Sunday, August 30, 2009

A slow Sunday

Hey, 'mamas! How is everyone. Hope Dolores and Consuelo are enjoying themselves at the beach, a boat drink in hand. We went to the pool this afternoon - it was nice to see the sunshine. Anyone else jump out of bed with the big clap of thunder last night around 11 - my heart was pounding! That was a lot of rain! I finished up the kindergarten bags last night - yahoo!!! Now, I can go on to other projects. I got an email this afternoon from . They are going out of business on Tuesday. I'd ordered some stuff from them before. Anyhow - tremendous prices on fabric - if you're cruising online tonight or tomorrow, check it out. Hope you all had a nice weekend. I can host bee this week - if you're in town, come on by. Thanks.....piece.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Is it Friday yet???

Hello, 'mamas! How's it going? Everyone recover from all that swimming? OY! Such a fun day - someone suggested doing it once a month - wouldn't that be heavenly? Mare - Jimmy is off to Georgetown this weekend? Good luck - and congrats to you and Joe. LA - have you found some time to continue your baby quilts? Gerry was impressed with the banner and feels we are now ready to march in the Haverford Township Day parade...however he wants to put us right in front of his fire engine. Not sure my ears could take that!!! Consuelo - how is Billy making out in WV? Peggy - still MIA. Hope you enjoy these last few days before the students come back. Pam - did you survive you last couple of days work? How is it being back at night? Dolores - you're going down the shore this coming weekend? Have a great time!!! Please have a few sparkletinis for us. Lois - did George hang up your finished applique piece? Everyone have all their school supplies? I don't.....I took off yesterday and the girls and I drove down to Cape May for the day - got sweatshirts on sale, ate boardwalk pizza, bought kettle popcorn, fudge and had a great seafood dinner before coming home. The school supplies will wait for another day. If you get a chance, read Nancy's Blogging near Philadelphia - it's very poignant. And then for a laugh, read G'Owens on Around Here - the skunk story is hilarious. Two sides of life......take care, girlies....have a nice weekend. Piece....

Monday, August 24, 2009

Swim (or not) & Sew

Well, girls...the first annual Swim & Sew was outstanding!!! A special thank you to our gracious hostess - Consuelo.

The food was wonderous....where to begin...hmmmmm.... the baked brie, bruschetta, home made pizza, veggies and dip, fruit and dip.....the ziti was awesome and the vegetables were delish! Pam's special kahlua-a-ah milk shakes were a wonderful afternoon treat. After dinner we had some nice sweets too! Brownies, yogurt covered pretzels, chocolate chip dip with cookies....boy, just typing all that made me drool all over again. Good friends and good food - and sewing - does it get any better? I don't think, on to the projects.

Dolores made this beautiful top from 'just some scraps I had left over' OY! Just gorgeous!

Mare started this a while back just making some squares from scraps - a few of us have fabrics in this baby. And then she started doing leaders & enders - and look at the results. So cool!

Lori is making this quilt for her nephew who is in the army. It's turning out great. One more border (or two) to go!

Lois won the hand applique award. Congrats, Lois. This turned out beautifully! and it's going to hang in the bedroom. Nice! Kara - what do you think?

LA made a lovely baby quilt for her sister's baby who is due in a couple of weeks....this has the softest, yellow minkee-type fabric on the back. It is just yummy. Come on, baby!

Pam was working on her gorgeous hand applique block - this quilt is going to be truly dazzling! She ducked out before I could get a picture of it. Consuelo cut fabrics for two, count 'em, two upcoming quilts. We've created a monster! I did a cupcake wallhanging - it was fitting considering the amount of food I ate!!! A truly wonderful day girls....we decided on a Brigantine weekend - November 7th - put it on your calendars!!!! That's only just weeks away. The Lancaster show is apparently back on (in March?) - but the majority of folks seemed to want to have our Lancaster weekend in April anyhow - we can put on our own show! April 10th or 17th? We can decide at next bee. Thanks again to Maureen and Bill for 'housing' us for the day. Piece, y'all.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Our team pictures?

Golly....we are a good-looking bunch, aren't we? Piece...

Are you sticking to everything?

