Monday, April 30, 2007

Happy Monday was everyone's weekend? Cathy...any news yet? Lois - missed you on Friday - looking forward to hearing about your trip. Consuelo and Leigh Anne - how were you respective weddings on Saturday? It would have been ironic if you'd ended up at the same one. Mare - Nicole home safe and sound? She and Joe share some bonding on the ride back? Peggy - how was your trip to Pittsburgh? Did your Mom enjoy herself? Pam....did you spend quality time in your garden - it was a funny weather weekend. Kudos to the Hendersons for running a wonderfully smooth track meet on Sunday. Lori - how was Ryan's Communion? You had a lovely day - I hope he enjoyed it. And last, but by no means least, was your weekend? Was this the weekend you were heading up to Veronica's school to meet her friends, etc? Hope it was fun.....did you get any dirty looks from old folks? I cannot host q'mamas this week - Kelly has a softball to y'all soon.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Hello Girls,

Wasn't last evening FUN?!?!?! : ) We missed Cathy & Lois though! Some pictures were taken, so/sew we can share. Peggy was pretty darn surprised with her Naked Lady wall hanging!!! ; ) Nice job everyone!!! And, we were FINALLY in the Lamb Tavern, not just driving past it or using it as a landmark. It was VERY nice! The food was good, but the company was even better!!! : )

It's kind of a weird weather day...not rainy, not dry, not sunny...hmmm. I do have wash out on the line, & I decided to do some indoor cleaning. What fun! : /

I hope Peggy has a safe trip to Pittsburgh, & Joe & Nicole have a safe trip home from Pittsburgh!

I started my day with sewing, & a nice cup of coffee. : ) I pressed the backing for the baby TATW. Then, I stretched out the pieces & basted my quilt sandwich. I am ready to quilt it!!! I need to do some practice stitching & want to do some lettering too, so/sew I made up a practice sandwich.

Marianne has some interest in using my BSR as she's thinking about buying a Bernina. She did mention that Cathy may like to see it or try it too. I invited Mare, & asked her to invite Cathy to call & stop by today or anytime this week. Same goes for any of you girls. Please, feel free to try out my BSR if you're interested. I expect I'll be quilting throughout most of the week. Give a call & stop in if you'd like. : )

It's looking pretty dark outside. I think I'm going to go bring the wash in off the line. Enjoy your Saturday!!!
Piecefully, Pam

Friday, April 27, 2007

Good Morning & TGIF!!!

It's a soggy morning, girls. Mama Barb LOVES a rainy day for sewing! ; ) Is everyone dry? I am always thankful for a roof over my head, especially on days like this.

I went to Market on Wednesday morning after work, while Scott walked Jingle, & I bought some plants for the garden. I bought 3 tomato plants, some basil & flat leaf parsley, & I bought some flowers too - snap dragons, cosmos, marigolds & an ivy geranium hanging basket. I got the tomatoes & herbs planted ahead of the rain. I'm glad about that! : ) I am looking for zinnias!!! I like to buy the plants, but have trouble finding them here. If anyone sees them anywhere, could you PLEASE let me know (or, just buy a whole flat for me & I'll happily pay you!)?! Thank you!!!

Last evening after the Library, I finished piecing the backing for the baby TATW quilt top. And, I pieced the batting too! This weekend I am hoping to sandwich the quilt. I need to make 3 baby quilts, & one of the babies was born YESTERDAY!!!

Jingle has a Vet appointment this morning. He has a weepy left eye. I've determined that having a dog is a lot like having a kid...!? ; ) He's a neighborhood celebrity. I am amazed!!!

Have a good Friday & keep dry! See whoever @ the Lamb Tavern this evening!
Piecefully, Pam

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Any word on the Quiltmamas first attempt at matchmaking? For those who weren't at bee....details will be provided on Friday night. I was just wondering if the wheels have been set in motion? We really are multi-talented!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Friday 4/27/07, the Lamb Tavern @ 7:00 PM to celebrate Peggy & her 50th!!! ; ) Be there or be square...

Mo - how were/are the Penn Relays?

Lori - how is your sick household?! Yuck! I didn't offer to trade places, 'cause I do the same thing.

Cathy - we missed you! You & your family are SO in our thoughts & prayers!!!

