Saturday, April 25, 2015

Bee and sewing....

Thanks to Cathy for hosting on Thursday....Lois, Lori, Cathy and myself. Here's the show & tell:

Lois made this beautiful quilt - appliqué and cool quilting in the triangles

Lori made this Easter pillow - so cute. The Easter fabric was beautiful!

I made this little hanging (14" square) for a girl I work with who lives downtown but is moving to Tennessee.

Sewing today was very nice...we made the better parts of three or four quilt tops - and Cathy cut tons of squares. Dolores, Cathy Lois and myself were here. Leigh Anne and Kieran stopped by - and he helped!!  Thanks....wishing everyone a nice remainder of the weekend.....peace.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Happy Birthday, Peggy!

Have a wonderful day!!

love, the mamas

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Bee.....and sewing....

Ladies....Cathy has offered to host bee on Thursday night. Hope to see you there...I'd also like to host a sewing session on Saturday from, say 10 to start cutting and sewing blocks together for charity quilts. I have lots of 2 1/2" squares already cut. We can cut some white squares and get started chain piecing. If you have strips, we can start some string blocks too - I have lots of squares that Leigh Anne gave us in Lancaster for the bases. See you Thursday!!


Friday, April 17, 2015

Spring time quilts!

Two finishes this week, ladies!

This is from a Spring House jelly roll - it'll be a Best Buddies raffle item.

My Miss Kate jelly roll quilt.....this is for my senior student.

Have a lovely weekend....I saw the following on Facebook and I really liked it...


Monday, April 13, 2015


for letting me be in the tribe!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Happy Spring...

Hope you are enjoying the nice weather.....this spoke to me!

Let it go, let it go.....


Monday, March 30, 2015

A snowy spring weekend!

Lots of fun ladies......lunch, shopping, laughing.....hardly even noticed the cold, damp day. Cathy, Maureen, Dolores and I went up early on Friday. LA and Lori came around 5:45 or so. We missed those who weren't there. Tons of sewing accomplished on Friday night....
Buzz and Woody along for the weekend...

Maureen in the remedial room...arranging flowers

Saturday morning, we woke up to snow! What?

How many times have we stayed here? We finally turned on the fireplace...oy!

Working away....

Action shots....

LA learned how to free-motion exciting.

She was so happy - and we were all proud mamas!!

Maureen still working the room - flowers, rowing - multitasking!

On to the show & tell.....hang on to your uterus! (Thanks, Dolores)

Maureen's only sewing assignment this weekend

Dolores - 'wonky' log cabins

A beautiful top made with Hawthorn Threads fabric...

A lovely blue and yellow quilt top

Cathy - a scrappy quilt top from a charm pack. Love the prairie points!

Scrappy blocks

A small quilt made with blocks leftover from her bed quilt - so pretty!

The 'football field' size quilt that is now four smaller quilts - #1



#4 - wow!!

I made this mug rug for Monique....needs some hand-stitching to finish it up

I finally did something with this little angel block I made years ago

I saw a cool block - and wanted to see how it looked as a quilt - can't wait to quilt it!

Another oldie but a goodie - made these little applique blocks some years glad it's finished

This is so darned cute!! LA saw this online and recreated it - adorable and historic - as it is her free motion quilting debut. You are no longer an FMQ virgin!

Cute pillow cover  - a raffle prize for the Best Buddies walk.

Kevin's quilt - he picked the fabrics himself. Great job!!

Lori's Easter pillow case - so cute! Also - the blocks on the table - beautiful fabrics....

This is awesome - something she saw online - and re-created as a baby girl quilt. So springy!

Such a fun and relaxing weekend. Hope to have a trip to Burkhalter's sometime in the near future - haven't been up there in years. We talked about charity quilts....I was thinking of setting up some regular sewing time at my house - maybe once a month on a Saturday morning - just bring your machine. More to come on that later...let me know your thoughts. Wishing all the mamas a wonderful Easter - enjoy time with family and friends. Thank you for your gift of friendship! Peace....

Important!! Forgot to mention - Rosie is four months old - and already has 1 million stitches!! Awesome....