Thursday, November 16, 2006

Jean - THANKS!!! You did an AWESOME job!!! : ) I LOVE you!


Pam...we missed you as well. Cathy, Lois, Mare, Peggy and myself were in attendance. We sewed some little Christmas ornament things together for Leigh Anne while we sat there - Maureen breezed in with baby equipment for Lois, she whirlwinded around the room for a bit and then had to go - apparently, Bill is coaching basketball semi-full time and she could just pass through. Mare showed off all her purchases from the silent auction - we all had the same reaction to the apron - enough said. Peggy was tired - Mare made her walk from her house - but she did have a phone call from Richie the night before and he is very happy - so now she can sleep! Cathy's Dad may have to be operated on again - and her grandmother's condition has not changed...let's keep them all in our prayers. She promised to keep us informed. A few of us are interested in going to Lancaster next Saturday - of Thanksgiving weekend. Is that bad for you - do you go up to your Mom's? I hope you can come. I made the little snowman hanging we saw at the craft booth in OC - it was very easy. I'll give directions to whoever wants them. Think htat's about it - it was an early evening and we completed the ornaments - good job ladies. Can't have q'mamas next week - it'll be a hectic week anyhow... so everyone have a wonderful Thanksgiving....and I'll send an e-mail about the upcoming Lancaster outing...enjoy the nice weather!Jean

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