Monday, December 31, 2007

Dear Quilt Mama's,

I LOVE you guys, & want to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU for your friendship! Reflecting on 2007, I feel pleased & have a sense of satisfaction with the many sewing things I've been able to accomplish this year... I couldn't have done it without you Bee Girls! : ) You provide motivation & inspiration! You encourage, nurture & share. You are tolerant & may give tough advice, with grace, when needed.

Will you share what sewing goals you were able to attain this year? If you don't wish to blog about them, maybe introspection can provide a "sense" & piece/peace that will help to guide & motivate you in 2008...

I am looking forward to 2008...the Lancaster Quilt Show is ALWAYS FUN!!! : ) AND, I can hardly believe, let alone even really THINK about, the upcoming Houston Quilt Festival - Bee Girls & Karen's NEW quilt, Mama Barb!?!?!? It's practically impossible to SLEEP!!! ; )

Be safe tonight, girls! Have a Happy New Year! Love to EACH of you!
Piecefully, Pam

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Good Morning Ladies!!! : )

How is everyone doing?! Are you surviving the Holi-daze?! ; ) It's been quite a whirlwind, no?

The Holidays are continuing here @ Mt. Pleasant. : ) Scott & I are having "our" Christmas tomorrow morning!!! For dinner there will be seafood instead of turkey. Could we be less traditional?! Don't answer that! I'm anxious!!!

Scott & I went to Mama Barb's 2 weeks ago for our Christmas weekend celebration!!! Jingle had to go to the kennel because Cosmo was the guest dog @ Grandma's house this year. We ate TOO much DELICIOUS food, & opened way TOO many presents, but we had such a BLAST!!! Mama Barb got an iPOD from Santa!!! I just LOVE her!!! : )

Last weekend we went to York for Christmas with my Mom & Ken. This time Jingle went along!!! He was well behaved, & got a BIG 'atta Boy!!! : ) We had the traditional turkey & stuffing - yum! We opened gifts & had a pleasant time visiting & sharing with family. This is what the Holidays are all about! : )

So far, "special" sewing things I got from Santa are - the Amy Butler journal!!!, my Quilt Box from Barb, a Gee's Bend book I've been longing for, some nice Moda fabric, a circle cutting ruler thingy, & thread!!! Tell me what sewing stuff Santa brought you?!?!?!

I hope each you had your own share of family fun this Holiday Season! Dolores - I hope your household is back to good health - viruses be GONE!!! Lori - I hope your Dad is doing better. And, everyone - have a safe, a healthy & Happy New Year!!! Here's looking forward to 2008 & what goodness the coming year will bring! ; )

Piecefully, Pam

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Dear Quilt Mama's!!!

To each & everyone of you, a heartfelt MERRY CHRISTMAS! May you & yours have a blessed Christmas. May it be a magical time filled with wonder & joy. I hope you are surrounded by the love of family & friends.

I value the friendships we share. I cherish each Quilt Mama. Thank you for sharing the gift of yourself.

Piecefully, Pam

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Well, it's the day after and I'm still chuckling about last night. Thank you, girls, for another fun Christmas party. Leigh Anne - you outdid yourself! Your house looks beautiful and you are a wonderful hostess. Thanks for making it so special. The food was fabulous - Consuelo - my sinuses haven't been this clear in ages. Each and every treat was delightful. Lots of laughs and many nice gifts exchanged. Peggy, we missed you very much. Hope you're feeling better. I'm so very thankful to be part of such a wonderful group of gals. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas with family and friends. Having each other to lean on seems to be more important each year - thank you all for that continuing gift. Peace and piece this holiday season. Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Hello, girls! Happy Monday! A little over 24 hours till the Quiltmama Christmas extravaganza. I'm really looking forward to it. Feels like we haven't all been together in quite a while. Hope everyone's holiday preparations are coming along. Remember to bring show & tell if you have it tomorrow night...see you all then. Enjoy the little moments and the peace of the season when you can. Piece...

Friday, December 14, 2007

Good Morning Quilt Mama's!!! : )

TGIF!!! How has everyone been doing?! Sorry I've been quiet lately. Not unlike everyone else, I'm sure, our home is humming with holiday activity!!! Even if I missed Bee, & although I haven't been blogging regularly, I HAVE been thinking of each of you, sending + juju, & warm Holiday cheer! : )

Jean - thanks for blogging & picking up the slack! How was the Apron Contest @ Cloth & Bobbin?! Did you do First Friday & Loni Rossi's shop?! What's going on @ the Undercover Guild? And, How is your Holiday Home - clean & decorated?! ; )

Mare - how is your Holiday? Is Nicole home? Did you get your B-I-G Christmas tree yet?!

Lori - PLEASE tell me your Santa wall hanging is UP?!?!?!

Mo - I have SO been thinking of YOU most of all!!! How are things going...Matt, school, hearings, etc...?! Have you fondled your flannel lately...?! ; )

Cath - how is your Dad doing? I've been so thinkging of you TOO! What things have you been stitching?! Ready for Santa...did your books arrive...?! ; )

Peggy - are you OUT of your slump?! Will someone PLEASE give that woman a Wawa coffee...?! ; ) Are your kids home for the Holiday?! Do you put up a tree? Are you sewing up any amazing Christmas gifts?!

Dolores - you're giving away the Too Colorful quilt?! Wow, you are SEW generous!!! How is that Gracie machine doing? How's Rocky? Do you have a Christmas tree? Does he perch in it...?!

Lois - how are you doing? What are your Holiday plans? Did you finish the quilt for Kara & Colin? Is it for Christmas? How are they doing with the bad West Coast weather they've been hit with? I've been thinking of them! How's that new baby!?!

Leigh Anne - I'm sorry I didn't help you baste on Tuesday! Did you get everything pinned? How is your project list coming along?! Take pictures & make labels, if you can!!!

Me - well, let's see...I JUST finished a labor of love I've been working on this week! Whew! My fabric did arrive from Hancock's, but it has been on hold. I will get back to it just as soon as I can. Meanwhile, this weekend is the Christmas Extravaganza @ Mama Barb's!!! Hope for decent weather for our return trip on Sunday, as I MUST work!

Looking forward to seeing everyone @ Leigh Anne's on Tuesday! What time? Thanks for the food assignments! See you guys soon! : )
Piece (and jingle bells too!!!), Pam

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hello, girls! Happy Wednesday. A productive bee last night - Peggy, Pam and Consuelo - we missed you. We got three quilts basted for LA - she'll be finished for the holiday for sure! Lois made some beautiful table runners as gifts. Dolores's 'too colorful' quilt is just beautiful! The binding is on and it's being given to a lucky Byrnes niece for Christmas. I finished a reindeer table runner and showed my apron from the apron contest (no, I didn't win). But, I like the apron. Cathy is apparently reading some racy Quilt magazines and her family is concerned. We talked about who is bringing what to the Quiltamama Christmas extravaganza next week. The list is as follows:
Peggy - cheese & crackers
Maureen - buffalo chicken dip (the thing you brought last year!)
Lori - dessert
Cathy - dessert
Mare - cookies and ice
Dolores - wine
Lois - dessert
Jean - appetizer
Pam - appetizer
LA - stromboli

If you think of anything else or change your mind - we're easy. It'll be a very nice of luck to everyone in the coming week. Don't let the holiday rush get you down. Looking forward to next Tuesday!!!! Piece

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Hello girls! Hope everyone had a nice weekend. We cleaned (well, I cleaned) and then we decorated. Good to have that done. Now if only all the other things could get done! Where's Dobby when I need him? Anyhow....looking forward to Tuesday night. Hope you all can make it....I'll have the basting tables set up. Pam - I'm thinking of going to guild tomorrow - they're announcing the upcoming challenge so it shouldn't be a long meeting (sneaking out the back is also an option!). I'd like to get my membership card and directory. I'll be leaving around 6:15 or 6:20 if you'd like to come along. Heading up now to work on some presents.....piece.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Good Morning Girls,

How is everyone this morning? Any snow delays for the kiddies?! ; ) Jingle LOVED being out in the snow last evening, and he was EASY to see!!! BIG, raked piles of leaves, covered in snow provided him with a leaping, bounding good time!!! Too funny!!! Another antic...he would walk along dragging his tongue over the sidewalk or grass..."drinking" in the snow. Better than catching snowflakes on your tongue...?! He made us smile & feel joyful!

Jean - thanks for posting comments!!! You are SEW dependable! I LOVE you!!! : ) I am thrilled to hear you are SEW far along with your Irish Cottages quilt!!! HiP, HIP, hOoRaY!!! First Friday sounds neat! I am interested, but we have a Holiday party to attend. : / If you go, will you tell me how it was, please?

Sorry to hear that Mike has a cold. Scott & I have been a bit under the weather too. We're hoping to be in better shape for next weekend's Christmas Extravaganza @ Mama Barb's!!!

My fabric has been shipped from Hancock's. I'm waiting for it to arrive. Yesterday the door bell rang...nope, not fabric.

I am looking forward to Bee next week, Jean. : ) Thanks for hosting. If Peggy's in a slump, does someone need to stop @ the Wawa on the way to your place...? I'll happily help LA baste! Do you need anyone to bring basting pins?!

Girls, I know how busy & hectic this Season is. Please, try to take a little time each day for some sewing sanity!!! Make a cup of tea & whip stitch a binding, browse through a magazine, pull fabrics for an upcoming project or curl up with an Elmcreek Quilt book!

Enjoy your day, count your blessings & slow down just a little bit. Suck on a candy cane or use it to stir a mug of hot chocolate! : )

Piecefully, Pam

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Hi Ladies,

Is the blustery Pooh bear weather over?! It was
WINDY!!! Now it's just COLD! I know it's not officially Winter yet, but
it certainly feels like it is!!!

Jingle is FRISKY in this cold
weather! ; ) And, he's been having a high old time charging around
after leaves blowing in the wind. He looked rather majestic sitting in
the backyard this evening, waiting to be walked, with snow flakes
swirling around him.

The Christmas tree is in our studio. It's
in the stand, & it has blue lights on it. This evening Scott &
I began adding ornaments. So far, no glass Christmas balls, nothing too
fragile, sentimental or old.Jinlge has been good with far. Shelby dips her paw in the water from the tree stand & drinks.

been playing Christmas carols, doing gift wrapping, & gift buying
too. Are your homes busy with Holiday activities too? I hope you're
festive & jingling around with cheer & good will. : )

- your apron sounds neat-o! How did it turn out? Did you take it over
to Cloth & Bobbin? And, look @ you starting to quilt the Irish
Cottages project! That's SEW cool!!! : ) Way to go, girlfriend!

have been working on the baby Star quilt. I have 18 Templar-ed stars so
far. I need to wait for my Hancock's shipment to arrive. There are
other solid colored fabrics that need to be delivered before I can
continue - mainly yellow! I have my measurements calculated for the
front with borders & for the backing too. The batting ready & I
got thread @ Cloth & Bobbin the other week.

