Friday, July 30, 2010


What a gorgeous day, ladies.....a nice breeze, low humidity - just wonderful. We missed those of you who didn't make the road trip yesterday - it was a LOT of laughs! I think the lady at Sauder's thought we were crazy. We all got stuff there - LA got a hunk a hunk o burnin' funny. Consuelo was kind enough to get Mare some food and lots of fabrics seemed to speak to her. The fabric whisperer....? Cathy is so efficient - walks in, picks out her stuff and that's that. Dolores got some beautiful blues for a wedding present quilt. Can't wait to see that. But, alas, Gracie's maintenance light is on and she will be headed to Hayes for treatment on Saturday - so, the fabric will only be fondled for now - no sewing until her return. Then it was on to the Hayloft - again, lots of laughs in the store and more fabrics spoke to Consuelo. Everything in the place was %15 off - a nice incentive. And the culmination of the trip - the Windmill!!! And the windmill was operating. Happy to report that the Windmill chicken sandwich is as good as ever, as was the chicken corn chowder. Ricardo Montalban waited on us - just another in a long line of funny things. Luckily, with all that laughing, no one drooled or snorted iced tea....BIB anyone? We even perused the gift shop on our way out! Cathy is headed to the shore tomorrow for a week's vacation - have a great time! Well deserved.....lots of show & tell for the next bee. Hope y'all have a lovely weekend, safe travels......piece.

*** Important note*** This year's Quiltmamas' Sew & Swim (or just Sew) will be on Sunday, August 29th at Casa Henderson.....details to follow soon. Thanks.

Monday, July 26, 2010

a glorious Monday!

Good morning, beautiful this morning! What a nice break. Hope you all had a nice weekend. The girls and I drove up to the Hershey quilt show yesterday. It was really nice. I met Pat Sloan and Pam's personal artist, Bonnie. The quilts were beautiful - and we went to Chocolate World afterwards - can there be a better combo? I don't think so. Hoping to work in the sweat shop (sewing room) today without so much actual sweat. If you haven't done so already....please let me know if you're in for Thursday's road trip. Looking forward to it....piece.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

a breather....

It's still hot as blazes but today is a much easier breathing day - not as humid. Giving thanks for even the littlest is everyone? Unfortunately - the sewing day at Consuelo's tomorrow has been postponed. Life caught up with most folks. Please comment and let her know what days work for you - after August 22nd - so we can reschedule. I'm back to work then - so I'm only open on the weekends. In the meantime, we have a little road trip planned for next Thursday - 7/28. We'll be pulling out of H-town around 3:30 pm. Cathy and I can both drive - after we get a head count, we'll work out the driving arrangements. We're going to head to Sauder's and then come back down the turnpike to the Hayloft - and dine at the Windmill - yay!!!!! Get those patterns out, cruise the internet and get your lists ready!!! Looking forward to it. Hope y'all have a nice's bit of country wisdom:
If brains were cotton, he wouldn't have enough to knit a pair of socks.

Hmmm......I can think of a few folks with a cotton shortage....anyhow......take care......piece.

Monday, July 19, 2010


Here's the new blog design and URL - what do you think? I'm not finished adding blogs and stuff....bear with me. But, we can use this going forward. Let me know what you want, ok? far, Thursday, 7/29 is winning for the road does that sound? Have a nice day.....piece.

A repeat....

This is a re-post of the last one - because it was copied to the new URL before this was posted...

Finally got together last night.....Lois - it was great to see you. It's been so long. You went to your high school reunion and marched in the parade, among other things. Good for you! And you and George are getting relief from the heat in the backyard pool. Your placemats are adorable - and how about the antique quilt that you found in the attic and are quilting. Did I remember to take pictures - yes, but unfortunately I remembered this morning!! OY! Pam - your hair looks so cute. The hand applique block is even more beautiful in person than on the blog. And quilt camp next week - ending the week at the Hershey show? How cool.....Mare - nice to see you. Things must be quiet on the home front - you looked relaxed. Consuelo - what a road trip you have planned. Enjoy the falls - and all the guy things too!!! Don't forget everyone - sewing day at Consuelo's next Friday - 7/23. Please let her know if you are coming - what time does it start? I'm so sorry I can't come - but on the bright side, no one will be knocking at 9:00 am! D - your hair looks cute too!!! Glad to hear that Gracie is chugging along nicely in this heat. Can't wait to see the blue & white wedding quilt. Cath - I'm glad you enjoyed orientation - and good to know that Joe Byrnes can go to parents' weekend with Mike at SJU - while we sew and dine in Lancaster. It wouldn't be the same without you! LA and Lori - hope you are are enjoying vacation. I washed the 'easy' baby quilt today - it came out nice and soft. Consuelo - seriously easy - get a charm pack and a yard or so of a solid - cake! I'd like some opinions from you ladies - the blog is going to switch over to a new URL - the old posts and comments are transferred over but the links, etc. need to be added. What blogs do you enjoy - what would you like included? I'm going to attempt a calendar again - what else would you like to see? Pioneer Woman most definitely - any other cooking/recipes blogs you like? That's my project for next week. I'll keep you 'posted' - OY - stupid blog humor. Another decision to be made - shopping trip either Thursday, 7/22 or Thursday, 7/29 - are you interested in/able to make one or both? We'd be leaving at 3:30 pm - to go to Sauders and the Hayloft, finishing with dinner at the Windmill (I think). Please comment if you're in - and which day works best for you. Anyhow - saw Despicable Me this afternoon - very cute! Have a lovely weekend......stay cool......piece.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

something quilty.....

Hello, girls.......tired of talking about the heat. OY! On my list of things to be thankful for: AC!!! Hope you're all having a nice week. Pam is seaside. LA is headed to NC on Friday - have a safe and fun trip. Lori - enjoy the wedding and the shore. I have a baby shower next weekend - so I made this top - it was really to quilt it. Did you notice Burkie's new 'Old Blue Chair'? Bless his heart - didn't he do a nice job? I'll host next week - Thursday? I'll know for sure about basketball playoffs on Monday - and I'll let you know definitely. Have a lovely weekend....piece.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy Birthday....

to our own Consuelo!!!! Hope you're having a lovely day - the men waiting on you hand and foot. Have a great weekend........

Thursday, July 1, 2010

From here to Havertown....

We're back! This shot was taken from Croagh Patrick (St. Patrick's mountain) - we climbed a little way up and this is the view. What a trip......lots of memories and pictures. Feel like I'm still processing it. It was so cool to have the girls see the places and folks who have been very important in my life. Heard is was crazy weather and storms while we were gone. Hope everyone's house fared ok......we only lost one section of fence in the back. Mare - how's the new family doing? They all getting used to each other? Consuelo - are you off for the summer? Pam - saw your new project posts - wow! You're heading to the beach, right? That's a great thing to bring along. Lor - you're probably heading down for the holiday weekend too - have fun! LA - how are you guys enjoying summer so far? Lois - how are you and George doing - you got through the hot weather ok? Cath - we were walking through Ballina - a small city near my cousin's town - on Tuesday. This guy passed us walking the other way - and Erin said, 'That guy looked just like Timmy DiNardo'. And Kelly and I had been thinking the same thing - he really did! Tim has a twin in Ireland! How is Kerry - did she start at the library yet? D - what's new, kid? What are you working on? I got some fabric while I was there - only bought a meter and a half - it was 14.95 euros per meter - that works out to almost $20 a yard!!!! OY! Wishing everyone a Happy July 4th weekend! Be safe and enjoy yourselves. Hope to see you all soon......piece.