Friday, February 2, 2007

Good Morning Girls!

Happy Ground Hog Day!!! Only in Pennsylvania, right...?! ; )

How 'bout ALL that snow? A whole lot of hype for nothing. If I were a kid I'd be SO disappointed!!!

Marianne - I've been wanting to thank you for your PBS Antiques Roadshow email. It/you saved me! I completely missed last Monday's broadcast, but caught it on Saturday. Whew! I have this weeks taped & hope to watch it this evening. Thank you, Thank you! : )

I have been squeezing in quilting time when I get the chance, & the Trip project is coming along. Scott seems to think I will be able to complete the quilting over the weekend. I think that's a REALLY ambitious goal, but I LIKE it! : ) We'll see... I whip stitched my English paper pieced star label to the back, & for the first time will be quilting through my quilt label! I've NEVER been this organized or ahead. They say to quilt through your label adds to the quilts security & documentation.

The thread from Red Rock rocks!!! It is exactly the color I needed. The spool fits on my machine without needing a separate thread stand. And, it was delivered right to my door without any shipping charge. Plus, they had the BEST price! Isn't that awesome?!?!?! Use the blog link & check them out!

I am going to A Patch of Country on Sunday. I don't know where it is, but I have my Genie & we'll find our way! I NEED a leather thimble & Mettler thread too. Plus, who knows what else I may find...?! Is anyone interested in going along?

Okay, it's soon time for us to take a little nap. TGIF!!! It's going to get COLD, so pull out those warm Winter woolies, snuggle into a flannel quilt, & tuck in!!!

Piece, Pam

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Lori said...

Have fun at Patch of Country. Let us know haw it is. I would like to go during"school Hours" if anyone is interested. The store is very easy to get to.
Have a good day.