Thursday, July 31, 2008

Leigh Anne, Gerry, Maria, Jules, Sean & new baby...we are thinking of each of you, sending + juju & prayers too. Such an exciting day for your family & extended family too!!! : ) Best wishes, & P-U-S-H!!!

Love, Pam

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Good Morning Girls,

Geez, there's SO much going on...a baby, the Beach, & perhaps some sewing, oh my!!! : ) It's hard to keep track of it all. I'll keep it simple & simply hope ALL are well & enjoying Summer!

While I missed bee-ing with you girls last evening, I was busy in our studio. It FELT sew good!!! I have a renewed, replenished & rejuvenated sewing perspective.

My Hershey classes were good learning experiences. I took Jo Morton & her Emma's Quilt on Friday. Saturday, it was Elsie Campbell & her Wall Flower quilt

The Quilt Odyssey Show was quite good. There was a broad spectrum of quilts in the Show, & that caused you to REALLY look! I'm glad you've enjoyed the pictures I've posted. Karen had a Retrospective of her work as a Special Exhibit within the Show. She had 13 (of the 280 she's made!!!) quilts hung. I didn't take a picture of each one. I'll try to make a slide show of the pictures I did get of her works. Just amazing!!!

These are my two class projects!

Stay cool! Enjoy your day. : ) And, take a few stitches when you get the chance!
Piecefully, Pam

Monday, July 28, 2008

Good Evening Girls,

It's been ages... Here are a few pix I snapped @ the LA Sprinkle!!! ; )

Is there Bee tomorrow...?!

Check out the link to photos from Hershey.
Piecefully, Pam

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Good morning, girls. It's been raining all night - some amazing lightening and thunder last night. Our lawn sure needed it. How is everyone? Tuesday's night's sprinkle was great! Thanks to Cathy for hosting us. Leigh Anne - hope you had fun! I'm just glad the secret is over - whew! I almost blogged a couple of times about the quilt. Dolores - we missed you. The little outfits you bought were adorable. Hope you're having a wonderful week at the shore. Peggy - how about our little Meghan Mary Carney turning 21? I'm sorry you couldn't come but a very momentous day for you. Seems like just yesterday you were making her a t-shirt quilt for high school graduation. Pam headed off to Barb's and the Hershey quilt show yesterday. Can't wait to see show & tell from the classes. Have a great time. Cath - the food was wonderful....mmmmm. You did a great job on LA's quilt. Thanks again. Mare - our return airline tickets - thanks. I guess it's official that we ARE coming back. Thanks for sharing stories about Joanna's dress shopping. Have you started looking for one for yourself yet? Lois - love the new 'do! It's just adorable. Why is it that you keep getting younger looking? Hope you're enjoying the pool - can't wait to see your TATW quilt! Consuelo....have a fabulous two weeks at the shore...hope that you get a break from your 'Consuelo' duties and get a chance to relax. Lori - the binding on the quilt is great - nice job! Hope that John is feeling better and you can get down the shore soon. LA - our thoughts are going to be with you - I know you're looking forward to actually having a lap again. I can't wait to see the newest addition to the extended Quiltmama family. This is one lucky baby to have you and Gerry for parents. Looking forward to Ger's call. Good luck - and you have lots of positive juju coming your way. Speaking of which....I got a call right before I came on Tuesday that a very special person in my life had passed away. I almost didn't come but sitting with all of you, laughing and celebrating motherhood, womanhood, quilting and made me so appreciative of all of you. Thanks for that. Hope everyone has a nice day........piece.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Good morning, girls! Hope everyone is keeping cool. I booked the Evergreen Amish house for next year's quilt show - Friday, April 3rd and Saturday, April 4th, 2009. Thanks to Lori for finding it - it looks beautiful - and is within walking distance of the Country Quilt store and Zook's - look out! Not sure how much it's going to be per person yet - depends on how many folks go. I'll let you know - it'll be in the neighborhood of $55 - $60. Looking forward to tonight's bee. Thanks for hosting, Cath. I'm painting the living room today - so, naturally, my kitchen is packed with living room stuff. Wish me luck. I'm having trouble deciding on a shade - I just like too many of them! Enjoy your day.....drink plenty of water.......piece.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Hello there!

Mare - thanks for hosting us last evening. : ) Your sewing space is CUTE! And, I LOVE it!!! Thanks for showing it to me. The baby quilt you're making is a successful challenge! Good job, girl friend! Thanks for letting me borrow your magazine.