I too am doing a
few Christmas-y projects. How are the other QM elves progressing with
their gift making? I miss you guys with no Bee tonight. Looking forward
to next week!
Piecefully, Pam

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Good Evening Ladies,

Have we started into Holiday mode? It's been pretty quiet here. How is your weekend going?

I have my nails painted for Christmas...'cause it's FUN!!! ; ) Scott & I went for a Christmas tree today. And, it is time to get out my pins & Christmas clothing! Uh, we've been listening to Christmas carols too! Yeh, I'd have to say it's pretty festive around here. : )

I was up @ 0530 this morning. I couldn't sleep for thinking about the machine applique class I'll be teaching in January! I needed to give Johanna an idea of size, colors, etc. Sew, in the wee hours, me & Shelby went into the studio & sewed. It was quiet, productive & soothing. I'm glad for the sanctuary & peace sewing brings to my world, regardless of time. I finished the sample, & Scott & I took it over to Cloth & Bobbin today! Jean - I saw your Pinwheel quilt - NICE!!! Cathy dropped off her TATW quilt too - EXCELLENT. THANKS Quiltmama's for supporting our new, little, local shop!!! I LOVE you guys!!! : )

I hope you're having a productive weekend. Put in a few stitches when you get a chance! And, JINGLE BELLS!!!
Piecefully, Pam

Friday, November 30, 2007


Just a little photobucket practice...

Lori's Santa wall hanging top!
Jean with her Irish Cottages quilt top!
And, Dolores with her "too colorful" quilt top!

Enjoy!!! : )

Piecefully, Pam
Good Morning Girlies,

TGIF!!! ; ) Dress warmly, it's chilly outside! It's starting to "feel" Christmas-y...

Speaking of which, we are thinking of getting our Christmas tree this weekend. This is the FIRST year in over a decade that we didn't get a tree Thanksgiving weekend. Scott's back has been problematic in the fluctuating weather & temperatures. We usually would drive out to York, choose a tree in the field & cut it down. Scott is NOT able to do the drive, but is still considering the choosing & cutting down option, or not... Not being familiar with any Christmas tree places in this area - does anyone have a recommendation? And, what prices might we expect to pay for a tree here? Any help would be appreciated, you group of QM elves!!!

Jean - glad to hear you stopped in @ Cloth & Bobbin! Did you drop off your Pinwheel quilt?! And, did you buy apron fabric?! Keep us posted on your project!? Glad you're finished teaching for the semester!!! Hooray - freedom...!!!

Cath - you were @ Cloth & Bobbin too! Way to SEW. ; ) Glad you dropped off your TATW quilt! I am SEW proud of you!!!

Thanks Jean & Cath for seeing my Mystery quilt in Johanna's store front window & admiring it. I am REALLY glad I actually finished that project. It will go to a good home for Christmas. : )

I have officially begun work on Natalie's baby quilt. It will be a Star baby quilt, but with different colored stars than the first one I did. I will have to wait for a fabric delivery from Hancock's to begin sewing, but I am making Templar stars in colors like soft blue, lavender, honey dew, & melon. I hope they like it...?!

What projects are you working on? How is your Christmas sewing coming along? Enjoy your weekend, be festive & have FUN!!!
Piecefully, Pam

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Hi There Ladies!

I never thought the Osmond's would generate such buzz HERE...?! ; ) You all never cease to surprise & amaze me. Not only do you have sewing skill, but musical talent as well. Maybe even a little dance expertise...?!

Thanks for hosting Bee last evening, Jean. It was decided we will have the Second Annual QM Christmas Extravaganza on Tuesday Dec 18th @ the McCabe home!!! : ) There will be NO Bee next week, but on Tuesday the 11th we will meet & decide who is to bring what to the Holiday Bee. LA asked if we could "blog" about it here, grinning from ear to ear & practically doing the pee pee dance of joy & anticipation!!!

Jean - your Pinwheel baby quilt is CUTE! I saw your class posted on the Cloth & Bobbin newsletter!!! ; ) Did you see Johanna today? She has upcoming PR with Mainline Life Newspaper & Main Line Times magazine, I believe. How excellent! Was your last Adult Ed class this evening?! How did it go? Are all the projects done...?! Hey, your snowflake table runner is cute too!

Cath - your new TATW project is AWESOME!!! I REALLY like the use of the black fabric - it really POPS it!!!

Lois - thanks for sharing baby pics!!! Cute, CuTe, CUTE!!! How is the quilt coming along for Kara & Colin?!

LA - what are you going to do with that BIG bolt of fabric? How are your Beach projects progressing?! Hurry up! Did I miss the updates 'cause I arrived late?!

Lori - BIG, BIG kudos to YOU!!! Your Santa wall hanging is absolutely gorgeous!!! You should be SEW proud of it!!! : ) Who cares what John says, HANG that Santa wall hanging - NOW!!! It deserves a place of honor. Do you need some 'Mama's to come over with a hammer & nails...?! ; )

Mo, Mare, Peggy & Dolores - you guys were missed last evening! What's going on in your domains? Dolores - I hear smoke is coming off your Gracie machine, & there are some complaints of "quilt lung"...?! ; )

My Mystery quilt is DONE!!! It's residing @ Cloth & Bobbin presently. Anyone who wishes to see it, can go there. ; ) Last evening I was able to locate my stash of fabrics for making the baby Star quilt - hooray!!! I have fabrics sprawled on my sewing table & am auditioning them. I have already weeded out a few. I have a certain amount of relief that I am moving forward with this project. I will be glad when it too is done!

This evening after dog walking, I made a pot of yummy soup!!! I used Thanksgiving turkey stock, & for the first time I used things like whole wheat penne pasta, red lentils & barley grass powder. I know it sounds a little extreme, but it actually turned out to be delicious!!! Good weather for soup!

We are listening to Christmas carols. May your homes be filled with the peace of the Season. And, may you piece when you get the chance. Enjoy your evening & have a FAB tomorrow!
Piecefully, Pam

Monday, November 26, 2007

Good Morning Mama's!

Happy Monday! Has the Holiday season begun...?! Get ready!

Scott put blue lights on the little holly tree out front. We've never done blue lights before. It's different, but nice. : ) I put wreaths on the back yard gates & our front door. We have candles in the front windows.

The weather was mild & nice to be working out of doors on Sunday. Besides doing holiday decorations, I had 2 loads of wash on the line, & Scott was scooping up leaves from the back yard. Jingle was flying all around with us & having a great time!!!

I'm listening to B 101 & their Christmas carols. I know it's a little early, but I figure, "Why not?!" ; ) I am still working on sewing the binding to the back of the Mystery quilt. I have all the tails to tuck in yet too! Uh, a label too. I'll bring it to Bee on Tuesday.

Who else is coming to Bee? Peggy - can you bring your class quilt? Dolores - did you finish the jelly roll quilt you started @ the Beach? Will you bring it? Have you been piecing backs, & cranking out quilts?! Cath - did you start your next TATW quilt? Will you bring it? Lois - I can't open the pictures that were emailed! Do you have any photos to bring? How 'bout the quilt you're doing for Kara & Colin?! LA - do you need help basting Gerry's quilt? What else are you doing? Lori - is the Santa project done?! Will you bring it? Mare - CONGRATS on 25 years!!! We ALL did a good job of not letting the cat out of the bag, huh?! ; ) How are the blocks coming along for your In-Laws quilt? What else are you sewing? Mo - will you give us an update on Matt? You can bring your quilt too...!!! Jean - can we see your class Pinwheel project for Johanna's? What about your current class project? Is it quilted? How are your Irish cottages?!

Enjoy your day! Stitch when you can, or page through a quilting magazine!
Piecefully, Pam

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Hello, everyone! Mare - what a wonderful tribute to you and Joe from your children!! Hope you had a great time - we sure did. The food was terrific...the dancing was great...and the picture tribute was awesome. I hope everyone had a nice weekend. The weather today was really nice - hope you got a chance to enjoy it. I'm going to host Quiltmamas on Tuesday. Hope you all can make it - Lois, we need to hear about your trip. Peggy - hope you bring your class quilt. Hope to see lots of show & tell. Piece...

Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Black Friday,

Did everyone survive Thanksgiving?! Who stayed home & cooked, & who went somewhere else for their feast? What kinds of traditions do you QM's have?

Mare - can you tell me about gnocchi? Is it made from potatoes or is it pasta? Do you serve it @ Thanksgiving with red sauce/Italian "gravy"? Do you make a turkey too? And, you & Dolores (I think...) were talking about making gnocchi using a fork or something? I don't know anything about it, can you give a mini crash course? I think you stayed home, Mare, right? Any other relatives come over? How's your Mom?

Did anyone else stay home? Or did you make a covered dish to share @ a relative or friend's home? If you made a covered dish, what did you take?

What about other Thanksgiving traditions...watching the Macy's parade, going to the Philadelphia parade, watching foot ball, going to the movies...?

Scott & I were home & feasting! ; ) Wednesday evening I made my baked pineapple casserole, & pumpkin pies. It had been a couple years since I made pumpkin pies! Thursday morning we stuffed a 14 pound turkey, & later in the day it was served with all the trimmings - gravy, mashed potatoes, orange cauliflower. YUM!!! There's plenty of leftovers too!!! We're ready for soup, turkey salad sandwiches, & hot turkey platters.

Yesterday afternoon I raked our front yard. Today I'm thinking, "Why?!" How bout this change of weather?! The winds sure blew in COLD!

Is anyone working today? I'm off & hoping to do some quilting! : ) Mare, thanks for dropping off the black binding! I'd like to get the Mystery quilt done. I'm pretty sure I'm giving it to my Mom for Christmas.

I know Lori is out there @ the Malls & stores doing some mega Black Friday shopping!!! Anyone else? Mama Barb has coupons & plans to shop today. Not me. I did shopping over the Summer, & recently I did some online shopping too.

Hey, use the link to Cloth & Bobbin to see Cathy's TATW quilt on the web!!! : ) It was a VERY pleasant surprise for me to navigate there yesterday & see Cathy's quilt. AWESOME job, Cath!!! : )

We're planning on having Bee Tuesday @ Jean's, is that correct?! I'm looking forward to it!

Enjoy your day, your family, & sew a little if you get the chance!
Piecefully, Pam

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving Girls!

