Thursday, February 15, 2007

Good Chilly Morning!

Jean - I LOVED your "tea in hand & heading up to the sewing room." comment!!! : ) What did you get done in there...?! Snow = Sew!!!

I am sorry to have been negligent in posting regarding our Guild meeting & not being able to make it to the Bee. Our schedules have been hectic with the snow.

This week, Scott & I had no snow days or delays, but had to get into work. That meant our evenings were filled with snow blowing, shoveling, & spreading salt. Plus, Scott had an appointment Tuesday morning, which meant we got to bed late. When we was WHITE outside!!! Jingle LOVES the snow!!!

The Guild meeting was alright, in my opinion. I maybe shouldn't post this, but I thought she was better than I expected (albeit somewhat l-o-n-g & dry), but her work was worse than I thought it would be. Sorry! I won't say any more here.

About the Bee...Lori you are a diehard!!! You may get some kind of award for your commitment...?! Anything else good go on there?!

Jean asked what I meant about tucking in my tails/ends? The threads left from starting & ending my quilting lines I don't just clip off. I tie them, weave them through the quilt sandwich & then cut them. Painstaking, I know, but I learned that from a friend & can't seem to stop myself. That's what I use those "self threading" needles for - they're awesome!!!

I have had very little time for sewing this week. I need to think about & then pack Beach sewing!!! What stuff is everyone else taking? Jean said applique blocks. I have my BNL to finish, a sewing machine cover to make for Barb, a baby quilt, hmmm...we'll see what else may come along...?!

I am going to make the bbq today & hopefully I can get a cake baked this evening too. Might anyone be able to pick up rolls & maybe a bag of chips for Friday's dinner?

Okay, stay safe & warm! Did anyone make a snowman or go sledding yesterday?! : )
Piecefully, Pam


quiltmamajb said...

Hey...I had to hem three pairs of pants for Kelly - I'm embarassed to say how long they've been sitting there waiting. Anyhow - they're done. I thought you were very kind in your comments about the speaker...I thought she was bo-o-o-r-r-r-r-r-ring. Enough said about that. I started packing up stuff this morning - the girls and I are going to a St. Joe's game tonight so I'll be up late. I'm leaving from work at 1:30 tomorrow so I have to pack the truck in the morning. Are you guys definitely stopping at the Little Shop on the way down? Will you look for the Stix & Stones fabric - Karen Montgomery for Timeless Treasures? Three yards and I"ll pay you when I get there if that's ok....I appreciate it. The weather gods were kind to us by having the snow during the not to mess with the plans of the quiltmamas. Hell hath no fury like a woman denied her getaway weekend! The countdown is on.....

Lori said...

Hi girls,
Projects for the beach. If everyone is ok making pillowcases for the auction, could we make them this weekend? I know Mo won't make a pillowcase!!! I have Valentines, St. Pattys and Christmas so I can do any of these that someone else doesn't have. Maybe I'll bring a few and have Mo sit a a machine and crank 1 out. What does everyone think?? Could everyone post or email a holiday(or is it a month) so we get a variety?? Also-- I'm bringing my naked lady to work on.
Have a good day.
Mare---Went to the skin testing center today!!! I'm doing the 1 you emailed us. The girl told me I was the 2nd person today referred by you!! On your way to 5 and $50!! Maybe in time for Lancaster!!!

quiltmamajb said...

I have Halloween fabric - I'll bring it

Cathy said...

I have Easter Fabric - I'll bring it. I finished my naked lady.

LA said...

Hi girls - this is my first blog posting EVER! I have just lost my blogging virginity! I can't wait until Saturday...I am in sewing withdraw. Anyway, I think I will be packing up some projects tomorrow...Talk to you all soon!

Maureen said...

ok....tell the long did it take all of you to figure out who 'LA' was?

quiltmamajb said...

Come on, Consuelo...were you in the cooking wine many quiltmamas' names start with LA? LA - congrats on your first post - you did a wonderful job.....looking forward to seeing you on Saturday! Piece to all!