Hello, ladies.....happy muggy Friday!!! How is everyone? Although I am not looking forward to everything ramping up again in the fall...I am sorta longing for the coming cooler weather. Your responses for what you're bringing on Sunday have been completely under-whelming. I'm going to bring strawberries/fruit & dip to go along with the chocolate chip stuff. I'd posted on Anne Sutton's blog the other day and she was offering to see if 'commenters' were set up correctly for receiving an email back - of course, I was not but I am now thanks to her response. That's the meaning of her comment on the last post - in case you were wondering. Pam - I have to practice posting pictures - may try to do that tonight.....let's see....hmmm...scrub the bathrooms or play on the computer......tough choice. I've added a blog to the right side - G'Owens on around here - let me know what you think. This lady absolutely makes me laugh out loud. But, I have a strange sense of humor! Counting the hours till Sunday......lots of cutting to do tomorrow. Pam - hope you and Scott had a lovely anniversary - 5 years! Congrats! Also - way to go on making it though your week of day work (he%$). Stay cool, chicks......see you soon. Piece...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Good morning ladies!!! Happy Wednesday. The forecast is calling for storms today - but so far it's just hot and sunny. A lot of laughs at bee last night. Thanks for having us, Cathy. It was fun recapping the wedding and reception. Mare - give you a lot of credit for your somewhat painful prep. The thought is still making me wince - will provide details on Sunday for those who weren't there last night. LA - we missed you. How was the game? Did you guys get wet? Did you stay for the whole thing? It turned out great! Lois - how are you? Saw that you quilted your applique block - can't wait to see it. Hope you're able to come on Sunday - please bring it! We talked a bit about Sunday - it's pretty laid back - about noonish - and Consuelo says plan on staying through dinner (if you can). We're going to bring appetizers/munchies and sweets. Please blog about what you're bringing so we don't duplicate. You can bring one or the other or both. Mentioned it again to Burkie this morning as I'm sure he didn't retain it from the last time I told him. Anyhow - he is disappointed to be missing all the good food at the Quiltmama BBQ - MO - he told me to tell you that you are no longer his favorite Quiltmama. Later on I'm thinking...'Wait a second...I thought I was.....' Speaking of treats - we saw Pam's cupcake block in person - it's even cuter! Way to go, Pam. And the fourth applique block is just as stunning as the others. Have fun in class tonight. Sending you some + juju to get you through these days of work. Hang in there. Lori brought some wonderful sale flannel and she had the blocks from an army quilt she's putting together for a nephew(?). It was fun brainstorming about the layout. Thanks for the opportunity, Lor. Cath had some beautiful fabrics - starting to plan Kerry's graduation quilt. So nice.....I think that's the rundown. On Sunday, we'll look at the calendar and try to pick a Brigantine weekend in November and a Lancaster weekend some time in April. Peggy - hope you can come on Sunday - Mare is going to hound you about it! Make the most of the day, won't come again. Piece...

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Girls...check out Pam's cupcake block in her Flickr photos - it looks absolutely good enough to eat - well done, Pam. It is adorable!!! How are the Sunday Stitchers? Also check out the Mt. Bachelor Quilters Guild Show under the Knit One, Quilt Too blog - some of them are great! Hope you found a way to stay cool today...I can't make it to bee on Wednesday - it's my Mom's birthday. I'm sad I'll miss all the scoop - somebody please fill me in!!!!!! Take looking forward to the Swim & Sew (noonish?) on Sunday - if you figure out at bee what everyone is bringing, please assign me something. Thanks......piece.

PS - a very Happy Birthday to Mrs. Stickney - Cathy's Mom!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

