Wednesday, December 13, 2006


I apologize for my abrupt news @ last evening's Bee. It's been a shock. Thank you for your support, care, prayers & understanding.

Let me just briefly touch on some Bee Musings...the Beach weekend was nice. We were productive, but I think Peggy may win an award...she has certainly come a LONG way from, "Oh damn, it's still there.", referring to her sewing machine!

Lois won the Guild raffle quilt this year!!! I was pleased to collect it @ Monday night's meeting & deliver it to her last evening. : ) Way to go Lois! It's lovely!

Jean, I left some Hinkletown sewing items on your kitchen table last night, those are for Dolores, please.

Marianne - Jeanie Jenzano (spelling?!) gave me a photocopy of the quilt directions you asked for @ the November meeting.

Mo - I LOVE your STASH!!! And, the story makes it all the more FUN & exciting! ; )

I am looking for my Sewing Machine Guide book. It's the little tannish colored book that talks about the why & how's of purchasing a new sewing machine. I can't find it on my book shelves & am wondering if anyone is borrowing it...Dolores has an interest in looking it over.

There may be things I'm forgetting. Please feel free to chime in.
Piecefully, Pam


quiltmamajb said... was a happy and sad bee last night. Scott's father has passed away. So sorry for Scott and all the family right now. Losing a parent is a tremendous blow that we are never prepared to handle. We'll keep you both and all of Scott's family in our prayers. Pam - he's so lucky to have your love and support - always but especially now. Cathy's Dad is doing a little better - trying a new medication which we hope can help him. Sheer stubborness seems to be his strength - and her Mom's. Cath - you are tremendous. The shore was very, very productive. Peggy and Dolores - hope you both bring show & tell to the Christmas gig - Pam and Mare too - a lot of wonderful things were constructed. Maureen has started down the stash road and there seems to be no stopping her! Hooray! Saw some wonderful pictures of the wedding of the decade! The McCabes looked beautiful - right out of a magazine - and the bags were awesome. Leigh Anne - how are those 22 pillow cases coming? We had two very special guests at bee also - all the way from Seattle!!! Kara and Donovan came to visit - he's so cute!!! And Kara even had show & tell! Lois made another snuggly quilt for Scott or Sean - wonderful flannel back. Cathy's angel calendar is adorable - the Burkholder's fabrics are great. And her sherbet quilt with borders is awesome - purple stipple quilting looks terrific. I'm so looking forward to next week's gig at Leigh Anne's - bring an appetizer or a sweet if you like. It's at 7:00 - hope to see everyone there. Some in our group have gone through some tough times this's nice to have friends like you guys to depend on at those times. Take care....


Anonymous said...

Hey Girls,

Pam sorry to hear about Scott's dad... Jean is right he is lucky to have you. I will also keep everyone in my prayers. Cathy glad to hear dad is doing better. Sounds like tuesday was interesting.....
Lois congrats on winning that quilt. See everyone tues..

Cathy said...

We are so lucky to have each other - to share in our joys and sorrows. Pam - your in our thoughts and prayers (and Scott also). Take care