Sunday, October 29, 2006

Good Morning!

It's WINDY!!! I have wash out on the line, but with extra clothes pins!!! Jingle & I thought we might land in OZ while we were walking this morning. We didn't! : )

Did everyone remember to turn their clocks BACK?! What time is it in your home?!

Momma Barb & I talked on the phone last evening. She is ALL packed. I am NOT! I have things laid out & lists made. I have a couple things in my suitcase. I am planning on getting ALL packed today! It looks like we are REALLY going to go!?!?!?

Grandpa is holding his own, & Barb says, "Hell, I'm going to die before he does!" ; ) She did grocery shopping for him on Friday. And, Aunt Sharon will take him to his Dr.'s appointment tomorrow.

Karen is flying out today. She begins teaching on Monday. Barb & I will help her clear her classroom after her Tuesday class. Then we will all get ready to go to the Winners' Circle Gala Tuesday evening. : )

If I have computer access while in Houston, I will do some blog posting. So, stayed tuned!

Are you guys having a Bee this week? Where? Are you ready for Trick-or-Treat? What are the kids dressing up as?! Scott carved a big pumpkin yesterday! It's a good one!

Alright, blessings to Peggy & Ritchie. Please think of them today - especially! Peggy, God will give you grace & strength. Lean on your family & friends. Weep when you need to & be strong when you must! My heart & soul are filled with thoughts of you today. Start a quilt for him!

Peace, Pam

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