Monday, July 30, 2007


We're HOME!!! : ) It feels good to be back!!! I have to get my sea legs out from under me...I've gotten used to EVERYTHING swaying!

Thanks for blogging in my absence! : ) It was FUN to read & catch up when we got home!!! During much of our trip we had no cell phone service. Aboard ship, the Internet access was spotty & VERY pricey!!!

We had a marvelous adventure! NO lost luggage, no missed flights, no delays, & no arguments. Weather for much of the trip was overcast & in the 50's! We were SO glad to SEE & FEEL sunshine in Victoria on Friday evening with temps in the mid 60's. : )

I am feeling a bit washed out. We went through a series of time changes, gaining or losing 4 hours here & there... Every day I had something scheduled, which didn't leave much time for relaxation. Days that we docked, we did the port of call - Juneau, Sitka, Ketchikan & Victoria. Days we were out to sea I had classes - Hoochy Mama, Borders by Design, Designing Your Own Applique, & Sashiko by Machine.

We met some lovely Canadian women - Karen, Marilyn & Maureen!!! : ) They dined with us each evening, & we often ran into them during ports of call. They too are quilters!!! We had such FUN meeting & sharing with others!!!

I have pictures, class sample projects, & such to share with you guys! Boonie Barb just called & will be here tomorrow! The Hayloft trip sounds just right! Thanks for everything girls! Looking forward to getting together tomorrow!!! ; )

Piecefully, Pam

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Good morning, girls. A nice, relaxing bee last night out on the porch. Cathy - thanks for postponing your walking for a bit to stop over. Glad your machine is getting the spa treatment before you go away. When you come back you'll be rarin' to go. Lois is hand-quilting her oh-so-soft duck blanket - so cute. Consuelo and Matt came - she'd been slaving in the kitchen all day preparing meals to be taken to the shore - a worthy cause - and she still looked fresh as a daisy! Amazing! Matt apparently learned to surf down the basement with Kelly and is looking forward to trying it out at the beach next week - good luck! Miss Peggy joined Team Matt and we determined that to end her slump, she needs to come to the Hayloft next week, clean out the things that have been thrown into the sewing room and stitch up something nice and easy - a table runner, perhaps? She has finished the Harry Potter book so that is no longer an excuse. Thanks for checking out the palm tree I painted in Erin's room - it went a whole lot faster than a quilt top but I'm not switching hobbies anytime soon. Mare went to Ventnor with that man she lives with - to spend some quality time with the DeMarcos. All is well - she phoned Peggy from Frank S. Farley around 8:45. Pam and Leigh Anne had excused absences - and we hope they're both having a super week. Looking forward to hearing all about it next week. Dolores and Lori - missed you both. If you get a chance, let us know who wants to go up to the Hayloft next Tuesday, July 31st. Pam's friend Boonie Barb is coming down so those two are definites. I know Lori, Cathy and Maureen are all away next week. Mare and I talked about maybe going to both Sauder's and the Hayloft - and, of course, the Windmill for dinner. Is 3:30-ish doable for everyone - don't want to hit rush hour traffic on the turnpike. Look forward to hearing from you all...have a nice week. Piece

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Hello, girls! How is everyone? Leigh Anne is in Ocean City by now - think she's been to the quilt shop yet? It was just a beautiful weekend weatherwise. Hope you got a chance to enjoy the outdoors - doing something fun or just sitting on the porch or in the yard with an iced tea. Wonder how Pam is making out on the cruise?! Think she's been to the Lido deck? I can host Quiltmamas on Tuesday if you'd like to come. Lori - if you could bring us the cutting directions for the Autism quilt - that would be great. What's everyone been working on? Pam - in case if you look at the blog(while on the Lido deck) - we went over and spent time with Shelby today - the girls took turns brushing her, we fed her, gave her clean water and left her a new toy on our way out. The house is just fine. I did want to let you know that there was a small plastic bag on the floor of the guest room - it had a blue stone necklace and earrings in it. I thought maybe you or Barb dropped it and I wanted to let you know it was safe. Hope you're having a fabulous time. Everyone else - enjoy what's left of your weekend. Hope to see y'all on Tuesday night. Piece

Friday, July 20, 2007

Good Morning Girls,

How is everyone this morning? It seems as though the weather may be improving?! Less heat & humidity this morning, & the breeze is LOVELY. A good day to hang wash out on the line! : )

How did it go last evening with Sr. Marita? Did anyone take pictures? Was she surprised?! Were there tears?! I was thinking of you "Mama's! ; )

Mama Barb arrived safe & sound! : ) Dinner @ the Lamb Tavern was just right.

