Wednesday, February 28, 2007

a few other things...

I forgot the Jingle poop bags! Errr. I need them, am appreciative of them, but can not seem to remember to bring them home with me. Sorry. Please, hang on to them Cath, if you don't mind, & feel free to add to them! Can you guys help me to remember to pick them up as I'm leaving, please? Apparently, I am feeble minded...!

Also, thanks for asking about "our studio," & not conveying, "You guys sure are crazy!" thoughts. The studio is good. I had a mild meltdown on Monday evening, but I think I'm over it now. It's going to take time to get things in place, decide what's needed, etc. Meanwhile, I feel a bit like a sewing gypsy. It's not what I've grown accustomed to & I sort of miss my space.

Enjoy your day! The temps are to be warmer. I hear more song birds when out walking Jingle & it's beginning to feel just a little bit like Spring. : ) Hooray!!!
Piece, Pam

Bee Muse,

Girls, so---SEW much goes on @ a Bee meeting!!! It's hard to keep up!!! ; )

Cathy - thanks for hosting! I LOVE your Penguin wall hanging!!! He is CUTE!!! Where are you going to put him?! The binding did go okay for you? Your Thimble(dingle)berry Turning 20's quilt is awesome!!! The colors are SO pretty. : ) What do you think about quilting it? Stipple? Hmmm...?! I like your laundry bag too - cute fabric! Take care of that foot, girlfriend!!! Try to make sure it isn't up Mike's #%&!!! ; ) I'll be saying some prayers for your Dad today. Draw on the strength of your friends, we're ALL here for you!

Mare - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Glad you had a FUN & safe trip out to Pitt. It's nice to surprise Nicole, & with a t-shirt quilt too! I LOVE your fat quarter bundles. What will you make with them?! I'll keep dishes & such for Joanna. When did you want to get them?

Jean - have 2 GREAT classes tonight!!! : ) How did the Photo quilt borders! I 'd like to see your big quilt too! It's a job FMQ something that large, isn't it?! The pillows you did are WAY cool! Husbands...?! You may want to sick Cathy on yours...?! ; )

Lois - I LOVE your pieced stars & the bag you made!!! It turned out SEW neat, & now you have a bag of your OWN!!! Your family album quilt is quite a nice heirloom. Such a neat idea & an inspiration to us. : ) Thanks for sharing!!!

Leigh Anne - NO running with scissors for you!!! Hey, thanks for the Halloween fabric link. Yep, I have a fat quarter or 2 of that one already! Thanks SEW much for thinking of me. : ) Did you get your binding done? Did the girls LOVE their quilts?!

Peggy - Your Naked Lady is YOU!!! Wasn't that a stressful assignment?! I LOVE your Amish quilt!!! Red is my favorite color!!! It's exactly your approach & attitude that makes a quilt interesting. Anyone can make perfect blocks, but putting a little something in the quilt to make one pause is CREATIVE!!! Way to SEW!!! : ) I also really like the broken wheel blocks you did. Let's see that wine/burgundy fabric you bought!?! Have fun @ class tonight!!!

Lori - what's the doings on your end? Getting any sewing done? How is your Dad?

Mo - sorry you missed my story, maybe another time. Your acronym certainly created quite the Bee buzz!!! Thanks for the FUN!!! : )

Girls, please consider taking a class @ the Hershey Show. The 2 classes Barb & I took last year were awesome! Mimi Dietrich & Sue Nickels are two great teachers! I am disappointed that I will miss Sue Nickels!!!

I have to go do WORK!!! I hope I didn't forget anything. If I did, please chime in!
Piecefully, Pam

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Good Afternoon Girls,

Is it snowing again?!?!?! The snow flakes look to be about the size of dinner plates! One of the little neighbor kids built a snow man a few days ago. It's about the size of a rabbit, no, I'm not kidding. It just about drives Jingle crazy 'cause he is certain it IS a rabbit!!!

