Monday, April 9, 2007

Good Morning Gals,

It's another chilly day outside! Mittens & a scarf...again! : / And, did anyone else see the snow flurries over the weekend?!

Looking @ the calendar, it's 4 days 'til Lancaster!!! It's possible that Barb would join us for dinner @ the Iron Horse Inn. She asked about a time & if we make a reservation...? Jean, has a reservation been made? Should we? If Barb joins us, the count is 11!!! : ) What time would be good? Can you let me know & then I'll email Barb, please? Thanks!!! You guys might actually get to meet Barb!!! : ) She's SEW fun!!! : )

LA - I don't know if anyone responded to you about music...? I am thinking I'll bring my MP3 player. I don't know if our place has a DVD/CD player? Does someone want to bring a boom box?

How was every one's Easter? I'll explain "egg fights" on Tuesday evening. We had one last evening & I lost! Lori, if you don't make it Tuesday, I'll fill you in in Lancaster. It's not all THAT!

Enjoy your day. I think I am going to the Jennifer Chiaverini gig @ the West Chester Book & Music Store this evening. For those going to the Guild, have a nice time. See you guys on Tuesday!

Piecefully, Pam


Consuelo said...

Hey gals,
In thinking about our quickly approaching Lancaster trip, I was thinking we may need to change the bus routes. With all the am traffic on route 30, I really don't think we can make it up there by 10:00am if we leave around 8:45am. So I propose we have an early bus and a late bus. Mar and I can be ready to leave as early as 7:30am. I'm guessing Lori and LA have to get the kids off to school. So, I suggest the LA van, with Lori and Pam head out at 8:45am. That leaves Jean and Cathy to figure out what bus they can catch. Let me know your thoughts.

Cathy said...

Maureen - sounds like a great idea. I can be ready at 7:30 - Mike will drop me off at your house. Thanks.

quiltmamajb said...

Consuelo.....sounds like a capital idea. I'm in for the early bus if there is room for me. I'm bringing my machine and will leave my clothes at home if need be! We actually don't go on 30 at all - we head straight down Rt 1 to 41 - hang a right and keep on that till we get to Gap - I can navigate if you like. Pam - I did not make any reservations - maybe we can talk about the time on Tuesday evening. Looking forward to details about the egg fights! Cathy - how is your Dad doing? Did everyone have a nice Easter? See you all tomorrow - can someone give Peggy a call - not sure she's checking the blog.

lois said...

Pam---I had thought of going to the J. Chiaverini book signing, but I'm having second thoughts. I haven't packed a thing for Seattle. I do hope to make it over to see your studio on Tues. evening. Need to make sure there is food here for George and such. I guess the panic is setting it. Will I be ready? What do I have to do yet?

LA said...

Whoaaaa...4 more days! I can wait and leave at 8:45 or I pick everyone up after I drop off the girls at school. If I drop them off at 7:52, I can begin picking people up by 7:55!!! Does this really sound desperate to escape this town!!! Pam -- I think I will bring our portable DVD player...theat can play CD's too. Not sure how good the sound will be though. Thanks for your email...I will see you all tomorrow.

Consuelo said...

Since I'm not sure if there will be a post tomorrow, I'll send out a little song a day earlier then planned.

Sing along with the bouncing thimble mamas...

Friday, Friday.
Can't wait for that day.
Friday, Friday,
That's when we all get away.

On Friday morning,
the vans will be leaving,
for Lancaster.

And P. and D.
Will have to miss
Frank S. Farley.

quiltmamajb said...

Consuelo..the song is hilarious....I'd barely finished laughing from Leigh Anne: 'If I drop them at 7:52, I can be picking people up by 7:55'....the anticipation has definitley ramped up to new levels! We're like kids waiting for Christmas - but wa-a-a-a-y funnier! Have a nice evening...see you tomorrow at the studio!'ll let us know how Jennifer is?