Lois - we missed you! Will you come to dinner with us on Friday?!

Leigh Anne - we missed you too! Are you joining us for dinner on Friday?

Had fun with the Mama's! It was SEW nice, we sat outside on Jean's porch 'til it was too dark to see anymore. Thanks for hosting Jean. Jean can't host next week...

Jean your Photo quilt is AWESOME! Love the way the theme is carried out in all the details. Nice!!!

Dolores - we LOVED the Moda Christmas sample packet!!! : ) Don't they have the most beautiful fabrics & prints?! I don't know how they do it...?!

Hey, Barb (Buffington) wanted to send a thank you card to EVERYONE! I had her send it just to our Queen Bee, & said that Mo may put it in our Scrap Book...?! What do you think?

Enjoy the nice day, rain is on the way! Stitch when you get a minute!!!
Piecefully, Pam

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

It's Another GLORIOUS Day!!!

Enjoy it ladies!!! : ) Get outside a bit - read, stitch, bask in the sunshine, pick some flowers, eat water ice...!!! ; )

I got some planting done last evening & I feel GOOD about that! : ) I planted cloves of elephant garlic, one of which Jingle chewed... And, I planted seeds!!! Four different kinds of lettuce, 2 varieties of cucumbers, pumpkin, & flat leaf parsley too. My sugar snap pea seeds are just beginning to push through the soil & the radishes are up already! Spring is amazing & FUN!!! Scott got out the water reservoir so we'll be ready for the rain later in the week. Next, I want to buy some plants soon - tomato, pepper, squash, & FLOWERS!!!

I'm going to hang out laundry this morning. I have it all ready to go! I sound old fashioned...

I got the last seam on the baby TATW quilt stitched last night!!! It's ready to be sandwiched. Except I have to piece the batting & backing before any basting can be done. But, then it'll be ready for quilting!!! And, I already have the binding prepped. I want to try Cathy's NEW no lump way of

Must go, duty calls!
Piece, Pam

Monday, April 23, 2007

Glorious Morning!

Isn't this weather perfect?!?!?! ; ) I LOVE it!

Happy 50 Peggy!!! How is it?!

Welcome HOME Lois!!!

Cathy, GLAD to hear your walking cast/boot is OFF & on. ; ) HOORAY!!!

Scott & I went to Mostardi's yesterday. I wasn't too impressed. I did buy 2 scented geraniums though...they're difficult to find. What are the names of the Denver/Lancaster area Garden Centers you guys have used...Cathy & Lois, anyone else...?! I want to get some more seeds in, perhaps this morning...

I have ONE seam yet for the baby TATW quilt!!! I'd like to get that pinned & sewn this evening. Then it will be ready for layering & basting!!! Yippee!

Nothing else to new or exciting here! Enjoy your day. : )
Piecefully, Pam

P.S. Can someone please tell me the name (along the selvege edge) of the duck panel from Lancaster? Thank you!

Saturday, April 21, 2007


Here is a link to Matt's blog. Take a look. See what you think...

Wasn't this THE nicest day?!?!?! I would LOVE for each day to be this exact same kind of weather!!! I hung wash out. I swept the patio, & Scott began to bring outdoor furniture out of the garage!!! We need to get our rain reservoir in place. I raked up a bunch of twigs & sticks that Jingle had collected throughout the Winter & I raked under the holly tree. It's soon time for mulch. Scott put in most of our screens & we had the doors & windows OPEN!!! Gotta love it!!! : )

We did some shopping & errands today also. One of the best items we purchased is an adapter/cable that allows us to play our ipod/MP3 player through our receiver - that's WAY awesome!!! Digital technology is amazing!

Did anyone do any sewing today? I pinned this morning & this evening I sewed some seams, then did a little pressing. I think I have all the rows for the baby TATW quilt sewn together. Now, it's just a matter of getting all of the rows stitched together! ; )

Is Lois home from Washington state? Was she there for a week? I wonder how everyone is...?! I am anxious for pictures!

Jean, thanks for volunteering to host Bee this week!

Enjoy tomorrow! It's to be just as nice outside!!! I want to go to Mostardi's.
Piecefully, Pam

Friday, April 20, 2007

It's me again...

Consuelo - a container?! Why, I am surprised!!! ; ) A'non (with a dramatic pause & hand on my brow)...!!! You do make me smile!

