Friday, December 1, 2006

Good Evening Girls,

Happy December!!! Isn't this weather absolutely crazy...?! Get your quilts ready 'cause the temps are going to drop!

Sorry to have missed this week's Bee. : / I hear there are STASH stories...?! I am looking SEW forward to seeing everyone & hearing all the stories this coming Tuesday!!!

I wanted to let you know that my class list for Lancaster came in yesterday's mail. If anyone is interested in taking a class @ Lancaster this year, you will want to look @ the listing & respond, sooner than later. I saw that Kim Churbuck is teaching labels, George Sicciliano is teaching, John Flynn is doing his Dresden Plates, Storm @ Sea & is also teaching how to use his Flynn Frame...Peggy & Dolores...?! There are other interesting classes as well, Cynthia England is teaching too.

I am in the process of making sewing chatelaines. The first attempt will be a "give away" for the Guild probably & the second one will be for Barb. They're coming along. I'm not great @ following a pattern, I know you're all SEW surprised to hear that...! ; ) What stuff are you guys working on? Anything, or just life & the holidays?!

Gotta go get ready for our first Christmas event of the season! Take care & enjoy your weekend! Piecefully, Pam

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