Friday, July 30, 2010


What a gorgeous day, ladies.....a nice breeze, low humidity - just wonderful. We missed those of you who didn't make the road trip yesterday - it was a LOT of laughs! I think the lady at Sauder's thought we were crazy. We all got stuff there - LA got a hunk a hunk o burnin' funny. Consuelo was kind enough to get Mare some food and lots of fabrics seemed to speak to her. The fabric whisperer....? Cathy is so efficient - walks in, picks out her stuff and that's that. Dolores got some beautiful blues for a wedding present quilt. Can't wait to see that. But, alas, Gracie's maintenance light is on and she will be headed to Hayes for treatment on Saturday - so, the fabric will only be fondled for now - no sewing until her return. Then it was on to the Hayloft - again, lots of laughs in the store and more fabrics spoke to Consuelo. Everything in the place was %15 off - a nice incentive. And the culmination of the trip - the Windmill!!! And the windmill was operating. Happy to report that the Windmill chicken sandwich is as good as ever, as was the chicken corn chowder. Ricardo Montalban waited on us - just another in a long line of funny things. Luckily, with all that laughing, no one drooled or snorted iced tea....BIB anyone? We even perused the gift shop on our way out! Cathy is headed to the shore tomorrow for a week's vacation - have a great time! Well deserved.....lots of show & tell for the next bee. Hope y'all have a lovely weekend, safe travels......piece.

*** Important note*** This year's Quiltmamas' Sew & Swim (or just Sew) will be on Sunday, August 29th at Casa Henderson.....details to follow soon. Thanks.

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