Jean - way to, sew! with the Photo quilt & it's backing!!! : ) Nice.

Here is the web address for Bernina. Incase anyone is interested. Their web boards have some interesting info. too.

I am continuing to do a bit of sewing on the baby TATW quilt. I think I have just a few more rows 'til it's done. : ) I have the next 2 rows prepped & ready to go, er...SEW!!!

Throughout this week, I have been thinking about & reflecting on our trip to the Lancaster Quilt Show. It causes me to smile! I LOVE that! Thanks ladies for sharing with me. I especially enjoy using the fabrics, notions & patterns knowing where they're from! It adds an extra dimension to my sewing project, making it all the more special to me!

TGIF!!! Enjoy your day & the nice weather!!!
Piecefully, Pam

P.S. Is there a Bee next week? Where...@ the Lamb Tavern...?!
Here's a cropped email from Mama Barb.

Dear Pam and Scott,

Had lots of fun at the quilt show with you and your bee girls. They are a stitch! What a variety there is in the group. They were all really fun! I liked getting to meet Barb Buffington also. She seems like a very nice person.

Hope your trip home was a safe one.

I'm sewing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday we go to the Kitchen Shoppe for a!

Thanks for including me!
Love, Ma/Barb

Piece, Pam

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Good Morning Girls,

How is everyone? Are you unpacked from Lancaster & caught up with the laundry? Were your husbands, kids, pets glad to see you & have you home?! ; )

I began using my new silk pins last evening, & I like them! I also tried out my new sewing machine foot. It's awesome! : ) And, I am using my new leather thimble this morning & like it too. I have tried a rubber thimble I bought, but the jury is still out on that one... What things did you pick up in Lancaster that you really like?!

Did everyone weather the wind & rain of the Nor'Easter? Are you growing gills?! Our back porch overhang was ripped loose by the wind. Sort of Oz-like...?!

I am READY for nicer weather. Hopefully, it will be arriving by tomorrow!!! Maybe we'll even have a nice weekend!!! I still need to do some planting - lettuces, radishes, pumpkins, cukes, etc. These are all seeds, mind you, no plants just yet.

Take care & enjoy your day! Make time to stitch, life's too short to not!!!
Piecefully, Pam

P.S. Has anyone called Mr. Zimmerman @ Hinkletown...?! ; )

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Such a tragedy. Let's keep the students, faculty, staff & families effected by the Virginia Tech shootings in our thoughts & prayers. What is this world coming to...

Piece, Pam

Monday, April 16, 2007

Good Morning Girls,

SEW much...FUN, to say, shopping, sewing, laughing, sharing, friendship, eating, estrogen...!?!?!? THANKS for a marvelous time & memorable trip to the 2007 Lancaster Quilt Show!!! : ) I LOVE you guys, one & ALL!!!

Thank you also for being open & willing to having the 2 Barbs join us!!! I know they both were pleased to be able to share in the FUN with the Quilt Mama's!!! ; )

FYI, below is a link to the vendor where I bought the Oakshott cottons.

Be CAREFUL out there today!!! There are limbs down across our campus & across our nearby roadways too! Glad we made it HOME ahead of this yuck!

Piecefully, Pam

Friday, April 13, 2007


It's HERE!!! It's NOW!!! Is everyone READY?!?!?! TGIF the 13th!!! ; )

Early bus - Jean, Marianne, Cathy & Maureen - Have FUN, & be safe. We'll see you soon! Please make sure Jean has some clothing packed...! ; )

The Later bus - Leigh Anne, Lori & me will be hot on the heels of the Early bus!

Peggy & Dolores - HURRY UP!!! Do not go to Frank F. Farley! ; )

I talked with both Mama Barb & Maggie last evening. I heard some REALLY GOOD things about the Show, & vendor's too!!! Make sure you have cameras, batteries, comfortable shoes & $$$ packed!!! ; )

Lois - Do you have your bags packed too?! Are you ready for your flight & your trip?! Don't forget your camera either!!! Have a safe & wonderful adventure!!! ; )

Piecefully, Pam

Thursday, April 12, 2007

: )
Piece, Pam

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Dear Ladies,

I TOLD you so/sew... A few posts below, you'll see a "gamer" comment. That would be one of the "Monday Night Game Guys"!!! : ) They were interested in my/OUR blog & the link was shared. Be forewarned... ; )

And, in case you couldn't tell, Matt is musically inclined, even talented! He sings "popcorn songs" to me on game night... : ) Ask him to do some Karaoke for you sometime!

