Friday, November 27, 2009

Sharing Thanks

Good Morning Mamas!

Pam here. ; ) I wanted to extend an invitation and share my thanks for the Quilt Mamas...if anyone is available or interested, I will have a BIG pot of soup on this evening and you all are welcome to drop by for a ladle-full and then some!!! Consider it a post-Thanksgiving and pre-Christmas bit of peace and piece. Bring show 'n tell, a tea bag or bottle of wine and share in a bit of Mt. Pleasant magic. I know it's short notice, sorry for that, but we hope to see you!

Piecefully, Pam

Monday, November 23, 2009

Giving Thanks....

Hello, girls. Was popping around some blogs today and came across this: - read the post titled: Homage to Girlfriends. Better than I ever could, it says thank you to you all for being Quiltmamas. Wishing you all a lovely Thanksgiving, safe travels and special moments. Take care....piece.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Only 7 days till turkey!

Hello, girls.....happy One Week till Thanksgiving! A relatively quiet, calm bee last night....Pam - hope your class went well. Those ladies must be moving right along. Dolores, LA and Consuelo - missed you. Hope all is well in your houses. LA - how was the Christening? Consuelo - Billy comes home tonight, right? They say the first homecoming of freshman year is a tough one. Dolores - what's new with you? Lori was sewing down a variegated binding on the star quilt she quilted down the shore. It looks terrific. Lois has put some beautiful green borders on her Sweet Treat. George said they match - and they do! And she put neat borders on the pretty table topper square she was working on in Brigantine....very pretty flowers! Cath is relieved to have her paper turned in - and plans to catch up on blogs, maybe sew a little and just generally exhale. Mare got her furniture moved upstairs - Joe came through - but overall, things are quiet in casa DeMarco. I put borders on the running quilt - and am determined to piece the back tonight and layer it. I can't host next week - so may not see you ladies until after Thanksgiving. Next Wednesday evening from 4 to 8, there is an Oakmont Village Harvest Festival in the Oakmont section of Havertown - I've heard neat things about it and want to check it out. It's where they have the Farmer's Market during the summer months. Also - I mentioned that I came across some neat recipes for cookies on Betty Crocker website - that use the cookie mix bags and add goodies. Here's the link. Let me know if you try any. Anyone know where to purchase felted wool? A few of the free patterns from the Cross Country Blog Hop were for wool projects and I'd like to give it a try - it's something I can do at lunch or while waiting at practice or something. I'm sure I'll think of other stuff after I publish this...but that's it for now. Wanted to say thanks to Pam for posting such great pictures from the Houston show. It's like a little treat every day. Take care, ladies.....piece.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

a few random things, ramblings, thoughts, etc...

Hello, girls. What a miserable Saturday! Rain, rain go away......saw a few of the mamas at the craft night last night...Consuelo brought her Mother-in-Law - such a cute woman! Lori and LA were working hard. Mare, Cathy and I just strolled around - Dolores and Lois - we missed you but there wasn't a vendor that was as good as the Quiltmamas last my un-biased opinion. The highlight of the evening - LA's Mom, sister and baby Olivia came! Yay! She is so adorable. LA - good luck with the Christening tomorrow - it's supposed to be a nice day - enjoy! Pam has a beautiful picture of the baby quilt she made for Hillary's shower on her blog. Hope you had a nice day today. Is anyone else following the Cross Country Christmas blog hop? Pam has all twelve ladies listed on the side of her blog - I've been enjoying them. Each person is giving a free pattern each day - some really cute projects. Although - I could use less ideas than more at this point. Does anyone else run into this as the holidays approach? I look at all these patterns and think of all these folks I could make gifts for....and then I can't decide what to make for whom. I keep changing my mind - and I always end up making less than I wanted because I keep changing my mind - OY! And I just got the winter Quilts and More magazine yesterday - more cute ideas....time to make a list and stick to it!!! Hoping things dry out tomorrow - enjoy the rest of the weekend. Burkie and the girls have basketball practice on Wednesday night - so I can host. Hope to see y'all....piece.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Friday night

Girls....I'm having some email issues so I'm putting this up here.....Friday night is the ladies shopping night at Sacred Heart. I already talked to a few folks who want to go....Lori and LA are working it. Everyone/anyone else want to meet up there at say, 7:00. How does that sound? Let me know if you want me to pick you up.....I'm happy to swing by and get you. Hope to see you there......piece.

Monday, November 9, 2009

A fun time....

Girls....a few shots of the weekend - still having trouble learning the workings of this - so they're kind of backwards in order.....

Lori - floral all-over quilting makes this quilt just spectacular!

The tumbler with the binding on - yay!

