Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Bee Muse,

Girls, so---SEW much goes on @ a Bee meeting!!! It's hard to keep up!!! ; )

Cathy - thanks for hosting! I LOVE your Penguin wall hanging!!! He is CUTE!!! Where are you going to put him?! The binding did go okay for you? Your Thimble(dingle)berry Turning 20's quilt is awesome!!! The colors are SO pretty. : ) What do you think about quilting it? Stipple? Hmmm...?! I like your laundry bag too - cute fabric! Take care of that foot, girlfriend!!! Try to make sure it isn't up Mike's #%&!!! ; ) I'll be saying some prayers for your Dad today. Draw on the strength of your friends, we're ALL here for you!

Mare - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Glad you had a FUN & safe trip out to Pitt. It's nice to surprise Nicole, & with a t-shirt quilt too! I LOVE your fat quarter bundles. What will you make with them?! I'll keep dishes & such for Joanna. When did you want to get them?

Jean - have 2 GREAT classes tonight!!! : ) How did the Photo quilt borders! I 'd like to see your big quilt too! It's a job FMQ something that large, isn't it?! The pillows you did are WAY cool! Husbands...?! You may want to sick Cathy on yours...?! ; )

Lois - I LOVE your pieced stars & the bag you made!!! It turned out SEW neat, & now you have a bag of your OWN!!! Your family album quilt is quite a nice heirloom. Such a neat idea & an inspiration to us. : ) Thanks for sharing!!!

Leigh Anne - NO running with scissors for you!!! Hey, thanks for the Halloween fabric link. Yep, I have a fat quarter or 2 of that one already! Thanks SEW much for thinking of me. : ) Did you get your binding done? Did the girls LOVE their quilts?!

Peggy - Your Naked Lady is YOU!!! Wasn't that a stressful assignment?! I LOVE your Amish quilt!!! Red is my favorite color!!! It's exactly your approach & attitude that makes a quilt interesting. Anyone can make perfect blocks, but putting a little something in the quilt to make one pause is CREATIVE!!! Way to SEW!!! : ) I also really like the broken wheel blocks you did. Let's see that wine/burgundy fabric you bought!?! Have fun @ class tonight!!!

Lori - what's the doings on your end? Getting any sewing done? How is your Dad?

Mo - sorry you missed my story, maybe another time. Your acronym certainly created quite the Bee buzz!!! Thanks for the FUN!!! : )

Girls, please consider taking a class @ the Hershey Show. The 2 classes Barb & I took last year were awesome! Mimi Dietrich & Sue Nickels are two great teachers! I am disappointed that I will miss Sue Nickels!!!

I have to go do WORK!!! I hope I didn't forget anything. If I did, please chime in!
Piecefully, Pam

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