Thursday, April 5, 2007


Okay, let's see if I can summarize last night's Bee...

The Daniel quilt is AWESOME!!! : ) It's bright, cheerful & fun!!! Let's hope they make LOTS of $$ @ this year's Alex's Lemonade Stand selling raffle tickets!!! I am proud of you girls & being associated with you!

Jean - you're prolific, & such a wonderful friend! We're glad to have you as our Queen Bee! ; )

Mare - thanks again for making the Lancaster accommodations for us. We are SEW excited!!! Hey, I like your new basket!

Mo - I think having a Spa treatment while we're shopping is a MARVELOUS idea!!! : ) And, I am (sew) excited that you're going to the Quilt Show WITH us!!! What a FUN, new adventure!!! Prepare to be enchanted!

Cathy - YOU too are prolific!!! : ) The flannel baby quilts with the duck panels are cuddly & cozy!!! I just LOVE them!!! Don't they make you smile? And, I like your table runner too!!! Isn't STASH the BEST...?!?!?! I also LOVE the BOM you're doing through The Little Shop!!! The fabrics & colors are amazing. + juju & good thoughts for your Dad as he begins his second round of treatments tomorrow. Prayers & peace...& piece.

Lori - the Sherbet & Chenille baby quilt is awesome!!! : ) You get 2 for 1!!! How is that not terrific?!?!?! ; ) I really like the soft pastel chenille borders done in different colors. It just adds something. Good job!

LOIS - CONGRATULATIONS!!! I know Van will be the BEST big brother ever!!! ; ) Squeeze him up & that daughter of yours too! We'll miss you @ Lancaster, but know you will be having the best time of all! ; ) Do you have a baby quilt planned yet?!

Thanks for looking @ my Karen class project & my baby Trip quilt. It's always fun to share with you ladies!

Time for supper! I have more to write & will be back again later, so be on the lookout...
Piece. Out. Pam

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