Friday, June 19, 2015

Hey, mamas....

Wishing you all a nice weekend! Summer is here....officially on Sunday - the longest day of the year. Enjoy it....and
to all the Quiltpapas! Peace.....

Friday, June 12, 2015

Mid-June already?

Where is the time going? A nice bee tonight - thanks to Cathy for hosting us. Consuelo, Dolores, Cathy and myself. We talked about everyone who wasn't there - in a good way!! I caught everyone up on Pam' latest news. We wondered how George an Lois are doing up in the frozen north! Consuelo is days away from the all-consuming wedding - come on next Sunday!! Joe Byrnes is doing well with his new job. We talked about charity quilts - this summer's 'Sew and Not Swim' is tentatively scheduled for Saturday, August 29th. We want to work on charity quilts.....get those scraps out! On to the show & tell:
Dolores is making this beautiful king-sized quilt for her sister - who wanted a Blue quilt - the fabric is awesome!! It's from Hawthorn Threads.

She's going to measure it on the bed this weekend - and determine borders - it really is stunning!

This is a little bowl I made out of a hexagon block...

I'd found this fabric and pattern through Hawthorn threads also...little mermaids and sea creatures - the pattern was actually for a large quilt. I made it smaller - and will get at least two quilts from it.

This is the seashore bottle cap fabric. I'm making curtain panels for Monique's trailer - I love this fabric! I can't wait to see pictures.

This is a pillow I made as a raffle prize for the Sean Patrick Cunningham fundraiser. He was a young alum of SJU who passed away in an accident.

Cathy made this happy string quilt as a charity quilt - the back is super soft and pretty too!

That's it for now, ladies. School's almost out! Stay cool....I'm working on compiling a list of everyone's favorite fabric websites, weekly emails, who do you like on Facebook...more to come on that! Peace

Saturday, June 6, 2015


Cathy has offered to host bee this Thursday.....hope to see you there!!
Dolores posted this on her Facebook page - it is hilarious!!

Thursday, June 4, 2015

Not this dedicated...

Now, a nice churn dash block....hmmmm....Quiltmama most likely to get a tattoo?