Thursday, February 28, 2008

A big Quiltmama Happy Birthday to Mare today!!!!! Enjoy your day....and many, many more!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Girls with 440's...

Sorry to post this here, but the msn email isn't working. Can the QuiltMama's with 440's help me out, please? I need to coach Boonie Barb, over the phone, about using her BSR. Can you tell me if you've used yours; Mare, Dolores, Cathy?! What settings do you use/prefer? Any tips, tricks, tidbits you've learned, heard or picked up anywhere? Any insights or information you can share will be GREATLY appreciated!!! Thanks. ; )

Lor - best of luck to John! Keep us posted.

Mo - do you hear about Matt on Thursday? Keep us posted.

We're ALL sending out LOADS of + juju!!!

Jean - do you start your new class tonight?! Have FUN!!! : ) Give us a Peggy update!? And, tell her we said "HI!"

We are more swamped than EVER with the FLU!!! It's actually a 4 letter word in MY vocabulary!!! Washing hands, washing hands, washing hands!!!

Stay warm & have a GOOD day! Stitch when you get a moment.
Piecefully, Pam

P.S. Sauder's is having a sale soon. Did anyone get the flyer?
P.P.S. I got the Hershey Quilt Odyssey show booklet in the mail. Momma Barb & I will be taking a couple classes. Did anyone else get the book? Do you want to take a look @ mine?

Monday, February 25, 2008

Hiya Ladies,

It's Monday. It's STILL Winter, & the blah's are trying to seep in! Help...!

Jean - I am glad to hear that Peggy is taking your class! : ) From the sounds of it, she REALLY NEEDS this!!!

Peggy can you hear us...?! (think Barbara Streisand...)

Dolores - glad to hear you're feeling better! And, it sounds like even though you were under the weather you continued to sew!!! You GO/SEW, girl!!! : ) You make the QuiltMama's proud!

Lori - best of luck with John. Let's hope two's the charm...?! ; ) We'll keep you guys in our thoughts & prayers.

It's Game Night here & I must go make popcorn for the guys! Enjoy your evening & take a few stitches!
Piecefully, Pam

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Good Evening Ladies,

Last night I finished the baby Star quilt!!! : ) Hooray! I laundered it this morning, & it's air drying.

I can't tell you how thankful I am for the "lumpless binding!!!" Cathy - thank you, thank you, thank you for turning me (us) on to the All People Quilt website video. I open the lap top on my sewing table, prep my quilt while watching the video, then SEW. It's almost like magic! Here's me doing just that...

Thanks for the Saturday soup & sewing Bee break, even if Brigantine was a bust. Scott & I were glad to share our BIG pot of soup, & it was nice to stitch with friends. : ) Jean - your Beach blankets will be ready for class!!! Nice. : ) I like the Sea gull wall hangings too. Mare - the polar fleece tying went quickly! Please send an email or do a blog comment about "your" TV Quilt Shows...programs, times, & channels!!! Thanks! : ) Cath - I LOVE the way the t-shirt quilt is turning out. I know the orange is BRIGHT, but it's for a kid & they're gonna LOVE it too!!! The aqua blue REALLY works with the orange, & the binding fabric is terrific. Marianne & I both smiled when we saw it. Can I ask you if you'll think about using my directions for making a continuous bias binding for that quilt? Or just look @ them & see what you think...?

This afternoon we talked about: >a Bee tea @ the Painted Teacup. Mare is still working on trying to get a reservation. >We also talked about the upcoming Nat'l Quilting Day, & our annual Daniel Lemon-Aid quilt project. Jean hasn't heard anything from Daniel's Mom, so/sew Jean will touch base with her to see what's up. >And, it won't be long before Lancaster is here too!!! Of the 10 of us, who is NOT going? No Mare, right? Boonie Barb is coming!!! I'm pretty certain that Momma Barb is not (I may try to meet her on Friday). >Jean said no Bee for her this week. Her week is JAMMED & there's too much going on. I think that's about it... Are there any other Bee things we need to think about, plan for, or discuss?!