Well, the REAL reason I am writing is to give an update on our joint studio status. So far good. Things are still in transition & will be for some time, but all in all, the merger has been going better than I expected. I sewed today!!! - downstairs, in the "new" studio space!!! : ) And, Scott has been playing on his computer since Friday evening. : ) Shelby is not as put out about the transition as I feared she would be & Jingle has been permitted to come in & check things out, under supervision, & all has gone smoothly. : ) Relief!

Our "new" living room is livable. That's nice. : ) We have music playing & the TV/VCR/DVD techno-stuff is all working too, thanks to Scott!!! We will be auditioning furniture, curtains & "home goods" for a while until we have made a new nest. But, for now it's ALL good!

We also survived my brother & his girlfriend's visit. : ) We had a marvelous dinner @ Fayette Street Grille last evening. That just "made it" quite nearly as perfect as possible. Good food & a couple bottles of wine can make ALL the difference!?

Mare - I have dishes packed up for Joanna, if she's interested...?! I did have a few casualties, 2 cups & 1 bowl. Everything is waiting for pick up in our potting shed... It's a place setting for 12 with a couple serving pieces too. The dishes are by Johnson Brothers in their Snow White Regency pattern. They are just simple ironstone dishes with swirled edges. Plain, but nice, & functional.

I also have up for dibs, if anyone is interested, assorted other dishes, bowls, glasses, & stemware, & I have a complete set of dining room furniture...4 chairs, a table with a leaf & a china cupboard. If there are no takers, things will be going to a thrift shop. The dining room furniture can go piece meal, it does not have to go as a whole set. Let me know - anyone!!!

I think that's about it for now. Time to heat some soup & then tuck in for a nap. Enjoy your evening.
Piecefully, Pam

Cath - thanks for offering to host on Tuesday. I think I can be there. Scott has an AM appointment on Tuesday & we'll see what this white weather brings.. But, I am planning on being there & looking forward to it!!! ; )

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Good Evening Girls,

Geez, it's WINDY!!! I hope these gusts dry up the melting snow. Last evening walking Jingle was more like ice skating!!!

Tonight was Library book sorting in the Dungeon. It's amazing the number of books that collect in a months time. It's also quite amazing what some people donate?!

I haven't had much sewing time this week. I have been doing some EQ5 work though. I am working on designing a baby quilt like my on pointe Trip quilt. I have also been laundering fabrics that I bought last weekend. ; )

Jean - have you been machine quilting your class project?! How is it going? How 'bout the Photo quilt borders, what's their status? How are you doing with everything?! : )

Cathy - how is your ankle? Did you get your Penguin wall hanging bound?

Mare - have a safe trip out to see Nicole!!! Is her T-shirt quilt all ready?!

Peggy - how are you doing? Have you heard from Richie? I am thinking of you! ; ) What are you sewing?!

Leigh Anne - how is your cold/cough? Do you have the binding done on you living room quilt?! Are your girls all snuggled in their new quilts?! : )

Lois - how are you doing? Where did you put the Guild Raffle quilt that you won? Are you using it on a bed, or as a throw somewhere? Does George like it? How are your hand sewn stars coming along? Did you make a bag for yourself?!

Lori - have you "found" any time for sewing this week? What projects will you be working on next?

Maureen - are you going through sewing withdraw? Now that your Naked Lady is done, what's next? How is that cross stitch coming along...?!

Does anyone know how Dolores is? Did she finish that @!#? neighbor girls quilt? What about the yummy Moda quilt that she was making?

Deborah - are you back from Paris? How was your trip?! Did you bring home any fabric to stitch into a wonderful little quilt?! : )

Okay, this weekend Scott & I are expecting to begin our home transition & evolution. We are going to develop a joint/shared studio space (in what has been our living room). Tonight he upgraded software on his desktop computer & is cleaning it. This weekend the computer will be moved upstairs. I can not quite imagine moving my sewing room downstairs...?! Help!!! There are a LOT of things to manage, move, address in this process. Our living room will be moved to the dining room & there will be NO more dining room as we know it...wish us luck! Oh yeah, I almost forgot to mention, my brother & his girlfriend are stopping in to visit on Saturday... Does it get any more fun...?!

