Thursday, August 21, 2014

cheering up...

Was out on Pinterest trying to cheer myself up. Came across some funnies and wanted to share them....

Come on....someone came to mind as soon as you read this, am I right?

Love the sweatpants!

This happens to me at least three times a week - minimum!

I just thought this was cute!

This cracked me up.....see the first one at the top!!

Peace, mamas....have a nice weekend!

Monday, August 18, 2014

No swimming.....just sewing!

What a fun day, ladies. Peggy, Pam and Lori - we missed you. A huge thank you to Consuelo for hosting, And thanks to Dolores for almost giving us heart failure by saying she wasn't coming! She was surprised - and we had lots of fun. First things first.....this is the finished Gracie tribute quilt!
The blocks are as follows: top row - Leigh Anne, Pam, Lori; middle row - Jean, Cathy, Peggy; bottom row - Maureen, Mare, Lois. It really turned out great!!

This is a block/row of the month that Cathy is working on...

A t-shirt quilt that Mare finished for her niece who's attending Pitt.

A cool back by Mare

Consuelo putting up the banner...

Dealing with the wise remarks...

The birthday girl looking at her quilt

Who made what?

Leigh Anne with a finished hanging...

Lots of work being done...

Along with goofing around...

Mare made a half dozen burp cloths

Lois quietly getting lots done

Yes - this really is what we do...

The sweat (hot flash) shop

Happy Birthday, Sparkletini!

Things starting to go downhill....

Lois' little seasonal hangings

She's making them for Kara and herself

Still working away

Dolores finished 4 or 5 of these tops...this one is completed

A knowing wink!

Such a cute top made by Leigh Anne...she may keep it!

I made this pillow cover...

and this quilt top

So many laughs, wonderful food and beautiful fabric - what more do we need?? Thanks again to everyone...peace.

Friday, August 15, 2014

Happy Birthday, Dolores!!

And a fair amount of laughter!! Have a great day....

love, the mamas

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Here's to the lefties!!

Happy National Left-hander's Day to my left-handed sisters!! Go sit out in left field and enjoy yourselves!! Looking forward to Sunday - the festivities start at 10 AM. See you there....


Thursday, August 7, 2014

Second week of August....

We're headed into it......very quickly! Too many back-to-school ads too soon! We're having more beautiful weather - deservedly so after this past winter. We have our Sew and not Swim day next Sunday - the 17th at Casa Consuelo! I don't remember the time we decided. I cannot wait. I'm going to try to cut some things this coming week to get ready.

I'll bring an orzo pasta salad and the apple sangria from Applebee's. You can post in comments what you're bringing or email the group. Can't wait to hear how Kerry is doing, how the shore vacations went, Peggy's mom's progress and all the other news.

Cath - have a nice week. Pam - we'd love to have you join us - plenty of room. See y'all soon...peace.

Grateful for you girls!

Friday, August 1, 2014

Happy Friday!!

Hello, ladies! Hope you all had a wonderful week. Mine was pretty productive - I made these two quilts tops. I saw a picture of each one - and just figured out the measurements. I even remembered to write down the measurements, cutting sizes and yardages, in case I don't remember later (a given!).

This one was made with a charm square pack - used all 42 squares. It's 38 x 42.

This was the set of 8 fat quarters that Cathy and I bought at the Bird-in-Hand quilt shop in the spring. Still have a little of each left. It took a yard of background fabric too.  It's 42 x 58.

Good luck to Kerry who heads to Boston today to change the world! Welcome back to those returning from vacation - and best wishes to those setting off for some r&r! Looking forward to our sewing day. Have a great weekend - whatever your plans. Peace....

Sunday, July 27, 2014


What a fun party for Dolores. She was completely surprised, judging by the number of f-bombs when we walked in. Here are some action shots...

Thanks to Joe and Veronica for setting this up and letting us celebrate our Dolores - a truly special person! Peace....