkie go too? Is he back from Martha's Vineyard? How was his trip?

Don't know about the Cheesesteak Challenge, but it sounds delicious...?! : D And, don't know about the baby shower either, but I am working on a baby quilt. Does that count...? How is the Wedding Quilt coming? Remember, sew it with love NOT frustration (Mo!). What's up with Peggy? I said she "fell" but I didn't mean for real tripping over something and causing an injury!? Dang!

I am sleeping. Some... Things have been ridiculously BUSY around here!!! When this ride stops, DON'T put in another quarter, 'kay?!

I had prepped the 4th block & took it to Lewes on vacation. I was really stumped on how to stitch the butterflies on block #3. Can I tell you just how happy I am now that that block is FINISHED?! Yippee!!! : ) Onto #4!

I machine stitched a label today. Never did that before! I also glue basted it where I wanted it & then machine stitched it in place. I NEED to get 'er DONE!!! Got the back pieced & have the quilt sandwich on the table in the basement awaiting pin basting. I will do that when I get back from walking Jingle later this afternoon. It's cool down there & pinning will be a welcome reprieve!

What's next you ask...?! Why, getting ready for my class (Whirlygigs) with Becky Goldsmith & the Hershey Quilt Odyssey!!! Nope, not standing around slack jawed & flat footed wondering what to do!

Enjoy your afternoon & evening. Keep cool & take a few stitches when you can!
Piecefully, Pam

P.S. Can you see the strip of Sock Monkey fabric?! Isn't it FUN?! ; )

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Friday, July 24, 2009

Happy Friday, ladies! How is everyone? We had a fun sewing morning yesterday. Mare and Consuelo both came armed with machines. Consuelo began machine quilting Beth's quilt that she made in Lancaster - she has cute orange quilting gloves! Watching Peggy, looking amused and amazed, watch Consuelo pore over her quilting book, getting ready to get started, gloves and machine at the ready, was worth the price of admission - it was an 'Oscar and Felix' moment! Mare got the rest of Joanna's pieces cut and we started to sew rows together. LA got to do some sewing while Erin and Peggy entertained Kevin. He's gotten so big and has all this blonde hair! So cute!!! Peggy - I hope there were no incidents after you left - no injuries or locusts or any other plagues. (Peggy is in a wrist brace from a fall susained after leaving here the last time!) The wedding in coming up quickly. And the date has been decided for the Swim & Sew - Sunday, August 23rd - in the afternoon. Sunday may be a day of rest for some folks but not the Quiltmamas! We missed those who weren't here...hope to see you soon. Wishing you all a fabulous weekend! Piece...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

You look marvelous... - please click...

Good Afternoon Ladies,

It's been awhile, but I've made some changes to the links on the blog. Check them out...they're everywhere!? If I've deleted something that you REALLY miss or can't live without, let me know! Meanwhile, surf around and see what new things you might find...?! ; )

Mo and Mare - did your be-jeweled packages arrive yet?! You will be stunning with 14K tips and sparkly gems a'plenty!!! The title of this post is just for YOU TWO!!!

Jean - how's the painting going? Five colors?! I LOVE that!!! : ) How was Drama Camp?! HiiEE-YAHhhh!!!

LA - glad to hear you enjoyed your vacation! Wonderful!!!

D - did you read about Megan's (Will Work for Fabric) skunks? See, you're not alone. And, neither is Joe Byrnes!!! ; ) Hey, how 'bout ALL the fabulous Harry Potter fare at Heather Bailey's blog?! Yuck-o and YuM all at the same time!

I'm going to be @ the Hershey Quilt Show! : ) Barb is picking me up next Wednesday. I have a two day class with Becky Goldsmith - Thurs and Fri. Then, Scott (and Jingle) will join us for the weekend! He and I need to meet up with Bonnie! Karen has two quilts in this Show for anyone who may be interested...?!

It was good to see Maggie and Amanda. We had fun. : ) Amanda is practically an adult! We thrift shopped and found some great bargains! ; )

I teach tomorrow evening., I'm out for Bee also. : ( Sorry!

Stay dry. Take advantage of the rainy weather - STITCH!
Piecefully, Pam

Monday, July 20, 2009

And then there were three...

Maggie and Amanda just arrived...must GO!
Piecefully, Pam

Saturday, July 18, 2009

One done, seven more to go! Flutterby butterfly... ; )

Enjoy this AMAZING day!!!
Piecefully, Pam

Friday, July 17, 2009

TGIF Girls,

Anyone doing anything good this weekend? Going to the new Harry Potter movie perhaps?

