Thursday, April 5, 2007

My first post.....I'm feeling some pressure. First I must tell you what happened on the way home from work - I'm headed to pick up Chinese food because one of them has practice at 6:00. As I'm driving, snow flurries are falling and St. Elmo's Fire comes on the radio. In my head, I realize I'm putting quilting words to the tune...and I start laughing out loud thinking - darn that Consuelo! Look what she has me doing! Get home and see that there are two new quilting magazines in the mailbox...hmmmmm. They scarf down the food, the coach calls - cancelling practice and they decide to go to the rival's game - mind you it's about 38 degrees outside. I'm starting to tell them this and then I realize - Hey - there are two new quilting magazines and the possibility of up to an hour or more of no one here but me - next thing you know - I'm bundling everyone up and pushing them out the door. Wahoo! Have to go ladies - the couch and the magazines are beckoning me...may you all have a similar stroke of luck at some point this weekend!


Cathy said...

I know the home at 3:15 - Tim is at work, Mike at work and Kerry - shopping. Nice cup of tea - turn the fireplace on, put a tub of laundry in the washer, turn the dishwasher on and sit down and look at my quilting magazines for an hour...a little bit of heaven...Thanks for last night it was alot of fun. I love to see what everyone is working on. Thanks everyone for sharing. Lois - congrats I'm so happy for you and your family. Pam I would love to come and get a peek at the new studio, I can also stop by Tuesday evening - let me know if that is convenient. I hope everyone has a happy and blessed Easter. My dad goes for this second treatment tomorrow - hoping and praying for him....can't wait for Lancaster. Talk to everyone soon. Cathy D.

sewpam63 said...

Nice!!! : ) And, welcome Jean!!! Thanks for posting!