Saturday, February 10, 2007

Hiya Girls,

Jean - were you able to baste your LARGE class quilt today? I was thinking of you! I will be going to the Guild meeting on Monday, weather permitting. Should I come over to your place & we can go together? Is anyone else going?

Mare - I usually get home from work around 0900. I'd sort of like to have breakfast with Scott before flying out the door & down the Shore for the weekend. I can be ready by 0930'ish. Will that work?

Cathy - thanks for volunteering to host QM's this week. I THINK I can be there...?! It depends on our schedules & the weather.

Mo - I have no problems with beef stew or any of the afore mentioned vegetables. I think the only vegetable I don't like is brussel sprouts - they're just plain nasty!!! Why did God make them...?! Thanks for offering your culinary skills & services! I am looking forward to it! : )

Should I plan on bringing something for dinner on Friday evening? I don't know what?! This week I've been un-inspired in the kitchen. I think later this week I will be making pork & beef bar-b-que. I brought that down the Shore once before, any interest? Does it sound like something everyone would like to eat on Friday evening (how many of us will there be on Friday?)? If not, I NEED suggestions, please!!! And, the potential exists that I may make a chocolate cake with PB icing too. It's to DIE for!!! I would need to bake it in 2 pans, so that Scott has some for the weekend too. : ) What projects is everyone bringing to sew?!

I think I'm not starting any more BIG projects. I want to finish up the things I've started...I want to work on hand quilting my Square in a Square, make a jacket, work on the sweatshirt jacket, I need to make a sewing machine cover for Barb & may make one for me as a trial first, I have a baby quilt in the works & some others in my minds eye that I'd like to do, there's Scott's Halloween quilt that I'd REALLY like to work on (the next blocks are going to be applique & I need to decide just HOW I'm going to make them...?!), & there's the Kaffe Fassett Pastel Bubbles quilt that I started a couple years ago & tossed into a bag 'cause it didn't pass quality control. Sounds like I have LOTS to sew!!!

I do have my next BIG quilt in the planning stages though. I have ideas & sketches in my notebook! : ) I LOVE TO QUILT!!! : )

Have a good weekend, ladies! Deborah, are you in Paris yet?! Have the BEST time!!! : )
Piecefully, Pam


quiltmamajb said...

Pam...I remember that BBQ - it was awesome! You are most certainly welcome to come over on Monday to go to guild....haven't heard if anyone else is going. I got the large quilt basted yesterday afternoon - I used over 400 pins! It's bigger than ever but I'm looking forward to trying out the quilting. For the shore, I may bring the photo quilt to quilt - and other than that, I'm bring all my Irish cottage blocks - I have received all of them now and was hoping to have it done for her 50th b-day on April 4th. We'll see.....hope to see you tomorrow night.

Cathy said...

Jean - way to go. You got that quilt basted. That is awesome. Take care. Cathy d.