Monday, April 4, 2016

Lancaster weekend....spring 2016

We got up there a little early....and starting shopping! After lunch, we headed to Omar's - and Maureen bought batting - $8.25 a yard - get it all!! Omar was none too happy to measure out all that batting - and then to have to roll it all back up - oy!! Eighteen and a half yards...what a bargain! Lois, Leigh Anne and Pam - we missed you!!

This is not buyer's remorse, people....

Mare and Peggy stopped to use the rest room - and rested over a couple of cold ones!

And they were nice enough to bring some with them too!

Banner in place...let the sewing commence.

Friday was in the 70's and sunny. We even turned on the A/C in the house. By Sunday, the winds were howling and it was in the 30's - I think we went through two or three seasons! Folks got lots of stuff done. We did a little more shopping on Saturday and got food for lunch/dinner from the Stoltzfus market - pretty good. A local basketball team played a big game on Saturday night...that's all I'm going to say about that. The high winds howled all Saturday night - but we were all up early on Sunday - had show & tell by 8:30 or so....and here we go....

This is a baby quilt for one of Kelly' s teachers

A Dr. Seuss baby quilt for a girl I work with....

A minion quilt for Kelly

An extra-long twin quilt for a high school graduate - approx 58 x 80

Dolores finished another of Nanny's fabric quilts for a Byrnes family member

She finished up this quilt for Leigh Anne - who was missed!

Princess Leia of the binding - Dolores made yards and yards of binding for Maureen's 7 quilts!

Peggy finished up this gem - a vintage UFO - a reclaimed treasure

Peggy is making seasonal pillow covers for a few upcoming weddings - such a cute idea!

Monogrammed for the happy couple

Lori made this adorable whale hanging

She also made pillows for an engaged couple

so cute...

And the date..

an ear bud holder

She's making a word quilt for a high school graduate - using words that the girl's family and friends use to describe her - what a thoughtful gift!

Mare has lots of wedding coming up too!

Burp cloths...

A cute pillow cover

pillow cases...fishies




a happy birthday quilt for her sister...

Cathy made this cute 'blue truck' quilt

A beautiful alphabet quilt

And started another one...

Maureen came with 7 Drexel t-shirt quilt tops finished - let that sink in for a minute...

Are you back?

She quilted 5 of them this weekend..

Also - three pillows!

A shot of the anchor backing flannel - very nice.

That's a whole lot of fabric and thread - cut apart and sewed back together. It was a fun time, always! We usually pick pollyanna on this trip - but it was discussed at the Christmas gig that we wouldn't pick names this year - everyone who wants to be in just makes something and we pick numbers to choose presents. Is everyone ok with that? We had a lot of laughs and missed those who weren't there...wishing you a nice week!! Peace....

Here's a link to the whole wheat chocolate chips bars

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