The neighborhood HGTV kitchen was completed today!!! Scott saw the crew leaving this evening as he was walking Jingle. Now Jake will be HOME more regularly & can PLAY with Jingle!!! : ) We haven't seen the finished kitchen yet, but what we have seen along the way has been pretty awesome!!!

Enjoy your evening! Happy Anniversary to Leigh Anne & Gerry!!!
Piecefully, Pam

Friday, February 22, 2008


I am hoping everyone is home safe & sound. Although the snow changed our plans, the puppy is certainly having FUN!!! Here are some Jingle pics for your viewing enjoyment. ; )

And, my personal favorite...he's AIR BORN!!!

Piecefully, Pam

Thursday, February 21, 2008


It looks as though Mother Nature is causing a change in plans for the weekend. I feel a bit old & un-fun. I would rather be-e safe though, & I'd feel absolutely terrible if anything happened to any one of you QuiltMama's!!!, no Brigantine Bee Weekend as of now.

I didn't get the "cancellation" emails until 15 minutes ago...I am ALL packed!!! I have projects prepped & ready. The soup is ready to travel. I have a small overnight bag stuffed! Maude is waiting @ the top of the stairs. And, I have m&m's & wine packed too!

Scott says it's alright with him, so I am offering SOUP on Saturday to the QuiltMama's...any & all! I have this BIG pot of soup & expect to be home, so if anyone (Leigh Anne!) would like, you're more than welcome to come over for some soup & a visit. Bring along sewing if you'd like & stay awhile (take your allergy medication first)! Afternoon, evening, what might work best for your schedules...?!

Piecefully, Pam

Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Thanks for the FUN last evening!!! It was good to see (almost) everyone!!! Show 'n Tell was AWESOME!!! : ) Thanks for sharing & inspiring!

Enjoy your day. Watch out for the snow flakes this afternoon... Let's see what happens Friday?!

Piecefully, Pam

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Hello Girls,

How is everyone doing today? We're good here @ Mt. Pleasant. : ) It has been a nice weekend!

Yesterday afternoon I finished cutting "Vibrant Diamonds" for my Beach sewing project. I LOVE the fabrics & the colors!!! By last evening I had to put it in zip-lock bags wouldn't start sewing it!!! It's like a "ready to sew" kit!!! I can't wait!!!

Also yesterday afternoon, I worked to figure out cutting instructions for my Pennsylvania Pickle Dish project. This afternoon I did some cutting. I still have to RE-read the directions!!!???!!!??? I hope to work on piecing this @ the Shore too.

Does anyone have exciting plans for the President's Day long weekend? Is it a long weekend for everyone? It isn't for me & I don't know about Jean either...?! Mare - how is Nicole? How was/is her birthday?! Did you make any pillow cases for her?!

Butterfish was EXCELLENT!!! last evening!!! Scott & I both agreed that we haven't eaten @ a better restaurant - EVER! The food is amazing, & their prices aren't that bad.

This afternoon I was wearing Scott's Mickey Mouse anticipation... In 3 weeks we'll we in Disney World!!! : ) It's soon time for our Sunday nap, maybe I'll have Tower of Terror Dreams, or Rockin' Roller Coaster Dreams, or maybe simply Magical Dreams...

Enjoy your evening.
Piecefully, Pam

Friday, February 15, 2008

It's FRIDAY!!! : )

Hip, hip hooray!!! I think it's Mare, Peggy & Dolores that are going on some kind of Pocono/Mountain/Boonie adventure this weekend... Is that right? Have FUN & be safe! What is everyone else doing? We have dinner reservations @ Butterfish tomorrow evening. : )

Boonie Barb is about to begin her own sewing retreat in the woods!!! ; ) She has her new 440, & Charlie, her husband, will out snow mobiling with "the guys!" Fun for ALL!!! Barb will have piece & quiet to sew, sew, sew!!!

