Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Good Morning Ladies!

It's going to be another GORGEOUS day!!! : ) Get outside & enjoy it 'cause they're calling for rain, wind & colder temperatures starting tomorrow morning.

Scott & I took advantage of the beautiful weather yesterday. I hung wash on the line before we went to sleep. When we got up, we had a cup of coffee & went right outside! Scott is working on the vegetable garden beds, & I went out front to work on the bed @ the front porch. It felt GOOD! : ) But, I do have to admit that I was thinking, "I could be sewing..."

Maureen - thanks for the heads up about signing in to the blog. I have always had to use my yahoo account & full email address. I have cued my computer to remember my sign-in & password. Can you keep me posted about this issue, please? And, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your song!!! You're the BEST!!! : ) Thanks for your sense of humor & FUN!!! I am SEW glad to know you ARE feeling better!!!

Hey, @ Bee on Wednesday can we check cell phone numbers, please? I just want to be sure no one's has changed, & that we all have each others numbers. Plus, I can always benefit from a cell phone inservice...

Enjoy your day & stitch when you have a moment! 10 days 'til Lancaster!!!
Piece, Pam


quiltmamajb said...

Set up a Google login and I think I'm ready to go...I'll find out when I go to post this! Mo - loved the song. That sound you hear is Tony Orlando and Dawn eating their hearts out - I can totally see Mare and Peggy as your back-up singers. Checking the cell phone numbers is a good idea. Hey - do we know who's driving yet? Who's bringing their machine? Pam - whenever I'm scrubbing the bathroom, I'm always thinking 'I could be sewing.....'!!!

mar said...

cleaning the bathroom ---what is that !!!