Monday, April 23, 2007

Glorious Morning!

Isn't this weather perfect?!?!?! ; ) I LOVE it!

Happy 50 Peggy!!! How is it?!

Welcome HOME Lois!!!

Cathy, GLAD to hear your walking cast/boot is OFF & on. ; ) HOORAY!!!

Scott & I went to Mostardi's yesterday. I wasn't too impressed. I did buy 2 scented geraniums though...they're difficult to find. What are the names of the Denver/Lancaster area Garden Centers you guys have used...Cathy & Lois, anyone else...?! I want to get some more seeds in, perhaps this morning...

I have ONE seam yet for the baby TATW quilt!!! I'd like to get that pinned & sewn this evening. Then it will be ready for layering & basting!!! Yippee!

Nothing else to new or exciting here! Enjoy your day. : )
Piecefully, Pam

P.S. Can someone please tell me the name (along the selvege edge) of the duck panel from Lancaster? Thank you!


Lori said...

Hi girls,
The weather IS great. We were surprised at just how hot it was sitting at the track meet yesterday. I am planning on being at bee tomorrow night, but will have to see how today and tomorrow shake out. Ryan was up during the night Sat. and Sun. complaining about his ear hurting. I kept him home from school today. I am also waiting to get an appt. for him and John at the doctors today. Yes, John is home sick today also. He's running a low grade fever and sounds very "thick" so I want the doctor to check him for strep. That leaves Lindsay. She came down dressed for school today and could not take a bite of her breakfast. I told her to at least eat a few pretzels. She couldn't eat one. Told me her stomach was bothering her. Needless to say SHE is also home sick today!!! I just got a call from the Dr 10:15 appts. for the boys. If John is + for strep I will have them test Lindsay.---Anyone want me to fill in for them at work today so you can run the Fitzpatrick infirmary???
On to more fun things---Pam--the duck panel.It is TROY CORPORATION--Riverwoods Collection--"LIL LUCKY DUCKY" by Pearl Louise Krush and Julie Weaver. Also I like the new retro look. I into the polka dots!!
Peggy- Hope you had a GREAT weekend!!! Happy Birthday.
Lois--Welcome back!!
Leighanne--Julianne looked beautiful!! you and the picture perfect day!! Congrats!!
Cath- Good luck with your Dad tomorrow. He'll be in my prayers.
Hi to everyone else--hope to see you all tom. night.

Consuelo said...

I am sew feeling the background. Excellent choice blogmaster.

quiltmamajb said...

Like the dots.....hope everyone gets at least some time outside today. Three of us went to Rita's at lunch - the boss treated - that was nice. Any word on the weekend festivities downtown? Welcome back Lois!!! Cathy - good luck tomorrow. Coach Consuelo - good luck down at the Penn Relays tomorrow night. Blog us on Wednesday and let us know how you and the kids fared. are going to wear one of those germ masks tomorrow, right? Just kidding....good luck - three at once - wow! Hope everyone else is well...see you tomorrow, I hope.

lois said...

Happy birthday, Peggy. Hope you enjoyed it.
Hope your family is feeling better, Lori. You're a good care taker.
Pam, we go to Black Creek Gardens on Black creek Rd in East Earl. It's a neat place. Rt 23 near Shady Maple--go N to 625 then R on to Black Creek Rd. 717-445-5046 (we usually get lost and have to call---they're very nice). George likes to get tadpoles there.

quiltmamajb said...

Forgot to mention in my comment....I looked at Matt's blog but I couldn't find any actual popcorn songs....are they there?

sewpam63 said...

Absolutely JB!!! Scott says you need to work on your search-foo...?! ; ) If you go to Matt's blog, @ the search bar, type in songs. The first & the last will give you some feel for Popcorn Songs. He's even included a link to our blog... Piece, Pam