I began cutting Kaffe Fassett fabric last evening!!! It is SEW pretty!!! I LOVE his stuff!!! The colors are vIbRaNt, & the fabric design is big & BoLd!!! The pattern I'm using is from one of his books. Burkholder's put together a "kit" of Vibrant Diamonds. I'm pretty excited about it!

TGIF & enjoy your weekend!
Piecefully, Pam

P.S. Have you heard about Oogy the amazing dog from Ardmore? He was on the Oprah Show yesterday!!! Meet Oogy!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Good Evening Ladies,

With Lois's permission, & for your Valentine's viewing's a little more "virtual Show 'n Tell!!!" : ) Enjoy!!!

Piecefully, Pam
Hello & Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Jean - thanks for offering to host Bee next week! I think we're ALL in need!!! Glad to hear you got your quilt basted. : ) Is it the 2nd Beach Blanket? Have you quilted it yet?

Cath - GLAD to hear about Tim. We'll continue to wish him WELL!!! I can't help but think of the phone commercial..."Can you hear me now?!" ; ) How are YOU doing? What have you been stitching?!

Lori - how are those kids & that husband?! Is everyone well & healthy in your home? How's your Dad been? Is he home yet?! Have you been sewing anything? After your Santa wall hanging, what's your next BIG project? How is the T-shirt quilt coming along?

LA - What's new on your end? How are your kids, & how's that baby doing?! ; ) Have you sewn any panels? Working on anything?!

Mo - what's going on in your world? How's the microwave? Any news about Matt & school? Thinking of you, girl friend! : )

Lois - you are quietly busy, & productive too! What else are you stitching?! How are those grand babies doing?! ; )

Mare - has Nicole been healthy @ College this Winter? I think of her every now & then, & wish her well! What's new on your end? Sewing anything? What are you taking to the Shore?

Peggy & Dolores - whu'z up...?!

I went to the second half of my Fancy Pants class Wednesday evening. I like the method Aimee showed us for putting in a zipper. Zippers still make me what to cringe though. My pants need some alterations, & to be fitted. They are a project that I think I will continue with Momma Barb during Summer Sewing Camp.

I will be taking the Alaska quilt to the Shore to baste. I'm not ready to quilt it just yet. I don't know HOW to quilt it?!?!?! Nor, what color thread I want to use. I'm thinking maybe brown thread...

Presently, I have 3 other projects sitting on my table...
1. the Star baby quilt - it's now done as far as I can go/sew until the baby is born. Natalie is to have "tests" done on Friday, & perhaps be induced...
2. the Pickle Dish project is simmering. Miraculously, I discoved LIME green Kona cotton in my stash - HOORAY!!! Now, I am auditioning some fabrics to use in the arcs. I pulled some browns from my stash too. I am NOT going to buy any new fabrics for this quilt; I can use what I have & what's been shared with me! It is my plan to do some work on this project down the Shore.
3. I have a fabric bundle/"kit" of Kaffe Fassett fabrics, from Momma Barb, to make a Vibrant Diamonds quilt!!! I needed to select one additional "border" fabric & a fabric for the binding. Scott helped me with that last evening. I am hoping to piece the quilt top down the Shore. I am going to follow (most) of Kaffe's directions for constructing this quilt, but I can SEE it has the potential to be strip pieced... I will be working to figure out a way to do so/sew with the intent of using this pattern to eventually make a baby quilt. Perhaps teach a class too...?! ; )

Meanwhile, it's meatloaf & LOVE tonight for dinner!!! Then, maybe a bit of work in the studio. Enjoy your day & give your Honey a SQUEEZE!!! : )
Piecefully, Pam

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Good Morning Ladies,

Get ready for a blast of Winter!!! It looks like some Wintry mix is headed our way. Please, be careful out there today. And, stay warm too!

I emailed Johanna to say I won't be @ the Fancy Pants class this evening. I'd rather be safe than sorry. This way I can rest better too.

Here is some "Show 'n Tell" from me to you. : ) Enjoy!

