Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hiya Ladies,

Hey, thanks for last night's Bee! It was FUN. : ) Sew much to catch up on, it was tough keeping up with everything!!! Let's see what my brain remembers...

Jean - thanks for hosting!!! Your Chinese Coins quilt top is very pretty! The T-shirt quilt is BIG! Look @ Kelly seeing Y-M-C-A! Amazing, ain't?! I like your Hold It bag too! You are BUSY!!! And, riding your bike to work. My *ss would have been killing me, not to mention my legs & my back...! You GO!

Mare - the ties are neat-o! Thanks for sharing. Look @ you & all those little half square triangles?! They're FUN!

Cath - the T-shirt quilt is SUPER!!! I like the Sherbet quilt too! ; ) Sorry to hear about work. Ugh! I empathize with you.

Lois - thanks for entertaining us with your frog catching stories!!! Too FUN & funny!!! : ) I'm glad you & George are enjoying retirement!!! Your table topper quilt is awesome! Nice colors.

LA - thanks for letting me feel the baby move!!! Truly a miracle!!! I hope Gerry is surviving...?! ; )

Dolores - DOLORES!?! YOU WIN the QM "Super Mama" award!!! The quilt for Mrs. Halligan is AMAZING!!! I am SEW thrilled that you LOVE your Gracie machine!!! AND, you helped Peggy make pillows too!!! You SEW girl! ; )

Maureen - can you help me with QM dates, please?! There's no Bee next Friday due to CYO (whatever that means...?!)?! Is there Bee next Saturday AM? Any Bee during the week next week? What dates did LA write down for the Hayloft/Windmill trip?! Has a date been set for the annual QM bar-b-q?! Help!!! I'm SEW confused...

Peggy - we've been thinking of you. How are things going? Have any WaWa coffee lately?!

Lor - is that T-shirt quilt done?!

I was over @ Cloth & Bobbin today. I selected fabrics for the upcoming TATW quilt class. Johanna has an Amy Butler "trunk show" set up. Nice!

We are going to my Mom's tomorrow morning. We'll be out of email contact. Have a nice weekend!
Piecefully, Pam

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Good Morning Bee Girls,

It's BEAUTIFUL outside today!!! : ) Yup, I have wash out on the line, don't 'cha know.

Not ALL days are FILLED with delight & laze. ; ) This morning I put away laundry, vacuumed the first floor, scrubbed the kitchen floor, did some ironing (for a sewing project...does that count as "work"...?!), & I have a bathroom to clean next. I want to make soup. And, I have to go to Market. However, after the bathroom & before soup or Market I'm going to SEW! Music makes these chores easier to do...the Jason Mraz new disc IS good!

Dolores - we'll miss you tonight. Enjoy the Awards! : ) Way to help out Peggy with your Gracie machine! What else are you working on?

Lor - you will be missed too. How's your Dad been doing? Good luck with that t-shirt quilt! Nope, we're staying @ a Hilton in Houston. It's the only hotel connected directly to the Convention Center.

Peggy - how are you doing?! Are you coming to Bee tonight? How did the pillows turn out? What else are you working on?

Mare - do you want us to pay you now for the tickets? Or, do you want cash @ the Show?! We KNOW you girlfriend! ; )

Lois - have those grand children & kids returned home? I bet you & George had such FUN with them! ; ) Are you doing any sewing lately, or is all your time dedicated to your gardens?!

Leigh Anne - how are you feeling? What's going on @ your house? Do you have any time to sew?

Maureen - is track over yet? How was the season? Has Bill been golfing? Does he play basketball during the Summer? What is new in your household? Is the pool open?!

Cath - how's the new driver in your home? What's the sports report? How is Tim doing with his hearing? Any new stories from your Mom?! ; ) How's that new machine doing in your sewing room?! What are you working on? Mike should be spending a LOT of time outside now, giving you LOTS of time to sew!!!