The suitcases are zipped closed & lined up in the foyer. It looks like we REALLY are going... soon... Thanks ALL for your help, suggestions, kindness, well wishes & most of all, for letting me "talk" & blog about this adventure! I'll write more when I can.

Piecefully, Pam

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


How is the Sr. Marita quilt coming?! Is it DONE?! How does it look?! She's gonna Be-e SO/SEW surprised!!! Have FUN with her tomorrow evening! ; )

I am having FUN! : ) And, I am excited!!! Mama Barb called twice today. Boonie Barb called twice today!!! The pre-Cruise hype is in full swing!

Scott & I have actually started packing...for real putting clothes in the luggage. Oh, it's close...!? All liquids go in a plastic baggie, shoes go on top! Welcome to airport security. Clark & Hilary are already in Seattle - safe & sound!!! : )

I did the Bobbi Brown thing today, & survived! It was interesting, & a good learning experience! I too had to LEARN who/what Bobbi Brown was/is. Oprah helped me to figure it out! ; )

It took me TWO weeks to build up enough courage to GO to the KOP Mall. Then, I HAD to actually shop!?! THEN, I had to GO BACK & pick stuff up!!! After ALL that, I thought, "What the Hell, I may as well go the whole nine yards!" Thus, Bobbi Brown & a make-over. Incredible, I KNOW!!! Mama Barb is SO proud!!! Mo too, I think...?! ; ) That's why SHE got to see me. Its the girly thing. ; )

Tomorrow I am thinking nails...I've NEVER had a pedicure. What, with the SEXY shoes, it's a MUST. I hear the chair is delightful...?! Stay tuned...

Sweet dreams.
Piecefully, Pam

P.S. I haven't cut my Challenge block's tomorrow or BUST! I am packing my fabric in my carry-on. Can you say "addict"...?!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Hello Ladies,

I thrift shopped with Maggie & Amanda today. We had FUN!!! : ) I found some GREAT things for the Cruise!!! I bought SEXY shoes...for 9 dollars! ; ) Two terrific Asian pieces, a silver taffeta & black lace skirt, & a chartreuse, silk (dressy) "tank" top. Maggie & Amanda bought SHOES, BAGS & some clothing too!

Mama Barb called tonight. I think SHE'S getting REALLY excited!!! This trip should be a lot of FUN! : )

I'll keep you guys posted. Tomorrow I have to go to the Men's Warehouse, for the second time this week. Remind me to tell you the story about Destiny... I also have a tale about a blouse coming from San Diego. I am thinking of Nordstrom's & a make-over @ the Bobbi Brown counter...gulp!!! And, there is POSSIBLY a Thursday manicure/pedicure on the horizon...?!

When I tried on some of my "Cruise-wear," Scott swallowed in a, I can can't catch my breath because you're lovely kind of way, & said, "I'm used to seeing Birkenstock Pam." ; ) Uh oh...

Sleep tight!
Piecefully, Pam

P.S. Thanks for allowing me to share. I realize, I'm pretty EXCITED too!

Monday, July 16, 2007

Good Evening Girls,

You're the BEST!!! Thanks for the dates & such! : )

July 28th is on the calendar for the Hershey Show. The 31st is on for a Bee Trip - thanks! I added the 22nd & 29th of August for the Autism quilt project. And, Mare, I put the second weekend of November for a Brigantine & Boonie Barb are going to the Chiaverini luncheon. I hope that second weekend is ok...?! One other future date of note...August 2, 2008 will be the opening of the Gee's Bend Exhibit @ the Philadelphia Museum of Art!!! Can you get tickets yet...?! I am WAY SEW excited!!! : ) It's on the Bee calendar.

Mo - sorry if you can't make the Hayloft trip on the 31st. : / Is there anything you're looking for... ; ) Have a GREAT vaca!!!

LA - I'm pretty sure you don't want any label suggestions from me... ; ) Looking forward to cruising with you...!?

Alright, I think that just about does it for now! Maggie & Amanda are coming to visit tomorrow & we're going thrift shopping. I found a Louis Vuitton purse today for 10 bucks!!! Here's another favorite from Calvin & Hobbes, "There's treasure everywhere!"