Take care girls! Enjoy your evening!
Piece. Out.

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Good Morning Girls,

I read something interesting in my new Weeks Ringle & Bill Kerr book, the Modern Quilt workshop. They say, "If you are stuck on which colors to choose for a quilt, think of an adjective that you would use to describe the quilt you want to make. Then think about the colors you would use to imply that adjective." Hmmm, I think this is a unique way to approach color & making a quilt! What do you think? For those of you who have color struggle, does their perspective help? I also REALLY like the idea that color is innate & intuitive, but we (Americans) force conformity & squash color out of "grown ups." Relax about color choices. Try & go with your gut! It may be like free motion quilting, have a glass of wine & choose your next color palette...?! ; )

Enjoy your day!
Piecefully, Pam

Monday, February 19, 2007

Hello Everyone,

Those who are off today, enjoy your President's Day! : ) Those of us who are working - rats! : /

WOW! What a FUN weekend!!! I am ALWAYS amazed @ our productivity!!! And, how 'bout our diversity too?! There was anything from charity projects, to hand applique, to machine quilting & machine piecing, to bindings, hanging sleeves, curved borders, & maybe even a bit of reading, saduko, & TV too. Let's also not forget shopping, eating & LOTS of FUN & laughter! : )

Hooray for estrogen, nourishing our creative selves & drinking from the pool of friendship!!! I love you guys!!! Those of you who weren't along were missed!!! Did you (Peggy, Lois, & Dolores) take the opportunity to sew something this weekend? I HOPE SEW!!!

Cathy - how is your ankle doing? Keep OFF of it today & keep it up!!! When was your last dose of Motrin?! If you need me to wrap it, just give a call! Sorry if you didn't get as much stitching done as you'd like. Your beach blankets are CUTE! And, you are SEW right about skill building & honing. You have a GREAT attitude & approach!!! : ) AND, your Penguin wall hanging is CUTE, CUTE, CUTE!!! I just LOVE him, & the use of your creative license!!! Let me know how the 2" binding works out? Also, thank you SEW much for helping Leigh Anne with her sewing machine maintenance. It's important to keep our sewing machines fit & healthy - they are our FRIENDS too!!!

LA - how is your cough? Are you feeling any better? If not, you should see the Dr. Mo even offered to watch the kids if needed. Did your girls LOVE their quilts?!?!?! You are SEW sweet!!! : ) How is your "couch quilt?!?!?!" Snugly, cuddly, warm & stitched with love, right?! Enjoy it!

Jean - you are REALLY making progress on your hand applique Irish Cottage blocks. They are neat-o! The embellishments really add to them too. They make you use a lot of sewing techniques. : ) Way to SEW!!! I REALLY like the photo quilt too! How are the borders turning out? Let me know if you need any help with bias stems, or if the curved piecing worked effectively enough!? What were you working on Friday evening? Hmmm, I can't remember? You are going to quilt the Garden Splendor quilt this week, no? Good luck & have FUN with it!!! ; )

Mare - you are moving & grooving through projects woman!!! Nicole's T-shirt quilt is GREAT!!! She is going to just LOVE it!!! : ) What a nice surprise!!! I like the BOM in navy & white you're working on too. Hey, the chocolate fabric you bought for the SW quilt is awesome!!! I am anxious for it to be started!

Lori - the purses are VERY fun & nice. I really like them! I also LOVE the Bento Boxes quilt! The design is cool & the fabrics are FAB!!! : ) Way to SEW, girl! Try to allow yourself some sewing time each day. Let it be a reward for completing a task, errand or chore. You are permitted to SEW, it's allowed, TAKE some time for yourself. Sometimes, I set an alarm so I don't get "lost" in my sewing world.