Mo - you may have met your match...?! Stay on your game!!!

Piecefully, Pam

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Hey Everyone!!!

Thanks for coming over! We were glad to have you & hear your comments. Scott & I are pleased with the move, but it's pretty bold.

Mare - how long did it take you to walk here? I've thought about doing that too! Do you get the audio books from the Library? How do you load them & then get them off the ipod?

Cathy - the baby quilt with 7 fat quarters is WAY cute! I love the colors. : ) Will you show us the binding trick some time soon, please? Glad you're NOT going to Florida for BMH!!! THIS weekend is MUCH MORE IMPORTANT!!! ; ) And, I LOVE Mike! He'll manage things @ home! Best wishes for Thursday's appointment with you Dad. Prayers & + juju are yours & his!

Leigh Anne & Shaun!!! ; ) - THANKS for coming IN!!! LA, he is ALWAYS welcome here!!! Don't think or feel otherwise or else I'll be hurt! Shelby & Jingle liked visiting with Shaun! Thank you. : ) I will be ready by 0845 on Friday. I will bring along Genie the GPS!

Lois - it was GOOD to see you! Have THE BEST time with your Washington "kids" & have safe travels. We want to see pictures!!! Give Van a BIG squeeze from ALL of us!!! : )

Dolores & Peggy - THANKS for coming over! It was GOOD to SEE both of you!!! You guys are kind of like twins...! ; ) Peggy, I am THRILLED to hear about Richie!!! What a blessing!!! Dolores, thanks for "Jingle bags!" ; )

Jean - glad you could make it too!!! Did we cover all of the necessary Lancaster stuff?! We're a big bunch of flapping women, aren't we?! ; ) There's SEW much to do, say & organize!!!

Mo - missed you! Hope the Track Meet went well. And, Happy (early) Birthday to Bill!!! : ) See you on Friday! Get ready...

Lori - missed you too! See you on Friday too!!! Get ready!!!

Time to prep for work. Have a good evening & a terrific tomorrow!
Piecefully, Pam

Below is 3 different emails from Mama Barb that I cut & pasted. I sent her Jean's email with the photo of Daniel's quilt & have been "talking" with her about Lancaster...

Dear Pam and Bee girls,
Boy, you girls did a nice job with your charity quilt! These organizations always love the love which comes with these contributions!

Let's meet at 11:00 A.M. at the downstairs lobby in Lancaster. If my plans change, I'll give you a call.

Do you make reservations for the Iron Horse Inn? For what time? Include me in on the reservations, please for the Sat. evening Inn. I am anxious to meet Barb also. She has such a nice name! I have talked with Dad about the show. He just said....tell me before you go.

Love, Barb


Feel free to park in the driveway this evening. See ya soon! ; )

Piece, Pam
THREE DAYS & COUNTING!!! Need I say more...?! ; )

Piecefully, Pam

P.S. Mo - Your little ditty will keep our toes tapping!!! Thanks! : )

P.P.S. See you ladies this evening!

Monday, April 9, 2007

Good Morning Gals,

It's another chilly day outside! Mittens & a scarf...again! : / And, did anyone else see the snow flurries over the weekend?!

Looking @ the calendar, it's 4 days 'til Lancaster!!! It's possible that Barb would join us for dinner @ the Iron Horse Inn. She asked about a time & if we make a reservation...? Jean, has a reservation been made? Should we? If Barb joins us, the count is 11!!! : ) What time would be good? Can you let me know & then I'll email Barb, please? Thanks!!! You guys might actually get to meet Barb!!! : ) She's SEW fun!!! : )

LA - I don't know if anyone responded to you about music...? I am thinking I'll bring my MP3 player. I don't know if our place has a DVD/CD player? Does someone want to bring a boom box?

How was every one's Easter? I'll explain "egg fights" on Tuesday evening. We had one last evening & I lost! Lori, if you don't make it Tuesday, I'll fill you in in Lancaster. It's not all THAT!