Jean - you've been SEW busy whipping up gifts, bags, class samples, etc that I'm having trouble keeping up! I saw the Beach Blanket @ Cloth & Bobbin yesterday, & I REALLY like the way you quilted it! You are SEW clever!!!

Enough procrastinating...I'm going to clean the bathroom now! Looking forward to seeing you gals this evening. : )
Piecefully, Pam

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hello 'Mamma's,

Well, it's a little bit warm & stuffy today, but wasn't the Holiday weekend simply exceptional?! Did you have a nice weekend? What FUN things did you do? We washed & waxed our car. It WAS fun!!! Jingle LOVES the hose! ; ) We ate crab legs on the patio too. That was not only fun, but YUMMY! Scott is killing me in Mhing!!!

Today was my first day of "Summer Vacation" & it started with a stink bug. : / Things improved throughout the day. I went the the BMC student stuff sale, stopped in @ Cloth & Bobbin & agreed to teach another Trip Around the World class, went to Borders & bought the new Jason Mraz CD We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things, stopped @ Delancey Street for bagels, called the architect & then took a nap! Oh, before I napped I stitched!

I am looking forward to Bee tomorrow evening. : ) Thanks for hosting Jean! It will be GOOD to see everyone & play a bit of catch-up! Hope everyone is well.

Piecefully, Pam

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Good Afternoon Girls,

I'm back! Thank you, one & all, for EVERYTHING!!! We're doing alright.

Yesterday I finished work for the Summer - HOORAY!!! It's good timing.

Isn't this weather nice?! Perfect for a long, holiday weekend!!! What plans does everyone have? We are just being HOME & enjoying it! : ) I have laundry out on the line. Scott has been puttering in the back yard & garage. Shelby is loving the OPEN windows!!! And, Jingle & I had a nice walk around the neighborhood & then a RUN @ the park this morning. Just P-E-R-F-E-C-T. I hope your day is perfect too!!!

Early this morning, while everyone was still asleep, I worked on my Pennsylvania Pickle Dish project. Wow, that was a first in a LONG while! It felt SEW good!!!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! Stitch & sip some iced tea. ; )
Piecefully, Pam

P.S. I have made some changes/additions to the shopping & links along the left side of our blog. Check it out...!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hey, everyone. A request...please keep Peggy in your prayers. I got a voice mail message from her yesterday that one of her students passed away. These kids are her family and I'm sure she could use our prayers and support now. Thanks....I'd be happy to host next Wednesday so we can catch up. We also need to schedule a Hayloft trip - can you let me know what works for you in the next two weeks or so? Next Friday evening? Next Saturday? Leigh Anne needs a Windmill trip before this baby comes!!!! Good luck to Kerry DiNardo's softball team in the playoffs which start tonight. Lois - are you exhausted from your visitors? Joanna and Bill have set a date so you know what that means, ladies - out first Quiltmama Wedding quilt can start being planned! Yahoo!!!! Enjoy the day......piece.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Hey, girls. Just wanted to welcome you to the 381st Quiltmamas post!!! How about that! Pam - thanks so much for setting this up and keeping us informed. Think about all the crazy things we've discussed and laughed about - amazing. And now there are pictures and a calendar. The links are neat too. It's just one more cool thing about being a Quiltmama. Did everyone have a nice weekend? Lois - those grandbabies having fun? You and George exhausted yet? Pam - how is your Mom doing? Lori - how about your Dad? A giant congrats to Consuelo for the tremendous job she did at a very wet track meet yesterday ay West Chester University! Amazing - and some kids are headed to the Archdiocesan Finals - way to go 'Heart! Dolores - what's new in your world? Still cranking out the quilts? Peggy is making some way cute pillows for her seniors - 16 to be exact. She only does things one way - all out! I have three quilts and one bag I hope to have finished in the next three weeks or so. I need to be more like Cathy - planning ahead. Cath - heard about your Mom's latest adventure! Being around her is never boring. She's getting like the DeMarco's!! (kidding). Mare - what's new this week? LA - is that house clean yet? Momma Barb - thanks for posting and thanks for the tip! Sorry to report, girls that I cannot host on Wednesday. Just got Erin's basketball schedule and it starts this week - you guessed it - on Wednesday. I promise to host next Wednesday....take it easy.....piece!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Thinking about Pam, her Mom, Scott and Ken's children today.....hope that things went well and they got some measure of comfort from each other. Also hoping that Mama Barb is on the mend - and getting lots of sewing done. Lori's Dad has pneumonia - but is on meds and doing better. Wow - we need some kind of cheerful news - has everyone heard that Sean McCabe wants to name the new baby after one of the Quiltmamas - and he has decided that they should call the new baby - Mrs. DeMarco! Mare - you should be so, if only Leigh Anne can convince Gerry....hmmmmmm.....everyone take care.....I can host Quiltmamas next Wednesday - the 21st. Hope to see you all soon...Lois - how are those grandbabies? You must be having a ball!!! Enjoy the visit. Piece....