Maureen - I LOVE your idea of chronicalling the Quilt Mama history. A scrap book would be a neat way to "remember" while being an ongoing journal of our Bee. It's amazing to learn how we've all come together & how far our sewing has progressed. Plus, we are getting closer to having YOU sew!!! Your Naked Lady is perfect!!! We need to document your sewing/quilting trip!!! ; )

I am THRILLED that I FINISHED my Trip project!!! : ) I can hardly wait to use it on our bed!!! Thanks girls, for all your help, friendship & inspiration!!! I will THINK about teaching it as a baby quilt for Calico & Cotton...?! : /

Enjoy your day. Smile when you reflect on the weekend. Stay warm! The outside temps are to be warming up through the week!
Piecefully, Pam

P.S. Thanks for the Jingle bags, Mare! ; )
Shredded Pork & Beef Bar-B-Que

1 pound boneless beef roast
1 pound boneless pork roast
1 can (undiluted) tomato soup
1 onion, diced
1/3 cup Worcheshire sauce
1/3 cup cider vinegar
1/4 cup sugar
1 cup red wine
fresh ground black pepper

Trim the roasts of all visible fat. Cut the meat into chunks & place in bottom of crock pot. Toss diced onion on top & grind some fresh pepper over the onion. Pour in the remaining ingredients. Turn the crock pot to HIGH, stir & cover. Cook for 4 hours. (OR, turn it to LOW & cook for 6-8 hours. OR, bake in a 350 degree oven for 3 hours - uncovered.) Uncover & use an old fashioned potato masher to "shred" the meat. Once the meat is shredded, it will sort of absorb the liquid in the pot & make a delicious bar-b-que. This recipe may be doubled, tripled & even quadrupled. Can be made ahead & frozen also. Enjoy!

Friday, February 16, 2007

WELCOME LA!!! : ) Kudos to you for making it here!!!

Are we ALL getting ready?! My evening was a mere blur & flurry of activity - without any of that white stuff falling from the sky, thankfully! BBQ & cake is ready! I hope you're hungry...?!

Mare - thanks for being willing to stop for dinner fixins on the way down. And, when you come to pick me up, please, just pull in & park right in the middle of the 2 driveways. It will give us more room to navigate & negotiate around the snow.

Jean - I will most definitely look for & buy the Stix & Stones fabric, 3 yards. I'm pretty sure you don't have to pay me.

Peggy - Steve is Steve's Sewing & Vacuum Center in King of Prussia, very near the KOP Mall. Karen is THE Karen. Karen I went to Houston with, Barb's best friend, Karen Kay Buckley of the noted blog link. Now you're in the know!!! Hey, how is that Richie kid?!?!?! Is he ready to be 21?!?!?! Are YOU ready for him to be 21?!?!?! : ) Have a FUN & FAB weekend!!! We will miss you!!! : /

I gotta go!
Piece, Pam

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Good Chilly Morning!

Jean - I LOVED your "tea in hand & heading up to the sewing room." comment!!! : ) What did you get done in there...?! Snow = Sew!!!

I am sorry to have been negligent in posting regarding our Guild meeting & not being able to make it to the Bee. Our schedules have been hectic with the snow.

This week, Scott & I had no snow days or delays, but had to get into work. That meant our evenings were filled with snow blowing, shoveling, & spreading salt. Plus, Scott had an appointment Tuesday morning, which meant we got to bed late. When we was WHITE outside!!! Jingle LOVES the snow!!!

The Guild meeting was alright, in my opinion. I maybe shouldn't post this, but I thought she was better than I expected (albeit somewhat l-o-n-g & dry), but her work was worse than I thought it would be. Sorry! I won't say any more here.

About the Bee...Lori you are a diehard!!! You may get some kind of award for your commitment...?! Anything else good go on there?!

Jean asked what I meant about tucking in my tails/ends? The threads left from starting & ending my quilting lines I don't just clip off. I tie them, weave them through the quilt sandwich & then cut them. Painstaking, I know, but I learned that from a friend & can't seem to stop myself. That's what I use those "self threading" needles for - they're awesome!!!

I have had very little time for sewing this week. I need to think about & then pack Beach sewing!!! What stuff is everyone else taking? Jean said applique blocks. I have my BNL to finish, a sewing machine cover to make for Barb, a baby quilt, hmmm...we'll see what else may come along...?!

I am going to make the bbq today & hopefully I can get a cake baked this evening too. Might anyone be able to pick up rolls & maybe a bag of chips for Friday's dinner?