LA - part of the Schnibble Nation...she's been Schnibblized.....isn't it Schnibblicious.....maybe her first and last Schnibble?

Cath - this is just beautiful ~ the colors are amazing!

Lois - and her Sweet Treat....

Consuelo - all that trimming paid off!

Dolores - whipped this up from nothing - if she had a plan, she'd be dangerous!

Mare - relaxing with some handwork.

Lois hard at work on Friday afternoon

Pam - you would be proud - Cath was cleaning machines!

Everyone had lots more pictures....but, I need to get some sleep - I'll post more tomorrow.....thanks again, was tons of fun - and very inspirational...piece.


Good morning, ladies! Wow - that was fun! This will just be short - and I'll upload show & tell pictures tonight. Boy, did we accomplish a lot of stuff! And my laugh muscles are still exhausted. I barely remember hitting the pillow last night. Pam - I hope everything went well at Barb's - how is she doing? You were thought of many, many times and the soup was outstanding - to the point of scraping the bottom of the pot for the last bit. Thanks so much. Cath - hope you got a lot of work done on the paper - did Mike and Timmy enjoy the game? Mare and Maureen hit the outlets on the way back - did you get some bargains? LA and I enjoyed the stunning afternoon at cross-country. Lois - I bet George was so glad to see you (and tired of eating Wawa food!). Did he like what you finished so far on his wallhanging? Lori - did you put that binding on last night? Dolores - for someone who didn't bring anything to work on - you certainly accomplished a lot! I'm still laughing about some parts - thanks for the rejuvenation, ladies.....and watching Notting Hill was just great - Maureen - I owe you $5 - but I still think that doesn't look anything like him!!!! Have a lovely day...piece....

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Soup's on!

; D

Piecefully, Pam

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pre-shore post

Hello, girls.....a hectic bee tonight. Lots to talk about and I thought of like three things after y'all left that I wanted to mention. Pam - you will be missed over the weekend - but Scott and Barb will be so grateful for your love and support. And thanks for the Halloween stories and the 'church mouse'! May he change denominations and be gone soon! Shelby obviously missed the boat when they were handing out the mouse-catcher genes! And many thanks for the soup - your praises will be sung, trust me. Lois - welcome back - and on a red-eye no less. Hope you're caught up on your sleep. Mare - sorry you had to duck out early. Hope your friend is ok. Consuelo - you were missed and spoken of highly when we discussed those little snacks you made with the chips and salsa...hint, hint.....Lori signed a contract to have her house ripped to shreds and rebuilt over Christmas while John goes skiing in Switzerland (totally making up that last part!) Good luck with the addition. Cath - hope class was bearable - and you're one week closer - gotta love that. Here's the tentative list of who is bringing what - and chime right in if you notice something missing...

Mare - ironing board, iron, pizza for Saturday dinner, ipod player, power strip

Jean - ironing board and iron, card table, TP, paper towels and paper plates

Consuelo - see above - and other snacky stuff, chips, pretzels, etc.

Lois - sweets, cookies, candy - anything that strikes your fancy and has copious amounts of sugar!

Lori - french toast cassarole

Dolores - breakfast pizza (JOE BYRNES), and an extra light/lamp

LA - wine and/or spirits, dinner rolls for the soup, tea bags, diet iced tea and the disappearing nine patch that wasn't

Cath - how about a case of water, some diet soda - and would you be able to drive? LA's car is leaking

And anything else you can think of - a nice dessert? Remember your sleeping bags if you want to bring em - and a towel. We're mostly all leaving on Friday morning. Want to pick a rendezvous point and time? Mare's house at 9:15 - is that ok? Too late, too early? Drivers are myself, Maureen and Cathy? I won't have the van - but Burkie's car holds a lot of stuff. Dolores is going to try to get out early and be down before dark. Only two more working! Must get some sleep......piece.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

November 1st

Hello, girls. Happy Sunday - All Saints Day. Did everyone have a nice Halloween? What was the best costume you saw? Only 5 days till the beginning of Brigantine weekend! Have you started gathering your projects yet? I'm happy to host bee on Tuesday...we can decide who's bringing what. Sounds like it's going to be a big crowd - that's so cool - we haven't all spent time together in a while! At the thrift shop last week, I happened upon something, thought about it all Wednesday night and went back and bought it when the shop opened the next morning...this picture is a hint. I'll show it to you on Tuesday....I'll tell you that from what I read online, it's from approximately 1928! OY! Even older than me......

Hugs and thoughts go to Pam, Scott, Barb and the rest of the family. Hope you are finding comfort at this difficult time. You are in the prayers of the Quiltmamas. Take care.....piece.