I am thankful for each of you. : ) May you each have a few quiet moments today to take a couple stitches, pick up a quilting magazine & browse through it, or to visit with a Quilt Mama. Enjoy your families, friends, & count the blessing you have.

Piecefully, Pam

Monday, November 19, 2007

Let's hear it for our MVP!!!

And she keeps sewing & sewing & sewing & sewing... Two flannel baby blankets, a flannel rag quilt, 4 schlep bags, a t-shirt quilt for Gerry, a Nativity wall hanging, & place mats too!!! ; ) That's our girl!!! Way to SEW, Leigh Anne! Hip, hip, hooray!!!

Piecefully, Pam

Sunday, November 18, 2007

testing, testing, one, two...

For your viewing pleasure. A picture is worth a thousand words! Here's two thousand words. ; )

Piecefully, Pam

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Hello Girls,

Jean - thanks for the photo link. : ) The pics are FUN!!! A picture is worth a thousand words, truly.

I hope to write more this weekend, & to work with photobucket too. Please, bear with me, this week has been a real bear!!!

Piecefully, Pam

Monday, November 12, 2007

GOT IT!!! : )

Piecefully, Pam
Good Morning Girls,

If anyone gets through to the Hilton this morning, could you PLEASE send an email and/or post a message on the blog?! Thanks ever so much!

Piecefully, Pam

Friday, November 9, 2007

It's FRIDAY!!! : ) TGIF!!!

Leigh Anne, this one's for YOU...TODAY, THIS MORNING we leave for the BEACH!!! Wahoo!!! It's a Bee Brigantine Beach Sewing Retreat kind of weekend!!!

Does everyone have ALL your projects packed?! What about clothes & tooth paste too...?! ; ) Got your cell phone & charger? A camera?

How do you think Mare, Mo & Cath are doing? What sewing project is under their presser foot? Did Mo take any good movies, magazine, newspapers or books?!

Lois - safe travels to Washington State!!! LOVE that new grand baby girl!!! : ) We'll want to SEE pictures!!!

Piece everyone, & enjoy your Friday. It's the weekend!!!

Thursday, November 8, 2007


I am putting the Houston 2008/Hilton Reservation data on our blog. This way, if anyone needs it is available - here! : )


“For your convenience, the Hilton Americas Reservations desk will be taking reservations for the 2008 Convention starting Monday, November 12, 2007 @ 9:00 Central Time.” That is 10:00 AM our time!

Arrive: Tuesday October 28, 2008
Depart: Saturday November 1, 2008

The Hilton is located @:
1600 Lamar Ave.
Houston, TX
It communicates with the George R. Brown Convention Center directly via a sky bridge

Please book THREE rooms; each a quad for 4 people. This insures 2 beds per room!

The 2007 Quilt Festival group price for a quad was $184 when booked Tues – Sun.

One of these rooms will most likely be canceled. We can cancel within 48 hours of arrival. You MUST pay for the first night for each of the 3 rooms by credit card @ the time the reservation is made. This amount will go towards the total due, & will be a credit.

Mama Barb has been known to spend 45 minutes to an hour just trying to get through! PLEASE, keep trying until you are able to book the rooms & get a confirmation number!

Our Confirmation #___________________

Piecefully, Pam

Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Wow!!! There is SEW much to recap!!! I am ALWAYS surprised & impressed by you Bee ladies! : )

Jean - thanks for hosting us! We can be quite loud & a handful. Glad you're able to come to Brigantine on Friday following work!!! THANKS Peggy!!! : )

Mare - look @ you!!! Your Vegas shopping seemed like a LOT of FUN! : ) You bought some excellent kits & fabrics!!! I like your wool Christmas project too! Do you have a glue stick & exam table paper to use for the machine applique? What about freezer paper for cutting out your shapes?

Peggy - you score bonus points for helping out Jean, our Queen Bee!!! Thanks again for volunteering to take over the water station, Peggy. Enjoy the Temple vs. Penn State game! When do we get to SEE your class project? It's basted? Has it been quilted yet?!

Lois - the baby pictures are just awesome!!! : ) Congratulations again to you & George. I LOVE the pregnant pumpkin belly!!! ; ) The quilt you're making for Kara & Colin (is the spelling correct?!) is BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE the colors!!! Retirement definitely suits YOU!!! Safe travels, have the BEST time & give everyone a BIG Quilt Mama squeeze!!!

Cath - your TATW project ROCKS!!! I am SEW, SEW proud of you!!! : ) Did you get your Kim Churbuck book yet? What about the Kim Diehl book...?! Are you still doing the Little Shop BOM? Haven't seen or heard anything about it recently...

Dolores - we're SEW glad you're going to Brigantine!!! Hooray! Gracie's first trip to the Beach...!!! : ) Scott says I'm NOT permitted to teach this weekend. I told Johanna that others have asked about another TATW class. That may be in the future @ Cloth & Bobbin, who knows...?! I am SURE you have something FLANNEL you can bring down to the Shore to sew...?!?!?! ; )

Lori - are you going to bring your Santa project to the Shore? Do you need exam table paper? What kind of thread will you use to quilt it? Lor, just because I said it's difficult to hand quilt through batik, doesn't mean you can't give it a try. Yours is a wall hanging, mine is a queen sized quilt! Do you have the t-shirt quilt ready to do? What is the status of your Civil War quilt?

LA - I LOVE you!!! You have ALL your projects cut & bagged!!! You ARE ready!!! : ) I think Friday to Sunday will be GOOD for you! Think of what you can get done!!! You'll be SEWING! The husband & kids will be just fine! They sometimes need to spend their own time together. It helps them ALL to appreciate YOU!

Mo - do you know the time for Saturday's soccer game yet? Glad you're going to Brigantine...early even!!! : ) I'm imagining it won't be-e too much longer before you will be bringing a sewing machine too...?! ; ) I LOVE your flannel stash!!!

You girls surprised me with 6 of us now planning for Houston '08! That's just AWESOME!!! I can hardly wait!!! If you use the link from an earlier post to go to this year's Houston Quilt Festival, click on: "On the Show Floor" - two of the photos give a birds eye view of the vendor, & the quilt exhibit areas on the Convention Center floor. This is truly what it will look like...imagine BIG!!! And, then super size it!!! Get READY & start saving your $$$ NOW!!!

Piecefully, Pam

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Good Afternoon Girls,

Has everyone turned their clocks back one hour?!?!?! Now it will be dark when I walk Jingle in the evening. I don't like that much. Jingle will get to wear an awesome disco light on his dog collar though. He's special...! ; )

I need Bee on Tuesday, Jean! Thanks for volunteering to host. I don't know what to make, when I'm going, or what I'm taking to Brigantine. Help!

The Jennifer Chiaverini luncheon was nice. Her new book is due out November 13th. It was good to see Boonie Barb!!! : )

Mama Barb & Karen should be home from Houston by now. I talked with Barb on Tuesday & Friday evenings. They were having a GOOD time!!! Karen took a class this year - with Susan Cleveland of "Piping Hot Binding" fame. Barb had taken classes with Sue Nichols, Sally Collins & 2 others. She said this year's classes were some of the best she's ever had! She also said that she thinks this was the fullest & busiest year she's ever seen @ the Houston Show. Wow!!!

Didn't get to sew too much this weekend. Hope to soon though! I did pick up my 440 Gertrude machine. She's all shiny, clean & ready to SEW!

Piecefully, Pam

Friday, November 2, 2007

TGIF!!! It is LESS THAN 1 week until Brigantine!!! : )

Tomorrow I pick up my 440/Gertrude machine. ; ) Afterwards, I will meet Boonie Barb for the Jennifer Chiaverini luncheon.

Bee on Tuesday to discuss Brigantine plans...?!

Enjoy your weekend!
Piecefull, Pam

Thursday, November 1, 2007


Here is the link to the Houston 2007 Quilt Show!!! Some of these quilts are truly spectacular!!! To see the BIG winners click on their link, Quilts: A World of Beauty. Enjoy, & be inspired...!!! ; )

2007 Houston Quilt Show

Piecefully, Pam

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I am posting the letter to Threadmakers here on the blog. Please read it & see if it includes all of the necessary points we need to address. If you want to make any changes, feel free to leave a comment or email me. I hope to deliver 3 copies to Jean by Friday, get them all signed & in the mail over the weekend. Let me know what you think, please.

Piecefully, Pam

31 October, 2007

Geri Wolf
(her address)

Dear Ms. Wolf,

We are writing to express our sincere disappointment and utter dissatisfaction with the Mystery Quilt Weekend we recently experienced with you. Our Mystery Quilt Weekend took place on October 5, 6, and 7 of this year.

A member of our Bee attended a Mystery Quilt Weekend run by Threadmakers in the past. She had thoroughly enjoyed her entire experience, and recommended doing this as a group would be that much more fun. She had participated nearly five years ago when Melanie Normann was the organizer and hostess of the weekend event.

According to the current Threadmakers website, the Mystery Quilt Weekend is “…a great way to spend quality time with other quilters, improve your quilting skills, and enjoy beautiful Lancaster County.” The B & B is “…a converted Amish Farmhouse…in the heart of Amish Farm Country.” And, meals are described as, “…most of which are prepared by Amish neighbors.” This entire description, as advertised on your website, is exactly what our Bee member experienced with Melanie. As listed on the website, we were looking forward to meeting new quilting friends during the “wine and cheese social.” After a long day of travel, sitting down to an Amish dinner on Friday evening seemed just right. It sounded too good to be true…

We are dismayed to inform you, our weekend experience could not have been less bucolic, Amish or gracious! Your website is filled with false advertisement, and the whole weekend was a complete sham.

Friday evening’s wine and cheese social equated to a tub of port wine cheese spread that came from the grocery store, complete with a plastic knife and cellophane wrapped Town House crackers. Instead of wine, you provided tequila. Our “…mostly Amish made dinner…” consisted of one ladle of lukewarm soup served in a paper bowl with a plastic spoon. One of our new quilting friends said, “This must be prison rations.”

We had no cows or horses grazing in nearby pastures. Instead, our weekend accommodations were on a busy, noisy, dirty road. Following our Friday evening fare, two women walked down that road to a nearby convenience store to purchase coffee, tea and snacks. You told us, “I don’t know how to use the coffee maker.” Apparently, you do not know how to boil water for tea either. I know very few 40-60 year old quilters who prefer tequila over tea.