Okay, stay safe & warm! Did anyone make a snowman or go sledding yesterday?! : )
Piecefully, Pam

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Be CAREFUL today!!! I am SURE many of you will be home...with the kids?! : ) Have fun! Make some cocoa, sled if the weather permits & try to fit in a little bit of stitching too! Feel the LOVE this February 14th! ; )

I sent an email about Karen's upcoming classes @ Steve's. Hooray! Also, another tidbit for your back pocket. Jennifer Chiaverini has a new book coming out in April. She will be making an appearance @ the Chester County Book Store on Monday April 9th. I will miss the April Guild meeting...I'd rather see Jennifer!!! : )

How are things shaping up for the Beach Bee weekend?! Mare - did you get my email?! Is the bbq okay with you? And, is a 9:30 pick up time okay too?

Cath & Lor - how are your Dads doing?!

I am approaching the finish of my Trip binding, but have ENDS to tuck in!!! Soon...!?!?!? : )
Piece. Out.
Good Morning Girls,

I wanted to post & let you know that Karen Kay Buckley is going to be @ Steve's (in KOP) on Friday & Saturday March 23-24. Friday she is teaching Exploring Machine Quilting & Saturday she is teaching Kansas Rose. Both workshops are from 10:00 - 4:30, & each costs $75.00 I just got my Steve's flyer in the mail yesterday. I emailed Barb about it, & I will be signing up for the Kansas Rose class. This is a machine applique class. For anyone who didn't get a Steve's flyer & wishes to look @ mine, just give a shout. If anyone has the time, $ & interest - Karen won't disappoint!!! Steve's # is: 610-768-9453 or 800-585-9453.

Piece. Out.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Morning Girls,

Okay, get your milk & bread before the snow frenzy hits!!! ; )

Lois - LOOK @ YOU!!! You posted!!! Way to go!!! : ) I hope to join you & Jean this evening for our Guild meeting.

Jean - WOW!!! You got it basted!?!?!? That's AWESOME!!! 400 pins is a lot though!!! How are your fingers?! I am hoping you had help! My pin container was mostly empty after I pin basted the Trip quilt. As I machine quilted & removed pins, it made me smile to re-fill my pin container. May you experience the same happy glow!

See you two this evening! Enjoy your day. It's Monday...
Piecefully, Pam

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Okay girls, I can NOT get some of the links to work. I am going to put them in this post, try accessing them from here. Please let me know what you think of the sites.

I did add Weeks Ringle & Bill Kerr, of FunQuilts notoriety, to the links list. Give them a try too. They do contemporary quilts that seem to have traditional roots.

Piece. Out.
Hiya Girls,

Jean - were you able to baste your LARGE class quilt today? I was thinking of you! I will be going to the Guild meeting on Monday, weather permitting. Should I come over to your place & we can go together? Is anyone else going?

Mare - I usually get home from work around 0900. I'd sort of like to have breakfast with Scott before flying out the door & down the Shore for the weekend. I can be ready by 0930'ish. Will that work?

Cathy - thanks for volunteering to host QM's this week. I THINK I can be there...?! It depends on our schedules & the weather.

Mo - I have no problems with beef stew or any of the afore mentioned vegetables. I think the only vegetable I don't like is brussel sprouts - they're just plain nasty!!! Why did God make them...?! Thanks for offering your culinary skills & services! I am looking forward to it! : )

Should I plan on bringing something for dinner on Friday evening? I don't know what?! This week I've been un-inspired in the kitchen. I think later this week I will be making pork & beef bar-b-que. I brought that down the Shore once before, any interest? Does it sound like something everyone would like to eat on Friday evening (how many of us will there be on Friday?)? If not, I NEED suggestions, please!!! And, the potential exists that I may make a chocolate cake with PB icing too. It's to DIE for!!! I would need to bake it in 2 pans, so that Scott has some for the weekend too. : ) What projects is everyone bringing to sew?!