Saturday, May 10, 2008


I just got off the phone with Momma Barb. She sounds pretty darn good! She's been icing her foot & keeping it elevated too. She says that she's been being good, I said that's quite a stretch for her!?!?!? ; ) Karen was visiting when we first called, so she had to call us back!

Grandpa is holding his own in her absence. He thought he was to be ready for a great grandson's birthday party on today, but it's not until Monday... He said, since I'm all ready, how 'bout going out to dinner!? So, Barb's brother took Grandpa out for dinner! He's pretty smart if you ask me! ; )

My Mom & brother are back in York. The cats were fine, & they've been a blessing for Mom. They give her something to think about. They're something that NEEDS her attention & they've MISSED her!!! We will SEE Mom & Chuck tomorrow. I'm glad.

Shifting gears, yes, CONGRATS to the recently betrothed, Joanna & Bill!!! : ) I didn't know if I could blog about it or not. Thanks Jean!!! : )

Lois - are you ready for your kids visit?!?!?! Mo was VERY excited about meeting George. : )

Dolores - how was Sheila? Did you have a nice dinner? Where did you go? Does Sheila quilt...?!

Peggy - how was the Spirit of Philadelphia? We've been missing you!

Lori - I hear things have been pretty busy in your household. Are you hanging in there? Try to take a few moments to look through a quilt magazine, fondle some fabric or even put in a few stitches when you get the chance! Maybe you should start another hand applique project...?!

Piece Mama's. Enjoy your Mother's Day!
Piecefully, Pam
Morning Girls,

First, THANKS everyone for listening & supporting me & my families during this tough week. I don't know what we'd do without prayers & kindness from friends. Bee last evening was a comfortable place to bring my soul & psyche.

Listening to your tales helps to remind me that every household has challenges, crises & emergencies - some daily! Marianne had 1 kid with an "infected butt" & another with stabbing pain due to her cooking...?! ; ) Cathy's Mom needed stitches... LA has a neighbor that is a drug addict. Whew.

For those not able to be @ Bee last evening, Ken passed away Friday morning. My Mom, brother, & Ken's children were driving from NC to York yesterday. They were not expected to arrive home until after midnight. So, I haven't talked to anyone this morning, but we did talk with them 3 times during their drive. Everyone is doing as well as can be expected. There are MANY details & much minutiae to be done when they arrive in York.

Seven of us will go to a Mother's Day brunch @ the Villanova Conference Center tomorrow morning. We ALL will meet @ Mom's home on Wednesday for Ken's funeral. Please, if you would, continue to keep us in your prayers & thoughts.

