Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Hey Everyone!!!

Thanks for coming over! We were glad to have you & hear your comments. Scott & I are pleased with the move, but it's pretty bold.

Mare - how long did it take you to walk here? I've thought about doing that too! Do you get the audio books from the Library? How do you load them & then get them off the ipod?

Cathy - the baby quilt with 7 fat quarters is WAY cute! I love the colors. : ) Will you show us the binding trick some time soon, please? Glad you're NOT going to Florida for BMH!!! THIS weekend is MUCH MORE IMPORTANT!!! ; ) And, I LOVE Mike! He'll manage things @ home! Best wishes for Thursday's appointment with you Dad. Prayers & + juju are yours & his!

Leigh Anne & Shaun!!! ; ) - THANKS for coming IN!!! LA, he is ALWAYS welcome here!!! Don't think or feel otherwise or else I'll be hurt! Shelby & Jingle liked visiting with Shaun! Thank you. : ) I will be ready by 0845 on Friday. I will bring along Genie the GPS!

Lois - it was GOOD to see you! Have THE BEST time with your Washington "kids" & have safe travels. We want to see pictures!!! Give Van a BIG squeeze from ALL of us!!! : )

Dolores & Peggy - THANKS for coming over! It was GOOD to SEE both of you!!! You guys are kind of like twins...! ; ) Peggy, I am THRILLED to hear about Richie!!! What a blessing!!! Dolores, thanks for "Jingle bags!" ; )

Jean - glad you could make it too!!! Did we cover all of the necessary Lancaster stuff?! We're a big bunch of flapping women, aren't we?! ; ) There's SEW much to do, say & organize!!!

Mo - missed you! Hope the Track Meet went well. And, Happy (early) Birthday to Bill!!! : ) See you on Friday! Get ready...

Lori - missed you too! See you on Friday too!!! Get ready!!!

Time to prep for work. Have a good evening & a terrific tomorrow!
Piecefully, Pam

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