I think I'm not starting any more BIG projects. I want to finish up the things I've started...I want to work on hand quilting my Square in a Square, make a jacket, work on the sweatshirt jacket, I need to make a sewing machine cover for Barb & may make one for me as a trial first, I have a baby quilt in the works & some others in my minds eye that I'd like to do, there's Scott's Halloween quilt that I'd REALLY like to work on (the next blocks are going to be applique & I need to decide just HOW I'm going to make them...?!), & there's the Kaffe Fassett Pastel Bubbles quilt that I started a couple years ago & tossed into a bag 'cause it didn't pass quality control. Sounds like I have LOTS to sew!!!

I do have my next BIG quilt in the planning stages though. I have ideas & sketches in my notebook! : ) I LOVE TO QUILT!!! : )

Have a good weekend, ladies! Deborah, are you in Paris yet?! Have the BEST time!!! : )
Piecefully, Pam

Friday, February 9, 2007

Happy Friday to ALL!!!

This has really been a hectic week! Work has been unbelievably BUSY!!! I had 3 in-patients last night, & I saw 3 other students!!! One of those became a "short stay" patient who overflowed a toilet...!? Don't ask... Nothing has been the standard UTI, craziness, or fight with a room mate. Those girls...!? Is it full moon?!?!?! Needless to say, I am SEW glad it's FRIDAY!!! : )

Jean - in answer to your questions - I use a regular mechanical pencil to mark my applique design on background fabric (I think the leads are 0.2mm). I choose to use a mechanical pencil because the point is always sharp & pointy! Just trace lightly. I've used mechanical pencil to draw quilting lines & applique designs. I've drawn on light, soft butter colored fabric & tans or whites, the pencil has always come out in the laundry. Second, you asked me about quilting thread. I have always used Mettler 40 or 50 wt. 100% cotton thread for hand or machine quilting. However, on my Trip quilt, I used YLI 40 wt. 100% cotton variegated thread. I picked up the YLI variegated @ the Houston Quilt Festival. YLI actually had a vendor booth, & they sold slightly used or opened spools in a baggy, 5 spools for $20.00. Barb & Karen told me about the booth AFTER they had both been there!!! I was afraid that for my first time using the BSR & doing free motion quilting, a 40 wt. thread would produce "acorns" or thread nubs on the back when I paused or hesitated. So, I pulled the YLI thread through my fingers to compare it's wt. to that of the of Mettlers 40 & 50 wt's. The YLI didn't FEEL like a 40 wt. So, I did a mock up & looked @ the results. I was satisfied, & used it for the entire Trip project!!! Hooray!!! I must admit, I DO like YLI. Plus, as far as I know, Mettler doesn't make variegated thread.

I talked to Barb about YLI this week. She's been using YLI for many different applications & has been WAY pleased with all of her results.

Karen has tried Signature threads in the past & hasn't been satisfied with the outcomes. Recently, she's been using a different machine (shhh, I will tell you guys about it during Bee weekend!) & used the thread provided by the machine maker. Four hours later, she was SO/SEW frustrated with her results, & after trying EVERYTHING!!! (including calling Barb for suggestions) she called the machine manufacturer...the thread they supplied was by Signature.

Karen had a thread deal with Mettler about a year ago, it fell through because they were in the process of changing dyers. Karen knew the dyer changed, but was NOT aware the threads were not being made exclusively in Germany. My web boards have been complaining about the Mettler threads produced in Spain - they seem to have more slubs & produce A LOT of lint. So, Mettler is now made in Germany & Spain. Buy carefully.

Next bit of news, Karen has a line of thread that YLI will be manufacturing. Her colors & specifications are in production. I think in less than a year, her line of YLI threads will be on the market. Interesting how things evolve & digress...

Okay, all of that may be too much information, but there you have it!

I have had a great deal of difficulty finding thread locally. Steve's carries YLI, but it's their polyester threads for machine embroidery. They do carry Mettler. I haven't been to the Delaware Hayes. Many of he Lancaster shops don't carry 100% cotton Mettler thread & I haven't seen YLI. Burkholder's did have some German made Mettler the last time I was there. I bought some to support their venture & commented to them about it! LadyFingers carries YLI, both in cotton & silk, but very limited Mettler. The YLI silk is used for hand applique, think Elly Sinkiewicz...or Diane Gaudynski for machine quilting...?! LadyFingers has the YLI Soft Touch which I use in the bobbin for decorative machine stitching.

