Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Morning Girls,

This is it. We're almost ready. Scott will be home in about 40 minutes to take me & Barb to the airport. I am starting to feel nervous & excited!!!

Enjoy trick-or-treat! Don't eat too much candy...
Piecefully, Pam

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Good evening girls. I had difficulty getting the earlier post to actually post. Sorry about that!

I am giving a link to the Houston Quilt Show, or Festival as it's called. http://www.quilts.com/home/ It won't work until Wednesday, but then you'll be able to SEE the Show! : ) Enjoy!

I packed today. I think I'm really ready now! It's kind of weird packing foil packets of tuna & breakfast bars in your luggage... Don't tell!

I also finished basting the Dresden Plate quilt - hooray!!! When I come home, I'll be basting the Trip Around the World quilt. It worked out rather well using the dining room table. I have some pictures that I'll share. We used the plastic/rubber tipped clamps from Home Depot. It was definitely easier on the back & knees using an elevated surface!

Soon time to walk the puppy! Sweet dreams to ALL & have a good tomorrow!
Piecefully, Pam
Good Morning!

It's WINDY!!! I have wash out on the line, but with extra clothes pins!!! Jingle & I thought we might land in OZ while we were walking this morning. We didn't! : )

Did everyone remember to turn their clocks BACK?! What time is it in your home?!

Momma Barb & I talked on the phone last evening. She is ALL packed. I am NOT! I have things laid out & lists made. I have a couple things in my suitcase. I am planning on getting ALL packed today! It looks like we are REALLY going to go!?!?!?

Grandpa is holding his own, & Barb says, "Hell, I'm going to die before he does!" ; ) She did grocery shopping for him on Friday. And, Aunt Sharon will take him to his Dr.'s appointment tomorrow.

Karen is flying out today. She begins teaching on Monday. Barb & I will help her clear her classroom after her Tuesday class. Then we will all get ready to go to the Winners' Circle Gala Tuesday evening. : )

If I have computer access while in Houston, I will do some blog posting. So, stayed tuned!

Are you guys having a Bee this week? Where? Are you ready for Trick-or-Treat? What are the kids dressing up as?! Scott carved a big pumpkin yesterday! It's a good one!

Alright, blessings to Peggy & Ritchie. Please think of them today - especially! Peggy, God will give you grace & strength. Lean on your family & friends. Weep when you need to & be strong when you must! My heart & soul are filled with thoughts of you today. Start a quilt for him!

Peace, Pam

Hey! Thanks for your comments!!! I REALLY appreciate it! This is sort of fun...?! ; )

Peggy - I will DEFINITELY keep Ritchie, & YOU, & Megan in my thoughts & prayers!!! I admire & honor him for his selflessness & willingness to serve his Country. Truly.

Piece & Peace,

Friday, October 27, 2006

Houston is getting closer, girls...!!!??? I packed my vitamins & got my flu shot. Am I ready?!

Are you Bee ladies getting together after pillowcase making to baste quilts tonight @ the School? I haven't heard anything. Jean, et al - I think it's a very nice idea for the kids to make the pillowcases & for you, Jean, to have made each of them a pillowcase too! : ) Kudos!!!

I am going to try to insert the Undercover Quilter's link in this text. Last time it didn't work using another format. Here goes... http://www.undercoverquilters.com/

Mare - I know what you mean about learning how to use the blog. That's one reason I'm doing this. It was Scott's suggestion, encouraging me to try to keep up with technology & use the newer tools that are available on the web. It's my understanding that you can click on "comment" & then leave a post too. But, you must give a user name & then a password. My user name is sewpam63, I can't tell you my password though! ; ) By doing this, the blog becomes interactive & we can share. As opposed to me just sending out a Bee Muse & that's it.

Leigh Anne - this might be especially fun for you! You're always wanting sewing tips & helpful hints - anyone can chime in with them! : )

Cathy - is this working for you yet? If you, Lori, or any other Quilt Mama's still has the email I sent about thread...?! Could you PLEASE email it to me? I'd like to try & post it here for future reference. I deleted the email from my files. See, this blog could be helpful!

Have a good day. : ) TGIF!!!
Piecefully, Pam

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Hello All,

Since I've been mentioning local Guilds & their Quilt Shows, I thought I'd try adding a link to our own Guild - Undercover Quilters! : ) Jean, I did receive a materials list in the snail mail for the upcoming Pumpkin Social. I haven't looked @ it yet...?! Did Stacy send your ticket &/or the materials list too?

Tuesday evenings Bee was AWESOME, girls! What a FUN, productive, amazing, diverse, interesting group of women!!! : ) Let's see if I can remember everything...

Jean - your "Kosher Quilt" is really coming along! I LOVE the colors. There were LOADS of pictures to incorporate into that quilt, & you did an amazing job! Take a picture when you're done! Please. And, HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY birthday!!!

Mare - it was GOOD to SEE you!!! Look @ ALL the things you accomplished down @ Brigantine!?!?!? Wow!!! See what uninterrupted sewing time can produce...?! I REALLY like the fabrics/colors in the kit you bought @ Calico 'n Cotton! Nice. Hey, have you sent the links for the Lancaster houses yet? I didn't get any... : / It doesn't matter, I'll stay anywhere!

Lori - you were BUSY cutting pillowcases! You have LOTS of brights & FUNS for kids - awesome!!!