Enjoy your day. I think I am going to the Jennifer Chiaverini gig @ the West Chester Book & Music Store this evening. For those going to the Guild, have a nice time. See you guys on Tuesday!

Piecefully, Pam

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Good Evening Ladies,

SIX days 'til Lancaster!!! : ) Next week @ this time we may be having dinner @ the Iron Horse Inn!!! : ) We'll be talking about ALL the amazing quilts we saw!!! Then, what great gadgets, inspiring patterns & "just couldn't resist" fabrics we bought...!?!?!? It's almost insane how anxious I am about ALL of this!!! I've been making lists. I got out my bag for the Show, I'm thinking about what to pack, & I am dreaming of Lancaster in my sleep! : ) This yearly trip has almost become legendary in my mind, spirit, soul, & heart. Is anyone else experiencing this kind of pre-Lancaster hype?! Please say, "Yes!"

I did go to Ladyfingers today. It was a perfect day for it. : ) I got there around noon. It wasn't too crowded & I could move around the store without knocking stuff over. That's always good! ; ) I bought FABRIC!!!, 2 patterns & a couple spools of YLI Soft Touch thread. First though, I went upstairs to the classroom & viewed the quilts Gail has up. It's a "Show" of Nancy Davis Murty's work. I recognized her quilts @ once, but didn't know her name. I bought one of her patterns - Dash Away. It's Santa & his sleigh with the reindeer flying through the night sky. : ) (Shhh, don't tell the Easter Bunny...) I bought many fabrics @ $3.95 a yard. They have quite a nice selection!!! If anyone is thinking about going or not, it is worth the trip!

Sew, Tuesday it is then. Just drop by any time after 7PM. It will be the Come & See Bee! : )

Scott & I had our "Easter" ham this evening. It was GOOD! I made a glaze with strawberry jam, white wine & Dijon mustard. We also had baked pineapple. It goes SO well with the ham. Yum! : P This week we'll have leftovers!!! Tomorrow we'll paint eggs, & then the "fights" begin...! ; ) I hope everyone has a nice Easter.

Piecefully, Pam

P.S. Too funny!!! LOL!!! Great minds REALLY do think alike! Thanks for your post Jean!
Saturday - this time next week...we could be getting thrown out of a restaurant! Only six more days, ladies!!! Lately, I've had quite a few, 'Hmmmm, haven't seen that in a while' moments - regarding my quilting books/supplies/stuff. Knew it had to be done...didn't want to do it but there was no choice...HAD TO CLEAN THE SEWING ROOM! Oy - love quilting but hate cleaning up that room. Fabric from the last few projects hanging around, recent magazines piled up (slidingly) on any available surface, having to shift things off the cutting mat all the time. No avoiding it - it was that or clean the bathrooms. Put the CD player on and got started....saw fabric I hadn't seen in a while, organized a few upcoming projects, put away lots and lots of stuff and tossed out a lot of trash. The music helped and while it wasn't completely painless (dusting and sneezing) when I walked back into the room after I was finished - there it was....My Moment of Zen.


Friday, April 6, 2007

Good Friday Morning,

Hop, Hop Hooray!!! It's FRIDAY!!! : ) We have just 7, that's SEVEN days 'til Lancaster!!!

For those of you who may be off today - ENJOY!!! It's still cold & the wind is kicking up. You will need the Winter coat, scarf & mittens. Staying indoors with a nice cup of tea & your sewing machine sounds like a fine idea!!! ; )

We have to pick up a ham this morning, & run through the drive-up bank. Jingle gets a "cookie" @ the drive through & he LOVES that!!! : ) He KNOWS a treat is coming, & will stand across the driver to look right @ the bank teller saying, "GIVE ME A COOKIE!!!"

TGIF!!! Enjoy your weekend & Easter.
Piecefully, Pam

Thursday, April 5, 2007

I'm back...

Jean - thanks again for being a co-author & welcome!!! Sew glad to have you. : ) Wasn't that sofa/magazine opportunity sheer BLISS?! Ahhh...!

Mo - I love your musical-ness!!! It adds a whole new dimension to the Quilt Mama's! ; )

Cathy - glad you had a little slice of Heaven this afternoon too! Aren't those moments a welcome surprise...

