Monday, April 2, 2007

Morning Gals,

When this fog burns off, it should be quite a nice day!!! : ) Get out & enjoy it!!! I MUST do some yard work!!!

Jean - glad your brother & his new wife liked the Irish Chain quilt. : ) It was DEFINITELY done on time!!! Way to go & way to SEW!!!

Lori - I'd like to see your baby quilt done with chenille. Sounds soft & nice. : )

And, I take it Maureen is feeling a lot better?! Since she did such a good job @ the Track Meet, I'm assuming her viral ear infection has improved & the dizziness has subsided?! Thankfully!!! Take a nap & go easy on yourself, Mo!!!

No, we don't THROW hard boiled eggs @ each other! We are more civilized than that... ; )

Did anyone else get the newsletter from Country Quiltworks? They are having Sally Collins come to their store in August to do a class on precision machine piecing. I've never seen nor met her, but she is kind of like Sue Nickels to me. She's considered one of the best of the bests! I will most likely try & take her class.

Eleven days 'til Lancaster!!!
Piecefully, Pam


mhenders73 said...

Sing with me Quiltmamas..

I can hear clearly now the virus is gone.
I can hear Lancaster calling me.
Only 11 more days till we get away.
It's gonna be a bright, bright, bright, bright sunshiny day!

Consuelo said...

Hi ladies,
If you haven't already had trouble signing in, you might. Something is going on with the blog or google. I had to create a google account, using my yahoo mail account, and can now sign in. But, I have to use my complete email address as my username, "". Good Luck!