The Threadmakers website did not mention cats. One of the women in our group is allergic to cats. Another has asthma which is exacerbated by cats. While an effort was made to keep the cats out of the dining room & living room, there were more than 4 cats, and they were seen on the kitchen counters (where their food bowls were kept), windowsills and table. This made eating unappetizing food even less appealing. The cats also ran up the stairs to our suite, had to be caught and returned to the kitchen. Two of the women in our group were sneezing, coughing and wheezing by Friday evening. This is medically unsafe. Had we known cats were living here, we would never have chosen this Mystery Quilt Weekend venue.

Not being ones to despair nor let the weekend be a flop, we all persevered and began sewing on Friday evening in the dimly lit dining room. When Saturday morning arrived and we returned to our sewing, it was discovered the Mystery Quilt clues we had followed were incorrect. What we sewed Friday evening had to be un-sewed Saturday morning. When asked if you had made this quilt, you simply said, “Yes.” By Saturday afternoon we learned every other page of Mystery Quilt clues had errors. Frustration was growing as there was more un-sewing, and we were discovering there was no pattern or design to the quilt clues we were following. You challenged us when together we said the directions for the Mystery Quilt were incorrect. Finally, you grabbed your completed quilt top and showed it to nine frustrated women.

We have contacted you for completed and corrected directions. Perhaps a photo would be helpful too? You responded with an email saying you had a “Hell week and would follow up when time permits.” Two days ago corrected directions arrived. Portions of the original directions are crossed out and hand written corrections have been added to the margins.

As quilter’s, we are happy to share tips and information with fellow quilters. Let it be known, we will likewise share the unpleasant stories of our experiences with Geri Wolf of Threadmakers and her Mystery Quilt Weekend. You should be ashamed of yourself and your shoddy run business. You owe each one of us an apology and a $225 refund. You have disgraced and dishonored Melanie and her memory with your business practices. Your lack of professionalism resonated through the entire Mystery Quilt Weekend and remains with each of us.

It is with this in mind, that a copy of this letter is being shared with two organizations with which you are involved, the National Quilt Association, Inc. and the State Quilt Guild of New Jersey. You talked of your process to become an NQA certified quilt judge, and of your role as a board member for SQGNJ. These are two upstanding organizations with integrity. Are they aware of your misrepresentation, false advertisement and unprofessional business manner? I certainly would not want someone of your reputation representing a professional quilting organization. If the National Quilting Association, Inc. or the State Quilt Guild of New Jersey would like to contact us, we are each providing an email address where we can be reached.



National Quilting Association, Inc.
PO Box 12190
Columbus, OH 43212-0190

ATTN: Connie Davidson, President

Merry May
(her address)

ATTN: State Quilt Guild of New Jersey
Merry May, President
Trick or Treat!!!

Good Morning Girls & Happy Hallowe'en!!! : ) Are the costumes all ready? Is there enough candy...?! It looks like we're going to have good weather for this evening's FUN!

Cathy stopped over for Bee last evening. Thanks! : ) She has fabrics chosen for her next TATW project! She gets an A+++!!! The colors are bright & FUN! I'm waiting to see the finished TATW class quilt, which she says is under her machine...

Lori - Cathy said you are looking for exam table paper. It can be found @ any surgical supply store, or you can order it from Karen's website! I'm not sure if you want to use it as a stabilizer or for a quilting design.

I used vinyl, from Jo-Ann's, some months ago to draw out a quilting design & lay it over my project. I wanted to audition a quilting motif before I actually committed to quilting the project. It was a real time saver & EASY to use!!!

I got a phone call from Mama Barb last night just before leaving for work. She & Karen were @ the Awards Ceremony...& the winner is...Hollis Chatelain!!! : ) Barb said Hollis won two major awards - Best in Show, & a first place for another quilt of hers. Wow! Also, Caryl Bryer-Fallert won a major award too. If you google Hollis & go to her website, with a little navigation, you can see the 2 quilts she had entered!!!

Have a good day & smile @ those little trick or treaters!!!
Piecefully, Pam

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Good Afternoon Girls,

The weekend was just packed!!! : ) Lot of Autumnal prep work being done around our home. It's good, but it means Winter is nearby & I'm not so sure I'm ever truly ready for Winter...

The patio furniture has been put away 'til next Spring. The garage is housing our car. We carved 2 more pumpkins - squirrels & weather be damned! Scott & I both did wardrobe changeover. The vegetable garden beds have been put to rest for the season. And, this week I will be looking forward to making a big pot of soup! ; )

I didn't get to sew as much as I had hoped, but I did do some hand applique. I cut up an old, red wool coat with plans of felting the wool for a future sewing project. I removed a bunch of mother of pearl buttons from clothing destined for the rag bag. And, I have some old flannel sheets & a polar fleece throw ready to cut to size for making Jingle pillow cases or crate liners.

My 440 is in the care of Mr. Zimmerman in Hinkletown. I plan on picking her up next Saturday. Only the Bernina 1530 needs to have it's basting stitch run periodically. No one else need worry.

Glad to hear if some of you ladies got to sew a bit over the weekend. : )

Cath - glad too if your ear is feeling better!

Lor - congrats on the Beach condo!

Jean - I can hardly wait to see your Irish Cottage blocks! It's been a lot of work!! Kudo's to you!!! : )

Regarding Brigantine...I can leave anytime after Friday morning. What should I plan on bringing?! Wine? Snacks? Real food? What would you guys like?

Enjoy your week! It's full moon & pretty close to Halowe' careful!!! Cackle...!!! ; )
Piecefully, Pam

Saturday, October 27, 2007


Was there a Friday Hayloft trip...?! Who went - Lor, LA...?! I know Dolores is coveting those flannels... ; ) What good buys were gotten?! Did you make a pit stop @ the Wind Mill?

I have my 440 machine (Gertrude) packed for a trip to Hinkletown tomorrow. After ALL the sewing she's done - she is over due for a spa treatment! So, she's going in for annual cleaning & service. I am taking her walking foot & the BSR for routine maintenance too. Mare & Dolores - as you have your 440 machines cared for throughout the years, remember to include their BSR & walking foot as well. You other girls, when you have your machines cleaned annually, your walking foot should be taken in for service also. They'll clean & oil it, + check the sole. ; )

Meanwhile, I set-up & cleaned my 1530 (Maude) machine! She sews beautifully & makes me smile. What a fine machine.

I plan on picking up Gertrude next Saturday on my way to or from the Jennifer Chiaverini luncheon, where I will meet up with Boonie Barb! : ) I'll be sewing with Maude this week! She's practicing & getting ready for Brigantine!!!

Speaking of my Maude machine...Jean, have you run your basting stitch lately? It had been a little while for Maude. I held my breath, pushed the buttons & put her through the paces. No problems. Whew!

I started working on a Piece 'o Cake design table runner. It's a tear sheet I pulled from magazine I don't know how long ago...?! It's wonky, fun & bright! Sort of "Cat in the Hat" like.

What stuff is everyone else sewing?! How are the projects from Jean's class coming along? Mare, Peggy, Dolores...?!

Lois - are you getting ready for your trip? What's the latest baby news? ; )

Cath - how's that ear? Two antibiotics & Prednisone?! Ouch!!!

Have a good weekend. It's perfect sewing weather!!! ; )
Piecefully, Pam

Friday, October 26, 2007

Good Friday Morning Girls!

TGIF!!! If it's FRIDAY, it's time for our countdown!!!

TWO weeks until Brigantine!!! : ) Some QM's are going to the Shore on Thurday, no? Some on Friday? And, yet another on Saturday? Is that right? Can we discuss the who, when, where & what's? Has it already been decided who is to bring what...?! Can someone tell me what I am to bring, please?! Also, what projects are you girls taking along to sew?!?!?! Are we going to Calico 'n Cotton, & Ike's on Saturday? Will Ike's still be open...?!

Cath - were you @ the ENT - for you or Mike?! Was it for your ear?! Is it better?! Did you get my email about thread? Sorry, I didn't get your email 'til I was @ work. You can feel free to call me in the evening, any time after 6 PM is good.

Mare - are you in Vegas yet?! If you hit it BIG, you can buy any car YOU want...!!! GO, girl! : )

Jean - got ALL your pillow cases done? Whew! You are SEW nice. ; )

We have set in motion the Houston '08 plans, ladies. You may hear us chattering about it as we go along. Lots to consider along the way! : ) FUN, FUN, FUN!!!

I have been experiencing an interesting phase of my quilt evolution. First, I taught a class @ Cloth & Bobbin. It was GOOD. I wasn't expecting such an opportunity, & was glad to give it a whirl. Next, I had someone earnestly approach me @ the Guild Show about my Pleasant Plates quilt. They wanted to know if I'd make a baby quilt. Wow. I was surprised & flattered, but I said, "No." I referred them to Jean. And, then I cried. Silly. I know! I want to evolve as a quilter, but I have no plan or agenda for where I'm headed. I don't know that I need to have a map. It's been an exciting journey sew far! I feel SEW blessed to be a part of the Quilt Mama's, to have each of you in my life, & to sew regularly is WAY more than I ever dreamed of. So, where might this road lead? I just don't know, but I am glad I'm in such good company along this life's path.

Enjoy your weekend. Sew when you get a spare moment...!

Hey, Jean intimated there is no Bee next week. Is it because of Halloween? Or, is there some kind of school/catholic gig? I'll be sewing & anyone is welcome to stop by Mt. Pleasant!

Piecefully, Pam

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Good Morning Girls,


Thanks for Bee last evening. It was FUN, fast & full!!! Cathy, thanks for hosting us. Poor Mike...we're loud!

Cathy - how is your ear this morning? I hope you're feeling better! Thanks for showing your stash buys from the Hayloft! Great colors & fun prints! Speaking of which, your TATW quilt is COOL!!! GREAT job, Cath! : ) Are you taking your machine down to Hayes' today? I hope you can soon QUILT!!! Keep us posted.

Jean - thanks again for delivering & picking up the Guild quilts. Wasn't it FUN to put Peggy's Naked Ladies in the Show?! It generated a lot of buzz...! ; ) Hope Kelly is well, & going to school today! Happy, happy b-day to YOU!!!

Maureen - LOOK @ your stash!!! Did you see how FAR Dolores leaned across the coffee table to f-o-n-d-l-e your flannel...? It is EXCELLENT, Mo! : ) AND, how 'bout the perfect, little, zippered bag for storage?! Thanks to Lori! Know the QM juju is working for Matt. Keep us posted on his status!

Lois - hey, you make GOOD cup cakes! Thanks for celebrating Jean & sharing with us QM's! ; D Keep us posted on baby news, please!!! Safe travels & give them all a BIG QM squeeze when you get to WA! Good job working on Christmas presents - already. You can inspire & motivate the rest of us!

