Monday, September 30, 2013

Another Monday...

Happy Monday was a glorious weekend, wasn't it? Saw Dolores bright and early yesterday morning down on the parkway in Philadelphia. We did the Parkway Walk/Run for childhood cancer. It was truly inspirational and heart-breaking all at once. So many children and so much love and support - amazing!

Hope you all had a nice weekend and were able to get outside - I was able to sneak a half hour nap in the hammock yesterday before dinner - yay! What are we sewing? At bee last week, we talked about two women we know well from Sacred Heart with breast cancer - one had actually had surgery that day - the other is coming up in about a week. We're trying to get together to work on a couple of quilts for them. Will keep you posted.

Got a text from Consuelo on Saturday - on her way to deliver the twin quilts she made in Lancaster last spring......and she was sewing the labels on in the car. So proud!!!

Did you notice the ticker is getting down there?? We're at a little over 6 weeks....oy! Time to clean out my sewing room, organize some things and get projects lined up!

Best Quiltmama wishes to Kieran McCabe who was two yesterday and Kelly Burke who is 16 today! God bless you both!

Not a lot of news this week.....I saw this centerpiece on pinterest - so cute!

Fun and functional! Have a terrific week, ladies. Peace!


Lori said...

I have some blocks left over from the Ocean City quilt store "Sherbert" quilt kit. They are all batiks. I have some purple batik fabric we can add to make a "purple" ish quilt for Chrissy. If anyone has some purple batik to add, that would be great IF everyone is ok with this?

Jean Burke said...

Sounds good to me....