Mo - You are FULL of surprises - see below!!! My IQA "Quilts" magazine arrived today. Anyone else? ; )

Jean - the Beach blanket you made is pretty. I REALLY like the colors & the fabrics! Nice. : ) Also, your new bathroom curtains sound just right!

Cath - thanks for the "Jingle bags." How's that new machine doing? What's next on your project list? Have you done any more with your Civil War block of the month?

Dolores - good to see you, & I SEE just what you mean about the sofa after work... Have a BLAST next week down @ the Shore!!! ; )

Lor, Lois, Peggy, Leigh Anne - you ALL were missed! Hope you're enjoying Summer & stitching when you get the chance!

I added a few new links to the blog. Check them out, & look @ upcoming dates too. Are there links you guys don't like or don't use? Two were "broken" & I either fixed them, as best I could, or deleted them. Are there things you'd like to see added?

Piecefully, Pam

Monday, July 14, 2008

Good Evening Girls,

OK, which will it Be-e?! Marianne's house, with the potential for a siting of a "no clothed Joe," OR or Mrs. D's...?! Hmmm...?! Someone decide!

Glad to hear the kids got off without any trouble. Any news from them since they're Down Under?!

Cath - you had nice weather @ the Beach, no?! And, did you pop into Calico 'n Cotton? Any good kits?! How's Ike's?! ; )

Did anyone else get their Houston stuff in the mail?!?!?! Class confirmation, name tag, etc?! Mine arrived on Saturday. : ) It's pretty gosh darn exciting!!!

Looking forward to be-eing with you guys for a bit tomorrow evening!
Piecefully, Pam

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Good Morning Girls!,
Here's a "peek" @ last night's Bee... THANKS for hosting us, Jean! We are a raucous bunch...

LA made 2 bags, plus a stack of "burp cloths" too! I don't know how she does it?! GOOD job!!!

Cathy made a REALLY cute t-shirt quilt. The border/sashing fabric is pink with little green flip flops. ; ) LOVE it!
Dolores...AND, she had MORE, but didn't bring them along!?!?!? She LOVES Moda, jelly rolls, charm packs & Gracie!!! EXCELLENT work, girl friend!!! : )
Lois - just BEAUTIFUL! And, she's working on a sequined Christmas stocking too. Hope George continues to feel better. At least if you're not outside in the garden, you can SEW! ; )
I missed some other photo opportunities because I didn't remember I brought along my camera! But, Marianne finished the Tie Top. It looks GREAT, Mare! I REALLY like the gold, & I agree with you that a red binding would look best. Bee is @ Mare's house next week... ; )

Jean - I'm sorry I didn't get a picture of your neat-o Lighthouse wall hanging. : / It's VERY nice! And, your hand appliqued Summer postcard blocks ROCK!!! What a SUPER job!!! : )

Peggy - we are SO glad to hear your Dad is improving. Bryn Mawr Rehab is a miraculous & progressive place! We are continuing to pray for you & yours! It was REALLY good to SEE you! Thanks for coming. : )

Lor - your kits from the Beach are nice. Are you working on anything currently? How's everyone doing in your household? Good to see you too.

Mo - you were missed. I left a few things @ Jean's for you. Enjoy the pics since you couldn't be @ Bee last evening. You missed a LOT of funnies though... ; )

Stay cool girls & take a few stitches when you can.
Piecefully, Pam

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Hiya 'Mama's!!!

How is everyone today?! I am ENJOYING the sunshine!!! : ) Hooray!

I'm looking forward to Bee tonight!!! : ) Will everyone be-e there?! Who won't?! Is Mare back from the trip with her kids?! Dolores - DON'T be on the sofa!!! ; ) You either, Leigh Anne!!! Say, how are you feeling?! How's that baby doing?! Cath - good for Kerry, bad for us. Will you be able to fly through? Lor - how 'bout you? Or, are you @ the Beach...? Peggy...?! Will someone @ least have information to share if Peggy isn't @ Bee, please? Lois - can you take a break from your garden...?! ; ) Mo - get out of the pool & come to Bee! We won't even care if you're dripping or wearing a bathing suit! ; )

See you soon! Meanwhile, a few pix to check out...the first is Fresh Picked & the second is Pool Puppy...

Piecefully, Pam

Friday, July 4, 2008

HAPPY 4th of JULY!!!

Here's hoping it doesn't rain on your Parade, or picnic, or fireworks...?! ; ) Enjoy the 4th!
Piecefully, Pam