Lori - thanks for sharing your many zippered bags! Did you hear why she had SO many of them...?! Also, your antique quilt is AWESOME! The border fabrics are good choices, Lor. So is your decision to hand piece the project! Hey, thanks too for sharing your stash buys from the Hayloft - nice brights & novelty prints!

Peggy - thanks for being willing to have your Naked Ladies in the Guild Show. Sorry if you were stuck going to the Eagle's game instead of the Guild Quilt Show. : / When do we get to SEE your a-word quilt top from Jean's class?! I am SEW impressed by you! : ) The Wawa coffee Intervention WORKED!!! Can you visit LA with a BIG GULP, please...?!

Mare - you were talking about wool applique @ Bee! Neat-o!!! Try Lady Fingers for black flannel. Just give them a call. They usually carry a heathered, black, flannel that might just be the thing. Also, consider using a heavier weight thread on top. What about a variegated thread even...?! ; )

Dolores - hey, it was nice to SEE Veronica! She's a cutie! I liked her socks, but didn't want to actually say anything to her & embarrass her!!! : ) Glad if you're liking your Gracie machine!!! Tell me about using your BSR!?!?! Are you doing it?! Is it working?! Do you like it?! Hurry up!!! Also, did you send in the rebate thing? I saw a copy of the Fons & Porter magazine @ Cathy's. That's where the coupon!

LA - sew girl!?!?!? What are you taking to Brigantine?!?!?!

Thanks ALL for looking @ & ooohing over my quilts. : ) You guys make me blush., for those who don't know...I put 3 quilts in the Guild Show & won 4 ribbons. A third place for my Stripping Around the World, second place for my miniature Thank Fool quilt, & a second place & Mayor's Choice for my Pleasant Plates quilt! I was truly surprised & pleased!

I'm not sure what I will be working on next. I know I said I'd go back to the Pastel Bubbles project, but something smaller would be nice after finishing that BIG Pleasant Plates quilt! Maybe a table runner. Also, I soon need to start the baby quilt for Deb's daughter.

If I've missed anything girls, please make additions! It's hard keeping up with ALL the conversations, show & tell, etc!!! We need a Bee stenographer!

Don't forget the Secret Santa name you drew. I hope it didn't go through the wash...?! Fifteen to twenty bucks is the limit, girls! Have FUN!!! ; )
Piecefully, Pam

ATTN: You may want to click on the quiltersbuzz link on the left side of our blog. They are going to be participating in Quilt Mart, which occurs just prior to the Houston Quilt Show. They will be giving us scoops on the newest & the latest...have you heard about Moda's Layer Cakes...?! ; ) Check it out!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Good Afternoon Girls,

Isn't this weather gorgeous?!?!?! We have windows open, wash on the line, Jingle in the backyard, & we ALL are enjoying the abundant sunshine!!! : ) Today is the end of our Fall Break. It's been a full, but pleasant week. It feels nice to be going a little slower today.

Jean, you will pick up our quilts this afternoon, right? If so, you can just hang onto mine until Bee on Tuesday, if you don't mind. Fourteen pillowcases?! Wow!!! What's the occasion?!

Lori - you're not going to the Guild Show? What about the ladder you wanted to buy? He is one of the vendor's @ the Show...?!

Mare - missed you @ the Guild auction. I did buy a few items. We had to leave before it was finished.

Well, I survived the Gala's! I don't wish to do that again any time too soon! I'm tired of "Gala food." It's the same regardless of where you are - chicken, fish, pasta, overcooked vegetables. : P

My bad. Three weeks 'til Brigantine. Maybe I'm just a little bit anxious...

Thanks Cathy. For those who haven't been to the Guild Show, yes, I did win a ribbon...

Cloth & Bobbin will be featured in the Style section of the Philadelphia Magazine this week. Look for the article in Tuesday's addition @ their website. Kudo's Johanna!!! : )

And, the woman who is the Founder of ConKerr, will be a featured guest on the Martha Stewart show this Tuesday. She makes pillowcases for children with cancer, she is a local woman, & her initiative is growing!!! If her son is well enough, he will go to NY & be on the show too! Set your VCR.

Piecefully, Pam

Friday, October 19, 2007

TGIF!!! It's time for the FRIDAY COUNT DOWN!!! : )

Today is the Undercover Quilter's Guild Gala, & opening of their "SIMPLY SENSATIONAL" Quilt Show!!! Please, stop by this weekend to see Peggy's Naked Ladies, Jean's class quilts & a couple quilts I put in the Show too. Use the link on the left side of the blog to check dates, times & directions. Admission is 5 bucks.

Two weeks until our Bee Brigantine Beach Retreat!!! What projects are people planning to take along to work on?!?!?! Are we going to Ike's? How 'bout Calico 'n Cotton?!

Lori - I have to agree with Jean. It's an antique quilt top. Continuing to hand piece the quilt preserves it's integrity & honors it's heritage. The quilt top found it's way to you. It is a special gift & a piece of history - give it the care it deserves & cherish the craft of quilt making! Also, I do not actually SEW with those self threading needles. I use them only to tuck in thread tails. I do all of my hand work with John James needles - whether it's betweens for hand quilting or sharps for hand applique.

Peggy - you are a STAR student!!! Look @ you having your top done - ALREADY!!! Isn't this applique?! I thought you didn't like that? You GO!!! When can we see it?! Your Naked Ladies quilt is hanging in the Guild Quilt Show! It makes me giggle!!! ; )

Cathy - your TATW quilt top is AWESOME!!! I absolutely LOVE the colors you chose! You too are a STAR student!!! Thanks! : )

Everyone enjoy your weekend, & stitch when you get the chance. Or, just call a "time out" for yourself & SEW!!! : )
Piecefully, Pam

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Good Evening Girls,

Thanks for stopping over for Bee last evening. I'm glad Mo finally got to see the studio!!! : ) We were glad to have you.

Mare - how is your tooth? We missed you this morning on our Hayloft trip! When do you leave for Vegas?

Jean - thank you SO much for delivering the quilts. I am going over to the Municipal Building tomorrow afternoon to help with hanging them. How was your class this evening?

Cathy - your TATW project is awesome!!! The colors are very vibrant!!! : ) I'll see you in class tomorrow evening. ; )

Lori - was the Hayloft what you expected? It's pretty BIG! I am amazed @ their inventory, not just the fabrics, but the notions, books & patterns too! And, I think they have good prices.

Mo - thanks for driving us to the Hayloft today! And, you can tell the whole story @ Bee next week, but Mo had a shopping cart @ the Hayloft...?! ; )

LA - you were missed during today's trip also. No jelly rolls were to be found in your desired design, sorry. In your honor, Lori ate Wind Mill chicken! ; )

Lois - what's shakin' on your end?!

Peggy & Dolores - sorry if you couldn't find your way to Mt. Pleasant last evening. I heard a story about Joe B. calling Mrs. D. for my address. Cathy didn't want to give it to him without knowing WHY he wanted it! Thanks for looking out for me Cath! ; )

Dolores - did you get my email with the Bernina rebate? Do it, girl!!! It's a hundred smackers!!! Just think of the fabric!? See what a good value your Gracie is! The rebate is good for machines that were on sale too, so a demo should be no exception. If you need the Hinkletown data, I have their business card & you can photocopy it onto your receipt. Go, girl...SEW, girl!!!

Other tidbits...did you know we've been blogging for over a year now?! Yep, we started back on October 11, 2006. Thanks all for your participation & support! : )

Jean, LA, Lois, Dolores or Peggy - do any of you have a need for a book case? If not, it will go to Marianne's Joanna for her class room.

Indeed, I DID finish my quilt projects in time for the Guild Show. Thanks for your support & encouragement along the way!!! I have a certain sense of relief having met the dead line, & for having completed the Pleasant Plates quilt!

Might anyone have a dressy black tank top or short sleeve tee that I could borrow to wear on Saturday evening? All I have is cotton, & I need something dressier to wear with chiffon & silk. This will be a "Gala weekend...?!" ; )

Also, not to be forgotten! Boonie Barb is IN for the Lancaster '08 weekend!!! : )

One last item, Cathy can host Bee next week. See you then, or perhaps @ the Guild Show!

I have to go clean my Gertrude (440) sewing machine! ; )
Piecefully, Pam

Monday, October 15, 2007

Good Evening Girls,

Let's clarify. Jean nor Cathy can host Bee tomorrow. Sew, I offered! All are welcome! : ) Just remember the cat & dog - take your allergy medicine or bring your inhaler. I'm on Fall Break & otherwise, "off duty" for any medical needs... ; )

Jean - it would be great if you stopped here tomorrow evening! : ) I'll have the quilts in a pillowcase & all ready to go! I hope... I still have a label & a sleeve to do.

I laundered the Pleasant Plates quilt today & had it out in the yard to dry flat. It smells funny...I think it's from the wool batt. It washed without any problems. Whew! It's a BIG quilt!!!

Lor - I am pretty sure you will be able to find everything on your list @ the Hayloft! And then some...!!!

Time for bed! Sweet dreams, girls. : ) Have a FAB tomorrow!
Piecefully, Pam

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Good Evening Girls,

Geez, we were busy today! It's been 6 months since Scott & I moved the living room, & set-up our joint studio space. We've determined this is definitely working!, we made a few changes today. Nothing major, but it required moving some furniture & books & such. I now have a bookcase up for dibs if anyone is interested. It's the one that's in my "old" sewing room.

It was also a terrific day for hanging laundry out on the line! I did 2 loads of wash which included fabric & the BIG Trip Around the World quilt. I hate that feeling of putting a quilt in the washing machine & hoping that it won't fly apart while being laundered. I always open the washing machine lid with a little trepidation...will there just be one enormous thread tangle in there...?! It came out just fine. : ) It's ready to go to the Guild Quilt Show!

Tomorrow the Pleasant Plates quilt will be laundered. GULP!!! I am hoping ALL the pencil marks wash out?! So, I got the sleeve tacked down, the corners sewn closed & all the basting pins out of it today. I have come up with a label design. Tomorrow I hope to make the label & get it stitched in place...

I have been basting a 1/4" "seam" in my hanging sleeves. I think I read the tip in a Fons & Porter book?! Once the sleeve is stitched in place, you remove that 1/4" seam, & it gives a place for the hanging rod to fit. It prevents a bow or pucker in the front of the quilt. I like how it works & looks. The quilt hangs a little nicer.

Recently, I bought fabric @ Burkholder's & the Hayloft which is called "Sahara cloth" & it's by Marcus Brothers. I am REALLY liking it!!! It has the look of hand dyed or sueded fabric...without the $$$ price. It also feels tightly woven, like a batik. I laundered it today, & it washes nicely too. Dolores saw it last Friday. It comes in a dark or muted color palette. I can hardly wait to use some in a project!