A reminder relating to the Lancaster extravaganza...for those who received a Burkholder's flyer in the mail a few weeks ago, there is a 20% off coupon on the may wish to bring it along!!!

And, speaking of fabric shops & flyers...did anyone get the PINK Ladyfingers card in today's mail?!?!?! From Saturday 4/7 (not including Easter) - 4/15 they will be having their annual SALE & some extended store hours!!! Designer fabrics will be $1.95 - $5.95 per yard, pre-cut 1/2 yards five for $12.00, pre-cut 1 yards five for $24 AND fat quarters $10 per dozen!!! Yes, that equates to $4.80 a yard of pre-cuts and 84 cents per fat quarter!!! All books, patterns, notions & thread are 20% off. SO...SEW, I am going to go to the Sale on Saturday. Yep, that's right, this Saturday! Anyone interested in going along...?! ; ) The store is open 10-5 this Saturday.

Also, thanks for responding about the Come & See Bee. Since Jean & Cathy can both make Tuesday, how 'bout if next Tuesday I host a casual sort of Bee? We can finish up any Lancaster plans & tie up loose ends then too.

Okay, I've been rather verbose this evening. And, I have 2 things to surf the web for yet...the Iron Horse Inn (thanks Jean) and oakshot cottons... Also, I have included the link to Ladyfingers below. Have a look...

Piecefully, Pam

Okay, let's see if I can summarize last night's Bee...

The Daniel quilt is AWESOME!!! : ) It's bright, cheerful & fun!!! Let's hope they make LOTS of $$ @ this year's Alex's Lemonade Stand selling raffle tickets!!! I am proud of you girls & being associated with you!

Jean - you're prolific, & such a wonderful friend! We're glad to have you as our Queen Bee! ; )

Mare - thanks again for making the Lancaster accommodations for us. We are SEW excited!!! Hey, I like your new basket!

Mo - I think having a Spa treatment while we're shopping is a MARVELOUS idea!!! : ) And, I am (sew) excited that you're going to the Quilt Show WITH us!!! What a FUN, new adventure!!! Prepare to be enchanted!

Cathy - YOU too are prolific!!! : ) The flannel baby quilts with the duck panels are cuddly & cozy!!! I just LOVE them!!! Don't they make you smile? And, I like your table runner too!!! Isn't STASH the BEST...?!?!?! I also LOVE the BOM you're doing through The Little Shop!!! The fabrics & colors are amazing. + juju & good thoughts for your Dad as he begins his second round of treatments tomorrow. Prayers & peace...& piece.

Lori - the Sherbet & Chenille baby quilt is awesome!!! : ) You get 2 for 1!!! How is that not terrific?!?!?! ; ) I really like the soft pastel chenille borders done in different colors. It just adds something. Good job!

LOIS - CONGRATULATIONS!!! I know Van will be the BEST big brother ever!!! ; ) Squeeze him up & that daughter of yours too! We'll miss you @ Lancaster, but know you will be having the best time of all! ; ) Do you have a baby quilt planned yet?!

Thanks for looking @ my Karen class project & my baby Trip quilt. It's always fun to share with you ladies!

Time for supper! I have more to write & will be back again later, so be on the lookout...
Piece. Out. Pam
My first post.....I'm feeling some pressure. First I must tell you what happened on the way home from work - I'm headed to pick up Chinese food because one of them has practice at 6:00. As I'm driving, snow flurries are falling and St. Elmo's Fire comes on the radio. In my head, I realize I'm putting quilting words to the tune...and I start laughing out loud thinking - darn that Consuelo! Look what she has me doing! Get home and see that there are two new quilting magazines in the mailbox...hmmmmm. They scarf down the food, the coach calls - cancelling practice and they decide to go to the rival's game - mind you it's about 38 degrees outside. I'm starting to tell them this and then I realize - Hey - there are two new quilting magazines and the possibility of up to an hour or more of no one here but me - next thing you know - I'm bundling everyone up and pushing them out the door. Wahoo! Have to go ladies - the couch and the magazines are beckoning me...may you all have a similar stroke of luck at some point this weekend!
Good Morning Girls,

It's cold & windy this morning! Put a scarf around your daffodils!!! I think the Easter Bunny may need ear cozies...?! ; )

I had a WONDERFUL time @ Bee last evening!!! Thanks for hosting, Jean. And thanks to everyone who shared projects!!! : ) I find you all inspiring! : ) I'll try & give more of a Bee recap later. I didn't have time @ work & we're soon going to go to sleep. I just wanted to write a quickie!!!