Cathy - the "Beach blanket" is really nice! I LOVE the colors! The orange is delicious!!! And, the sherbet quilt is soft & beautiful. You are doing SUCH a GOOD job free motion quilting, Cathy - way to go! Thanks for hosting! Hey, I forgot...I really liked the little "Vera" bag you made for Car. So what about the handles! You may start a new trend in Nursing Homes!!! ; )

Maureen - you are surprising!!! The pumpkin bread was really GOOD! : ) And, the story behind the vegetable soup is quite amusing. Look @ you reading Jean's cook book, making a turkey breast & expanding your horizons?! Rachel Raye has nothing over you!!! Plus, we have you SHOPPING @ Jo-Ann's! Too funny! I think the pillowcase ideas for Matt is wonderful! It won't be too long before you're looking @ sewing machines...

Lois - the quilt for you son is cozy & handsome! Using flannels was a great idea! He's gonna love it! Hey, thanks for baking & sharing brownies! YUM!

Leigh Anne - look @ you, you SEW girl! I forgot to ask you about your new sewing cabinet - do you like it?! The drawstring purse you made is terrific! Your sister is lucky to have you! ; )

Peggy - I hope you're feeling better!!! Get RID of that miserable cold! You need some chicken soup...Maureen...?! ; ) And, I didn't know you were taking Jean's machine applique class! That's super! It's learning new techniques & skill building. We're ALL proud of you!!!

Dolores - thanks for coming! It was good to see you also! I like it when you bring your magical Victoria's Secret bag!!! ; ) The flannel hexagon quilt is incredible!? Wow!!! That is going to be SO cuddly!!! Oh, & I LOVE your Trip To Broomall quilt!!! Aren't those fabrics - colors & designs inspiring?!

Me - well gals, thanks for looking @ my Trip Around the World quilt (again, for some). I like it a lot! : ) Thanks also for the prayers & + juju for my upcoming trip. I started actually putting things IN the suitcase.

Well, here goes! Let's give the blog a try... Let me know what you think?! I'm LEARNING!!! Your thoughts, ideas, suggestions are SEW welcome!!! Have a wonderful day!
Piecefully, Pam

Friday, October 13, 2006


I am beginning to prep for my Houston trip!!! I have notes from Barb to help me along. I completed the necessary paperwork for being a Quilt Angel while @ the Show - I'll mail it in the A.M. I have my class schedule, & Barb's too. Tuesday evening we're going to "The Winner's Circle" where the winning quilts are announced & shown. Barb says it's "awesome!!!" Thursday evening we are going out for Mexican food! The whole experience is getting closer, but I'm still not really believing it yet!?

Last evening I started a Clay's Choice block for Scott's Hallowe'en quilt...since I didn't win the blocks @ our Guild meeting. : / I like that particular block, & Scott said, "Hey, I like those blocks.", while I was making 'em for the Guild meeting. Even though the block isn't game related, it's going in his quilt!

Next week I'm on Fall Break!!! : ) Hooray!!! I am planning to baste my Dresden Plate quilt. I can no longer use the basement floor, due to Jingle! So, I am going to attempt basting on my dining room table. I haven't quite decided if I'll pin baste or stitch/thread baste it. I'll keep you posted.

I still have 8+ rows to do to finish my on point Trip Around the World project! Hurry up!? Maybe next week too...

What things has everyone else been working on? I've been missing you guys! I can hardly wait for a Bee & to see/hear Beach Show 'n Tell!!!

Alright, snuggle under a quilt in this COLD weather! Enjoy your weekend!
Piece. Out. Pam

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Hello & Good Morning!

I checked out the Brandywine Valley Quilt Guild & discovered their Quilt Show is only on Saturday & Sunday, 10/14 - 15 from 10-4. On Saturday from 4:30-7:00 they are having an auction. Hmmm, I might be tempted...

The Valley Forge Homestead Quilter's are having their Show next weekend; 10/20, 21. I am planning on attending. Not sure which day yet

Also, Karen Kay Buckley will be @ the MainLine Quilter's Guild upcoming in November. Their Guild meets on a Friday morning @ 9:30, so...sew, I may try & get there

I will try & add web links to these Guilds. I need Scott's technical help to do so, but I am learning! : )
Piecefully, Pam

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Hello everyone! This is my first ever blog experience. I am trying to keep up with technology & have gone BLOG!!! Rather than writing a Bee Muse, I will be posting here. Hopefully this will become an interactive site where you can add feed back, thoughts, opinions, info & ideas too!

Our Monday night Guild meeting was good. Mickey Depre was the Guest Speaker. She was interesting & fun. Her quilts are BOLD, BRIGHT, HAPPY "art" quilts. Lois & I participated in the BOM project. I wanted to win...they were ALL Hallowe'en blocks - Clay's Choice. Many ladies participated, as they had enough blocks to draw 2 winning names. Alas, neither Lois nor myself were lucky winners. : / Next month's Guild meeting is our Silent Auction. And, on Saturday 11/11 from 0930-1600 is our first Pumpkin Social. I did buy a ticket. They will be christening our new computer learning devices to show/teach machine applique techniques & embellishment. There will be a catered lunch too. I thought $15 bucks wasn't unreasonable & a good way to support our Guild, especially on a non-quilt show year.

Speaking of Quilt Shows. Brandywine Valley is having their Quilt Show this weekend, & next weekend is the Valley Forge Homestead Quilter's Show. Anyone interested in going? I'm going to try & make it to both!

Alright, time is getting away from me & I must go! I hope you find this an interesting venue...
Piecefully, Pam