Cathy - I am glad to hear Mike is doing well. And, your Dad too!!! I was happy to hear you were SEWING!!! today. : )

How is everyone else? What's going on?

Jean - how has class been?

Dolores - how is that Gracie machine?!

Hey, if anyone has plastic bags...Jingle is starting to run a little low... he's SO embarrassed!!! Don't tell him I asked, okay?!

Have a good Monday! Looking forward to seeing anyone on Tuesday for Bee, & Wednesday for the Hayloft!

Piecefully, Pam

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Howdy Girls!

It's a bit chilly. Is everyone tucked in under a quilt & keeping cozy?! Let's hope!!! ; )

I am looking forward to the Hayloft trip on Wednesday. Lor - will this be your first trip to the Hayloft?! Get's BIG & they have LOADS of excellent fabric! According to their website, they will be having a sale on flannel, polar fleece & Minkee. Shhh, don't tell Dolores... ; ) I'm not working this week & can be ready whenever.

I finished whip stitching the Pleasant Plates binding today!!! Hooray! I finished on the car trip to my Mom's. I have more than 1/2 the hanging sleeve tacked down too. Now for the label & laundering. Looks like there's light @ the end of the tunnel. Thanks all for "listening," supporting & encouraging me along with this project. I started it 2 1/2 years ago. I feel pretty satisfied that I stuck with a project of this size. You can just imagine how glad I'll be when it's DONE!!!

Cath - how is Mike? Do you guys need anything? How's your Dad doing? Did you get to SEW today?! How is that TATW project?!?!?!

Johanna - thanks for visiting, reading & posting here! It's nice having you stop by. ; )

Mo & LA - did you arrange blue squares on Friday?!

Enjoy Fall & stitch when you have a moment! We have a jack-o-lantern glowing on our front porch! : ) Anyone else?!
Piecefully, Pam

Friday, October 12, 2007

Good Morning Girls!

Count down time...

ONE week until the Undercover Quilter's Simply Sensational Quilt Show!!!

THREE weeks until our Brigantine Beach Bee Retreat!!! ; )

Ask me HOW glad I am it's THIS Friday & NOT last Friday...?! I wouldn't want to have to repeat H E double hockey sticks again - EVER!!!

Jean - thanks for your kind thoughts & + juju! Two down & one to go. I truly did appreciate having Cathy in the class. It was comforting to me.

I didn't really "feel" like I was teaching this class. It was more like seeing where everyone was & helping them along. Cathy "got it" & is motoring!!! Her colors are FAB!!! So/sew far, everyone is sewing & making forward progress. That's nice. And, I was SO glad to see that everyone came back! ; )

Meanwhile, I am stitching binding when I get the chance. I'm just finished my third side & ready to start my fourth & final side of binding - hooray! Then, I just need to tack the sleeve & do a label. It's going to need to be laundered too. Let's hope for good weather so I can hang it out on the line.

Jean nor Cath can host Bee on Tuesday. I begin Fall Break this morning, & we'll be home. If anyone wants to come by for Bee here, you're more than welcome. Mo - that means YOU, since you've NOT seen our "studio!"

What about Wednesday...?! Who is going? Who is driving? What time are we leaving? Are we eating @ the Wind Mill, stopping @ the winery, or going to the Thrift Shop?

Enjoy your day, the weather is to improve! TFIF!!! : ) I hope you get a little time to stitch over the weekend!
Piecefully, Pam

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Good Morning Girls,

Thanks for Bee last evening! We NEEDED to vent & share! Thanks to those of you who listened!

Lori - thanks for hosting! How was your birthday? Did you get any sewing/quilting stuff?!

Jean - your written tale was stupendous!!! Good job! I like your top & the "Monet" border just makes it. : )

Mare - I like your top too! Do you have enough of the black fabric to do a border? I like the pillow case fabrics you bought over the weekend! Nice! Hey, remind me about the wine - I didn't bring it & forgot about splitting the $.

Dolores - I like your fabrics best & the way your top turned out! I am SO glad if you've set up Gracie & are already using her!!! That's just terrific!!! Joe Byrnes...?! When are you going to start sewing with some of the delish flannels you've been hoarding?!?!?!

Cathy - I can't say thank you enough!!! For taking the TATW class, for supporting a new, little shop & for supporting me too. I appreciate it! I LOVE your TATW project!!! The colors are excellent!!! Who is it going to be for? Will you just continue & make it BIG...?!

Lois - it was SEW good to see you!!! Your House wall hanging is WAY cute!!! I really like the echo hand quilting you did around the vines! Nice job!!! Where are you going to hang it? Will you put it in the Guild Quilt Show?

Leigh Anne - Is Mo coming over Friday morning to help you lay out the blue blocks? Go, girls!!! I love that you carry the little hexagons too. You are precious!

Mo - you are truly a valuable asset & resource to the Quilt Mama's! We "mystery weekend girls" will be singing your praises for a VERY long time! It was good to see you last night. And, I'm glad if the blog provided a good, healthy belly laugh for you! Just that makes the blog SEW worthwhile. ; )

Peggy - we missed you. Where were you? Have you heard Dolores good news yet?! Hurry up!!! Enjoy Jean's class tonight, & be good... ; )

I am feverishly working on my Pleasant Plates project. I have almost half of the binding stitched on. I'll need to do a label & tack the sleeve down. Again, hurry up!!!

Enjoy the day girls! If I've missed anything, please chime in! It's time for me to snooze!
Piecefully, Pam

Monday, October 8, 2007

Morning Girls,

How is everyone today? Staying cool enough? This weather is something...!

About the Mystery Quilt weekend...I don't know where to begin...?! It was like some terrible B movie. The Inn Keeper was Norman Bates from Psycho-MOTHER!!! The Inn Keeper's wife was Annie Wilkes from Misery - mind your ankles! And, last but certainly not least, was our Hostess. She reminded me of Carl Childers from Slingblade - My you got purdy fabric. Did I mention she was a prison employee...?! NO, I'm NOT kidding!

Jean engaged in "criminal" activity. Dolores was in respiratory distress. Marianne had a head ache the whole weekend. And, when I wasn't being ostracized, I was being an accomplice. I think I aged 3 years this weekend.

Friday night for dinner we had one ladle of (cold)soup in a paper bowl with a plastic spoon. There was "wine cheese spread" with a plastic knife & Townhouse crackers on a paper plate - once we opened the box & removed the cellophane... Jean thought this was just the first course. WRONG! That WAS dinner!? Tequila, anyone...???!!!

Things did NOT improve as the weekend progressed. The quilt "clues" were incorrect. The air conditioning was nonexistent. Our shower must have come out of an RV. And, have I mentioned the cats...?!

As I read this, it almost makes me laugh. The circumstances were surreal. I'm glad we all survived!!!

Some good things did come from the weekend. There was fabric shopping, wine tasting, & dinner @ the Iron Horse Inn. Dolores has some news that I'll let her share with you. And, the other ladies who were trapped with us @ "Hotel Hell" were nice.

I want a refund!!!

Lori - thanks for offering to host on Tuesday. I'll be-e there. And, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!

Cathy - you are SEW, SEW, SEW lucky you missed this weekend!!! Glad if the TATW instructions are working for you. Please, bring along your stuff so we can see it! ; )

Consuelo - you were missed this weekend, most especially!!! We are spoiled!

Peggy - how's class going? Are you Jean's star student?

Lois - are you home or vacationing?

LA - did you go to Havertown Days? How was it?

That's it for now, ladies. Have a good day! Stitch when you can! ; )
Piecefully, Pam

Sunday, October 7, 2007

It was an abomination. We will share stories that you will not believe. I need to be debriefed...

Dorothy was right, "There's NO place like HOME! There's NO place like HOME!! There's NO place like HOME!"

Thank you to my Quilt Mama sisters for holding me up, finding humor in our circumstances & for being my friends!!!

Piecefully, Pam

Friday, October 5, 2007

Good Morning Girls,

TGIF!!! ; ) If it's Friday, it's time for our countdown...

Today begins the Mystery Quilt Weekend!!!

Two weeks until the Undercover Quilters Guild Show!!!

FOUR weeks until our Brigantine Bee Sewing Retreat!!!

I finished the grid quilting on my Pleasant Plates project last evening!!! I have LOADS of tails to tuck in, & I still want to do some free motion quilting in the centers, but it's definitely coming along!!!

Also, I survived last evening's teaching gig @ Cloth & Bobbin. : ) And, I think my students did as well. There was actual sewing!!! : ) & their projects are underway!!! Hopefully, next Thursday I won't want to barf on my drive over to Narberth!?

Alright girls, duty calls & I must sign off for now. I hope everyone has a nice weekend.
Piecefully, Pam

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Good Morning Q'Mama's!

Sorry to have missed Bee last evening. Jean - thanks for blogging & keeping us up to date!

Did Dolores get her fabric cut? I know. Those 3/8" measurements are tough. See, that's one of the reasons why I hesitate when it comes to sewing triangles! Dolores, you do know this means we'll be sewing triangles @ the Mystery Quilt weekend, right?!

Count me in for the Lancaster '08 Show weekend, Jean!!! I'll check with Boonie Barb...or maybe she can blog & let us know if she'll join us too!?

The HTFL Library Book Sale is over! Hooray!!! We made $6,200! Not bad, huh?!

I have finished writing the directions for my TATW class. I think I RE-wrote them elevendeseven times, @ least!!! I have class mock-ups & samples prepped & ready too. I appreciate ALL the support from the 'Mama's!!! : )

My Pleasant Plates are coming along. I think I have 27 more rows to quilt. I've been tucking in thread tails or sewing whenever I get the chance!

Hey, you guys are picking me up around 2PM on Friday, is that right? I'll be-e ready. I have to pack tonight, 'cause I won't be home tomorrow! Looking forward to a FUN weekend!