Piecefully, Pam

Monday, February 11, 2008

Good Monday Morning Girls,

It is BITTER COLD & still WINDY outside!!! I'm wearing my silk long underwear to help stay warm!!! Sip hot tea, wear layers, snuggle in a quilt & keep yourself warm today - kids, husbands & pets too!!! ; )

I am including a link to the International Quilt Association, for those going to Houston you may wish to join. It will make registering for classes or Show anything MUCH easier! Here you

Was there a B-ball game yesterday? SH? Who won?

Did anyone watch the Grammy's? Mo?! Who won, & how were the fashions?!

Okay, besides Mare, Jean, & me is anyone else going to the Shore next weekend? Who, & when? I think I'm to make a pot of chicken corn chowder, but I don't know how many to plan for...?! Should we start a count down...?!

Piecefully, Pam

Friday, February 8, 2008


I am SO...SEW freaking glad its FRIDAY!!! : ) This week was a buster @ work!!! Sick, sick, sick kids!!! Flu, viruses, weirdos & crazies!!! Can you tell I'm glad for a reprieve...?!

We got our Disney itinerary in the mail this week. : ) How long 'til Spring Break?! We're going to see the "Mouse" soon, & I am ExCiTeD!!!

Lori - I can empathize with you & the illnesses that have been in your home. It's been a particularly bad season for sickness. This weather?! I can't say enough about GOOD hand washing!!! Eat chicken soup & take a Multi-Vit!!!

Cath - the 3-6-9 baby quilt sounds cute! What's after that?!

Jean - glad it was your last class, & that it went well. The sandy snowman Beach Blanket makes me smile. How cute...& cool...?! ; ) I'm pressing the pieced back of the Alaska quilt in the last photo. You're pretty sharp there, Jean.

The Fancy Pants I'm making are with a light weight cotton. I think it's too chilly yet for me to be wearing them! Last evening I finished piecing the back of the Alaska quilt. I used blocks from the classes I took on the Cruise. I thought that was clever! So, I used the Marylou Weidman blocks & a sashiko block, along with the 6 Challenge blocks that didn't go on the quilt front. I had bought an unusual shell fabric @ a quilt shop in Juneau. I didn't have anything in particular in mind when I bought it, but it was on sale. It ends up that I thought it worked perfect as a border on the quilt back. I was SEW glad I had it. It's funny how things work out...

Enjoy your weekend! Stitch when you have the chance. I hope to work on labels & binding.

Piecefully, Pam

Here is my challenge block & the freezer paper template that I made for the project.

These are my leftovers from the Alaska quilt project. Not too bad...

P.S. Karen's quilt is FINISHED!!! She's already been shopping with Momma Barb for what's next...?!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Good Evening Girls,

Is this the return to Winter? It feels more seasonable! Jinlge's ears are frosty when he comes home from his walk. : )

Miraculously, our camera is working!!! We could turn it on, & upload. I even took some photos this evening! Watch the blog for some pictures. ; )

The HGTV project is underway in our neighborhood!!! It's pretty exciting & it's not even our house!!! Tami, Glen, & the boys are getting a NEW kitchen! They're famous!!! Jake may even get his dog mug on camera... I'll keep you posted.

Jean - I hope your last class went smoothly this evening. Hey, Erin's team CREAMED the other...20 points is a murder! Way to go!!! I won't be @ Bee next week, due to my Fancy Pants class. I'll post some Show 'n Tell later.

Meanwhile, here are some photos from the end of our Winter Break...the new mattress, & the new cutting/pressing table from Target!

Piecefully, Pam
Good Morning Quilt Mama's!

How is everyone doing today? Dry? Warm?! When we awoke last evening, our inside temperature was 2 degrees warmer than the outside temperature... I think the locusts may be coming... This weather is just plain CRAZY!!! Say some prayers for those caught in the path of yesterday's tornadoes.