EIGHT DAYS 'TIL LANCASTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I cut & pasted the email from Jean in an earlier blog post. It has a loose schedule & assignment for our upcoming trip!!! : ) There is no Bee scheduled for next week due to hectic calendars. However, I will gladly host a "Come & See" Bee if anyone is interested. You can get a peek @ our new digs, I have some items that didn't make the cut from upstairs to downstairs & those things are up for grabs... Is anyone interested, & what day would work best? Not Monday, I'll be @ the Chiverini gig! ; )

News flash***Jean may co-author the blog with me!!!*** SEW for a POST from her!!! : )

Hey Jean, can you tell me the name of the Saturday restaurant & what town it's in, so I can tell Barb?! Thanks!
Piecefully, Pam

P.S. LA, glad to see your comments! ; )
Hellooooo ladies. We're nearly ready. Here's what we came up with tonight.
Marianne - lasagna, funky salad, wine
Dolores - breakfast pizza and maybe alcohol.
Peggy - alcohol
Lori - french toast casserole, fruit
Mo - chocolate, snacks, shortbread, diet iced tea and frou-frou tea w/splenda
others - bring your own black tea if wanted
Cathy - cheesecake (courtesy of Mr. D), water, trash bags.
Jean - soda, cookies, milk, napkins
Pam - lasagna, apples, coffee, paper plates
Feel free to bring anything else you like. Leigh Anne - you aren't on the official list but jump right in and bring what you like and how about Toilet paper?
Drivers - Maureen, Leigh Anne and Peggy. Peggy and Dolores will be arriving late on Friday. The others will meet at Mare's at approximately 8:30 - picking up Pam at 8:45 or so and meeting the woman at the house at 10. Figure we'll shop on Friday, have lunch out, Maureen will Spa in Intercourse - go back to the house for lasagna. And those who would like to go - we'll head back to the Country Quilt shop for Midnight Madness. Saturday - possibly Burkholders and the show. Go out to dinner - try not to get thrown out of restaurant.
These are just broad plans - details may change as needed - if anyone thinks of anything else - Pam is going to post this on the blog - and we'll discuss final details online. This is going to be great! to you soon. Everyone have a nice Easter.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Howdy Gals!

It's wet outside! Colder too. You may need woolies under your Easter frocks this weekend...

Hmmm. Jean, thanks for doing the new account & signing into google thing. How did it go? It seemed to work from this end. Google offers a calendar feature which I've looked into, but didn't pursue 'cause for a group to use or access it, everyone has to have a password. Maybe we can move in this direction...or not...?! Technology...?!

I am looking forward to Bee this evening!!! Hey, Jean & Peggy - you don't have class tonight?! I can hardly wait to see Daniel's quilt!!! : ) Has his Mom seen it yet?!?!?! And, how are everyones myriad of projects coming along?!?!?! Irish Cottages, class quilts, BOM's, baby quilts, heirlooms, charity projects, etc!!!??? We are a busy & prolific group!!! ; )

I am getting SEW, SEW, SEW anxious for Lancaster!!! : ) Jean, do you think we'll need reservations @ the Saturday restaurant this time? We are more this year, no?! I completely didn't even think about the possibility of seeing quilts in this Show that I saw in Houston!!! Now, I'm even MORE excited...if that's possible... I HOPE Sieglinda has her $10,000 prize winning quilt in THIS Show!!! Mother Earth & Her Children. You guys may get to see it too, it is truly AMAZING!!! NINE days, and counting!!!

Scott & I did more yard work last evening. I am liking the longer day light hours!!! I even did a little planting. I got pea seeds in & some radish seeds too. Just ahead of the rain - nice!

Enjoy your day & looking forward to seeing ALL for Bee this evening!!!
Piecefully, Pam

P.S. I loved Tony Orlando & Dawn! I saw them in concert @ the York Fair when I was 10. My Dad took me. : )

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Good Morning Ladies!

It's going to be another GORGEOUS day!!! : ) Get outside & enjoy it 'cause they're calling for rain, wind & colder temperatures starting tomorrow morning.