Piece. Out,
Good Morning Girls,

I need help with some Bee minutia & clarifying dates, please. Is the Bee BBQ on Saturday 8/25? At what time, & what things should we bring Miss Consuelo? What are the dates (& times) for the Autism project? And, what is the date of the next Bee Brigantine weekend? Is it in October or November? Mare, has it been confirmed on your Mom's Beach calendar? Any help would be SEW appreciated, then I can get the dates on our Bee calendar & confirm them! Thanks!!! Also, please email me or Jean with your birthdays sew we can add them to the Bee calendar too!!! : )

I did add a Boonie Barb visit to the Bee calendar. She is expecting to come & visit Tuesday 7/31 & Wednesday 8/1!!! Would it be-e possible to try & have our regular Bee or a Bee event while she is here...?! What about a Burkholder's, Sauder's, Hayloft, Wind Mill trip...?! Can you check your calendars & let me know... ; )

Have a good Bee this Thursday with Sr. Marita, girls! Mama Barb will be arriving that evening & we will be going out to dinner...@ Lambs Tavern!!! Sorry to miss Bee. We fly out to Seattle on Friday & will board the ship Saturday. It's ALL just a little bit surreal & I am not quite believing it yet...

Enjoy your day. I'm going to bake peach muffins!
Piecefully, Pam

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Howdy Girls!

How is everyone doing? The weekend just flew by, didn't it?! I saw some of you 'Mama's here & there while out & about...

Cath - thanks for letting me just fly by yesterday & drop off plants! I was sweaty, dirty & probably smelly too!!! Glad if your machine is working better! Isn't it amazing what a stray piece of thread can do?! Blue words... ; )

Lor - sorry I missed seeing the Sr. Marita quilt. By ALL accounts it sounds wonderful!!! You ladies sure are talented & can crack the whip...?! I saw Lori while stopping off plants @ Cathy's for Mike. Got that...?!

Jean - thanks for offering to care for Shelby in our absence!!! I don't know what we would have done. I hate to think of having to board her. We ALL appreciate you & the girls looking after her! She'll LOVE YOU & ERIN & KELLY next week!!! : ) How did Erin's room turn out? Is it tropical? I bet it's nice stretching out under the palm tree...?! ; )

Hope all you other 'Mama's had a nice weekend! Scott & I took advantage of the nice weather on Saturday & did LOTS of garden work. Today we started packing...

I got my new lenses on Friday afternoon. I am officially old, yep, they're bifocals. So far I'm not having any trouble with them. I am SO/SEW thankful! I can actually SEE & that is awesome!!! I was afraid stitching & using the sewing machine would cause trouble. Sew, I think I'm all set for the Cruise! ; )

Piece & have a nice evening. Enjoy your tomorrow too!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Another jewel in the crown of the Quiltmamas! An excellent job ladies....the precision and teamwork were a joy to behold. Starting at approximately 1:00 pm - a completed top was ironed by 4:00 pm - amazing! It's looks terrific! Cathy D took it home to layer and quilt - we're looking at having bee next Thursday or possibly Wednesday - Consuelo (who was a fabulous hostess - M&M's on the sewing table) is going to contact Sister and invite her so the presentation can be made. What a talented bunch! Thanks again....have a pieceful day!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Just a Quickie...

EVERYONE was there, but Marianne! We missed you. The 'Mama's can fill you in tomorrow!

It was GOOD to SEE (almost) everyone!!! It's been a while.

Peggy - you ARE alive & well!!! And, you blogged!?!?!?! Way to go, now if we can just get you to sew!!! ; ) Glad to hear Megan is surviving, that there was NO medical emergency, that she does indeed have underwear, money & even her luggage!!! You are such a good Mom!!! : )

Dolores - good to SEE you too!!! Glad you got the Biker Quilt done...! ; ) What jelly roll did you get & what else did you order from Hancock's?!

LA - it was nice to see you! Thanks for the Mary Engelbreit magazine! I read the WHOLE thing cover to cover & loved it!!! Thanks for thinking of me & sharing. : ) I read a quote from Walt Disney in it that I liked..."First think. Second believe. Third dream. Fourth dare."