We continue with the flu & other viral illnesses here. I've come into work early 2 nights this week due to staff illnesses. I am thinking healthy thoughts & washing my hands!!!

Jean - how did Erin's team do on Tuesday evening? Go Hawks (we had a BIG hawk sitting on our backyard fence this week)! Are you working on your second Beach Blanket? : )

Mare - look @ you whipping up pillow cases! What are you taking to the Shore to sew?

Cathy - what are you working on? How's that new sewing machine?!

Consuelo - congrats on your WORKING microwave! Wahoo!!! : )

I sewed my rows together for the Alaska quilt back last evening & got the side borders sewn on. I hope to get the borders stitched to the top & bottom this evening. I need to work on the label too.

Hey, the Fancy Pants class was pretty good! I was able to try on my pants before leaving the shop on Tuesday evening. ; ) I still need to do the interfacing/waistband & the ZiPpEr...?! Those things will wait for next Tuesday's class!

Jean - do yo have another class to teach @ Cloth & Bobbin tonight? Or, are you finished? How are your students doing?

Cathy - I did talk with Johanna about the leather thimbles we use. We'll see...?!

Who all is going to Brigantine?! It's just a couple weeks away, no?! : ) What projects will you be taking along to work on?!

That does it for now, ladies! Take care & sew!!!
Piecefully, Pam

Monday, February 4, 2008

Morning Girls,

Get ready for some crazy weather this week! Warm & cloudy. Perfect GERM weather!!! Wash your hands, eat healthy, & drink plenty of water. : )

Jean - is it St. Jos. that's in the finals? Basketball, right? Good luck! So, there's no Bee this week, then?

Hey, I heard the Super Bowl was GOOD! Any FUN commercials?! Any good food?!

Mare - I do have a corn fritter recipe...from my beloved "green" book!!! I'll try & email it to you some time this week. You may need to remind me...

I am working on piecing the backing for my Alaska quilt. It's actually turning out better than I had expected. That's always nice. I don't know how to quilt it...any suggestions would be appreciated!

I also decided to sew the binding on the parts of the baby Star quilt that are finished. I began whip stitching it to the back. I will wait for the one corner - quilting, applique, label & binding, until the baby is born!

I forgot to inquire about the leather thimbles while I was @ Cloth & Bobbin on Saturday. If I can remember, I'll ask on Tuesday during my pants class.

We continue to have flu & viral illnesses here. Stay well, girls! Stitch when you get the time, or else, MAKE time!!! : )
Piecefully,, Pam

Friday, February 1, 2008

Good Evening Girls,

How is everyone this evening? Dry...?! Healthy...?! It's been some kinda week?!

I think we had 7 different in-patients with flu, & I don't know how many others with the nausea/vomiting bug. Plus, we had two staff members get ill. I will say, if flu symptoms are diagnosed early enough, Tamiflu is truly a miracle drug!!! And, I can't say enough about doing GOOD hand washing!!!

How 'bout the rain? We dodged a bullet 'cause there was SNOW & ice in other regions! This evening, Jingle & I returned from our walk quite muddy!!! The ground is just saturated. Now the WIND has picked up!

Jean & I are planning on going over to Cloth & Bobbin tomorrow for the SALE! I need to pick up "Fancy Pants" fabric, I want to check for lime green Kona cotton, I want to maybe ask Johanna about the possibility of carrying the goat leather thimbles that Cathy & I use, by Elaine Considine, & I think there's one other thing I'm looking for, but can't remember what... I can go any time, morning OR afternoon. Anyone else want to join in?!

Cathy - enjoy Kerry & her girl friends! : ) I was thinking about you making breaded cutlets, mashed potatoes & creamed corn while I was walking Jingle this evening. You're SO & SEW kind!!! They're gonna LOVE the pillow cases!!!

Is everyone getting ready for the Super Bowl? Giants or Patriots, who are you rooting for?! What good recipes will you be making?! Scott & I will be asleep for the game! : )

Enjoy your weekend, & TGIF!!!
Piecefully, Pam