Scott spoke with Momma Barb last night while I was @ Bee. I missed her call by just a few minutes. Scott says, "She's doing good!" The surgery was more extensive than planned, so she's on crutches & does not have a walking boot. She is NOT happy about that! I will call her later today for another update. I'll keep you posted. Some continued good thoughts & + juju for Momma Barb would certainly be appreciated too! In preparation for her decreased mobility, confinement to home & recuperation - she prepped MANY sewing projects!!! Plus, she has her little Featherweight to play with, AND she bought a new Bernina when she was in Chicago with Karen. She's gonna be BUSY!!! ; )

Have a nice weekend, girls. Enjoy your families! And, Happy Mother's Day!
Piecefully, Pam

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Good Evening Girls,

No new news on this end. Things are pretty much status quo in NC, as far as I know. Ken's children are arriving today. It's been difficult here on the sidelines. I just wait for the phone to ring. I imagine the next few days are going to be filled with tough decisions. I've been close to tears most of this evening. I want thank each of you for keeping our families in your thoughts & prayers. It's been a comfort to me.

I did sit outside @ our patio table & stitch a little bit this evening. It felt nice, peaceful. My mind is in a whir. Doing a bit of hand work provides a place of rest.

I hope you've been able to enjoy the beautiful Spring weather. I pulled a few weeds today & watered some flowers too. They make me smile. : )

I am hoping to come to Bee on Friday. I feel like I NEED it. A sip from the estrogen pool & the comforting presence of the Quilt Mama's seems inviting.

Enjoy your evening & have a nice tomorrow. Put in a couple stitches when you get the chance!
Pieefully, Pam

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Upon arriving home this morning I received a phone call from my brother. Without going into the whole Mom & Ken are in North Carolina visiting my brother. Ken suffered a major stroke last evening. Please keep us in your thoughts & prayers. I don't know how this is going to unfold. For now, my brother is handling it, & waiting for Ken's son to arrive from Germany. Thanks for listening & for your support.

Piecefully, Pam

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Such a GLORIOUS weekend!!! I hope each one of you has been able to be out of doors enjoying this splendid weather!!!

I stitched outside this morning & again this afternoon!!! : ) That's tough to beat!

This weekend we did things changeover, hang wash out on the line, garden digging & planting, fertilize the lawn, play Mhing, brew sun tea, cook on the grill, etc. MmMmMmMmMm...a nice feeling of peace & satisfaction.

We met with the second architect on Saturday. He was just OK. His prices were commensurate with his vision, intuitiveness & savvy. There is a third architect we hope to call this week & meet with sometime in the near future.

What's going on in your worlds?!

I know we're to meet @ Jean's on Friday evening for our Bee Stitch this week, but we'll be home on Tuesday if anyone cares to stop by, feel free. I'll probably be stitching & Scott will be in the studio!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Put in a couple stitches sitting on your porch!
Piecefully, Pam

Friday, May 2, 2008

Hey Girls,

Wow! It's been GOOD to hear from you guys! : ) I've been wondering how everyone has been doing & what's going on in your lives & homes..?! Thanks for blogging.

I'm glad if my dog walking adventures moved you to write. You just never know...?! Jingle has certainly added a chaos element to our home! ; ) With awe & wonder I can't imagine how you Mom's do it...

Jake IS the dog of the HGTV family. He was groomed in preparation of the BIG event, but he never got any air time, much to his dismay!!! Jingle still wanted his autograph though - a true friend! ; )

So, looks like next Friday evening we'll be Bee-ing @ Jean's...?! Is that right? I can hardly wait to SEE everyone!

How has Peggy been? Does anyone know?

What about Lori? She's been awfully quiet lately...

LA - We have a list of Contractors that we've called & talked with. If you'd like any names or numbers, let me know. We met with an AWESOME architect last week!!! We are going to meet with another architect tomorrow... Glad to hear about that baby!!! And, you've managed to fit some sewing into your schedule too?! I don't know how you do it...?!

I did go over to Cloth & Bobbin this evening. Of course, it was after dog walking & gardening...I hope my smell wasn't too offensive... I bought some Amy Butler fabs!, a sale fabric that will make a good backing & a thimble too. The shop was BUSY!!! That's excellent!!! : ) Johanna is pretty excited about going to Spring Quilt Market in Oregon!!!