Lois - when does your dishwasher arrive?!?!? And, a garbage disposal is being installed too?! WOW!!! Evidently, all you needed to do to get them was RETIRE!!! ; ) Glad you are enjoying your time! The new baby quilt is soft, cuddly & sweet!!!

Cath - glad you were @ Bee & nice to see you! : ) I LOVE your Civil War BOM's!!! They look GREAT & aren't the colors SUPER?! The laundry bag is bright & happy - neat-o!!!

Jean - I LOVE the tea pot & tea cups on your kitchen wall! Glad if you had a nice OCMD vacation!!! Hey, Kelly's quilt is AWESOME!!! Way to SEW, kid! ; ) Your table runner & placemats are nice. And, did you say you only have 2 more Irish Cottages left to sew?! Hooray!!! Thanks for ALL your effort in organizing the Mystery Weekend. Lancaster is GOOD!!! ; ) Keep you posted...!

Lor - I REALLY like the Bento Box quilt! The circles are great!!! Get 'er done!!! ; ) Use that thread, girlfriend! Glad you had a fun weekend in Lancaster!

Mo - you are a good moderator!!! It's tough to keep us in hear & know ALL the conversations & what's going on!!! Matt did a GOOD JOB this evening!!! : ) Have FUN sewing tomorrow!!!

Alright, I gotta get to bed...I have to WORK tomorrow! : / Sleep tight & have a TERRIFIC tomorrow!
Piecefully, Pam
Sultry Morning Greetings!

57 cucumbers later...!?!?!? This morning is "Operation Chili Dill" here @ Mt. Pleasant!!! The pickle making process is underway. : ) Jingle & I were out this morning to harvest fresh dill too! The garden has been prolific, even this early in our season! I think the composter & fence have made a BIG difference...?!

Stay tuned, stay cool & I'll look forward to seeing you @ Bee this evening!!!
Piece, Pam

Monday, July 9, 2007

Good Morning Girls,

It feels like it's going to be another HOT one today! Sip ICED tea & have a Popsicle!!! : D Keep cool!

With Scott's encouragement, I took another look @ the Pastel Bubbles project. Hey, I found some completed blocks that are usable - that was nice! Yesterday, I worked on the MATH!!! & got the Pinwheel blocks figured out. Hooray!!! So, I am cutting & drawing lines presently. I need 87 Pinwheel blocks... One bite/block @ a time, right?! ; )

I have NOT begun a Cruise count down. I don't BELIEVE it!!! Not yet.

Glad to hear you have the table runner done, Jean! Your Mom is going to LOVE the placemats, & is the table runner for her too? The colors are BRIGHT & FUN!!! Oooh, have you started the Fall class project yet?! The design is SEW happy!!! I'll be anxious to see what you have done by tomorrow evening!? ; )

Enjoy the sunshine, but stay in the shade!
Piecefully, Pam

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Hi Girls,

Welcome home, Jean!!! Glad to hear you had a FUN time!!! : ) What good books did you read? Hey, I'm glad the Snow Hill quilt shop was decent! Did you get to sew today?! What are you making?

Lori - how is the Bento Box project? Did the thread work/did it match? Did you order from Red Rock @ all?

LA & Dolores - what's the status of your projects...?!?!?!

Mare - how's that new machine? Jingle says "Hi!" to Flynn! ; )

Cathy - a BIG thank you to Mr. D. for the Conestoga Nursery referral. We went today - they're AWESOME!!! I found things I've been looking for, & @ VERY reasonable prices!!! Are you getting any sewing done?

Lois - did Van have a good second birthday?! Do you have any pictures to share...?! Have you started a quilt yet for his sister?! ; )

Mo - how is your Summer going? Any R & R, or are the kids keeping you too busy? How's your stash...?!

Peggy - are you still alive...?!

Bee on Tuesday @ Jean's...?! I'll be there & am looking forward to seeing you guys & catching up a bit! : )

Did anyone get the email from The Little Shop about their Fat Quarter Frenzy? Sale starts on Wednesday evening & runs through the weekend, I think. Twenty fat 1/4's for $25...includes pre-cut 1/2 yards, bundles & I don't know what else. Anyone going...?!

While up in Lancaster today, we stopped @ a little road side produce stand. Got the best corn on the cob! Bought some green beans, Bing cherries, yellow tomatoes & such too. YUM!

Hope you're enjoying your Summer!
Piece, Pam

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Good Morning Ladies!