A big, giant Happy Birthday to our own Dolores!!!! Wishing you a day back in your Rocket Dogs, on the couch, watching movies and people bringing you take-out - and maybe a little sewing if you feel like it. Enjoy, enjoy!!! Girls - how is everyone feeling this morning? Wasn't that a great wedding? Joe and Marianne - thank you for a lovely time. There were so many nice touches. It was a beautiful Mass. Seeing the bride and her father always makes me tear up - but, Mare, when you walked up with Jody and Jimmy - that was awesome. You looked just radiant. And Joanna was a lovely bride. The reception was so much fun!! So many stories to tell - can't wait till next bee. Have a nice day ladies - drink lots of water - it helps! Piece...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Good morning, ladies! A dreary Thursday to be sure! How did the rehearsal go last night....your ears must have been burning as it was a topic of conversation. If you are up and around (Consuelo - have a frappachino) post us some details! Cath, Lori, Lois and I had a nice chat. Cath had a wonderful, relaxing vacation. Recounting the recent shopping posts gave us a lot of laughs. Cathy heard from a friend of LA's that Leigh Anne was staying overnight with Kevin at Dupont. He had some pain and was still on IV. I'll post as soon as I know/hear anything else. Dolores - we were also with you in spirit. How did the outing go? Do we have shoes? Are they stunning? Comfortable? Those last two seem to be mutually exclusive. My first day back to work - OY! Where did those 8 weeks go? Pam - how are things in your part of H-town? A shout out to Kara who is a faithful(?) blog reader from the other are those cute kiddos? Well....back to the salt mines. Thanks to Joanna and Bill, I get to leave early on my second day! Life is good! Piece...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Girls....check out Blogging, Near Philadelphia - over there on the right.....the blog post is Getting Old? It's about shopping - judging from yesterday, we can all relate! Stay cool...piece.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Hello, girls! It's Sunday evening - an up and down day of storms and rain. We went to the Phillies game and were lucky to be between storms. Our seats were the tiniest bit under cover - so the one time that it did drizzle, the row in front of us got wet but we didn' about lucky! Alas, the Phils were not so lucky and got squashed! I made a table runner last night - the next one in the 'year of tablerunners'. Just need to quilt it. What's everyone else been up to? Will we have bee this week - is anyone around on Wednesday? I think I can host - I'll know for sure tomorrow and will post. I have a request - for 'Jingle' bags. I have to bag up about 130 gym uniform orders in the next week or so and I use cloth bags so I don't have a supply of plastic grocery bags - if you could save some for me, that would be great! Enjoy the upcoming week! Happy Monday! Piece....

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Hello, 'mamas! How is everyone? A nice bee last night - a good chance to catch up and chat - feels like we haven't done that in ages. LA - missed you - hope everything goes well for Kevin next week. It's hard to believe he's a year already - seems like we just had your shower at Cathy's! Peggy, Mare and Mo - missed you guys as well. Cath - hope you're having a lovely week down the shore - the weather has been nice. Lois is recently back from the Ohio family reunion - Mom is doing great - and a nice time was had by all. Dolores made a great lacrosse t-shirt quilt for her nephew who is headed off to play college lacrosse - very cool. And the beautiful square-in-a-square blocks she was working on the last sewing day - it's bound and headed to a niece - just awesome colors. Pam had her whirlygigs block - such neat fabrics and a great pattern. We heard all about Becky and Pam's hands' starring role on Becky's blog - unexpected fame! She got some neat fabrcis at the show and was impressed by the workmanship of the quilts. And her latest block for the applique class is just stunning! All those little circles - OY! The picture does not do it justice. I got to show off Kelly's room -I finished putting up the flip-flops and surfboards yesterday - that was fun and easy. Kelly is very pleased. I'm finishing up the binding for a blue baby quilt - shower on Monday! And the latest bunny hill block is cupcakes - very cute!!!! Today's tip: I actually read this in one of the magazines in an article about color - these two ladies suggested using black batting for your design wall - it helps to see the colors better and will also give you a better idea how it will look hanging in a show - as those are usually dark curtains - interesting. A few things coming up.....first of all the wedding - next week! The Swim and Sew is on Sunday, August 23rd; the (used-to-be) Fort Washington show is in Oaks in September - 17th-20th; Mare mentioned a November weekend in Brigantine - maybe we can look at the calendar while eating peeled grapes at Casa de Consuelo; Pam is going to Houston in October - YAY!; Mare and Joe are going to Italy in October - Molto bene!! Wow - a lot of stuff. Enjoy these last weeks of August - try not to look ahead too much and miss these days. Have a nice weekend, girls....piece.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Hey, everyone! Glad we're all still here. Those storms this morning had an end-of-the-world look to them, didn't they? Hope you all had a nice weekend. Pam - looking forward to hearing about the Hershey show - and seeing what you made in class. I can host on Wednesday night - everyone is most welcome. Perhaps we can look at the calendar and come up with some dates for the 'Spring getaway'. Passed Cathy's house bright and early yesterday morning and she was packing the car. In case you hadn't heard - Sean McCabe lost a tooth! It's all over Havertown but in the event that you we holed up all weekend. Father McKee just about announced it from the altar this morning. He is quite proud and rightfully so - congrats to you, Sean!! Enjoy these last few hours of the's August 2nd......OY! Only 12 days till D-day. Did the jewels come in the mail? By armored car? Looking forward to some details....see you Wednesday! Piece...