Sunday, April 1, 2007

Happy April Fool's Day!!! : )

Did anyone pull any good pranks or have any pulled on them?! If so, what?!?!?!

IS IT POSSIBLE THAT WE HAVE JUST 12 DAYS 'TIL LANCASTER?! No way!?!?!? The time seems to be going fast! Is everyone getting ready?! What plans do we need to discuss @ Bee this week?! Reservations, food, times, sewing machines, cell phone numbers, fabric shops & stops, who, what, where, when...?! HURRY UP, please!

We took Jingle out to York yesterday. He met my Mom & Ken for the first time. He did a really good job. He was pooped & slept the whole way home! He's a lot like a kid...?! ; )

Thanks Cathy (& teenage daughter) for the Hallmark info relating to Vera Bradley products. Scott took me there on Friday morning after work & I bought my first Vera items. I'm no longer a Vera virgin... ; )

Some time ago, I commented on how good a particular music CD was. I sited Cold Play. However, the disc is by Nickelback, my bad. It's their All the Right Reasons CD. It is excellent! I also have not yet gotten tired of listening to John Mayer's Continuum disc. Absolutely outstanding!!!

Are you ladies getting ready for Easter? Is anyone dyeing eggs? Scott & I do. We'll probably color them next weekend. We have "egg fights" with them then. Scott's Mom has already asked us if the egg wars have begun. Too funny! It's a tradition that Scott & his brother had, that we now carry on. I haven't had any jelly beans yet, & I am just now wanting some... Don't even ask me about the pb eggs Barb brought last weekend!!!

Has anyone done any sewing over the weekend? What things are being stitched up & worked on?! I did a little bit of sewing. I am working on the Trip baby quilt. I actually have 2 to make. One @ a time though.

My quilting finger is better. : ) I think I can start hand quilting again this week! I don't like how I get into the hand quilting groove & then my finger is bleeding & sore... It causes me to hand quilt in fits & spurts. : /

I think that just about does it for now. Ooh, before I forget, Lois, YES! I am definitely planning to go to the Jennifer Chiaverini book reading/signing on Monday 4/9!!!

Take care & enjoy your afternoon & evening. It's sort of cool & damp. Soup & a nice cup of tea with some sewing sound just about perfect...


quiltmamajb said...

Egg fights??! Do you throw hard boiled eggs at each other? That's pranks today....had a track meet today and may I say that Consuelo did a fabulous job running the show - she must be exhausted! Bee this Wednesday at my house....lots to discuss about the Lancaster trip. Did some sewing over the weekend and gave the Irish Chain quilt to my brother and his wife. They really liked it and I think it counts as being done on time. Still haven't gotten the John Mayer CD but I have been listening a couple of Aaron Neville's soul CD's - very mellow! Enjoy the evening.....see everyone Wednesday, I hope!

Lori said...

Egg fights?? That's what I said also! Do you really throw hard boiled eggs at each other?? Do you ever sneak an uncooked egg in to be dyed and then throw that???
We will probably dye eggs at the end of the week.I agree with Jean. Consuelo did a great job at the meet. I think the team did really well also.John is out of town Wed. night but I think I will drop the kids somewhere so that I can stop by. Pam and Leighanne I have the baby quilt top with the chenille in it to show you. The other girls saw it the day we worked on Daniels quilt. Out for now--I'm exhausted from the track meet!!