I am hoping the weather didn't dampen too many parties or picnics yesterday! We heard bangs, pops & screams - from fireworks last evening, in between the rain drops!

I have my Cruise fabrics cut & most of my notions assembled. I have the batting ready to cut. I'm getting there!

This morning I went through the pile of clothing that needs a "fix." They are today's sewing agenda. There's not as many as I had thought. That's nice. : )

Next, I will be pulling out the Kaffe Fassett Pastel Bubbles & some Scott Hallowe'en blocks to sew!!! Good motivation!!!

Lori - glad if the thread will work! I think the Bento Box quilt is AWESOME!!! Thanks for liking our studio.

Friends visited yesterday. They did not know about the changes we made to our home, & were a bit uncertain. It was funny to see their reaction. It made me feel a little awkward... Jingle did an EXCELLENT job with their 2 boys!!! : ) And, we did have a FUN time together.

Consuelo - a sense of humor is of paramount importance - ALWAYS!!! Glad you got a little chuckle. Jingle is fine today.

Enjoy your day ladies, whatever it may hold!!!
Piecefully, Pam

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy Fourth of July All!!!

First, Happy (Bee-lated) Birthday, Consuelo...?! When IS your birthday? Scott's is coming up! ; )

Second, I SEW apologize Lori!!! I'll explain a little later in the post... About the YLI thread. I have a couple blue, & blue/purple YLI's. However, I bought mine in Houston as "used" & they do NOT have the color label on the end. So, while I think 1 may work, I don't actually know it's color name or #. You may certainly come have a look! We ARE home!!!

Jean - look @ you, girlfriend...?!?!?! You get a special award for your commitment & dedication to the Bee!!! : ) Writing from the Beach?! How noble & worthy!!! And, WE ALL wish we were THERE!!! The Snow Hill quilt shop, is it called Pine Needles, or Pins & Needles, or something like that...?! Yeah, I was there, once. It's in the basement of some one's home & it was kind of scary. Enjoy the rest of your vacation!!! ; )

Since we have a Bee calendar, would you Mama's be willing to allow your birthdays to be added? I think it would be-e kind of nice to share. We don't HAVE to do anything special or celebrate, but individually we could send a greeting or something if we'd like...?! Just an idea. Also, any interest in doing a Christmas Polly-anna?

Okay, the reason we weren't home last evening when Lori stopped by for Bee. We had a dog emergency. Yep, Jingle was stung by a bee - again. We took him right over to the Vet, no appointment & no phone call...we just showed up with a dog that had a BIG, FAT, SWOLLEN face! After he threw up, we gave him 50mg of Benadryl, 2 ice cubes & put him in the car. It's a GOOD thing that the Vet is nearby! So (not sew...), Scott, Jingle & I had a b-e-e, just not the sewing kind!!! His swelling is better today, but his left lower lip is still a bit fat. He kind of drools & froths from it a little & he's still rubbing the area every now & then. He's also s-l-o-w from the Benadryl. All in all, Jingle is alright. He gave me a few more gray hairs though! I don't know how you Moms do it?!?!?! They don't have Epi Pens for animals...I'm thinking niche market...?!

Have a safe 4th!!!
Piece, Pam

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Morning Girls,

I couldn't go to Winterthur yesterday...I had an eye doctor appointment, & then GIANT pupils!!! It's time for bifocals. : /

Did anyone get a "Christmas in July" sales card from Burkholder's? The sale runs 7/9 - 7/21. I also received the Houston Quilt Festival "magazine of classes" in the mail. It's torture!!! I haven't even looked @ it yet, but already know what classes Barb is taking!

The front studio windows are done!!! They've been painted, & last evening Scott helped me to remove the tape. They look nice! : ) Now, I need to actually CLEAN the windows...!!!

I cut my fabric for the Sashiko class. I have my fabrics lined up for the Hoochie Mama class. I am trying to decide on colors before I cut them?! Oh, I need to cut batting too, I keep forgetting about that!

I will be home this evening. If anyone wishes to stop in for a Bee, feel free! : )

Enjoy the lovely day!
Piecefully, Pam

Sunday, July 1, 2007

It's been an AWESOME day!!! I hope you gals enjoyed your day too!

I'm pooped though & soon ready for bed...zzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzZZZZzzz!

"See" ya tomorrow. ; )
Piece, Pam