Monday, December 31, 2007

Dear Quilt Mama's,

I LOVE you guys, & want to take this opportunity to say THANK YOU for your friendship! Reflecting on 2007, I feel pleased & have a sense of satisfaction with the many sewing things I've been able to accomplish this year... I couldn't have done it without you Bee Girls! : ) You provide motivation & inspiration! You encourage, nurture & share. You are tolerant & may give tough advice, with grace, when needed.

Will you share what sewing goals you were able to attain this year? If you don't wish to blog about them, maybe introspection can provide a "sense" & piece/peace that will help to guide & motivate you in 2008...

I am looking forward to 2008...the Lancaster Quilt Show is ALWAYS FUN!!! : ) AND, I can hardly believe, let alone even really THINK about, the upcoming Houston Quilt Festival - Bee Girls & Karen's NEW quilt, Mama Barb!?!?!? It's practically impossible to SLEEP!!! ; )

Be safe tonight, girls! Have a Happy New Year! Love to EACH of you!
Piecefully, Pam

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Good Morning Ladies!!! : )

How is everyone doing?! Are you surviving the Holi-daze?! ; ) It's been quite a whirlwind, no?

The Holidays are continuing here @ Mt. Pleasant. : ) Scott & I are having "our" Christmas tomorrow morning!!! For dinner there will be seafood instead of turkey. Could we be less traditional?! Don't answer that! I'm anxious!!!

Scott & I went to Mama Barb's 2 weeks ago for our Christmas weekend celebration!!! Jingle had to go to the kennel because Cosmo was the guest dog @ Grandma's house this year. We ate TOO much DELICIOUS food, & opened way TOO many presents, but we had such a BLAST!!! Mama Barb got an iPOD from Santa!!! I just LOVE her!!! : )

Last weekend we went to York for Christmas with my Mom & Ken. This time Jingle went along!!! He was well behaved, & got a BIG 'atta Boy!!! : ) We had the traditional turkey & stuffing - yum! We opened gifts & had a pleasant time visiting & sharing with family. This is what the Holidays are all about! : )

So far, "special" sewing things I got from Santa are - the Amy Butler journal!!!, my Quilt Box from Barb, a Gee's Bend book I've been longing for, some nice Moda fabric, a circle cutting ruler thingy, & thread!!! Tell me what sewing stuff Santa brought you?!?!?!

I hope each you had your own share of family fun this Holiday Season! Dolores - I hope your household is back to good health - viruses be GONE!!! Lori - I hope your Dad is doing better. And, everyone - have a safe, a healthy & Happy New Year!!! Here's looking forward to 2008 & what goodness the coming year will bring! ; )

Piecefully, Pam

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Dear Quilt Mama's!!!

To each & everyone of you, a heartfelt MERRY CHRISTMAS! May you & yours have a blessed Christmas. May it be a magical time filled with wonder & joy. I hope you are surrounded by the love of family & friends.

I value the friendships we share. I cherish each Quilt Mama. Thank you for sharing the gift of yourself.

Piecefully, Pam

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Well, it's the day after and I'm still chuckling about last night. Thank you, girls, for another fun Christmas party. Leigh Anne - you outdid yourself! Your house looks beautiful and you are a wonderful hostess. Thanks for making it so special. The food was fabulous - Consuelo - my sinuses haven't been this clear in ages. Each and every treat was delightful. Lots of laughs and many nice gifts exchanged. Peggy, we missed you very much. Hope you're feeling better. I'm so very thankful to be part of such a wonderful group of gals. I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas with family and friends. Having each other to lean on seems to be more important each year - thank you all for that continuing gift. Peace and piece this holiday season. Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 17, 2007

Hello, girls! Happy Monday! A little over 24 hours till the Quiltmama Christmas extravaganza. I'm really looking forward to it. Feels like we haven't all been together in quite a while. Hope everyone's holiday preparations are coming along. Remember to bring show & tell if you have it tomorrow night...see you all then. Enjoy the little moments and the peace of the season when you can. Piece...

