Sunday, November 12, 2006

Heya Ladies,

Yesterday's Pumpkin Social with the Guild was good! We learned paper piecing & embellishments. It was organized, & the project was doable. : ) They had coffee & donuts - what's not to like...?!

Tomorrow evening is our Guild meeting. The program is our Silent Auction. For those planning to attend, bring some $ or a personal check, & perhaps items to donate too! Also, the BOM (block of the month) is the Maple Leaf. It's to be done on a dark green background, using any Fall color for the leaf. The stem is to be brown - fabric or embroidered. I am kind of liking the BOM gig...!? : )

@ last Tuesday's Bee we talked about fabric shopping in Lancaster this uncoming Saturday (11/18). Is anyone in? I NEED to get fabric to make a sewing machine cover & chatelaine. I'm to make these items for Barb for Christmas & I MUST buy the fabrics - SOON!!! Can you let me know if we are actually going or not?! If not, I have to order fabric online ASAP... I'd rather go to Lancaster though! ; )

Hey Jean, before I forget - how did the Kosher Quilt turn out?! Did the lady like it?! Hurry up!!! You haven't said anything!!!

Okay, the computer is hiccupping & I don't want to lose this post. "Talk" with you later!
Piecefully, Pam

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Cathy said...

I would love to go fabric shopping on Saturday. Let me know.