Thursday, April 5, 2007

Hellooooo ladies. We're nearly ready. Here's what we came up with tonight.
Marianne - lasagna, funky salad, wine
Dolores - breakfast pizza and maybe alcohol.
Peggy - alcohol
Lori - french toast casserole, fruit
Mo - chocolate, snacks, shortbread, diet iced tea and frou-frou tea w/splenda
others - bring your own black tea if wanted
Cathy - cheesecake (courtesy of Mr. D), water, trash bags.
Jean - soda, cookies, milk, napkins
Pam - lasagna, apples, coffee, paper plates
Feel free to bring anything else you like. Leigh Anne - you aren't on the official list but jump right in and bring what you like and how about Toilet paper?
Drivers - Maureen, Leigh Anne and Peggy. Peggy and Dolores will be arriving late on Friday. The others will meet at Mare's at approximately 8:30 - picking up Pam at 8:45 or so and meeting the woman at the house at 10. Figure we'll shop on Friday, have lunch out, Maureen will Spa in Intercourse - go back to the house for lasagna. And those who would like to go - we'll head back to the Country Quilt shop for Midnight Madness. Saturday - possibly Burkholders and the show. Go out to dinner - try not to get thrown out of restaurant.
These are just broad plans - details may change as needed - if anyone thinks of anything else - Pam is going to post this on the blog - and we'll discuss final details online. This is going to be great! to you soon. Everyone have a nice Easter.

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