Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Oh my gosh...42+ yards!?!?!? JB, you are TOO funny! ; ) What ever are you going to make...?!

I don't know if I can make QM this evening. I'll try. You & your teaser are just about killing me!

I got the miniature done. It does need a label & to be laundered yet, but for all intents & purposes, it's DONE! : ) Hooray!!! I started to work on a sewing chatelaine for Barb. The directions are unclear. I'm going slow with it. I also have a jacket pattern that I'm looking at. I could use Marianne's help with it I think.

Alright, I must get to work. Maybe I'll write more later. Enjoy the weather...
Piecefully, Pam

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