Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Be CAREFUL today!!! I am SURE many of you will be home...with the kids?! : ) Have fun! Make some cocoa, sled if the weather permits & try to fit in a little bit of stitching too! Feel the LOVE this February 14th! ; )

I sent an email about Karen's upcoming classes @ Steve's. Hooray! Also, another tidbit for your back pocket. Jennifer Chiaverini has a new book coming out in April. She will be making an appearance @ the Chester County Book Store on Monday April 9th. I will miss the April Guild meeting...I'd rather see Jennifer!!! : )

How are things shaping up for the Beach Bee weekend?! Mare - did you get my email?! Is the bbq okay with you? And, is a 9:30 pick up time okay too?

Cath & Lor - how are your Dads doing?!

I am approaching the finish of my Trip binding, but have ENDS to tuck in!!! Soon...!?!?!? : )
Piece. Out.

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quiltmamajb said...

Pam....what do you mean when you say you have ends to tuck in? Kind of messy out there today - I got to stay home with the girls but we did drive to my Mom's to deliver muffins. I can't make Karen's classes - I"m disappointed - it sounds like it would be a great day. Is that national quilting day? Headed up the sewing room finally.....have my tea in hand. Take care.....can't wait till Friday!