I have learned to make a list of colors, weights & brands of threads that I am looking for when I attend a Quilt Show. That's where I've been buying most of my threads. However, I have learned of Red Rock Threads from a reliable Web Board. I am WAY pleased with their products, prices & service. They are one of my blogs links, please, check them out. : )

This took longer & grew longer than expected. Sorry! It's time for sleep. Sweet dreams all. More tomorrow...?!

Piecefully, Pam

P.S. Lori - In the Bee "muse" I forgot to mention the purse you're making. It's WAY awesome!!! I even talked to Barb about it. ; ) Did you finish it?

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Good Morning,

Geez, things have been a bit hectic on this end! How is everyone else doing?! Let's see what I can recall from our Tuesday evening Bee...

Jean - thanks for hosting! I LOVE the new print hanging in your "new" kitchen!!! What a nice Christmas gift. : ) I also REALLY like the Photo quilt for your class too!!! : ) The inset squares are AWESOME!!! I'm glad if Karen's book spurred some thought about the border. We'll be interested to see what you come up with?! Can you use EQ to help? Just an idea. Hey, sorry about those Hawks. : /

Lois - it was good to see you! I LOVE your idea of using the English paper pieced stars to make a bag!!! Isn't it FUN to see how we all use things differently?! And, I really like the fact that you're hand piecing the stars using a technique other than what we learned from our January Guild meting; just because the blog link to quilterstv gave you a better idea!!! See, this is what's it's ALL about! EXCELLENT!!! : ) Hey, what was the little scrap bag of fabric from Kara? What are you going to make with it?!

Cathy - how is your Dad? How is your Mom? And, how are YOU?! Listen, if there's anything you need, please DON'T hesitate to ask!!! We'll all keep you guys in our thoughts & prayers! Have you been able to take a little hand stitching with you when you're on the go? I hope things slow down a little, soon!

Mare - how are your kids doing? You didn't say anything, so I guess no news is good news. JoeD gets it true... ; ) Are you wearing Mo's under armor?! You are looking thin & healthy girl! Way to go!!!

Mo - look @ YOU!?!?!? A "to go" bag of stitching gear, from Harrod's no less. : ) It's happening Mo, you ARE becoming one of US!!! I LOVE it!!! : )

Lori - your wall hanging is NEAT-O! I like how you "wrote" their names with thread as you quilted the piece. Nice! And, how is your Dad doing? Is he home by now? Have your parents rescheduled their cruise? Everything happens for a reason. Hang in there, & we'll keep you guys in our thoughts & prayers too. Let us know if you need anything!

Leigh Anne - you win the prize!!! : ) Your Naked Lady is TERRIFIC!!! You found THE BEST mermaid fabric I've ever seen, : ) & you used the metalic thread SEW creatively!!! I'm afraid of metalic thread, perhaps I should give it a try...?!

Thanks for oohing & ahhing over my Trip quilt. I am pretty pleased with it. : ) I've been trying to decide if I will quilt my Dresden plate quilt or have it quilted... Jean, I forgot the Jingle poop bags. Crap! Please hang on to them & feel free to add to the bag collection. Can I get them next week?

Are we starting to plan for our Bee Beach Retreat?! Mo is talking food. Who is going when? What shops are we stopping at/going to? Will Ike's be open...?! What projects is everyone taking?

Alright, time to go to sleep! You guys stay warm & don't blow away!!!
Piecefully, Pam

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Good Morning Mama's!

Jean, I will be there...or be square, for tonight's Bee. : ) Who else is coming?

It's another bitter cold day, girls. Stay warm & dress in layers!

Jingle LOVES this weather!!! Sure, he's got a fur coat!!! Meanwhile, my teeth are chattering & he's peeing icicles...

I am working on the Trip binding. It's coming along. I have LOADS of quilting tails to tuck in too!