Hope everyone is well & stitching when they can eek out a few moments!
Piecefully, Pam

P.S. We are doing a little Hallowe'en decorating. It's FUN & looks festive! ; )

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Forgot to mention in the last blog - Mare cannot make it to the quilt show weekend in Lancaster at the end of March (28, 29, 30). We are still going to rent the same house - I'll be communicating with the woman - I just need to know how many folks are going to be staying with us this year. If you could let me know, I'd appreciate it. I'm going to send her a deposit and the final cost actually depends on how many people are in on it. Thanks.....
Hello, girls! A small but productive bee tonight....Peggy and Dolores walked to Jean's house! Let's pause for applause! Dolores brought her beautiful Shangri-la fabrics - she's actually going to cut them for the mystery weekend! Yay! We had a little cutting tutorial. Lori came a little later and gave them a ride home. She had a couple of nice fabrics from the Cloth & Bobbin - very cute. Pam - we were thinking of you - are you all set for class on Thursday? Could some of us just come and watch from the window? Too distracting? We could wait for you in the bar across the street....hmmmm. How did the library sale go? Mare had to take her baby, Jimmy, to a college night - argghhhh! Lois - hope you're doing well and enjoying this beautiful weather outside. Cathy is in lovely Atlanta? Is that right? Leigh Anne was down in Delaware tonight visiting her cousin who's in the hospital trying not to deliver her twins who aren't due till near Christmas. Consuelo is busy tracing her family history - when I saw her yesterday, she was back to the revolution! By now, she could be back to Roman times! Such a busy time....hope you're all getting at least some chances to enjoy the nice weather. For those of us who are Phillies fans - a huge week! I'm so excited - have to figure out how to bring a little transistor with me to listen on Saturday without disturbing anyone. Go Phils! Go Pam! Come on Friday! Take care.....piece.

Friday, September 28, 2007


One week until the Mystery Quilt Weekend!!!

Three weeks until the Undercover Quilters Guild Quilt Show!!!

Enjoy the LOVELY weekend!!! I will be selling books in the HTFL Community Room & Dungeon. Please, stop by & pick up a good read @ a good price & support your local Library!

Piecefully, Pam

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Good Evening Girls,

How is everyone doing? Staying cool?! It was a bit hot & sticky walking Jingle this evening. He was not his cool weather frisky self...not a bad thing, mind you. ; )

Jean, Mare, Peggy & Dolores - how was class?! I think the project Jean chose is SEW happy & fun!!! : )

This evening I have been working on my own class, mock-ups, & directions. Geez, it is NOT easy to write directions!!!

Last night after Bee I came home & machine quilted 7 more rows on my Pleasant Plates quilt. I think I counted 67 more to go. I didn't count how many I've actually stitched already?!

Tomorrow evening I must go into the Library to prep for our Book Sale. It's this weekend if anyone is interested in shopping. I also have to bake for our Bake Sale too. There don't seem to be enough hours in the day.

Enjoy your evening & let's hope for cooler temperatures soon!
Piecefully, Pam
Good Morning Girls,

Get ready for a steamy September day. Leaves
are falling from the trees & acorns are on the ground too, but it's
gonna be a h-o-t one today. Sip some iced tea & be-e cool.

First, thanks for blogging Dolores! We've all been wondering about the Byrnes
family & Veronica. We're certainly glad to hear she's recovering, @
home, & the family is well! Scary, huh?! She may need aquilt to comfort her... ; )

We missed those who couldn't make it to Bee last evening @ Cathy's.

Jean - are you ready for class?
Peggy - are you ready for Jean's class? Mare thought you were maybe out buying fabric for it last evening...?!
Dolores - are you ready for Jean's class? Flannel anyone? Maybe not today... Were you out with Peggy last evening?!
Leigh Anne - we missed you! How's Santa Shop coming along?
Lois - are you & George on vacation yet...?!

Mare - shared Hinkletown
insights & seams pretty excited about her new sewing machine!!!
She's getting fabrics ready for the Mystery Quilt weekend! Still making
pillow cases too!

Mo - it was REALLY good to see you!!! Thanks
for coming. : ) And, we are planning a trip to the Hayloft, Mo may be
our driver. Stay tuned!!! By the way Mo, you have a standing invite to
our home & studio ANY time!!!

Cathy - bought BRIGHTS & FUN fabrics for the TATW class @ Cloth & Bobbin!!! I LOVE them!!! They are FUN & cheery!!! Best of luck with your terminally ill co-worker, Cath. I'm glad if she can talk sewing...& sex with you!!! ; )

Lori - the Hallowe'en jack-o-lantern wall hanging is almost finished!!! She was stitching on the hanging sleeve! Way to SEW Lor!!!
And, just in time for Fall. Now, get busy with that St. Nick, would
ya...?! ; ) Ho, Ho, Ho! Your fabrics were FUN too, & I liked your
patterns!!! Let me know about the skirt if you make it, okay?Lor, the baby TATW project size is 56 x 59", but it could easily be made bigger or smaller if you'd like.

- I had quilt ladder info for Lori from Mama Barb. I brought the
fabrics I'm going to use for the Mystery Quilt project. And, I made the
girls look @ my Pleasant Plate project too. It's getting there... I
won't be @ Bee next week. I have to see a man about a mouse... Will
someone catch me up on plans for the Mystery Quilt weekend, please?
Mare & I were asking about what time we're to arrive @ the B &
B on Friday, what time will we leave on Sunday & just when will we
have enough time to sew & shop...?!

I think that does it for now! Chime in with anything I've missed or any new news!
Piecefully, Pam

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Hello Girls,

Isn't this a BEAUTIFUL day?!?!?! I am LOVING it!!! : ) I hung 2 loads of wash out on the line & they dried quicker than I expected. They smell SO good!!! What is that?! And, how does that happen?!

We are home from the Beach! We had a marvelous time! : ) The weather really couldn't have been any nicer. We went to the Kite Loft, The Pelican Loft, the SunFest & Waterman's! Saturday we took some time & drove through Lewes. Lewes was nice & we think we're maybe going to try & rent a Beach house there next year. Lewes may be the kind of Beach town we'd eventually like to live in... Who knows?! It never hurts to look, or to be prepared, right?

I did a little machine quilting this afternoon. It was a bit of a fight, so I stopped for now. I'm going to go pick flowers. : )

Lois - sorry to hear of another relative that died. But, I am glad to hear that your wall hanging is coming along SEW well! : ) That's exciting!!!

Cath - how was the concert? Thanks for volunteering to host on Tuesday! I think I'll try & come.

Dolores - was it an emergency...appendicitis?! How is Veronica? More importantly, how are YOU & Joe?! Let's hope she has a speedy recovery!!! ; )

Jean - how are those Irish Cottages?! Are you ready for class to start on Wednesday?! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THOSE BURKIE GIRLS!!! : )

Lori - the class dates have been decided...Thursday October 4, 11, 18 from 7 - 9 PM. I am teaching the baby quilt. However, once you learn/understand the process, you can make any size quilt you'd like!!! Neat-o!!!

Okay, I think that does it for now. Enjoy the afternoon! Are the Eagles playing?
Piecefully, Pam
Good morning, ladies! Happy Sunday...looks like a beautiful day. Good luck to everyone who has sporting events today.....Wanted to let you know I'm unable to host this week - volleyball, class starts and both girls are having a birthday. Lots going on....Lois - thanks for the email. Can't wait to see your wallhanging. Mare and Peggy - see you on Wednesday. I sent in all the money for the mystery weekend - so we're all set! Everyone else....have a wonderful week...hope to hear from everyone on the blog.....keep in touch. Piece....

Friday, September 21, 2007

Good Morning Girls,

HAPPY FRIDAY, & TGIF!!! : ) It means
we're how many weeks out from our Brigantine Bee weekend now?! Is it
SEVEN?!? Another week closer!!! Are you starting to plan projects,
gifts & sewing you want to get done?! Like what?

Jean - I forgot to mention you are nearing completion of your Irish Cottage blocks!!! HOORAY!!! You've had quite a commitment to this project! I know how special it is. Just imagine how much it will mean to your friend. : ) Keep us posted, please.

Mare - look @ you digging Hinkletown?!
See, I told you!!! How long was your class? What did you learn? Where
was the class held? What upcoming class in October are you interested
in? Aren't they something -knowledgeable , kind, helpful!!! I'm glad
you had a good experience. It was a beautiful day!!! Did you stop @ any
Country stands along the way? What did you get @ The Hayloft? And, what
FAB finds did you get @ the Thrift Shop?! What's next on your sewing
agenda? Did everyone receive the pillow cases you mailed out? Did they
like them?!

Consuelo - how are you doing, girlfriend?! Have you been able to enjoy the nice weather? I'm sending you HUGS & + juju!!! Will you be @ our next Bee?!

Cathy - enjoy the Geneses concert! Where is it? Rock on!!! ; )

- Barb sent me ladder information for you. I got it in yesterday's
mail. Can I wait & bring it to our next Bee? What's going on in
your sewing room?! Are you keeping everyone in your family well &

Peggy - c'mon you blogger! What's going on in your sewing studio? Got any Wawa coffee?! What are you working on?

- did your Hancock's package arrive yet? I ALWAYS LOVE when a box from
them is on our door stoop!!! How is that Jojo doing? What about Rocky?

- you've been quiet. How are things on your end? Are you & George
vacationing yet?! Where are you going?! Can you take along a sewing
machine...?! ; )

Leigh Anne - I hope you got your blog fix. I don't want to contribute to any bad habits... We'll be away this weekend. Sorry!

I haven't machine quilted my Pleasant Plates quilt since Monday evening. Ergh!!!
Not enough hours in the day!!! We are quickly approaching the Annual
Library Book Sale & time has been dedicated to that. Next week too.
It's for a good cause! I have gotten my fabrics cut for the Mystery
Quilt weekend. I am feeling good about that! I need to make hanging
sleeves & labels for quilts I'd like to put in our Guild Show,
& I must write directions for theTATW class for Cloth & Bobbin - working on it!!! We are looking forward to a bit of sun & fun this weekend @ OCMD. It's their annual SunFest & KiteFest. I LOVE the Beach @ this time of year!!!

Have a nice day. Enjoy this absolutely glorious weather! And, have a wonderful weekend!
Piecefully, Pam

P.S. Jean - I just peeked @ the link that Lori had sent to you. Looks good! Has anyone purchased from there before? How is their service?

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Okay, there's NO pressure here...!?!?!? ; ) Can you say B-U-S-Y...?!?!?!