Scott took out one of the garden beds in the back yard this evening. We're trying to minimize Jingle's exposure to bees! Although, Jingle had a BIG, fuzzy, bumble bee in the grass this evening. I swear he makes me sprout gray hair!!! Anyway, while Scott was planting grass seed, I was digging in the vegetable garden. I planted 3 tomato plants - a Big Boy, Celebrity & Roma, along with a couple marigolds. My herb plants seem to be doing well. The peas are beginning to climb their trellis. The lettuces & radishes are flourishing too. YUM!

I planted an old, red, wicker planter with sweet potato vines - 2 chartreuse & 1 purple, 2 coleas - both deep red/purple with a shot of fuchsia in the middle of the leaf & a ruffled chartreuse edge, some pink begonias & a couple snap dragons for good measure too. I know it's a tad early, but Market had a nice selection of plants this morning, & I couldn't wait!

I hope you are enjoying your weekend! Sew when you get the chance. Browse through a quilting magazine & have a nice cup of tea on the porch when the opportunity presents itself!

Piecefully, Pam

I am going over to Cloth & Bobbin this evening!!! It's First Friday & the Narberth shops are open 'til @ least 9PM. Any takers?!?!?! I'm thinking I'll leave here sometime after 7. Call if you'd like to join me!!! I NEED Amy Butler fabric & I MUST look @ thimbles too!

Piecefully, Pam

Thursday, May 1, 2008

The un-ending tales, errr, tails of Jingle walking...
So, we're walking this evening. Did our first hill & came up around the corner on our way to Jake's house. Jake's family is away today, so I know he's not going to be out, but Jingle doesn't know that. Jake's family is in NY @ the Mets game. We see Mummsy driving by in her little PT Cruiser. Mummsy is Jake's Grandma. I wave & keep walking. Next thing I know there's a LOUD sort of bang which I think is a car backfiring. I turn around to see Mummsy swerving off the curb in front of the "mean & hateful" man's house. She goes around the corner, whappa-whappa-whappa, with a BIG FAT FLAT tire. Uh oh!!! Jingle & I run over to her, she has a grand daughter in the car with her - they're OK. Jingle is COMPLETELY excited...there was a LOUD noise, we're running, there are NEW people & we seem to be making quite a commotion!!! Alright, everyone is unhurt, I RUN home (with Jingle) to get Scott! Hurry up!!! Mummsy has a flat tire & needs HELP! We have Mummsy pull her car into the driveway of a neighbor & we're working @ finding the spare tire. Got the jack, but we need the owner's manual to find the spare tire... Jingle is tied to a nearby sign & he starts barking. Uh, that's NOT helping! Mummsy is upset. She's had a bad day - the dryer didn't work, the light bulb is out, NO toilet paper in the bathroom, no milk or bread in the house!!! She was taking her grand daughter to McDonald's for dinner. And now THIS!?!?!? It's wet, Scott's on the ground changing the tire, an old gent comes out to lend support, & I'm consoling Mummsy & her grand daughter & giving Jinlge the hairy eye every now & then. Done! Mummsy drives back to Jake's house & the grand daughter walks. Scott is dirty & finishes walking Jingle. I go to Swiss Farms for milk & bread for the neighbors, then stop @ McDonald's for their dinner. Geez, all in a dog walk kind of day...!?!?!? ; ) Scott NEVER knows what to expect when I ring the doorbell...

I am hoping you are having a better evening! Thankfully, tomorrow is TGIF!!! I'm going to go take a few stitches now. Mummsy took a Valium! ; )
Piecefully, Pam
May you find inspiration or amusement in this link...Sewing Spaces... ; )

Last evening was lovely. Our allergies have gotten a bit of a reprieve with the cooler temps & some rain. Whew! I sewed!!! It's the first time in weeks that I sat down @ my sewing machine & stitched. It felt blissful!!! I also did some hand stitching too.

Hoping you have been able to sew too. Enjoy your day.
Piecefully, Pam