Friday, December 14, 2007

Good Morning Quilt Mama's!!! : )

TGIF!!! How has everyone been doing?! Sorry I've been quiet lately. Not unlike everyone else, I'm sure, our home is humming with holiday activity!!! Even if I missed Bee, & although I haven't been blogging regularly, I HAVE been thinking of each of you, sending + juju, & warm Holiday cheer! : )

Jean - thanks for blogging & picking up the slack! How was the Apron Contest @ Cloth & Bobbin?! Did you do First Friday & Loni Rossi's shop?! What's going on @ the Undercover Guild? And, How is your Holiday Home - clean & decorated?! ; )

Mare - how is your Holiday? Is Nicole home? Did you get your B-I-G Christmas tree yet?!

Lori - PLEASE tell me your Santa wall hanging is UP?!?!?!

Mo - I have SO been thinking of YOU most of all!!! How are things going...Matt, school, hearings, etc...?! Have you fondled your flannel lately...?! ; )

Cath - how is your Dad doing? I've been so thinkging of you TOO! What things have you been stitching?! Ready for Santa...did your books arrive...?! ; )

Peggy - are you OUT of your slump?! Will someone PLEASE give that woman a Wawa coffee...?! ; ) Are your kids home for the Holiday?! Do you put up a tree? Are you sewing up any amazing Christmas gifts?!

Dolores - you're giving away the Too Colorful quilt?! Wow, you are SEW generous!!! How is that Gracie machine doing? How's Rocky? Do you have a Christmas tree? Does he perch in it...?!

Lois - how are you doing? What are your Holiday plans? Did you finish the quilt for Kara & Colin? Is it for Christmas? How are they doing with the bad West Coast weather they've been hit with? I've been thinking of them! How's that new baby!?!

Leigh Anne - I'm sorry I didn't help you baste on Tuesday! Did you get everything pinned? How is your project list coming along?! Take pictures & make labels, if you can!!!

Me - well, let's see...I JUST finished a labor of love I've been working on this week! Whew! My fabric did arrive from Hancock's, but it has been on hold. I will get back to it just as soon as I can. Meanwhile, this weekend is the Christmas Extravaganza @ Mama Barb's!!! Hope for decent weather for our return trip on Sunday, as I MUST work!

Looking forward to seeing everyone @ Leigh Anne's on Tuesday! What time? Thanks for the food assignments! See you guys soon! : )
Piece (and jingle bells too!!!), Pam

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Hello, girls! Happy Wednesday. A productive bee last night - Peggy, Pam and Consuelo - we missed you. We got three quilts basted for LA - she'll be finished for the holiday for sure! Lois made some beautiful table runners as gifts. Dolores's 'too colorful' quilt is just beautiful! The binding is on and it's being given to a lucky Byrnes niece for Christmas. I finished a reindeer table runner and showed my apron from the apron contest (no, I didn't win). But, I like the apron. Cathy is apparently reading some racy Quilt magazines and her family is concerned. We talked about who is bringing what to the Quiltamama Christmas extravaganza next week. The list is as follows:
Peggy - cheese & crackers
Maureen - buffalo chicken dip (the thing you brought last year!)
Lori - dessert
Cathy - dessert
Mare - cookies and ice
Dolores - wine
Lois - dessert
Jean - appetizer
Pam - appetizer
LA - stromboli

If you think of anything else or change your mind - we're easy. It'll be a very nice of luck to everyone in the coming week. Don't let the holiday rush get you down. Looking forward to next Tuesday!!!! Piece

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Hello girls! Hope everyone had a nice weekend. We cleaned (well, I cleaned) and then we decorated. Good to have that done. Now if only all the other things could get done! Where's Dobby when I need him? Anyhow....looking forward to Tuesday night. Hope you all can make it....I'll have the basting tables set up. Pam - I'm thinking of going to guild tomorrow - they're announcing the upcoming challenge so it shouldn't be a long meeting (sneaking out the back is also an option!). I'd like to get my membership card and directory. I'll be leaving around 6:15 or 6:20 if you'd like to come along. Heading up now to work on some presents.....piece.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Good Morning Girls,

How is everyone this morning? Any snow delays for the kiddies?! ; ) Jingle LOVED being out in the snow last evening, and he was EASY to see!!! BIG, raked piles of leaves, covered in snow provided him with a leaping, bounding good time!!! Too funny!!! Another antic...he would walk along dragging his tongue over the sidewalk or grass..."drinking" in the snow. Better than catching snowflakes on your tongue...?! He made us smile & feel joyful!

