Monday, September 30, 2013

Another Monday...

Happy Monday was a glorious weekend, wasn't it? Saw Dolores bright and early yesterday morning down on the parkway in Philadelphia. We did the Parkway Walk/Run for childhood cancer. It was truly inspirational and heart-breaking all at once. So many children and so much love and support - amazing!

Hope you all had a nice weekend and were able to get outside - I was able to sneak a half hour nap in the hammock yesterday before dinner - yay! What are we sewing? At bee last week, we talked about two women we know well from Sacred Heart with breast cancer - one had actually had surgery that day - the other is coming up in about a week. We're trying to get together to work on a couple of quilts for them. Will keep you posted.

Got a text from Consuelo on Saturday - on her way to deliver the twin quilts she made in Lancaster last spring......and she was sewing the labels on in the car. So proud!!!

Did you notice the ticker is getting down there?? We're at a little over 6 weeks....oy! Time to clean out my sewing room, organize some things and get projects lined up!

Best Quiltmama wishes to Kieran McCabe who was two yesterday and Kelly Burke who is 16 today! God bless you both!

Not a lot of news this week.....I saw this centerpiece on pinterest - so cute!

Fun and functional! Have a terrific week, ladies. Peace!

Friday, September 27, 2013

First fall bee

Thanks to Cathy for hosting on Wednesday - myself, Lori and Leigh Anne. We missed those who weren't there. We had some nice chat and show & tell.

This is Mare's quilt - Cathy quilted it for her...

Cathy finished this swoon quilt - it's various lines of Camille Roskelly fabrics - so pretty!

Here's the Christmas block of the month quilt all finished. Being off definitely agrees with you, Cath!

I made this quilt - the pattern name is Fletcher - a free pattern from Shiny Happy World - easy to assemble.

It was nice to catch up....we need to get together with Pam for her birthday. I'm working on that. Wishing you all a lovely weekend - the last in September! Peace....

Monday, September 23, 2013

Happy Fall Monday!

Hope you all had a nice weekend! Red&White day at Sacred Heart was very nice....another job well done. Congrats to Mike DiNardo and and his band of merry men and women.

Cathy has volunteered to host bee this Wednesday night....hope to see you there!

Did anyone attend the quilt show last weekend up in Oaks? I missed it again this year. I heard from a friend who went and she really enjoyed it. I saw Leslie Gibson - from Undercover Quilters - in the checkout line at Giant yesterday morning. She said the Undercover show is coming up in Brookhaven, the weekend of Oct 25 to 27th. That's always a nice show - I'm going to go down and see it if anyone is interested in going. She said that Carol Congdon has been the president the past couple of years - so it seems the Axis of Evil twins have moved on - possibly conquering a small nation.

Headed to Joann's today with Kelly - I had to get a few things and she needed something for a secret project she's working on - can't tell me about it. That's fine.  I told her I had two coupons if she wanted to use one. She says, 'Oh, I have an app for that'. She pulls up two coupons on her phone and shows them to me - a 40% and a 15% off total price. Oy! And here I am pulling my stone tablet coupon out from between the seats....boy, did I feel old. And I didn't have a 15%!! Is she smart or a smart-ass? Not sure.....

Wishing you a good week....

Friday, September 13, 2013

Happy Birthday, Pam!!

Pam - wishing you the happiest of birthdays! Enjoy your day at the beach!! We have to figure out the logistics for the Quiltmama celebration of your special day.....have fun.

Thursday, September 12, 2013

My day so far.....

Up early, I even packed my gym bag in plenty of time. Finish up at the gym at 7:45, chat with my boss on my way to getting cleaned up. Pulling my clean clothes out of my bag....panicky, sinking underwear! OY! What? I had packed a pair of slacks and later on, thought - oh, it's going to be so hot, I'll swap that out for a skirt. My underwear is folded inside the swapped out slacks on my bed. Say the S word a few times. OK...think, think. No choice.....commando it is. Luckily, I have a tank top and a blouse over it. I get dressed, hold my blouse closed and stop in my boss' office. 'Hopefully, this is the most inappropriate thing I will ever say to you.....I forgot my bra and have to go home'. She bursts out laughing and says go home - no worries. Oy.....I'm about 50 shades of red at this point. Hop in the van and head home, conversing with God and begging for an accident free trip home - because I would die of embarrassment! Get dressed, pulling out of the driveway, realize that my glasses are on the bed. Inside again, back in the car.....start up the street and my gas light comes on....where's my purse? Locked in my desk at's 9:35 and I think I need a drink!

Wishing you a nice day.....

Monday, September 9, 2013

A beautiful Monday....

Hope you all had a nice was just lovely, wasn't it? Hope you got to do some fun things outside.

I have a certain fondness for Guinness....and this makes me like the company even more. One of the best commercials ever!

What are y'all working on? I washed all the pillowcases over the weekend - that was a sight when I opened the dryer!! So colorful....Mrs. D (my mom) is ironing them now and bagging them up. Thanks again for your help.

Leaving you with a cool picture of a quilt......have a lovely day! Peace....

Monday, September 2, 2013

No swimming....just sewing!

Girls...what a wonderful day! It was hot and muggy outside but cool and cheery in casa Consuelo! We put up the appropriate decorations first....Pam - thanks for the thread spool lights! 

Cathy sewed the binding down on this beautiful quilt.....the colors are terrific - and there is a lovely white background paisley flannel on the back.

Mr H obliged us by taking our group photo under our banner....this is Consuelo organizing us.....

And the money shot.....

Lois had finished this applique block - she's thinking of making it a wallhanging for her home.

Lois made this for her niece's pretty.

Tons of laughs, as always. Consuelo - thank you for your generous hospitality! We had wonderful food all day long and some apple sangria in the afternoon!

Cathy finished up the binding and then helped everyone!

Lois was working on some place mats with great fruit and veggie fabrics.

Dolores made a beautiful quilt top with some inspirational messages about cancer for her aunt who is suffering with it. She also whipped up two string quilts - one pink and one red - with a lot of her flannel scraps - so cute. Sorry - I spaced on the pictures. And then, to spite LA, she made two baby boy quilt tops - and Gracie behaved beautifully all day.  And she helped out too...

Mare was working on baby quilts - and sewed together lots and lots of pillowcases - thanks!!

LA got so much done! Some mending, a pink t-shirt quilt prepped and laid out - with lots of input! She also whipped up a few pillowcases...a very productive day.

Consuelo was everywhere - the feast was wonderful, we had tea in the good china, and, in the middle of everything, she whipped up brisket and potatoes for her menfolk, helped and advised all over the place - and still looked like June Cleaver at the end of the day....amazing! She also put together a wedding quilt top - and began appliquéing pictures to it - the blanket stitching so lovely it would make one weep!  She has found her niche, I think!

I made pillowcases.....and, with the help of my wonderful, helpful and generous Quiltmama friends, ended up with 65 finished pillowcase at the end of the day!!! I texted a picture of the finished pile to Monique. She responded that it gave her chills....and Sean would be honored! And so am I.....thank you.

Good luck to all the Quiltmama children starting school this week. And all the best to Cathy as she closes the chapter of her Bryn Mawr years and  moves on to a new adventure and some much needed stress relief. Here's to a fun fall!