Scott & I took advantage of the beautiful weather yesterday. I hung wash on the line before we went to sleep. When we got up, we had a cup of coffee & went right outside! Scott is working on the vegetable garden beds, & I went out front to work on the bed @ the front porch. It felt GOOD! : ) But, I do have to admit that I was thinking, "I could be sewing..."

Maureen - thanks for the heads up about signing in to the blog. I have always had to use my yahoo account & full email address. I have cued my computer to remember my sign-in & password. Can you keep me posted about this issue, please? And, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your song!!! You're the BEST!!! : ) Thanks for your sense of humor & FUN!!! I am SEW glad to know you ARE feeling better!!!

Hey, @ Bee on Wednesday can we check cell phone numbers, please? I just want to be sure no one's has changed, & that we all have each others numbers. Plus, I can always benefit from a cell phone inservice...

Enjoy your day & stitch when you have a moment! 10 days 'til Lancaster!!!
Piece, Pam

Monday, April 2, 2007

Morning Gals,

When this fog burns off, it should be quite a nice day!!! : ) Get out & enjoy it!!! I MUST do some yard work!!!

Jean - glad your brother & his new wife liked the Irish Chain quilt. : ) It was DEFINITELY done on time!!! Way to go & way to SEW!!!

Lori - I'd like to see your baby quilt done with chenille. Sounds soft & nice. : )

And, I take it Maureen is feeling a lot better?! Since she did such a good job @ the Track Meet, I'm assuming her viral ear infection has improved & the dizziness has subsided?! Thankfully!!! Take a nap & go easy on yourself, Mo!!!

No, we don't THROW hard boiled eggs @ each other! We are more civilized than that... ; )

Did anyone else get the newsletter from Country Quiltworks? They are having Sally Collins come to their store in August to do a class on precision machine piecing. I've never seen nor met her, but she is kind of like Sue Nickels to me. She's considered one of the best of the bests! I will most likely try & take her class.

Eleven days 'til Lancaster!!!
Piecefully, Pam

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Happy April Fool's Day!!! : )

Did anyone pull any good pranks or have any pulled on them?! If so, what?!?!?!

IS IT POSSIBLE THAT WE HAVE JUST 12 DAYS 'TIL LANCASTER?! No way!?!?!? The time seems to be going fast! Is everyone getting ready?! What plans do we need to discuss @ Bee this week?! Reservations, food, times, sewing machines, cell phone numbers, fabric shops & stops, who, what, where, when...?! HURRY UP, please!

We took Jingle out to York yesterday. He met my Mom & Ken for the first time. He did a really good job. He was pooped & slept the whole way home! He's a lot like a kid...?! ; )

Thanks Cathy (& teenage daughter) for the Hallmark info relating to Vera Bradley products. Scott took me there on Friday morning after work & I bought my first Vera items. I'm no longer a Vera virgin... ; )

Some time ago, I commented on how good a particular music CD was. I sited Cold Play. However, the disc is by Nickelback, my bad. It's their All the Right Reasons CD. It is excellent! I also have not yet gotten tired of listening to John Mayer's Continuum disc. Absolutely outstanding!!!

Are you ladies getting ready for Easter? Is anyone dyeing eggs? Scott & I do. We'll probably color them next weekend. We have "egg fights" with them then. Scott's Mom has already asked us if the egg wars have begun. Too funny! It's a tradition that Scott & his brother had, that we now carry on. I haven't had any jelly beans yet, & I am just now wanting some... Don't even ask me about the pb eggs Barb brought last weekend!!!

Has anyone done any sewing over the weekend? What things are being stitched up & worked on?! I did a little bit of sewing. I am working on the Trip baby quilt. I actually have 2 to make. One @ a time though.

My quilting finger is better. : ) I think I can start hand quilting again this week! I don't like how I get into the hand quilting groove & then my finger is bleeding & sore... It causes me to hand quilt in fits & spurts. : /

I think that just about does it for now. Ooh, before I forget, Lois, YES! I am definitely planning to go to the Jennifer Chiaverini book reading/signing on Monday 4/9!!!

Take care & enjoy your afternoon & evening. It's sort of cool & damp. Soup & a nice cup of tea with some sewing sound just about perfect...