Seriously, good evening all you Quilt Mama's out there in QuiltMamaLand!!! Leigh Anne, you are just too cute, & I LOVE you!!! : )

Bee on Tuesday was few, but full. And, abbreviated, but plentiful! There was Jean, our Host!, Dolores & me. Of note...Dolores & I gave $$$ to Jean for the upcoming Mystery Quilt weekend. And, we discussed the B & B, what a Mystery Quilt weekend is, what to expect, etc. FUN! : ) Dolores brought show & tell - a GORGEOUS strippy with jelly roll quilt top that she made using Moda's Shangralia-ahhh fabric!!! Plus, a cardigan sweatshirt she embroidered for a Nun. Don't ask about the daisies...Vegas, baby! Dolores - you truly have a really GOOD color sense & savvy!!! Jean hasn't had enough time in her sewing room lately, but she did make a pillowcase, & we finished early so she could go sew!!! ; ) I brought a Barbara Lavallee calendar that I got in Alaska. I'll try to add her link some other time, or you could simply google her. Jean got a peek @ my Pleasant Plates project as it's evolving. Since we ended early, I stopped @ Hallmark on the way home to pick up a few cards...uh, AND a Vera Bradly Metro bag!!! Danger, danger Will Robinson...! ; )

Following Bee, now I knew I had the correct Mystery Quilt directions, but I had trouble understanding them. Yeah, I re-wrote mine. I chose my fabrics & have begun cutting them. I LOVE them!!! I had planned on using Christmas fabrics, & with a few additions from my stash I am using Moda's Maison deNoel fabrics that I've been coveting for 2 years now. : ) They are more of a low contrast than high, but I figure I may achieve that Kaffe Fassett look I find so appealing. Dolores is waiting for some of her fabrics to be delivered from Hancock's...!!! ; )

I gotta go get ready for work! Will try to blog more later. Enjoy for now!
Piecefully, Pam

Monday, September 17, 2007

Morning 'Mama's!

How was your weekend? Relaxing, I hope...?! I am digging the Autumnal weather. It's hard to imagine that last Monday it was 90 degrees, & too HOT to go to the Guild Meeting!!! Mother Nature is fickle?!

I am continuing to work on machine quilting the Dresden Plate quilt & tuck in tail ends. It's coming along. It feels good to SEE progress! I will do the dance of joy when it's DONE! : )

Did anyone find time to sew over the weekend? Jean - have you gotten into your sewing room yet?!?!?! Cathy - are you still getting the Blocks of the Month? I haven't seen them lately. Lori - are you working on that Santa wall hanging...?! ; ) Lois - is the baby duck quilt finished? How 'bout the stuffed bunny? : ) Dolores - have you C-U-T any flannel for the Mystery Quilt weekend...?! Peggy - what do you have going on? What fabrics are you using for Jean's class? Leigh Anne - how are your little hexagons? What else are you working on in your spare time...? How's the stripping...?! Mare - what things do you have lined up to do? Are you taking Jean's class also?

Are we having Bee this week, girls? On Tuesday? Where?

We had a bit of a discussion last Bee about our blog. Please, feel free to write & blog away, just remember it IS the WORLDWIDE web! ; )

LA - my little mum is SEW cute! It's in the kitchen & makes me smile. Thank you. I bought a couple bigger mums for outside @ Market on Sunday. I got purple ones, & I like how they look. I may add a yellow one to help make them "pop!" Scott's soon ready to buy some pumpkins too!!! Uh oh...!!! : )

Enjoy your day!
Piecefully, Pam

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Hi Girls,

How was yesterday's Autism Walk?! The weather was iffy in the morning, but it turned out to be a lovely day, no?! I was thinking of you guys!

Today we did HOMEwork! Scott has been diligently working on the windows. He is doing a SUPER job!!! There is one window left to do!!! He has to paint 3, including the one that has to be re-glazed. That's 17 windows, ladies!!! Meanwhile, I was a garden demon today! I cut back, tore out, trimmed/pruned the front & side beds of the house. I have our backyard yet to do though. Scott inserviced me on the use of the electric trimmer. Jingle has a whole new respect for me...! ; )

I was @ Cloth & Bobbin yesterday afternoon. : ) I bought the remaining bolt of Amy Butler's Nigella fabric! Sweet!!! New Studio curtains will be in the works...eventually. Some living room throw pillows too. Cloth & Bobbin will be closed this coming Saturday for Holiday. I told Johanna that Peggy & Marianne were disappointed the Shop wasn't opened when they stopped in on Thursday. Phyllis & Stacy made an appearance this week though!

I did some machine quilting on the Dresden Plate project yesterday. I think I am more than half way there...?! Hooray!!!

What stuff is everyone else working on? How are things going?

Take care & enjoy this AWESOME weather!!!
Piecefully, Pam

Friday, September 14, 2007

Hello Girls,

This is my second attempt. The first one flew into Internet oblivion. I hate when that happens!

Thanks for last evening's Bee. It was nice. Good to see most of the 'Mama's. : )

Lois - sorry to hear of your loss.

Mo - thinking of you & hoping each day gets a bit brighter. Hey, did you send canoli?! WOW!!! Thanks!!! : )

Jean - thanks for hosting! I LOVE your Mystery Quilt fabrics! I think scrappy sounds perfect!

Mare - I LIKE your Mystery Weekend fabrics too! They're FAB!!! Pay attention & take notes @ your upcoming sewing machine class! Please!

- give Cloth & Bobbin another try sometime. I'm going over on
Saturday or Sunday, if you or anyone else is interested...? What
fabrics did you get @ Jo-Ann's?!

Lor - your handkerchief wall
hanging is neat. What a clever idea! Glad to hear your parents are
okay. You gotta watch out for those aggressive drivers...

Cath -
we'll miss you during the Mystery Weekend! I like your baby quilt! And,
the quilting on the Autism project is SUPER! Glad you found your Witch

Dolores - hey, thanks for filling in for Cathy! Will yours be flannel?! Doesn't that sound dreamy...?!

LA - your Autism quilt label ROCKS! : ) Good job! Thanks for the 'Mama mum!

Thanks to all you Quilt Mama's for the birthday wishes & such! You ALL are truly appreciated.

Piecefully, Pam

P.S. Someone asked for a Brigantine Bee weekend countdown...8 weeks! ; )

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Everybody now......

Happy birthday to you....
Happy birthday to you....
Happy birthday, dear Pam...
Happy birthday to you!!!!

Enjoy the day...piece(of cake)

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Hi Girls,

How is everyone doing? Ready for some cooler temps...uh, YEH!!! It was more pleasant walking the dog this evening. With the exception of tumbling over a curb & skinning up my knee & ankle - ouch!

I have scaled back my original & evidently too complex teaching model for the TATW project. I need to make mock-ups of my process using just a few colors/strips/rows so I can effectively teach/explain my process. One never likes to hear, "No one will be able to understand this, I can't." Coming from Scott it's less tough though. I'm working on it. Teaching & writing understandable directions is hard work!!!

Johannah (of Cloth & Bobbin fame), & the Canadian gals from the Alaska Cruise have asked for our blog link. I have shared it with them. Beware...! ; ) And, WELCOME!!! We're glad to have you!

Hey, the Autism quilt is coming right along, by the sounds of it! You girls rock! Way to SEW! Yes, definitely a picture for the Quilt Mama chronicles!

I saw a mouse @ work this morning. EEK!!! I am NOT good with bugs OR mice! HELP!!! There are in-patients currently too, so I can NOT scream!!!

Alright, enjoy the FALL weather! Have a nice evening. Stitch when you get the chance.
Piecefully, Pam

Monday, September 10, 2007

Good Evening Ladies,

I didn't go to our Guild meeting. Shame on me! It's TOO hot, & there's NO air conditioning there! I just couldn't do it.

Instead, I've been tidying up paperwork, & working with EQ5 in hopes of attaching a file for Johannah with a Trip Around the World pattern included. Next, I have to actually WRITE directions...

Also, I will try to add a link here for Alaska photos. This is SEW technical! We got a link to Alaska Cruise pictures from the Quilting @ Sea people today, & they're not bad. ; ) Here goes..."If you’d like to see photos from our Alaska cruise adventure, check our website, Alaska Pics. Scroll to the “Past Cruises – Photo Galleries” at the bottom of the home page and click into Alaska 2007."

Regarding Bee on Thursday...I have to go get my photo license that evening & I am to sort books @ the Dungeon too. We'll see if I can maybe just stop in for a bit.

Enjoy your evening. I hope everyone is keeping cool. Do a little stitching if you can!
Piecefully, Pam

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Good Evening Girls,

How is everyone doing? It's been kind of a full weekend, hasn't it? I've seen several of you here & there throughout the weekend.

First, thanks to ALL for supporting Maureen during this difficult time. It is important for us to hold each other up, to lend a hand & make our presence felt. I feel SO blessed & thankful for each one of you. I am SO impressed & inspired with how strong & united our little group is. Mo, we will continue to be here for you. There will be good & bad days. Know you are loved & cared for.

Next, for those who went to Cloth & Bobbin, I thank you too. I think it is SEW important to support a LOCAL fabric shop. The prices aren't like Lancaster or Jo-Ann's, but neither is the inventory! She is an independent proprietor providing what we NEED & WANT...quality fabric & notions!!! Hooray for Johanna! Sew...what did you think about the shop?

Since I did mention Jo-Ann's...Scott & I dropped off 5 pieces of art work there the other week, & using their 60% off coupon, we had everything framed. (I used their service for a piece I bought in Houston & was quite impressed with the quality of their work.) We picked up all 5 pieces on Thursday evening. They turned out nice!!! We now have Maryland blue crabs hanging in our bathroom, Ocean Music in the living room, River Rays in the kitchen & there are 2 pieces we've not yet hung. Yep, we're staying. It's been kind of FUN to actually buy things instead of just "find" them @ a thrift shop or yard sale.

I am perhaps halfway done grid quilting the Dresden Plate project. It's B-I-G!!! I think I want to quilt swirls or hearts in the centers of the Plates too. I'm getting there...?! What is everyone else working on?

I think I'm the only person who is planning to go to Guild on Monday. Will there be a Bee this week? Let's "talk" about it & see what's up!

Enjoy your evening & stay cool.
Piecefully, Pam

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Good Morning Girls,

Jean had sent an email talking about the Undercover Guild & their upcoming Quilt Show in October. I was thinking...ya know ALL those sea gull kits we bought "down the shore?" Well, what if we got together & put the wall hangings in the Show?! We could have our very own, Flock of Sea Gulls!!! : ) Wouldn't that be-e FUN...?! Jean, I think it's GREAT that you have 2 quilts you're going to put in the Show!!! I am working on my Dresden Plate project, fast & furiously!!!, in hopes of having it ready for the Show... And, I suddenly realized that I need a name for it, I can't just call it the Dresden Plate project. Any thoughts or suggestions? Is anyone else going to put something in the Show?!

Speaking of our anyone going to our first meeting of the season on Monday 9/10? I am thinking about it. I like Asian inspired quilts & needle work, plus, I am interested in sashiko. So, I am trying to talk myself into getting up, getting ready & going.

I received "new" directions for the Mystery Quilt Weekend in yesterday's mail. What's different? I haven't looked that closely.

Is anyone planning on attending the Grand Opening of Cloth & Bobbin this weekend? If sew, when? Does anyone want to try to coordinate & go together?

Girls, that's about it for now. Enjoy another day of NICE weather!
Piecefully, Pam