Looking forward to seeing & chatting this evening. Enjoy your day!

Piece. Out.

Monday, February 5, 2007

How grateful am I for a WARM home!!! Aren't we ALL lucky?! Plus, we can make quilts!!! Sew - Good morning. How is everyone today?! Did your kids have a delayed school start time because of the freezing temperatures?

Cathy - Peggy mentioned your Dad yesterday. I will keep him in my thoughts & prayers.

Lori - same with your Dad. How is he doing? Will they be able to go on their cruise?!

Jean - how did the b'ball games go? Get any sewing done over the weekend?

Mare - missed you!

Lois - thanks for your nice emails. Sorry you've not been able to post on the blog.

Peggy - THANKS for picking me up yesterday for the Patch of Country sale. Richie LOOKS so honorable. Glad he liked his quilt! Love him while he's here!!!

Dolores - it was good to see you! How is your BNL coming along...? Too much pressure...!? ; )

I bought mostly just notions @ Patch of Country. It was mobbed! Ask Peggy...?! I got a leather thimble, thread & some batting too. I didn't even look @ the fabrics!

Be careful out there today. Stay warm & bundled up!!! Is there a Bee this week? And, is anyone going to next week's Guild meeting?

Piece, Pam

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Good Evening Ladies,

I've listed some new links, but am having a little technical difficulty on this end. I can't tell if it's related to our internet server, the blog site or our computer. Can someone please let me know if the new links work for them...?! Thanks.

Meanwhile, I'll keep things short, just 'cause of the technical issues...I've heard from Mare. It seems as though Peggy is interested in going to Patch of Country tomorrow too. So far, I think it's just me, Mare & Peggy, & we're leaving around 10:15'ish. I've not heard anything from Jean, which is kind of unusual...?! Jean, if you're interested just give a holler! I hope things are okay on your end...

Also, I finished fmq my Trip project!!! : ) Next, I have to trim the edges & then sew on the binding!!! HOORAY!

Piece, Pam

I've heard from Marianne & Lori so far. Mare is interested in going to Patch of Country tomorrow, Lori isn't. Marianne asked what time I'm leaving. According to our Guild newsletter, their sale begins @ 11:00 A.M. I checked mapquest driving directions & it says it takes 30 minutes to get there from my home. So, I guess I'd like to leave by 10:15'ish. Mare, does that work for you? Let me know. Any other takers?

Alright, I'm going back upstairs to quilt!!!
Piecefully, Pam

Friday, February 2, 2007

Good Morning Girls!

Happy Ground Hog Day!!! Only in Pennsylvania, right...?! ; )

How 'bout ALL that snow? A whole lot of hype for nothing. If I were a kid I'd be SO disappointed!!!

Marianne - I've been wanting to thank you for your PBS Antiques Roadshow email. It/you saved me! I completely missed last Monday's broadcast, but caught it on Saturday. Whew! I have this weeks taped & hope to watch it this evening. Thank you, Thank you! : )

I have been squeezing in quilting time when I get the chance, & the Trip project is coming along. Scott seems to think I will be able to complete the quilting over the weekend. I think that's a REALLY ambitious goal, but I LIKE it! : ) We'll see... I whip stitched my English paper pieced star label to the back, & for the first time will be quilting through my quilt label! I've NEVER been this organized or ahead. They say to quilt through your label adds to the quilts security & documentation.

The thread from Red Rock rocks!!! It is exactly the color I needed. The spool fits on my machine without needing a separate thread stand. And, it was delivered right to my door without any shipping charge. Plus, they had the BEST price! Isn't that awesome?!?!?! Use the blog link & check them out!

I am going to A Patch of Country on Sunday. I don't know where it is, but I have my Genie & we'll find our way! I NEED a leather thimble & Mettler thread too. Plus, who knows what else I may find...?! Is anyone interested in going along?

Okay, it's soon time for us to take a little nap. TGIF!!! It's going to get COLD, so pull out those warm Winter woolies, snuggle into a flannel quilt, & tuck in!!!

Piece, Pam