Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Hi Girls,

Is everyone surviving the post Holiday blitz? Any day after shoppers out there? Any good bargains?! Did you all receive the sales flyer from Sauder's for their New Year's sale? And, what good sewing stuff did Santa bring...?!

Let's see...we are surviving the post Holiday blitz. : ) I went day after shopping - for cards & some candles. Santa brought me...a repro spool cabinet, some books, & some FAB Kaffe Fassett fabrics! : ) YUM!!!

I am off 'til 1/22. If anyone would like to day trip or evening trip to Lancaster, Sauder's/Burkholder's, LadyFingers, The Little Shop, etc...I'd happily go, & depending, I can drive.

I missed Bee this week? One next week or no, due to New Year's...? Let me/us know! ; )
Piecefully, Pam

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas to ALL!!! : ) I hope Santa brings each of you an excellent sewing something!

Piecefully, Pam

P.S. Here are 2 new quilting/sewing sites that I've found:

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Good Morning Girls!

Hey, THANKS Leigh Anne for hosting the first annual QM Christmas soiree!!! : )What FUN!
It was good to see you guys. Sorry I arrived a little late & then left a little early. Thanks all for the goodies - food & ho, ho's. : ) Jingle likes his bags! ; ) Fill me in on the happenings after I left, please!? Did Mare & Peggy show up? Did they bring cookies?! Was there more Show 'n Tell?! Leigh Anne - you are a pillow case makin' Mama!!! Your new "sewing suite" is excellent!!! ; )

Alright girls, have a good day & an awesome Holiday!!!
Piece. Out.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Cathy - thanks for saving this email! ; ) Here goes, again!


I use Mettler 100% cotton;

  • fine 60 wt. with green writing on the spool for hand applique. I have also used this to machine applique. This thread "melts" into the fabrics & becomes invisible.
  • 50 wt. with purple writing on the spool for machine piecing, machine applique, & hand or machine quilting.
  • 40 wt. with brown writing on the spool for hand or machine quilting.

60 wt. (green writing on the spool) isn't always easy to find, but it does come in MANY colors. Today @ Burkholder's I was pleased to see they had a selection of Mettler 60 wts. Hayes carries it too, but in a very limited color selection. Steve's doesn't carry this @ all. LadyFingers carries instead the YLI silk thread, which is more expensive & I don't think it's worth the extra cost. Just my 2 cents..., but YLI silk thread is what Jane Townswick uses for her hand applique work, so does Elly Sienkiewicz of Baltimore Album quilt fame. Also, I am pretty sure this is what Diane Gaudynski uses for her amazing machine quilting.

When I machine applique or do any decorative stitch with my sewing machine, I use YLI Soft Touch thread in the bobbin. I can only get it in white, beige, grey & black. This too is not easy to find. I usually get it @ Quilt Shows or dedicated quilting shops - LadyFingers does carry this.

When machine appliquing, if I want my stitches to be invisible, I will use a blind hem stitch or vari-overlock stitch with 60 wt. Mettler in a color that matches the piece to be appliqued. If I am using a decorative stitch that is seen, I will use a 50 wt. Mettler thread. If I want it to be noticed I'll use a contrasting thread, if I don't want it to be seen, I'll use a thread that matches the applique piece.

Whew!!! Is that too much information...?!

Piecefully, Pam

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Jean, bless you! Bless each & every one of you!!! I am thankful for such a wonderful group of friends.

Love, Pam

I apologize for my abrupt news @ last evening's Bee. It's been a shock. Thank you for your support, care, prayers & understanding.

Let me just briefly touch on some Bee Musings...the Beach weekend was nice. We were productive, but I think Peggy may win an award...she has certainly come a LONG way from, "Oh damn, it's still there.", referring to her sewing machine!

Lois won the Guild raffle quilt this year!!! I was pleased to collect it @ Monday night's meeting & deliver it to her last evening. : ) Way to go Lois! It's lovely!

Jean, I left some Hinkletown sewing items on your kitchen table last night, those are for Dolores, please.

Marianne - Jeanie Jenzano (spelling?!) gave me a photocopy of the quilt directions you asked for @ the November meeting.

Mo - I LOVE your STASH!!! And, the story makes it all the more FUN & exciting! ; )

I am looking for my Sewing Machine Guide book. It's the little tannish colored book that talks about the why & how's of purchasing a new sewing machine. I can't find it on my book shelves & am wondering if anyone is borrowing it...Dolores has an interest in looking it over.

There may be things I'm forgetting. Please feel free to chime in.
Piecefully, Pam

Friday, December 8, 2006

Good Morning,

Brrr! How 'bout the blast of arctic cold?! Anyone see the snow flurries?

I packed last evening for the Bee Beach weekend!!! : ) Geez, I hope I remembered everything...?! I am bringing 2 different jackets to try & make. I packed baby quilt fabrics for the Mike & Amy pinwheel project. I, of course, am bringing some Scott block stuff too! I packed my next BOM (block #8 - yippee!) to begin prepping. Not that I plan on doing ALL this stuff, but I want to have a variety!

I am thankful for my stash... When packing & prepping for this sewing weekend, it was exceedingly convenient to pull fabric from my shelf, thread from my rack, fusibles & interfacings from my basket, & notions from their drawers.

Hey, wasn't that FUN & sweet of Leigh-Anne to offer to host a QM Christmas party?! Jean, I loved your frog legs comment. You're too funny! : ) Is everyone going?! I am!

Is anyone going to our Guild meeting on Monday, 12/11? I will take my miniature to the meeting & perhaps Barb's chatelaine too - for Show 'n Tell. I made 2 of the BOM's for December also. I am kind of liking the Guild BOM thing.

Take care & stay warm. Pull that quilt up to your nose & snuggle in!
Piecefully, Pam

Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Good Morning! It's chilly! A good day for a quilt...or to quilt!!! : )

I finished my first sewing chatelaine. It actually turned out better than I expected. I will make a couple modifications on the one for Barb. It's coming along! Ho, Ho, Ho!

I laundered my Ascending Logs miniature. I held my breath & plunged it in a sink full of soapy water. It survived & so did I. : ) Now for the label.

I will be home this evening & sewing, if anyone wishes to come over for an impromptu Bee, feel free! Would anyone like to see the class listings for Lancaster?

Okay, it's time to go to sleep! Enjoy your day. : )
Piecefully, Pam

Friday, December 1, 2006

Good Evening Girls,

Happy December!!! Isn't this weather absolutely crazy...?! Get your quilts ready 'cause the temps are going to drop!

Sorry to have missed this week's Bee. : / I hear there are STASH stories...?! I am looking SEW forward to seeing everyone & hearing all the stories this coming Tuesday!!!

I wanted to let you know that my class list for Lancaster came in yesterday's mail. If anyone is interested in taking a class @ Lancaster this year, you will want to look @ the listing & respond, sooner than later. I saw that Kim Churbuck is teaching labels, George Sicciliano is teaching, John Flynn is doing his Dresden Plates, Storm @ Sea & is also teaching how to use his Flynn Frame...Peggy & Dolores...?! There are other interesting classes as well, Cynthia England is teaching too.

I am in the process of making sewing chatelaines. The first attempt will be a "give away" for the Guild probably & the second one will be for Barb. They're coming along. I'm not great @ following a pattern, I know you're all SEW surprised to hear that...! ; ) What stuff are you guys working on? Anything, or just life & the holidays?!

Gotta go get ready for our first Christmas event of the season! Take care & enjoy your weekend! Piecefully, Pam