Tuesday, April 24, 2007

It's Another GLORIOUS Day!!!

Enjoy it ladies!!! : ) Get outside a bit - read, stitch, bask in the sunshine, pick some flowers, eat water ice...!!! ; )

I got some planting done last evening & I feel GOOD about that! : ) I planted cloves of elephant garlic, one of which Jingle chewed... And, I planted seeds!!! Four different kinds of lettuce, 2 varieties of cucumbers, pumpkin, & flat leaf parsley too. My sugar snap pea seeds are just beginning to push through the soil & the radishes are up already! Spring is amazing & FUN!!! Scott got out the water reservoir so we'll be ready for the rain later in the week. Next, I want to buy some plants soon - tomato, pepper, squash, & FLOWERS!!!

I'm going to hang out laundry this morning. I have it all ready to go! I sound old fashioned...

I got the last seam on the baby TATW quilt stitched last night!!! It's ready to be sandwiched. Except I have to piece the batting & backing before any basting can be done. But, then it'll be ready for quilting!!! And, I already have the binding prepped. I want to try Cathy's NEW no lump way of

Must go, duty calls!
Piece, Pam

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Consuelo said...

Hey mamas..
If you haven't gotten in touch with Mar regarding Friday night, please do so. She's looking for a final number for the reservation.