Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The day after.....

Girls....last night was hysterical. I don't know when I've had so many laughs. The food was wonderful - LA - your home is just lovely. There were just so many funny things.....we're up-to-date on the triangle goings-on. It's like a car wreck - you don't want to know but can't help yourself. Pam - thanks for sharing your touching moments. Sharing with the mamas doubles the happiness of the wonderful times and helps ease the burden of the not-so-happy things. Lois - hope your back is feeling better - I'm so glad you came. It wouldn't be the same without you. As a photographic chronicaler (word?) of the event - I failed miserably. Took the camera out of my bag and promptly forgot about it completely - to the point of leaving it at LA's. OY! So, without any visual aids.....(apologies if I leave anything out)

Cathy got a lovely address stamp with an angel - and some cards because she is so good about sending cards - what a nice gift.

Mare got an awesome fat quarter bundle of Sprinkle all the Way and a cute sign

Lori got a fat quarter collection also - in lovely browns, greens, tans - ecological colors - and a nice quilt book

Maureen got a seam ripper(?) and a gift card to use for Sweet Treats perhaps?

Lois got Aunt Millie's flower garden pattern and some cute polka dot fat quarters - lots of hand applique in your future!

I got an adorable snowman fleece blanket, an awesome calendar quilts pattern, some homemade goodies, a candle and a lovely star - that is destined to appear at many quiltmama Christmases to come!

Pam got a beach house wallhanging and some monogram Christmas ornaments

Dolores got a Fandango jelly roll and an awesome pattern

LA - got the gift of the evening - a one-of-a-kind (or 1 0f 500) Donnie and Marie doll set - truly an instant McCabe family heirloom - and some awesome panels - so cute!

And there were lots of little treats - lottery tickets, pumpkin bread, a hilarious magnet of our future selves....and so much more.

What we have here in our group is very special. We're all different but bound by our creativity and our friendship. Looking forward to another year of laughs, trips, fun, dinners and fabric......there's nothing we can't face because we have each other. Peace!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas

The reason for the season.....

Wishing all the 'mamas and their families a blessed Christmas. Peace.....

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Check this out...

Here are 50 decorating ideas - none of which look like my house! Some of these are awesome....ho, ho, ho......


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Single digits now.....

Christmas is just 6 days away.......hope you had a productive and fun weekend. I sewed a few things, baked some cookies, did laundry and all the other normal weekend stuff. I did discover the wonder that is parchment paper....how is it that I lived to 52, have baked thousands of cookies and have only now just used parchment paper? It is merely awesome. Clean-up was a snap - just another bonus. I have kept a notebook since fall 2009 - just listing the quilts and crafts I have made - and for whom. I looked through the book today - and was amazed by this year. I kicked out a lot of stuff - it was fun to remember some of the things. I recommend it for those looking for some quilting resolutions for the new year. My resolution is to add some details to each entry - it's a start. My 'Butter My Butt and Call Me a Biscuit' calendar is coming to an end. Here are some of my favorite sayings from this year:

Stupidity: If brains were cotton, he wouldn't have enough to knit a pair of socks.

Hot: It's hotter than the hinges on the gates of hell

If you need to have a serious talk with your children: We're gonna have a come-to-Jesus meetin'. (Reminds me of Consuelo)

Intelligence: He won't hurt his back totin' his brains. (My personal favorite)

Anxiety: He's as nervous as a porcupine in a balloon factory.

Being broke: My piggybank is as useful as an ashtray on a motorcycle.

Accountability: Don't blame the cow when the milk goes sour.

Miser: He's so tight he can call every dollar by its first name.

Idleness: He'll never drown in his own sweat.

Cath - hope your final went well. You must be enjoying sewing now. And glad to have Kerry home. Lois - how's everything? Haven't seen you in ages. Pam was at Mama Barb's this weekend - she's probably in a Christmas gift/food coma. Dolores - how are things back at work? LA - what can we bring for the Quiltmama extravaganza? Do you want me to send an email and have everyone respond? Or comment here? If you gals would let LA know what you're bringing, that would be great! What's the start time? Can't wait......enjoy this week, girls......Santa is on his way. May he bring you lots of Moda and thread. Piece.....

Friday, December 10, 2010

a rowdy bunch...

A rollicking bee on Wednesday night, ladies. Pam and Lois you were missed - you could probably hear us - it got a little loud a few times. Dolores returned! Yay! D - you look terrific! She started back to work yesterday....how did it go? Was Rocky mad that you weren't home? Mare is finished school for this semester and loving life with baby Kevin. Cathy has her final on Tuesday - good luck!!!! And Kerry will be home by the end of next week. Consuelo reports that Chris is feeling better - still a little swelling but it's better each day. LA brought quilts to be bound and we even completed a 'quilty' task together - layering a cute baby quilt that she started in Lancaster. Lori brought an adorable Christmas table runner - inspired by LA's strip quilt she made in Lancaster. Did I get a picture - no......sorry. Our big decision of the evening was the Quiltmama Christmas extravaganza. We picked Monday, December 27 - hoping you can come, Pam....you too, Lois. Thanks to LA for the lovely new ticker over on the right......very festive! Hope you all have a lovely weekend! Piece.....

Monday, December 6, 2010

What......December 6th?

Oy! Only 19 days till Christmas.....doesn't seem possible. How was everyone's weekend? Have you decorated the house? Put up a tree? I'm sewing like a wild woman. I put one of those pillow/armchair things in my sewing room so Burkie or the girls could come, sit and chat with me. Why does this happen every year? And I'm still thinking of things daily - 'Oh, she would love that - I could get that done in time'......seriously? Anyhow......hope Chris is feeling better. Pam - still loving the job? Lois - what's new in Broomall? Dolores is heading back to work on Wednesday....I'm sure there is smoke pouring from Gracie trying to finish up things. Enjoy these last days. Hope you're feeling terrific. I'd like to host on Wednesday - before things get really holiday crazy next week. Hope to see you ladies.......piece.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

good luck....

to Chris tomorrow......Consuelo - please keep us posted. Hope everyone else is happy and healthy. LA wants us to comment about when we'd like to have the Quiltmama Christmas extravaganza - Tuesday or Thursday after Christmas. Pam - you work evenings now - do you know which evenings you'd be off that week? I have lots of basketball during those days but free at night...I think....so any night is ok with me. Hope to see you girls soon - we'll have to have bee next week as things will get a little hectic after that. Cath and Mare - do you have finals? When are they? If you all have a night that's good or bad for you next week, let me know and I'll check our many schedules too. Take care girls.....24 days till......you know! Prayers coming your way, Consuelo........piece.

Made a bunch of these little treat bags (Quilts and More Fall 2010) for my students. So easy - really! And ribbon for the handles......