Saturday, April 21, 2007


Here is a link to Matt's blog. Take a look. See what you think...

Wasn't this THE nicest day?!?!?! I would LOVE for each day to be this exact same kind of weather!!! I hung wash out. I swept the patio, & Scott began to bring outdoor furniture out of the garage!!! We need to get our rain reservoir in place. I raked up a bunch of twigs & sticks that Jingle had collected throughout the Winter & I raked under the holly tree. It's soon time for mulch. Scott put in most of our screens & we had the doors & windows OPEN!!! Gotta love it!!! : )

We did some shopping & errands today also. One of the best items we purchased is an adapter/cable that allows us to play our ipod/MP3 player through our receiver - that's WAY awesome!!! Digital technology is amazing!

Did anyone do any sewing today? I pinned this morning & this evening I sewed some seams, then did a little pressing. I think I have all the rows for the baby TATW quilt sewn together. Now, it's just a matter of getting all of the rows stitched together! ; )

Is Lois home from Washington state? Was she there for a week? I wonder how everyone is...?! I am anxious for pictures!

Jean, thanks for volunteering to host Bee this week!

Enjoy tomorrow! It's to be just as nice outside!!! I want to go to Mostardi's.
Piecefully, Pam


quiltmamajb said...

Another beautiful day!! A huge Quiltmama Happy Birthday wish to Peggy on this special occasion. Congrats to Julianne McCabe on making her First Communion today - LA - you'll have time to sew tonight after everything is over!!! I think Lois is coming back yesterday or today - hope she had a wonderful time. Pam - we have an ipod thing with speakers - it's terrific. You can plug it in out on the porch - really cool. While I share your appreciation for the yard and flowers, etc, I don't have the same love of the actual yardwork....but it's nice when it's done. Track meet and softball today - won't be back home till 7:00 pm. Everyone enjoy the day...wondering how the bar-hoppers made out last night....Mare and Peggy - may your hangovers be less and your headaches be few! Consuelo....see you at the track!! Cathy - how's the foot? Are you cast-free? Hope it's not too stiff. Dolores - have you already made three or four quilts with the fabric you bought last weekend? Got a nice thank you note from Mama Barb to the Quiltmamas - I'll share it at bee on Tuesday night. See you then...

Consuelo said...

Happy Birthday Peggy!!!!

lois said...

Hi Girls,
Got home last night. Had a great time visiting with Kara and family. It went by too fast. Had lots of fun, although it was sad for all of us as we are a Hokie family. We were shocked to hear of the tragedy at Tech. Two of my kids are Va. Tech alumni and the other lived there for a while, so we have been there many, many times. It is our wonderful university and we love it. I'm still crying.
Seattle is very green with lots in bloom. We did have rain on and off several days. We went to the zoo and lots of gardening places. It is truely a gardeners paradise.
I'm tired today and trying to catch up on laundry.
Sounds like you had a good trip to Lancaster. Anxious to see all of you.

Cathy said...

Love this weather. The cast is off for most of the time, I have to put it on for a little bit each day. Peggy - Happy Birthday. Lois - I'm sorry about VT. Congratulations to Julieanne. Take care.

Consuelo said...

Welcome home Lois!