I'm hoping for some cooler weather tomorrow. Jingle & I just missed the rain this evening! Whew!

I worked on Butterflies today...

Enjoy your weekend! Take a few stitches when you can. : )
Piecefully, Pam

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Good Morning Girls,

It's a sunny, warm Summer day! I hope you are enjoying it. ; ) The Summer seems to be zooming by. How does that happen...?!

So good to see everyone last evening. I needed a bit of Quilt Mama juju. Thanks. : ) How 'bout ALL those origami finger majigs?! Funny how those things bring back childhood memories long forgotten? How easily they are recalled though, and then they trigger others too..."My Mother and your Mother were hanging up clothes. My Mother punched your Mother right in the nose. What color was the blood?" Makes me smile. Thanks for reminiscing. Thanks Joanna...I think!?

Jean - your QM "banner" is WAY fun!!! And, your current completed Table Runner of the Year is AWESOME!!! LOVE your little hand stitched Tumblers too. I like your use of brights!

Lois - you WIN!!! Your hand applique Aunt Millie's block is TERRIFIC!!! What will you be working on next?! Besides painting...or Bunny Hops...?! ; )

Mo - GREAT idea about a QM Swim and Sew. Keep us posted about dates & details. We'll stay tuned. ; )

I have LOADS of sewing things planned today. I MUST get a label made, the quilt basted, quilted, make binding and then bound for the new baby next door! I had to spend a bit of time sleuthing for the label information. I feel a little bit like a quilt detective. ; ) I have to make up sewing samples for my next Flower Pots class @ Cloth and Bobbin on Sunday, then prep for the other Flower Pots class on Wednesday too. I MUST clean my Gertrude machine!!! I'd like to do some practice quilting (thanks Jean for the sandwich!). And, last, but certainly NOT least, I want to do some hand stitching on my Flower Pots class sample blocks! I think I've figured out a way to handle the butterflies that I've been stewing over. Wish me luck!

Piecefully, Pam

P.S. It's confirmed, I am scheduled to take a class with Kaffe Fassett in Houston...!!!

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Bunny Hill blocks are killing me...

Howdy Girls,

Wednesday sounds good. Do we know if we're to bring any (sewing) things along?!

Jean, thanks for answering Lois' question. I didn't have a clue?!

Here's what I was doing this afternoon. I altered my block a tad. There was one similar on the Flickr group and I liked it., I did my own twist too!

Enjoy your evening and have an amazing tomorrow!
Piecefully, Pam

Saturday, July 11, 2009

WOW!!! A week seems like a l-o-n-g time...?! There is SEW much to catch-up on. Thanks, Jean, for blogging in my absence. I appreciate it! ; )

I did a bit of hand stitching while in Lewes. It felt glorious! I don't know what I'd do if I were unable to sew some every day.

Jean, how are your post card blocks coming along? You worked on them while in Cape May, right? Is that a Bunny Hill pattern?

I looked @ the CUTE Bunny Hill BOM for July! Adorable! I have to print it out & get busy! ; )

Here are a few favorite photos from our trip. Nothing spectacular, but they make me smile. Hope you enjoy them too...

Piecefully, Pam

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hello, girls! Another beautiful day....hope you got to enjoy it. Pam, Peggy and Lori are having a lovely week weather-wise. A small but mighty bee last night - myself and Cathy! She was looking lovely, having come from the salon. We caught up on everything, I think. Kerry is one busy young woman! The pink baby quilt is adorable and she got some great buys from the pincushion boutique. I finished table runner # 3 in the 'year of table runners'. Safe travels to LA and family who leave on vacation this Saturday to trek up and down the east coast. These summer days are just marching by and I'm trying to savor each one. Hope you are too....take care and as Pam would say, 'Stitch when you can'! Piece.....

Monday, July 6, 2009

Hello, ladies! Happy July.....feels more like May was supposed to feel, doesn't it? This weather has just been fabulous! Hope you all had a nice 4th weekend. I know Peggy and Pam are away this week - hope they are both relaxing and having a great time. Missed you all last week....what's new? I'll host on Wednesday if you want to come by. Mare - please bring Joanna's fabric abd we'll cut if you like. How was the bachlorette party....did Consuelo behave? Any dancing on the bar? Details are needed! Enjoy the day and hope to see you on Wednesday...piece.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy Fourth of July!!!

The newest addition to our neighborhood is Joshua...he's in the stroller! ; )

Let freedom RiNg!!! Be thankful for the independence we enjoy! Say a prayer for those who have served, are serving and their families too. God bless.

Piecefully and Peacefully!

Friday, July 3, 2009


Enjoy!!! : )
Piecefully, Pam