Jean - thanks for posting comments!!! You are SEW dependable! I LOVE you!!! : ) I am thrilled to hear you are SEW far along with your Irish Cottages quilt!!! HiP, HIP, hOoRaY!!! First Friday sounds neat! I am interested, but we have a Holiday party to attend. : / If you go, will you tell me how it was, please?

Sorry to hear that Mike has a cold. Scott & I have been a bit under the weather too. We're hoping to be in better shape for next weekend's Christmas Extravaganza @ Mama Barb's!!!

My fabric has been shipped from Hancock's. I'm waiting for it to arrive. Yesterday the door bell rang...nope, not fabric.

I am looking forward to Bee next week, Jean. : ) Thanks for hosting. If Peggy's in a slump, does someone need to stop @ the Wawa on the way to your place...? I'll happily help LA baste! Do you need anyone to bring basting pins?!

Girls, I know how busy & hectic this Season is. Please, try to take a little time each day for some sewing sanity!!! Make a cup of tea & whip stitch a binding, browse through a magazine, pull fabrics for an upcoming project or curl up with an Elmcreek Quilt book!

Enjoy your day, count your blessings & slow down just a little bit. Suck on a candy cane or use it to stir a mug of hot chocolate! : )

Piecefully, Pam

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Hi Ladies,

Is the blustery Pooh bear weather over?! It was
WINDY!!! Now it's just COLD! I know it's not officially Winter yet, but
it certainly feels like it is!!!

Jingle is FRISKY in this cold
weather! ; ) And, he's been having a high old time charging around
after leaves blowing in the wind. He looked rather majestic sitting in
the backyard this evening, waiting to be walked, with snow flakes
swirling around him.

The Christmas tree is in our studio. It's
in the stand, & it has blue lights on it. This evening Scott &
I began adding ornaments. So far, no glass Christmas balls, nothing too
fragile, sentimental or old.Jinlge has been good with far. Shelby dips her paw in the water from the tree stand & drinks.

been playing Christmas carols, doing gift wrapping, & gift buying
too. Are your homes busy with Holiday activities too? I hope you're
festive & jingling around with cheer & good will. : )

- your apron sounds neat-o! How did it turn out? Did you take it over
to Cloth & Bobbin? And, look @ you starting to quilt the Irish
Cottages project! That's SEW cool!!! : ) Way to go, girlfriend!

have been working on the baby Star quilt. I have 18 Templar-ed stars so
far. I need to wait for my Hancock's shipment to arrive. There are
other solid colored fabrics that need to be delivered before I can
continue - mainly yellow! I have my measurements calculated for the
front with borders & for the backing too. The batting ready & I
got thread @ Cloth & Bobbin the other week.

I too am doing a
few Christmas-y projects. How are the other QM elves progressing with
their gift making? I miss you guys with no Bee tonight. Looking forward
to next week!
Piecefully, Pam

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Good Evening Ladies,

Have we started into Holiday mode? It's been pretty quiet here. How is your weekend going?

I have my nails painted for Christmas...'cause it's FUN!!! ; ) Scott & I went for a Christmas tree today. And, it is time to get out my pins & Christmas clothing! Uh, we've been listening to Christmas carols too! Yeh, I'd have to say it's pretty festive around here. : )

I was up @ 0530 this morning. I couldn't sleep for thinking about the machine applique class I'll be teaching in January! I needed to give Johanna an idea of size, colors, etc. Sew, in the wee hours, me & Shelby went into the studio & sewed. It was quiet, productive & soothing. I'm glad for the sanctuary & peace sewing brings to my world, regardless of time. I finished the sample, & Scott & I took it over to Cloth & Bobbin today! Jean - I saw your Pinwheel quilt - NICE!!! Cathy dropped off her TATW quilt too - EXCELLENT. THANKS Quiltmama's for supporting our new, little, local shop!!! I LOVE you guys!!! : )

I hope you're having a productive weekend. Put in a few stitches when you get a chance! And, JINGLE BELLS!!!
Piecefully, Pam